May 2015 Truck Sales – Tacoma Sells In Big Numbers

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As we move closer to summer, truck sales are expected to continue to climb and this is certainly the case with the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra. Hitting a combined number of 29,170 units sold, these trucks aren’t slowing down.

May 2015 Truck Sales - Tacoma and Tundra Sell In Big Numbers

The Toyota Tacoma sold an amazing 17,520 units in May, 2015.

Before we get to the commentary, here are the sales results.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2014Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2014
1 - Ford F-Series302,009-1.1%May 2015
May 2014
2 - Chevy Silverado224,274+13.8%May 2015
May 2014
3 - Ram Truck179,384+5.1%May 2015
May 2014
4 - GMC Sierra82,23+5.7%May 2015
May 2014
5 - Toyota Tacoma72,842+15.7%May 2015
May 2014
6 - Toyota Tundra51,008+4.2%May 2015
May 2014
7 - Chevy Colorado35,017NAMay 2015
May 2014
8 - Nissan Frontier30,368+0.5%May 2015
May 2014
9 - GMC Canyon12,485NAMay 2015
May 2014
10 - Nissan Titan4,894-10%May 2015
May 2014
11 - Honda Ridgeline496-92.5%May 2015
May 2014

After looking over the numbers, we have several thoughts:

Ford – poor sales continue to be blamed on a lack of inventory. We buy this argument especially when you consider Ford announced they will shorten their traditional summer plant shutdown and a recent story came out about a frame shortage.

Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra – is it just us or does the Chevy Silverado continue to surprise with big sales increases? It probably doesn’t hurt as of this writing, there is an $8,000 off offer on their website through a variety of discounts and rebates.

Also, it is worth noting, for yet another month the combined sales of the GM trucks are more than Fords. Just saying.

Ram – Its been an interesting start to the year for Ram. For quite a while last year, it looked like Ram may overtake Chevy in the number 2 spot and now, Chevy is widening their lead. It looks like Ram will finish the year behind Chevy with the only new product being the Ram Rebel.

Toyota Trucks – Once again, the combined numbers of the Toyota Truck sales (29,170) make us question the official capacity of the TMMX plant. Last month, they sold a combined 26,337 units and the month before was 27,393. By selling an additional 2-3k more than the previous months has us shaking our head. Maybe the Mexico plant came online sooner than we thought? We asked Toyota for an explanation.

Chevy Mid-Size Trucks – Like Ford, Chevy’s mid-size trucks look like they are capacity constrained. Chevy has announced they are cutting back on van production at their Wentzville facility and instead will build more Colorado trucks. They say dealers are selling them just as fast as they can get them. Good for Chevy. We like mid-size trucks and hope that market grows.

Nissan Trucks – Unsurprisingly, both trucks didn’t have a good month. The Titan numbers are pretty much irrelevant with a new truck on the horizon. While the Frontier numbers reinforce the need for a new truck.

Honda – Nothing really to say here since they are like Nissan and are in need of a new product.

What do you think? Any surprises?


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  1. Randy says:

    Ford frame shortage – seriously? Are quality issues delaying production? If so why?

    Ford not enough inventories – seriously? The 2014 5.0’s are all gone now and the 2015’s have a better than 60 day supply on dealer lots in Texas.

  2. mk says:

    only reason on why chevy silverado selling is the 8K in rebates/incentives. When shopping for one early in 2014 vs. my now 2014 tundra, there was only 3500 off total making it over 5K more in price than my current tundra.

    just read an article, but the GM trucks are on their #5 out of top 5 list to AVOID buying due to recalls and inferior/failing components with the ford fiesta and escape and fiat 500 thrown in the midst as well as the nissan pathfinder. NOT in good company by any means in that poor listing.

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