Snowboarder Who Lived In His Toyota Tundra Named to Olympic Team

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UPDATE: This morning we read some discouraging news about our Reiter story. Turns out the International Olympic Committee has decided to drop the snowboarding parallel slalom event for the 2018 games. Reiter represented team USA for the 2014 games and finished third in the world in 2015. Upon learning the news, Reiter has sued the IOC over the cancelation of the event – the first person to ever do so. A Switzerland judge has ruled the lawsuit can move forward and Reiter is currently going through the legal process. We will keep you informed if we hear anything else on this story. Good luck with your fight Reiter! 

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We write a bunch of different stories here at and every once in a while, we come across a story that really grabs our attention. This story about an Olympic snowboard hopeful relying on and sleeping in his Tundra while training for the games is one such story.

Snowboarder Who Lived In His Toyota Tundra Named to Olympic Team

Alpine snowboarder Justin Reiter was recently named to the 2014 Olympic Team. He lived in his Tundra while training.

Olympic snowboard hopeful Justin Reiter spent the summer in Park City, Utah training everyday for the Olympics. As the  “best U.S. Alpine snowboarder the last two World Cup seasons,” according to NBC, Reiter should have been a shoe-in for the games except that he missed the last Olympic games after having reconstructive surgery for a degenerative patella. Sitting at home watching the Vancouver games gave him lots of motivation for the Sochi games.

With the help of his Tundra truck, he was able to train full-time and focus on the Sochi games. His resilience paid off with the U.S. Olympic Committee naming him a member of the 2014 Olympic team on Jan. 21, 2014. (Click here for a link with a video.)

Reiter competes in a relatively unknown snowboard discipline – Alpine. Although, it isn’t as well-known as say the halfpipe, it has been part of the Olympic program since 1998 (same for half pipe).

The Tundra looks like a 2nd generation, double cab model. Reiter looks to have done a pretty good job of using every square inch of the truck.

“In the back is the bedroom and lounge, all inclusive,” he told KSL-5TV in Salt Lake City as he gave a tour of his truck. “A lot of people would probably go nuts over this, but I think the longer that you live with less you realize the less that you actually need.”

You can follow and help Justin Reiter with donations at his Rallyme page.

While we applaud Reiter for making a wise choice in a reliable vehicle, as Americans we have to add GO FOR THE GOLD JUSTIN!!

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  1. Randy says:

    Its guys like Justin Reiter that makes you proud to be an American. An example for all of us.

  2. Mike T says:

    Gotta love that dedication. I’ll be cheering for you, Justin.

  3. GoBig says:

    Man he had luxury digs. I spent some time in college in the back of my truck and it was a ’85 Toyota xtracab with a 6′ bed. That Tundra is a mansion compared to that.

    Good on him.

  4. Haltec ltd says:

    Cool and Cheers for your dedication…

  5. Will says:

    Justin Reiter, was so determined to succeed in his third attempt to reach the Olympics that he made headlines by living out of his Toyota Tundra while training over the summer.
    Reiter, who took home a silver medal at the 2013 world championships, has been the best U.S Alpine snowboarder the last two World Cup seasons.

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