New Tundra Leveling Kit From ReadyLIFT

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ReadyLift has come out with a new suspension kit offering for the 2007 – 2011 Toyota Tundra pickup truck. We covered the ReadyLift SST kit in the summer of 2010, a comprehensive lift package aimed at hardcore off-roading enthusiasts. The latest ReadyLift product doesn’t go to the same extremes as the SST kit, but rather works to level out the Tundra’s suspension and reduce the factory rake inherent in all editions of the vehicle.

The ReadyLift T6 Leveling Kit

The ReadyLift T6 Billet 2.5” leveling kit offers a few extra features to set it apart from other competitors on the market. Most notably, the ReadyLift aluminum spacers that are used to lift up the front end of the Tundra bear an anodized finish that can be had in either red, blue, black or silver. The idea is for the blocks to stand out once they have been installed, and there is no doubt that bright red or blue steel will be extra visible given the additional space in the wheel well afforded by the kit.

The kit makes use of CNC-machined billet aluminum for the spacers themselves, and they provide 2.5 inches of total lift when installed at the top of the coil spring. The kit requires no other modifications to the front struts – simply pop them off, attach the spacers to the top of the springs with the provided bolts and you are good to go.

ReadyLift says that the spacers make use of a machined reinforcement collar and act as a strengthened upper spring seat, replacing and improving on the factory seat. In addition to the spacers, it is possible to purchase rear leveling blocks from ReadyLift to provide an additional one to two inches of rear-end lift for drivers who want to preserve some of the factory rake (note that these blocks are required on some newer Tundras just to ensure the truck is level).

It’s certainly nice to see a suspension lift kit that at least makes an effort to provide buyers with a choice of snazzy colors to accent their truck’s undercarriage. Add in the fact that the 2.5-inches of lift allow for the installation of a 33.5” tire underneath the Tundra, and the relatively affordable price (about $300) and it’s easy to see the appeal of ReadyLift’s new T6 leveling kit.

Suspension Lift Type: This ReadyLIFT T6 kit is an above-coil spacer lift kit, which makes it more similar to the Truxxx or Low Range off-road kits we’ve tested as opposed to the in-coil spacer lifts available from someone like ToyTec. [Note: There’s a post on our new sister site that offers a nice explanation of the different types of suspension lift kits.]

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