Ford Sued Over EcoBoost Fuel-Injection System

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Ford is facing a new lawsuit over its use of a fuel-injection system that was patented by another company. The system is used in EcoBoost engine.

Ford Sued Over EcoBoost

Ford is facing a lawsuit over its fuel-injection system used on its EcoBoost engines. Could Ford have stolen the idea?

TMC Fuel Injection System LLC filed suit in a federal court in Philadelphia. The suit alleges that Ford told the company it was “no longer interested” in their fuel-injection technology, however, Ford went ahead and used it in their engines.

The patent’s inventor, Shou L. Hou, says that Ford began talks with Hou and TMC for over two years after TMC filed the patent.

Mr. Hou’s patent specifically talks about a direct injection technology that uses a dynamic range of fuel injection to maximize performance while minimizing fuel waste. The company says this fuel-injection system can conserve fuel by 25 percent in city driving while still giving the driver ample power.

Ford hasn’t responded to the lawsuit just yet since it was filed just a week ago. The EcoBoost engine though accounted for 42 percent of Ford’s F-150 sales in July of 2012 according to says, “Ford began offering this engine in early 2011, after apparently telling TMC and Hou that it had no interest in utilizing their patent.”

Whether Ford stole the patent or not, this lawsuit will probably mean countless lawyer hours and millions of dollars will be spent. Plus, if TMC Fuel Injection System LLC wins, they could feasibly win quite a bit of money. Ultimately, this is going to be an expensive issue for both parties to deal with.

It’s not surprising to us that a patent lawsuit was filed on a major company since this seems to happen all the time. However, the surprising thing is that the lawsuit deals with Ford’s extremely popular EcoBoost engine which they have had tremendous success with. It seemed to us that Ford even claimed the technology behind it. Now, we find out that another company could actually get the credit.

Here is the big question, do you think other manufacture’s will now go to TMC Fuel Injection System LLC for help boosting their fuel economy? Did Ford let the cat out of the bag?

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  1. LJC says:

    I think it is safe to say that the ecoBoost just got a bit more expensive, thereby prolonging its return on investment.

    Bad Ford, BAD!!

    If the TMC system really does deliver, then it does make sense for other manufactures to take a good hard look at it.

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  3. Mickey says:

    If I was the other company, I would pursue it. Then have it done legally which would support TMC and watch Ford take a dive and a judge telling Ford to quit using the ecoboost and pay TMC. If Ford is found to be wrong here how can you believe them in what they are saying about their product?

  4. LJC says:

    I’ve learned two things about problems. The first is it is easily solved or a solution is known (been down this path before). The second is where a solution is not known or the solution requires a “new path”.

    Ford being sued is falls under my first observation.

    The second type requires much more effort because the problem solver(s) will have to expend much effort and time for a solution. Unfortunately for Ford, the internet is a buzz with F150 ecoboost mechanical and or computer problems.

    Here are a couple of links provided by an ecoboost owner who has run into some, at this time, unsolvable and serious ecoboost problems:


    Call with regional rep.:

    I strongly recommend that you check out kelley350x’s channel for his well documented experiences.

    It’s clear that there is something seriously wrong with his truck. Also, there are other cases of shaking being reported, the cooling fans failing when they are exposed to driving in heavy rain, the ecoboost overheating when towing a load well within its rating “two limit” up a long grade, misfires, sooty tailpipe, failing catalytic converters, etc.

    Now, when you have a problem that you know is going to be difficult to solve the first step to finding a solution is to put yourself in a position to solve it. For Kelly, Ford should quietly have offered to take his truck and provide him with a replacement. Ford could then take the truck back to HQ and perform an autopsy. But instead Ford handled this the old fashioned way and fought.

    Many consumers will know of how Ford mishandled this problem, mistreated a consumer, as well as the complex problems with the ecoboost.

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