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Seat Back Gun Rack – An Overview

What it Is and What it Does: The Seat Back Gun Rack safely stores up to three shotguns or rifles on the back of an SUV or pickup truck seat. It is available in four colors, including plain tan and black along with Hardwoods and Max-4 HD Camo. The gun rack’s design stops guns from slipping and falling, preventing scratching or damage, and it can be set up in seconds.

Seat Back Gun Rack - Overview

This Seat Back Gun Rack allows you to safely store your rifles without causing damage to them or your truck.

New Accessory Review System

We’re happy to announce a new system for reviewing accessories that allows everyone to contribute their opinion – please take a moment to check it out:

The new accessory review system

The new accessory review system

You can find it by clicking on the “Tundra Accessories” link in the menu bar or by clicking on the “Tundra Accessory Reviews” link in the drop-down menu.

This system is brand new and relatively un-tested. SO – if you find something that’s broken, or something that doesn’t look right, please let us know.

Also, if you don’t see a part or accessory that you’d like to review, please send us a quick note and tell us what you’d like to see us add.

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, please leave a review for your favorite parts. Sharing your opinion will help all Tundra owners figure out what parts they should or should not buy. Your opinion counts!

Special thanks to Cache for your development work and Justin for helping us get this thing up and running – we really appreciate all your efforts.

Top 7 After-Market Toyota Tundra Accessories

Check out our UPDATED Tundra accessory list – the TOP 10 Toyota Tundra accessories.

So you have the new Toyota Tundra, now what? For quite a few of you, owning this fine machine is enough. After all, why add something to a truck that’s already near perfect?

But the REAL question is why not?