Toyota Kills Scion, Will Absorb Cars

Toyota killed off the Scion brand today saying it will absorb the current lineup into its existing Toyota brand. This move comes after months of poor sales results for the 13-year-old brand.

2015 Scion FR-S Review - Hot Lava Color Steals the Show

Toyota has decided to kill off the Scion brand and it will likely only be remembered for the FR-S.

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Jeep Plans Wrangler Pickup with Diesel and Hybrid Powertrains – Big Deal?

One of the big news items recently is FCA confirming not only is a Jeep Wrangler pickup on the horizon, but also a diesel and hybrid powertrain for those trucks. Could this truck finally force Toyota’s hands or is it just a niche product?

Jeep Plans Pickup with Diesel and Hybrid Powertrains - Big Deal?

This Jeep Gladiator concept could be a visual clue on what a new Wrangler Pickup may look like.

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Toyota Tundra Loses Big in PUTC Texas Truck Showdown

Another comprehensive test by our friends over at has the Toyota Tundra finishing dead last. Is it the vehicle being sent to be blamed or is the truck falling that far behind?

Toyota Tundra Loses Big in PUTC Texas Truck Showdown

Toyota lost big in a showdown on the best towing truck, yet was it more about the truck sent than the competition?

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2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE – Impresses with Styling and Great Fuel Economy

Once the butt of most jokes among automotive journalists, the 2016 Toyota Camry is challenging what a Camry is with improved styling, great fuel economy and loaded with smart features.

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Toyota Plans to Expand Truck Production in 2016

Seeing a jump in truck sales and changes in consumer demand, Toyota plans to expand truck production in 2016 to keep up according to Toyota’s North America CEO Jim Lentz.

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