February 2016 Truck Sales – Tacoma Rises, Tundra Falls

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Another month in the books for 2016 and another almost predictable result for Toyota Trucks. With all the focus on the Tacoma, as well as taking the lion’s share of the production mix at the factory, its sales are up and the Tundra’s sales are down. This trend looks like it will continue through 2016.


All in all, February 2016 was an interesting month. Known for being notoriously slow, it wasn’t really. ¬†Ford posted a huge gain along with Ram. Chevy and GMC disappeared a bit with the Colorado posting the only real growth. Toyota lead with the Tacoma which trounced the competition while the Tundra barely made a whisper almost being outsold by the Frontier. The new Titan XD is finally hitting dealer lots and it is still too early to say. Finally, what can you say about the Ridgeline. I bet the dealer who was sitting on that truck is happy it finally moved out. I wonder if that’s the last Ridgeline in the U.S.

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2013Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2013
1 - Ford F-Series112,237+2.4%February 2016
February 2015
2 - Chevy Silverado80,999-0.6%February 2016
February 2015
3 - Ram Truck68,493+14.3%February 2016
February 2015
4 - GMC Sierra29,583+6.5%February 2016
February 2015
5 - Toyota Tacoma26,889+13.1%February 2016
February 2015
6 - Toyota Tundra15,533-9.9%February 2016
February 2015
7 - Nissan Frontier13,197+10.2%February 2016
February 2015
8 - Chevrolet Colorado12,902+3.2%February 2016
February 2015
9 - GMC Canyon4,710-0.2%February 2016
February 2015
10 - Nissan Titan1,997+25.6%February 2016
February 2015
11 - Honda Ridgeline1-99.7%February 2016
February 2015

What do you think? Anything stand out for you?

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  1. Captain Critical 101 says:

    Interesting. The Tundra has greater potential to sell than the Tacoma does. Back in ’07, the Tundra sold 196,555 units. The Tacoma’s best year was 179,562 (2015). But, if all the Tundra’s are being sold, then there’s no problem, is there?

    QDR, will sell trucks, but that only goes so far.

    • DJ says:

      agreed – QDR only sells you so many vehicles

      Sweers’ nearly decade old, dated truck has begun a slide that won’t be stopped until some money is invested in some updates.

      Don’t see this having any correlation to focus on Tacoma production, just little demand for a dated Tundra platform.

  2. Randy says:

    Keep these points in mind:

    The modest increase that Ford received has come from the largest discounts of all in Texas. Typically the F150 XLT with the “small” Ecoboost is averaging about $14,000 to $16,000 discount. And yet significantly more of their sales in the F150 are now predominately with the 5.0V8; over 60% here. They do not give those same discounts to the 5.0V8

    There is currently virtually zero availability of the Tacoma in DFW and Houston. Only about a 5-10 day supply of Tundras. Toyota is taking the correct path for production until their expanded capabilities are in full force.

  3. Goldie says:

    Hmm…Frontier is still ahead of Colorado YTD.

    • Captain Critical 101 says:

      Price is likely the reason why, for now. Another factoid is the Nissan Frontier made the list of “7 Cars Their Owners Can’t Wait to Get Rid Of”. I recall reading this same thing a couple of years ago.

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