Seat Back Gun Rack – An Overview

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What it Is and What it Does: The Seat Back Gun Rack safely stores up to three shotguns or rifles on the back of an SUV or pickup truck seat. It is available in four colors, including plain tan and black along with Hardwoods and Max-4 HD Camo. The gun rack’s design stops guns from slipping and falling, preventing scratching or damage, and it can be set up in seconds.

Seat Back Gun Rack - Overview

This Seat Back Gun Rack allows you to safely store your rifles without causing damage to them or your truck.

Who It’s For: This product is for gun owners who want to safely and conveniently transport their firearms in a pickup truck or SUV. Its range of color options can match the interior of just about any vehicle. By keeping guns off the floor, owners can prevent damage to their valuable weapons.

Key Features:

  • The rack holds up to three rifles or shotguns.
  • It hangs behind the seat in any pickup truck or SUV.
  • The non-slip foam interiors not only keep guns in place, but also prevent scratches and dings.
  • The rack can be set up in seconds and taken down just as quickly.
  • It is available in multiple color options, including black, tan, Hardwoods HD Camo and Max-4 HD Camo.
  • It conveniently folds up for easy storage when not in use.
  • It is backed by a one-year warranty.

What Owners Say: Owners find this product quite useful, especially in vehicles with a second row of seats. Storing shotguns and rifles on the back of seats prevents passengers from stepping on them, making transport more convenient and preventing damage. However, some owners observe that some shorter rifles, such as a 10/22, will not fit in the rack. Rifles and shotguns that are stored in cases also will not fit on the rack.

Who Makes It? Classic Accessories was founded in 1984, when Seattle resident Jacob Engelstein started selling leather steering wheel covers to luxury car owners. Today, they manufacture more than 500 textile products, including covers, travel products, bags and accessories. All of Classic Accessories’ products are designed to work with vehicles and outdoor equipment, including cars and boats, fishing and hunting equipment, grills and patios, RVs and more. Classic Accessories is headquartered in Kent, Washington. They provide a 1-year warranty and will replace damaged or defective products during that time.

How Much? The Seat Back Gun Rack sells for $29.95 – $32.95 on

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  1. Dez says:

    Cool product.

    Hopefully the barrel won’t go poking through your door panel during a sharp turn.

  2. mendonsy says:

    Nice, but there aren’t that many Tundra’s with bench seats.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Mendonsy – Good point…I think it will work if the driver and passenger seat are inline, even if it’s not a bench, but I’m not 100% on that.

  3. mk says:

    won’t work in WI, must be in case in vehicles while moving. Also, why would you want to display your firearms openly in a vehicle? So they can get stolen easier?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      mk – I think they’re more useful for ranching/farming than anything else, which is to say that they’re probably not that useful. I couldn’t imagine leaving my truck with a gun in the rack to buy a cup of coffee, grab lunch, etc….I want them in a case down low where they’re not obvious.

      Still, if you needed quick access and weren’t worried about theft (on the ranch/farm), they’re probably great.

  4. Mickey says:

    mk that would be for these rednecks down here in florida or other southern states.

  5. mk says:

    agree Jason, good for ranchers or rednecks where quick access and theft is not a concern.

  6. Mike T says:

    I had a gun rack that mounted to the roof, above the sun visors. It was perfect. It was the color of the interior and people riding in the truck did`nt even notice it. Cops that stopped me did`nt notice it. And if you needed it, it came right out for quik use. I loved it. Cant put one in my new truck cause of a molded headliner, darn it.

  7. Will says:

    thanks to Classic Accessories who made this cool product for shooters.
    be-aware keeps only licenced guns with you.

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