2012 Toyota Tundra Review – Chattanooga Times Free Press

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Sometimes auto reviews just make us smile. The Chattanooga Times Free Press (type that a few times fast) review of the 2012 Toyota Tundra does just that. Did you know, it is a “sturdy work truck with the heart of a Lexus?”

2012 Toyota Tundra Review - Chattanooga Times

This 2012 Toyota Tundra was recently reviewed by writer Mark Kennedy of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Did he go a little overboard with this fancy writing?

Writer Mark Kennedy of the Chattannoga Times Free Press, definitely has way too much writing ability to write a full-size truck review. Among his other gems besides the heart comment are:

Ford’s F-150 and Chevrolet’s Silverado are perennial best-sellers and fierce foes in the pickup wars.

Today’s Tundras have all the grunt you’d expect from a blue-collar work truck, plus the amenities to make the cabin a rolling office. 

Toyota even touts the Tundra’s interior isolation as a way to escape the sound of circular saws when talking on a mobile phone to a customer. 

Now that he has “set the stage” of the pickup wars and has got his rolling office going that is so quiet he can type with the circular saws going, he dives right into the truck review. He starts by summing up his initial assessment of the styling as “muscle and mass.” Not quite done with the styling he thinks, “… raised nose that suggests a snarl; not a bad thing in this brutish segment.” Umm… Ok.

Have you ever wondered how big the back seats were in the Toyota Tundra? How about it is so big, it has “limousine-like knee room.” There is something to tell your Chevy, Ford and Dodge friends.

Sadly, he leaves out the fancy writing when getting to his “driving impressions” section of the review. He simply states that on the test drive, the Tundra was king of the road.

In the end, how did Kennedy feel about the Tundra. He thought “a construction boss driving a Tundra projects an image of practicality and good taste.” Pretty sure that’s not the imagery the construction boss was going for, but okay. If that wasn’t enough how about this stamp of approval, “Next time I need a kitchen remodeled, I might give the bid to a Tundra driver on general principles.”

Thanks Mr. Kennedy for this gem of a piece. By the way, non-construction workers buy the truck as well. Just thought you might want to know.

What do you think? Does the nifty writing inspire you to buy a Toyota Tundra?

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  1. Chris says:

    Just my personal review of my new Tundra:
    Toyota may want to up the options in the future years. I traded in a 2007 Tundra Double Cab Limited in on a 2012 Tundra Crewmax Platinum.
    There is no major wow factor on the PLATINUM, just got what I believe was a good deal. I’m stuck on Toyota Tundra’s but drifted towards Ford for a brief period in time, they have great options when you compare price.
    I’m somewhat miffed on the actual absence of fluff for something labeled PLATINUM.
    • My 2007 Limited came with running boards… I now look like a 3 year old on monkey bars trying to get in my new PLATINUM… I have since ordered aftermarket running boards. (Sparks Toy in SC sells those for $399 – add on running boards are costing me $650+ plus after market).
    • Every guy I work with has remote start on their vehicles that came factory standard. I will have to rely on the wizard behind the curtain to install mine if I buy it… Based on previous add-ons on my 2007, the wizard behind the curtain will be challenged. Truck will then rattle and squeak from where he left his mark. (Toyota service/mechanic’s in Fayetteville is horrible).
    • Navigation screen looks like it was developed in the 70s.
    • Navigation screen and interaction is crap… 70s.
    • Navigation screen – I use my iPhone for navigation.
    • Navigation screen is turned off – my coworkers laugh at me when going to lunch.
    It was my decision to purchase this new truck, and I may do so again in a few years, I own up to this purchase. Just wanted to let you know Ford is quickly gaining speed in my decision making processes.

  2. Mark Kennedy says:

    Thanks for the mention Tim. — Mark Kennedy

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