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Toyota considering recall of 5.7’s made before 3/15/07

According to a local source, Toyota is currently weighing the cost and impact of recalling all of the 5.7L V8’s that were produced before March 15, 2007. By some estimates, that may be as many as 30,000 vehicles.

The recall is being considered because an unknown number of 5.7L V8 Tundras have defective camshafts. Specifically, the camshaft may snap during hard acceleration because of a manufacturing defect. While Toyota is fairly certain that the number of vehicles effected is very small, the possibility of negative publicity and future failures is enough to consider replacing the camshafts in the Tundras in question.

Here at TundraHeadquarters, we’re wondering what would be worse for Toyota — recalling 30k vehicles and declaring to the world that their newest, most powerful engine could disintegrate under acceleration OR acknowledging this may be a problem but refusing to take a pro-active stance.

We’re of the opinion that the problem is still fairly small (20 trucks out of 30,000) and that Toyota really doesn’t need to do anything at this point. Other manufacturers have had far worse problems that went uncorrected. If Toyota announces a recall, the problem will look worse than it really is.

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