2013 SEMA Toyota Tundra Motocross – Dreambuild Winner, N-Fab Interview

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At the recent 2013 SEMA Auto Show, the Toyota Tundra Motocross was unveiled as part of the Toyota Dream Build Challenge. Although, it had stiff competition, it blew everybody away and took home first prize. Here is more on the truck and quick interview with Doug Parks, Director of Marketing, N-FAB Inc.

2013 SEMA Toyota Tundra Motocross - Dreambuild Winner, N-Fab Interview

This Toyota Tundra Motocross SEMA truck won the Dreambuild challenge!

The Motocross Tundra was the inspiration of current Motocross riders Justin Brayton and Josh Grant – sponsored by Joe Gibbs Racing. The riders teamed up with N-FAB Inc. to build the one of a kind “Let’s Go Moto Tundra.” This truck is billed as a “rolling pitlane” and has everything they need for the track.

The truck features:

  • Eight-foot bed
  • TV screens for downtime fun
  • Data acquisition and video feeds
  • Power washer
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Retractable shades
  • Fridge and a helmet dryer
2013 SEMA Toyota Tundra Motocross - Dreambuild Winner, N-Fab Interview

Wanna go for a ride? This truck is the ultimate compliment to any Motocross event.

N-FAB Inc. makes tubular accessories for trucks and SUVs including Nerf-Steps. They also are known for their patented hoop steps and Pre-Runner light bars. We spoke to Doug Parks, Director of Marketing for N-FAB Inc. about the truck.

Q. How long it took to build?

A. 1 Month

Q. What were the most difficult pieces to fabricate?

A. The pieces that were used to attach the two frames back together. We had to have custom c-channel built the size of the frame and then bend the pieces to fit. They had to be precise without error.

Q. Did you get any technical support from Toyota?

A. Toyota did help with the questions we had but we really did not ask to many technical questions.

Q. What challenges did you face?

A. The most challenging part of the build was the fact the Joe Gibbs Racing MX is so far away… The first half of the build was done there and the rest was done here at N-FAB…. On a technical side of things the biggest challenge was having the frame swapped over and it end up straight… For that we enlisted help from Jesse Gurley from G-Tech in Conroe, TX….

Other challenges include making the roof raise and lower evenly and the wiring of the electronics…

We had to modify the suspension a lot… We added Deaver Springs to it and then also added Air Bags to keep it up high enough… There is a lot of weight on the back of this truck and we were not sure exactly how much would end up back there… We ordered springs and were off a bit and had to add airbags to make sure it was high enough…

Q. Any advice for people thinking about doing similar mods to their truck?

A. Take your time and research everything first. These mods were well planned out and the execution was done by experts to make sure we did not have any problems.

After all the voting took place, the Motocross Tundra took home first-place in the Dream Build Challenge.

YouTube Preview Image

The plan is for the vehicles to accompany the athletes at events throughout the country.

What do you think? Cool or overdone?

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  1. Mickey says:

    The truck actually looks great and it will be useful for the motorcross team. It looks to be practical.

  2. GoBig says:

    With a few minor adjustments, that would be an awesome hunting or camping rig as well. Very cool. Expensive, but cool!

  3. Will says:

    Amazing !!!
    A single cab would be more better suited to this concept, but otherwise, I like it.

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