Rancho quickLIFT Leveling-Lift Kit

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Rancho is one of the most trusted names in pickup truck suspension systems, and they build a variety of different shock options for the Toyota Tundra. One of their more recent products is the Rancho quickLIFT system, which has been so well received by the aftermarket industry that it actually won the award for “Best New Off-Road/4Wheel Drive Product” at last year’s SEMA show.

How exactly does the Rancho quickLIFT system live up to the hype? The main idea behind quickLIFT is to provide Tundra owners with an easy way to accommodate the bigger tires (as large as 34″) that are better suited for off-road adventures. Since the Tundra comes with a fairly appreciable factory rake, quickLIFT levels out the pickup by lifting the front suspension through the raising of the front coil spring seats, giving owners an additional 2 to 2.5 inches to play with.

Rancho quickLIFT leveling kit

Rancho quickLIFT Strut

Rancho aims to undercut traditional full lift kits in terms of purchase price (only $180) and installation costs with quickLIFT, and part of that involves reusing the stock Tundra springs and mounting plate. The company claims that with the use of a spring compressor and common shop tools it takes no more than two hours to install the kit under the front of the Tundra, which requires removing the strut and replacing it with the quickLIFT product – along with the OEM coil spring.

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In addition to allowing for the use of plus-2 size tires and wheels, the Rancho quickLIFT system also claims to beat out spacer kits in terms of ride quality and comfort, thanks to the company’s ability to tune each shock to match the truck it is being installed on. The quickLIFT system additionally features MyRide shock damping tuning capabilities through the use of manual controls mounted on each front unit. Rancho recommends combining the quickLIFT leveling kit system with Rancho RS9000XL shocks at the rear of the Toyota in order to provide for four-corner shock adjustment and the ultimate in a dialed-in ride.

Ranch RS9000XL Shocks

Rancho RS9000XL

If you want to add a whole new level of ride control to your Tundra, then you can do so by adding the MyRide wireless controller to your quickLIFT / RS9000XL setup. This handheld controller essentially matches the manual adjustment properties found on the Rancho shocks but lets you control their properties on the fly from within your truck. Four pre-sets are included with the MyRide unit (Highway, Sport, Work/Tow/Haul and Off Road) as well as a manual MyRide interface that lets you specifically adjust the damping properties of the system.

myRide wireless controller

The system comes with the battery-powered controller, an air compressor and all of the gaskets and adaptors needed to run the air lines to each corner of the truck. Again, Rancho gives a two hour installation time for experience mechanics to get the MyRide system up and running in the Tundra.

The Rancho quickLIFT system – similar to the Bilstein 5100 leveling kit we evaluated earlier this month – may be a better choice than a spacer kit in terms of cost, ride quality, and ease of installation. Going with RS9000XL shocks at the rear will ensure the best balance between comfort and adjust-ability, thanks to the nine-position shock tuning offered at each wheel (see our article on Tundra shocks for more info).

As for the myRide system, the basic quickLIFT system seems like it should be enough for most truck owners. Hoever, for those who need to rapidly switch between damping settings while transitioning from one type of driving to another, myRide wireless makes for an intriguing option. Keep in mind, however, that when installing an air system on a truck great care must be take to run the lines in such a way that accidental abrasions or impacts are avoided, especially when trail driving. Even the smallest pinprick hole in an air suspension system can cause headaches and unpredictable performance.

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  1. Scott C. says:

    I have a 1st Gen. Tundra, ’05, and am still trying to figure out what manufacturer’s product to use to get rid of the front end’s rake and after reading this article, am swaying in this direction as opposed to spacers.
    What I’m wondering though, is about the height increase if any, of the rear end of the truck using the RS9000XL shocks because there’s the option of 0″-2.5″ of lift in .5″ increments. And I’m thinking anything more than 1″ or max 1.5″ in the rear, and it would be sitting high again.
    Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Scott C – The leveling shocks will only work on the front end, so you don’t have to worry about raising the back. Adding a set of 9000XL’s won’t raise rear-end height at all. They will just match the front-end shocks and make the ride a little more uniform.

    I still haven’t done a full test, but based on everything I’m seeing this seems like the smartest way to level a truck.

  3. Sean T says:

    Has anyone done a test of this system on the front only in a 07&up tundra yet? I got a broken strut and am looking to level it out and fix the strut at the same time… this system looks promising. Read somewhere this system is avail at CrappyTire (Canadain Tire)- this makes me nervous… Has Rancho started catering to the massess?, sacrificing quality for price?

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Sean – I haven’t tested it, but I’ve heard from a couple of people now and they’re happy.

    As for Rancho going mass market, that’s absolutely true, but from what I’ve seen and heard, quality is as good now as it’s always been.

  5. […] Wow, I haven't even read about the Rancho quickLIFT's but I just read up about them (Rancho quickLIFT Leveling-Lift Kit | Tundra Headquarters) and they sound great!! Seem like exactly what I would be looking for. Powertechn, do you have […]

  6. Pryor Land says:

    Hope someone will see this, since last response was a year ago. What about the differential drop. The low range comes with one, but nothing is mentioned about with Ranchos. It would still be needed since you are raising the front end, correct?

  7. Kristian Nelson says:

    Hey I have bought these Rancho quick lift loaded for my 2008 TRD 5.7L DC w/ 68,*** miles. I also put the rough country 3″ leveling kit spacer on top of the Rancho strut since other forums stated the Rancho will give a TRD only 1.25″ lift compared to base model tundra without bilstein struts from factory. I have added a 1″ front diff drop (simple and very effective) and a 2″ rear block. I didnt do before and after measurements since my truck came with a 2″ leveling kit when i bought it, buuuut my wheel well measurements currently with rancho’s rough country spacer and blocks for rear are as follows: Front- 40.60″ Rear- 41.5″. Hope this helps! OOoooh and to mention, The rancho strut does have a huuuge ride quality difference. I myself notice they ride so much better than the factory TRD coil and bilstien’s. They eat up alot of the bumps and dont waddle the truck side to side in uneven terrain at low speeds. I love them and so far they are great! Got any questions feel free to let me know! nelsontkristian@gmail.com

  8. Luke says:

    So question…This is my first Toyota and love it (2012 TRD Rock Warrior). On some trucks when you level in the front end you have to change other parts, is this the case? By leveling it with the Rancho QuickLIFT, it won’t negatively affect the control arms, or anything else? Thanks again for your help…

    • Pryor says:

      I have had the rancho quicklifts on my ’10 Tundra TRD for a year with no problems. WhenI first put them on I asked the same questions and was told “No need”

  9. bren says:

    I installed a set ofquicklifts ranchos from amazon, paired with the rear coil spacers..they look great, easy to install…I am playing around with the 9position settings, I tried all the numbers, and there are differences in rides, butI think the best I could come up with is number 4….the ride isnt as smooth as I could hope…but I am in the process of changing out more CA bushings and BJs…but I am getting a lot of rough feedback upfront on relatively ok paved roads…could u recommend a good set of rear shocks..I do still have a little 3/4″ back rake…the front is way up there…..maybe changing out the shocks will help level it out….

  10. bren says:

    Vehicle is a 2002 sequoia limited

  11. David says:

    I have a 05 tundra trd 2wd with a 3″ leveling kit
    my question is can I intall these struts and still use the leveling spacers to ? so I get a 5″ lift in front

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