Chrysler Touts Quality in New Ad Campaign, Attacking Toyota’s Brand – Seriously?

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Chrysler, the perennial bottom feeder on quality awards and reports, is planning on embarking on an Ad campaign highlighting their quality. Apparently, they think they can compete directly with Toyota’s known reputation for quality. Seriously.

Chrsyler Touts Quality in New Ad Campaign - Seriously?

Reports say that Chrysler’s new Ad campaign will highlight their quality while attacking Toyota’s reputation. Really.

This shocking news comes from a Forbes story where Chrysler’s Group’s head of marketing, Olivier Francois reportedly said that he “wants to attract import owners to Chrysler vehicles by focusing on quality, technology, fuel economy and style,” but to “take back the lead in these four things.”

Apparently, the plan is to alter the “Imported from Detroit” campaign to just be “Imported” as a way to position Chrysler as a genuine competitor for imports makers like Toyota or Audit.

While it is true that the “Imported from Detroit” campaign has been great marketing for Chrysler as a reminder to the American public that they survived the bailout and haven’t closed, attacking Toyota’s quality reputation as a next step seems like a stretch. As has been reported on this site several, several times, Chrysler products are rarely known for quality. Rather they are known for quality lapses and poor ratings.

In fact, there have been many comments on forums that point to the Ram 1500 – Truck of the Year – being delayed due to “constrained” parts supplies. These parts shortages are linked to the new truck features like the air suspension and eight-speed transmissions. The fact is that other truck makers have considered using these “innovations,” but decided against them with quality concerns (like Toyota).

Chalk this story up to another interesting (stupid) move by the twice-bailed out Italian owned car maker.

When you think of Chrysler, do you think “quality?”

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  1. Mickey says:

    Quality like that new truck driven by a CEO caught fire. Like those new trucks waiting to pass QA. I say use Mario and Luigi as their reps and they will go far with that.

  2. DJ says:

    IMO Chrylser products are the bottom of the quality barrel. The Ram is consistantly rated the poorest reliability of any half-ton. Build quality has been notoriously poor. In my lifetime I highly doubt Chrysler will be mentioned in the same sentence as Toyota for Quality and Reliability.

  3. mk says:

    no dodge products in my opinion overall are the worst. I like the looks and some of the features, but overall, they are more apt to have major issues with engine, tranny, and electronics speaking from a 2001 dodge grand caravan owner having electrical issues bought new with only 20K and less than 2 years on it. Rode nice, had nice features, but quality in the more important items were not there.

    I also believe toyota quality has slipped and the big 3 and others like Hyundai/Kia and Mazda, even Nissan are catching up and even surpassing in some vehicles over toyota and honda.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I just thought it was really, really ballsy for Chrysler to go after Toyota. Who thinks Chrysler = quality? Nobody I know.


    • MTfirefighter says:

      Please give some detail on how the “big 2” Ford and GM are surpassing.
      And how Toyota is slipping please

  4. tonyspin says:

    Since the beginning of the auto industry, there has always been a direct correlation between quality and resale value. Need I say more?

  5. mendonsy says:

    I would say that qualifies as pure desperation!! I suppose it’s not much worse than some of the stuff Ford publishes.

  6. mk says:

    where specifically did they say the name ‘toyota’ meaning better quality than ‘toyota’ specifically or are they just making a generalization without specifically stating toyota reliability?

    I think most of us know that OVERALL, Toyota and Honda have better quality and reliability than the Big 3 and others, but personally I care more about what fits my needs vs. other comparisons that don’t affect me as much. If I knew a Dodge product fit my needs for the best price vs. best reliability, I’d buy a Dodge over a Toyota.

    For example, I currently also own a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L V6 and can, in my opinion, rank it right up there in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort, ergos, power, etc. vs. any other mid sized SUV. Others may disagree stating all Hyundai products are junk but yes, they were prior to say 2009, but not now, at least in my opinion. Another example is the hyundai elantra. I’d rank that over mazda 3, toyota corolla, chevy cruze, and honda civic all day long.

    To namebrand all Dodge product as junk and not reliable is degrading, some Toyota products can be a lemon as well and from what I have seen, to be honest, Toyota quality is slipping overall while others are gaining.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Does he specifically say “we want to beat Toyota’s reputation on quality?” Nope. He doesn’t. He does say Chrysler wants to take the lead in quality and be a genuine competitor to Toyota. That is marketer talk for saying we want to better Toyota’s reputation on quality. Trust me, I do a LOT of PR and marketing work. Number 1 rule, don’t specifically name a competitor. Rather talk around them like he does.


  7. Chrystler isn’t known for much of anything these days. I don’t understand shortening the catchphrase to “imported”, because it’s misleading. If I’m going to buy a Toyota it’s not because it’s a foreign company, it’s because it’s a good value. Another misjudgement.

  8. Larry says:

    I know it’s been many years but part of Chryslers problem goes all the way back to when they got loans from the government. Right then and there everything got worse. If I was a CEO of any of the big three I could cash my 1 million in pay checks, my 1 million bonus each year and sell my stocks option which I did not have to buy at fair market cost. All while sitting around doing nothing because I know Uncle Sam will not let me go under.

    Chrysler should have died 30 years ago. If we let bad companies die those left might get their act together. It’s amazing that Ram spends more time in the media talking about the quality them improving it.

    The only quality thing about a few Ram trucks are the diesel engines which they did not make.

    In 30 years I have owned nothing but Subaru, Mazda, Toyota and Honda cars/trucks and with the exception of a 2007 Subaru all have been quality.

    As a Toyota owner, I can say that I have had a good truck from the worst dealer I have ever had to deal with. The cost of the service department is outrageous and the work poor. I will never set foot at that place again and will not buy from them no matter how good the Tundra might be. Luckily there are other Toyota dealers here.

    My T100 is in for a clutch replacement at 150,000 miles. They have found a leaking rear main engine seal and leaking seal on the transmission also. The truck is 19 years old. The only other repairs have been a muffler, pitman arm, and a leaking gas tank repair. Last year I replaced the timing belt, idler pulley, water pump, and all the other belts and hoses, I consider these maintenance items not failures. This truck has cost me almost nothing in 19 years.

    Why would I purchase a GM, Ford or RAM as long as my next Toyota is as good as my last one? GM shafted me big time back in the 70s. The bodies rusted off 4 trucks in about 3 years due to poor sheet metal. Their attitude was “you bought them, it’s your problem”. There problem is I will never own a GM product again.

    In 30 years I have spent around 80 – 100 thousand dollars on cars and trucks and the big 3 did not see 1 dime of that and it’s not likely they will see anything from any other cars/trucks I buy. The worst part is that they have no idea why and government wants to loan then more money to keep it that way.

  9. Mickey says:

    mk I don’t give a shoulder for Dodge to cry on. Their biggest seller the minivan just hit the top 10 list of cars to avoid buying used. Nissan took a hit in their sport coupe also. You wouldn’t believe the vehicles that made the list. Did I mention a Jeep Cherokee? Another Dodge product.

  10. Qatar Cars says:

    LOL , WTF I Just Read O_o

  11. mk says:

    I’m not saying toyota overall quality is poor, but from my experience, the seat and tracks are junk in the tundra and other vehicles like the corolla we owned, rust issues with paint/sheet metal/chrome and terrible stock OEM tires not lasting over 30K miles none of them. The main 2 things engine and tranny though not one bit of trouble.

    Every mfg. has their flaws, but even the tundra interior components don’t fit together as they should and hold tight with no squeaks and rattles. Like most mfgs. they are using cheaper and cheaper plastics with plastic clips that break easily and if lucky, will last the 3/36K and that is what the mfgs. are hoping so they get service work right outside of warranty.

    Trust me, I have had my issues with GM over the years as well most of them worst than Toyota.

    • Mickey says:

      mk I probably will never know about the seat tracks in both front seats since both are electric with 2 memory settings. As far as rust and paint to me is the same with other manufacturers. Especially when I see the clearcoat coming off some Ford’s and GM models that are only 4-5 years old. I agree with the plastics used all over. Now the OEM tires I had were Bridgestone Duelers which lasted 62k miles with no flats. My second set of Duelers lasted 63k miles with no flats. I’m on my 3rd set of Duelers now. I don’t want to jinx myself so I wont put down no flats also. Duelers are street tires and may not be the tire where you live. I don’t have to worry about the snow just the rain and maybe an occasional ice. From what I read A/T tires don’t seem to last on the Tundra. Tonyspin stated it right by resale tells you who has quality.

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