Magic Towing Dust Explained, Sorta – The Fast Lane Truck J2807 Investigation

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Our friends over at the The Fast Lane Truck, seriously Tim knows Roman personally, have filmed a couple of pretty interesting videos talking about the “magic towing dust” that manufactures have used to improve their towing capacity. The end result of the video investigation? Toyota does it right, the others do not.

Magic Towing Dust Explained, Sorta - The Fast Lane Truck J2807 Investigation

The Fast Lane Truck took on the magic towing dust issue and here is what they found.

The videos are broken into two parts. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

What do you think? Are they good explanations of the J2807 towing issue and why other makers aren’t compliant?

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  1. Randy says:

    The J2807 standard is a good thing; too bad only Toyota follows the standard. TFL Truck did an ok job in the video; it was much less spin than their normal presentation when you are dealing only with facts. But unfortunately it is only the savvy consumer that will be able to pick up the facts.

    In the video most will probably notice GM and to a lesser degree RAM applying heavy doses of CYA. And of course Ford as expected a “no show” (lawyer restrictions?)….funny TFLtruck did not really home in on that fact. For now the other companies’ only want to get up the hill the fastest, they really do not seemed concerned about stopping on the other side, or if the engine breaks down around the next corner.

    Is it possible that Ford will follow the J2807 standard like Toyota when they copy the Tundra (SuperDuty like) frame and brakes in 2015? Only time will tell if that turns out to be true?

  2. gobig says:

    Good stuff. Too bad the trade mags aren’t picking up on this truth. Truck Trend just did a big article this month about towing numbers. They seem to accept the manufactures claims as gospel.

  3. Mickey says:

    I watched those video’s on TT. Very good info. I love those explanations those manufacturers give.

  4. Mason says:

    The SAE standard is absolutely about safety, just like pretty much everything the SAE does.

    Mark Williams said towing safety is determined by trailer brakes, a backup camera and a properly secured load etc… Uhh that doesn’t determine whether a vehicle can safely tow a given weight, You should use trailer brakes, and a backup camera when towing 3000 pounds with a minivan, but does that mean you can tow 10,000 pounds with the minivan safely… No.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Absolutely agree! I think Mark has taken a lot of flack over his post and rightfully so.


  5. ricqik says:

    Mark Willy is pro ford. When and if ford adheres to the J2807 standard, only then will he acknowledge it.

    Even GM says so themselves that they pulled back their compliance to the J2807 standard because they didn’t want to confuse the costumer(it’s bs of course) but when their new generation are released, they will adhere to the J2807. Crickets……

    TFL is fun to watch but their test are based too much on inconsistent data.

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