Pricing Announced on Gas Nissan Titan XD – Enough to Sway Tundra Buyers?

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Pricing has been announced on the gas version of the Nissan Titan XD and it is pretty close to the current MSRP of the Toyota Tundra. How close? Really close. Which leaves the ultimate question: will it sway buyers?

Pricing Announced on Gas Nissan Titan XD - Enough to Sway Tundra Buyers?

Nissan has announced the pricing on the gas version of the Nissan Titan XD. Is it close enough to the Tundra pricing to sway consumers?

Nissan says the starting price of their base “S” grade 4WD crew cab will be $38k. Looking at the comparable numbers, we found the pricing to be about $3k more for a Ford F-250 and the Toyota Tundra starts at $35k in the base, 4wd version.

This small price difference of $3k pretty much breaks down to about $50 for most buyers financing at 60 months by our calculations.

While rebates and incentives will play a factor in pricing, it is going to be an interesting discussion with buyers. Sure, when you are spending that amount of money and your payments are in the $500-600 range, $50 may not seem like a lot or will it?

Also, many consumers simply buy on price and not on what the differences in the trucks maybe. The Titan fits right in the middle of the F-250 and Tundra in price, yet it isn’t an apples to apples comparison on truck capability.

Tough Apples to Apples Comparison with Nissan Titan XD

For example, if you looked at a comparison online and saw the Tundra has a 5.7L V8 engine and the Titan has a 5.6L V8 engine, you would think they towed about the same. However, the frame, suspension and overall setup of the XD version of the Titan makes it a better towing rig than the Tundra – sorry Tundra fans.

Yet, how would you know that unless you brought a 10,000 lb trailer with you on your test ride at the dealer? You wouldn’t.

This makes it a tough proposition for Nissan. The Tundra is also known for towing prowess and Nissan is going to have a hard time convincing buyers its gas version is THAT MUCH better to justify the price increase.

Plus, the Tundra is known for its reliability while Nissan products don’t have the same track record. Paying $50 more a month for a truck that the Nissan says tows better than the Tundra without the numerous J.D. Power awards for reliability is a tough sell to some consumers.

Now, there are those who will immediately point to the F-250 and suggest prospective Titan XD buyers would just opt for the 3/4-ton. Frankly, I don’t see it. Why? The difference between the Nissan Titan XD and a half-ton comes down to towing heavy loads – a hard factor to distinguish for many buyers. However, the difference between the 3/4 and Titan is much easier to feel through ride comfort. Test driving these trucks back to back, it is obvious the Titan rides better. I know. I’ve driven the diesel version and then drove the F-250. I suspect the gas version will ride about the same. Not sure on the gas engine performance just yet.

Sure, there will be a variety of 3/4 truck customers who don’t care about ride quality, yet the market is changing. I hear from consumers and manufactures on how ride comfort is playing an increasingly large role in the buying process. Heck, ask many Tundra ex-owners and current owners and they will talk about ride comfort as well. It simply is becoming an issue for many new truck buyers.

What do you think about the pricing? Is it enough to sway Toyota Tundra buyers?


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  1. TRDSmokedU says:

    Sorry Tim, I have to disagree with the statement about Nissan reliability. I’ve owned three Titans and all were exception never giving me an issue. I’ve also owned a pathfinder, xterra, and Altima all of which were flawless. Don’t get fooled by consumer reports, JD Power and others as they rate issues with pairing a phone, wind noise, rattles, interior trim etc. as basis for reliability. I read car complaint forums and compare brands. My xterra had a lot of wind noise but it never gave me an issue. I’ve been impressed with the power of the Nissan brand and the reliability hasn’t let me down.

    Now, my Toyotas have all been exceptional as well. In defense of Nissan, they are more innovative and bring new technology to their vehicles quicker than Toyota. This can cause some growing pains. Take the Tacoma for example. There are many owners complaining about wind noise, transmissions, vibrations, electrical etc. Toyota plays it safe making them more reliable than others. I mean they are still using a 4 speed transmission in the Corolla and the Tundra hasn’t seem any real mechanical updates since 2007.

    I love Toyota and know if they would focus on their trucks they would put the competition out of business. Nissan CEO said at the NY auto show that he put Fred Diaz in charge of trucks because they know the profitability from trucks sales is huge. For some reason, Toyota seems to focus most on Lexus. I hope the 2017 Highlander is a step in the right direction for the future of Toyota and the tundra. If not, a cummins Titan XD will be in driveway next year.

    • hemi lol says:

      the corolla has an option for the 4 speed auto but NOONE has them. they use a CVT that feels like it shifts like a normal trans and in fact in the S model has paddle shifters that make it act like a 7 speed automatic……..

      • TRDSmokedU says:

        I am well aware of the CVT in the corolla…Regardless a 4 speed is still offered. Even the 4Runner, they are only offering a 5 speed transmission and Toyota has announced they will not offer their new safety sense on the 4Runner. That is BS, the 4runner is nearly 50k when properly equipped. Toyota has failed to update the Sequoia as well. I don’t think their heart is with their trucks.

  2. Randy says:

    For those that do a “lot” of towing in the 8,000 to 11,000 lb. range, the Titan XD could be an excellent fit.

    It should have just the muscle and ride strength to get it done as it should be. Many recognize the XD is providing what many tow-ers are wanting; much like the ¾ tons in the 2005-2008 time frame, but unfortunately lacked any sort of QDR at all.

    If the XD has the comparable QDR of the Tundra it could be stealing a lot of sales from Ford, GM, and RAM.

    There are literally thousands of potential owners of the XD in Houston and DFW. People that have towing requirements in that targeted 8,000 to 11,000 range that are looking specifically for a solution that is not has not been available for over 12 years now.

    Since the XD is just now hitting the market in numbers, the next 12 months in Houston and DFW will be the real test. If the QDR is where it needs to be, one could expect a lot more pain at Ford, GM, and RAM. Tundra is not really in that market so it should not affect them at all.

    For truck buyers that do a lot of towing, pricing is way down the list. The real question is: can it do the job at hand and stay out of the shop. In other words, meeting both QDR and its towing requirements. If Nissan is able to pull that off; then Ford, GM, and RAM will have to figure out how to get competitive. If you start seeing their current discounts of $12,000 per unit norm going up to $20,000 per unit, in 12 months, then you know Nissan is hitting their goals.

    This may be the most successful event in the truck market for the next 12-24 months or not? Time will tell.

  3. Don says:

    I think Randy has the best quote so far (can it do the job and stay out of the shop). If the XD components hold up then the 7000lb plus XD will be of interest to me. I have since traded my toyhauler for a Grand Design 5th wheel. It is heavy and I am pulling it with an 8 year old Tundra. I will continue to pull it until next year when all the updates are accounted for on all the pickups sold here in the USA. I think you could say I trust my 5.7 it still is an amazing tow vehicle. I will hope Toyota gives me something to look at and if not I am going to look close at this Cummins. Wait and see.

  4. Captain Critical 101 says:

    Hmm, haven’t seen any engineering specs on this truck, like how may pistons for the calipers, ring gear diameter and cut, 4 bolt or six bolt main, fluid coolers, use of heat exchangers, etc..

  5. ricqik says:

    I trying to like the titanxd and i am not trying to smack titan xd in the face but intitial aren’t looking so swell.

    I can’t imagine the gas being all that great in the oomph department either considering the weight the titan xd. Maybe in the regular titan it’ll scoot along pretty goood but in the xd… leaves a lot to wonder.

    • Endurance says:

      Respectfully that’s not alot of issues. Read the new Tacoma forum and you’ll see the more alarming issues. When the tundra came out in 2007 it had first year issues. According to the forum cummins and Nissan have been working together to solve the issue. That was one truck.

      For comparison

      Also there are plenty of complainants in the tundra forum as well. I know the love for the tundra here is strong but Toyota has their issues. Like others I’m impressed on what Nissan has done with the Titan. I drove it and was surprised how nice it was. The rear diff was huge.

  6. Rick says:

    i read somewhere that the Titan XD diesel weighed somewhere in the area of a 3/4 – one ton domestic truck. I was under the impression that the Titan would present with an advantage in curb weight by linking a 500+ ft. lb. torque diesel (and now a gas motor) into a 1/2 ton truck. Once I saw the huge weight and it’s ugly face, I never bothered with it again.

    If Nissan wants to build a heavy duty truck, it is not competing with the gas Tundra and its @5400 lb curb weight. Rather the Titan is going against Ford, GM and Crhysler’s formidable 3/4- one ton diesels. Those trucks are teeming with torque and an established fan base.

    If I was needing a diesel, I’d look at the big three. For now, my 600hp Tundra suit’s me just fine. 🙂

    • Endurance says:

      Sorry Rick I disagree. I drove one and the tundra is history. I hope Toyota steps to the plate and gives us a real new truck soon. I love the looks of the Titan and the interior is far nicer than the tundra. Tundra is a nice truck but I’m got tired of Toyota doing minor things and calling it all new. Getting my wife the new armada since Toyota once again failed to update the sequoia. Fred Diaz at Nissan is determined to invest in trucks. Hopefully Toyota will give us a tundra like they did 07.

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