May 2014 Full Size Truck Sales – Tundra Continues Growth

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The sales numbers are in for May, 2014 and the Toyota Tundra and Ram Trucks were the big winners. Both of these trucks continue a recent trend of double-digit increases in sales volume. Will it continue?

May 2014 Full Size Truck Sales - Tundra Continues Growth

The Tundra continues its double-digit growth. Will it last?

For the month of May, 2014, most manufactures enjoyed success with the warmer weather and five weekends. Also, it looks like GM’s recent incentive push on the Chevy Silverado has turned it around.

1. Ford F-Series305,265+1.9%May 2014
May 2013
2. Chevrolet Silverado197,160-1.1%May 2014
May 2013
3. Ram Truck170,711+21.4%May 2014
May 2013
4. GMC Sierra77,785+9.5%May 2014
May 2013
5. Toyota Tacoma62,967-6.2%May 2014
May 2013
6. Toyota Tundra49,010+17.2%May 2014
May 2013
7. Nissan Frontier30,221+26.4%May 2014
May 2013
8. Honda Ridgeline6,597-11.4%May 2014
May 2013
9. Nissan Titan5,440-28%May 2014
May 2013

Ford F-Series

Ford’s slight drop on the month is almost meaningless when you consider they were up against a very high comp from the prior year. Also, with the buzz around the 2015 F-150, a slight drop is expected. This sales drop doesn’t hurt Ford at all and their standing as number 1. It would take a colossal blunder for Ford to give up that title and that is just one of the concerns surrounding the aluminum truck.

Counts us as not concerned about aluminum. The recent PR stunts by Ford are proving the metal is durable enough to handle the toughest working conditions. However, we have contended, along with others, it is the rivets and joints that will tell the real durable story.

We do expect the F-Series to lose more sales throughout the year as the hype around the F-150 grows and the factories are shut down for retooling (reducing supply).

GM Trucks

The Detroit News says incentive spending by GM will become more aggressive later in the year. And the new mid-size twins will start hitting dealer lots later this fall. GM’s plan on holding pricing steady and reintroducing mid-size pickups is going to be played out throughout this year.

With GM, we conclude several things:

  1. The price strategy resulting in GM making more profit is offsetting losses from the recall.
  2. GMC Sierra is doing better than the Silverado and this is good for GM since GMC is the premium brand aka more profitable truck.
  3. It is anyone’s guess what the mid-size market will do. GM has made a big investment returning to the Tacoma dominated market, will it pay off? That is their big gamble.

Ram Trucks

A major disappointment in Ram’s sales reports is the lack of numbers on the EcoDiesel sales. This is likely by design to keep everyone guessing, yet it would be great to really know how it is doing.

A few stories have quoted dealers as saying the EcoDiesel is selling really well. Yet, we don’t have any true numbers to refer to.

It does seem pretty clear that Ram is on an upward climb and their plan of releasing new products ASAP is paying off. Time will tell if they will catch the Silverado for good, but right now, they seem to be on a path to catch them.

Toyota Trucks

The month of May brought yet another double-digit increase to Tundra sales. This must feel good to Toyota execs who got blasted for not making enough improvements to the new Tundra.

In our view, it looks like Toyota is set to hold steady around the 11-12k unit mark. This would mean that Toyota is selling as many trucks as they can produce. With that sales success, it starts to raise the argument on expanding the factory and/or moving the Tacoma production.

On the Tacoma, the mid-size market is starting to awaken from its long slumber. Yesterday, Nissan teased a new Navara (Frontier cousin) and we hear a new Tacoma is coming soon. Our current bet is Chicago, 2015 will be the unveiling of the new Tacoma.

A quick note on diesel engine offerings. In the mid-size market, GM and Nissan will offer a diesel engine. The lone maker without (excluding Honda) is Toyota. Toyota may have to reconsider its diesel plan to be competitive in that market. Maybe full-size is next?

Nissan Trucks

Sitting on or near the bottom is the Nissan Frontier and Titan. We know a new Frontier is coming and it will likely include a diesel. This buzz hasn’t slowed sales though and the Frontier continues to post increases. Our guess this is just due to the hot truck market.

The Titan continues to be the bottom feeder and we expect that to change soon. Nissan will be revealing a new Titan soon and with Fred Diaz (former Ram head) leading the truck team, we expect it to be a significant improvement. Diaz did a great job on turning Ram around and we expect the same.

Honda Ridgeline

The often forgotten Honda Ridgeline sits on the bottom. Yet, this isn’t that big of a deal. Honda is planning on shutting down its factories as it prepares for a new Ridgeline. This new truck should be more competitive than the previous model. With tight-lipped Honda, this is all we know.

This fall and early 2015 will be an exciting time for the truck market. Going on sale and/or being revealed will be trucks from everyone. This is going to be a lot of fun.

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  1. DJ says:

    While Toyota made some nice interior improvements to the Tundra it’s obvious they need to step up their game in the coming years.

    That said, it’s pretty remarkable that they are selling that many Tundra’s after journalists and magazines bash and basically dismiss the Tundra. Shows that buyers are smarter and think for themselves, knowing the quality and capability of the platform, albeit aged.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’ve joked with other journalists about this. There is a group of them that seems like they only want to write about sports cars. Yet, the best selling vehicles (trucks, sedans like the Camry), don’t get nearly the coverage. There is a disconnect somewhere.


  2. Randy says:

    My 2014 Tundra is now past 9 months old. No question this is by far the best truck I have owned, at this point there is no reason to even consider the other 3 brands because the quality is just not there.

    I am old enough now to know that the automotive press is pretty much turkey feathers and a lot of air; seldom speaking the truth about trucks. There are so many misstatements of fact it all becomes rather silly.

    It is easy to list the things that are better on the Tundra; such as: Engine, Engine Controls (like throttle tip in), Transmission, Differential, A-Trac, Brakes, Suspension, Frame, Paint, Body, Steering, Wiring Harness and Connectors, Fuse Block, Auto Glass, Seats, HVAC….just to name a few.

    There is only “one” thing that is not working as intended on my Tundra and that is the JBL Entune. My dealer and Toyota have been working on it for a long time. My dealer told me a fix should be available soon. This is the only significant “let down” with the new Tundra and the fact it is taking so long to get it fixed. Even with the “buggy Entune” not working, this is a far better situation than having a new truck with major problems, that does not run right and the dealer and the factory cannot or will not fix it….which is so typical of both Ford and GM.

    In reading all the different forums it is amazing the number of converts from Ford and GM to Tundra. Even owners of the “newest” Ford and GM pickups are trading to Tundra. Obviously many others feel the same way I do.

    I hope Toyota does work out their production limitations so they can build more. I would like to see some Lexus quality 4 layer paint option(s); such as, diamond whites, candy reds, and super blue ribbons.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’ve often wondered and have written about a truly “luxury” pickup from Lexus, Mercedes and others. With the average transaction price rising on full-size trucks and a seemingly insatiable appetite for spending on top trim levels, I wonder if we are heading to that conclusion.

      Toyota, themselves, admits they didn’t forecast the 1794 take rate as high enough. The fact is American’s want luxury pickups. It will be interesting to see how manufactures respond.


    • breathing borla says:

      I’m not so sure about it being easy to point out all that stuff Randy.

      so far my loaded Ram sport after 1 year and 20K+ miles has been perfect, just like your tundra after 9 months.

      Obviously we are both going on what our experiences are so far, so perhaps this may change, but…

      from my view..

      The Ram has more HP, more torque, better MPG, better ride, by far more features, WAY MORE STORAGE, and was cheaper than a platinum tundra. Also, I’ll put the ZF 8 against the tundra 6 anyday as well (both are good trans). It also has a better infotainment system and sound quality is hands down better with the surround sound Alpine system.

      now, I am not bashing the tundra in anyway, it’s a great truck and I would never steer anyone away from owning one.

      but to just dismiss all the others as irreverent and list off a bunch of things that are debatable, I’m not so sure about that.

      either way, I am glad we are both happy with our rigs.

      take care.

      • Randy says:

        To be sure RAM seems to be a good truck, much better than Ford or GM. Yes I concede the infotainment system. Hopefully Toyota steps up with a software fix to make mine work? But I have too many RAM friends with new trucks; their problems have been MDS, fuel injection issues, and low MPGs. Generally, I am getting about 2 MPGs more than they do; except in ice cold temps with short city trips less than 5 miles. Now that summer time is here the same short city trips stay around 15.5 MPGs (instead of 12.5). Freeway trips at 60mph are always over 20 MPG; but with the cruise control set to 75mph maintaining speed up and down hills it consistently brings in 18.2 MPG. By the way that 15.5 MPG summer time city driving is 1 MPG better than my Ecoboost was in the city, same routes, same distance, etc. So far for me, my Tundra is getting the same or better MPGs than what I got with other brands or what my friends are able to get with their other brand trucks.

        My RAM friends are counted on one hand; but my Ford truck friends it takes at least both hands and feet (and then some) to count…….see my post below regarding Ford. Seems more are becoming very disappointed with Ford.

        • breathing borla says:

          that’s very good MPG for a tundra so you should be really happy

          most don’t get anywhere near that at least in crew 4×4 spec.

          glad yours is working out for you. As far as MDS, I usually just shut mine off (one button push) in the city or under 40 mph, on the highway it’s fine. Not sure how much it really does anyway.

          so far I am getting what’s on the sticker for the most part (summer blend) which is 15/21/17, so I have nothing to complain about especially since I have the 3.92 rear.

          see ya around…

  3. mk says:

    Tim E,

    I don’t want luxury pickups and that is unfortunate since so many mid to low income families would prefer the SR5 tundra or even a tad less but they can’t afford it. I mean 38K msrp buying for 34K a mid level SR5 DC is pushing the limits for most families.

    Sooner or later and that time is VERY near, no one will be able to afford a new vehicle as the price increases 3% every single year on average and MOST Americans don’t make 38K msrp per year let alone get a 3% per year raise.

  4. LJC says:

    It’s good to see the Tundra’s sale up 🙂

    I can’t see a Lexus pickup as Lexus is Toyota Japan and Japan does not have the factory to make a full size pickup.

    However, the 1/2 ton landscape will change when a midsize pickup is offered with a 4 cyl diesel that will average about 30 MPG and be able to tow about 8K and have a 1500 LB payload–Will I buy one? Nope, I’ll keep my Tundra 🙂

  5. Randy says:

    I think Ford is in Big Trouble; more so than GM with the recalls and they just don’t know it.

    I know of a few that are having problems with their new Super Duty; mostly emission failures throwing the trucks into limp mode….this on basically brand new trucks. I have heard of two EGR oil cooler problems (leaking) on the new trucks. This means all Super Duty diesels for over ten years are duds.

    And now the EcoBoost mess has expanded to include all EcoBoost engines. Seems there is another failure of engineering regarding is the handling of crank case vapors; just another item leading to carbon build up, failed combustion and melted cats and turbos. In addition to the F150 condensation issue, the failed combustion is continuing on the 2014 F150.

    And now the unproven 2015 F150……really? Who on earth would buy one? There are too many red flags even before the sale of the new truck. Seriously, who has the money to throw away like that?

    • breathing borla says:


      speaking of Ford, the new 2015 truck seems nice but it’s automatically out for me because I like large V8s and they don’t have one anymore.

      I think Ram and Toyota have the best motors (5.7s). I have no experience with GMs 6.2 yet though. I will look at a Denali 6.2 when I buy next time for grins. It will come down to toyota, GM, and Ram since Ford has no large V8.

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