Toyota considering recall of 5.7’s made before 3/15/07

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According to a local source, Toyota is currently weighing the cost and impact of recalling all of the 5.7L V8’s that were produced before March 15, 2007. By some estimates, that may be as many as 30,000 vehicles.

The recall is being considered because an unknown number of 5.7L V8 Tundras have defective camshafts. Specifically, the camshaft may snap during hard acceleration because of a manufacturing defect. While Toyota is fairly certain that the number of vehicles effected is very small, the possibility of negative publicity and future failures is enough to consider replacing the camshafts in the Tundras in question.

Here at TundraHeadquarters, we’re wondering what would be worse for Toyota — recalling 30k vehicles and declaring to the world that their newest, most powerful engine could disintegrate under acceleration OR acknowledging this may be a problem but refusing to take a pro-active stance.

We’re of the opinion that the problem is still fairly small (20 trucks out of 30,000) and that Toyota really doesn’t need to do anything at this point. Other manufacturers have had far worse problems that went uncorrected. If Toyota announces a recall, the problem will look worse than it really is.

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  1. Lerik Thongkham says:

    I just got my SR5 4×4 TRD and I am taking this truck back to the dealership and having them assure me of this issue.

  2. toni says:

    hello i am living in holland and i export 2 tundra’s to holland wil they contact me if something is wrong white the engine?

  3. admin says:

    Most likely yes. Toyota is now saying that the camshafts were mostly in pre-production trucks, hence the lack of a recall notice.

  4. Brian says:

    IF Toyota verifies that the camshaft defect is MORE extensive than originally thought, Toyota needs to fix all the 5.7L engines involved. The inconveniece of loosing an engine on a trip, that Toyota knew there might be a potential problem, is going to totally frost this TUNDRA driver.

  5. Jason says:

    I have emailed Toyota of this issue. My truck was built in February. If Toyota denies a problem and this failure causes any death or injury, I’m suing them for negligence! Could be civil and criminal!

  6. Jeremy says:

    My 07 Tundra makes a weird sound when started cold sounds like a short hard vibration but goes away emediatly after the sound lasts maybe 4 seconds is that the camshaft or maybe the exaust.

  7. admin says:


    That sound is most likely your ABS system completing a self-check. It’s a weird noise and you can actually feel a shudder. It’s probably more noticeable when the vehicle is cold simply because the brake system is cold too (the brakes are actually pulsed during this check).

    None the less, we suggest you have your dealer check it out during your next oil change just in case it’s something else.

  8. craig says:

    when my 5.7 isstarted in the morning or after sitting still for a few hours itsounds like a diesel the lifters are so loud the dealer has told me it is like the oldchevy 350 it isjust lifter noise it goes away anyody else have loud lifters

  9. Rick says:

    I bought mine in March and I have the “rumble strip” issue with the tranny, the engine noise similar to a diesel, and an oscillating vibration around 40 mph just before it shifts from 5th to 6th. Am I doomed?

  10. admin says:

    Rick — that’s probably something to do with the torque converter. Still waiting to hear something official. You’re not the only one, so at least you know it will get fixed by Toyota at some point (probably soon).

  11. Steve says:

    I purchased my $40,000 Tundra, Crew Max, Limited on 1 November 2007. My dealer never mentioned any of the problems associated with the Tundra and since buying the vehicle I have had horrible experiences. I never test drove the vehicle as it was delivered from another dealer. I am sure that my truck has fatal issues. I have asked several owners if they noticed a hard shift and sensed a jolt when accelerating from a stop. When I accelerate from a stop at a traffic signal light, I experience a sudden jolt when the transmission shifts from 1st to second gear. I know this sounds like a torque converter but it feels more like the engine. Is this a common problem with the truck? I am considering legal action.

  12. admin says:


    There are some issues with the torque converter on some Tundras, but Toyota hasn’t announced anything yet. Nonetheless, take your truck to the dealership and they’ll replace the TC. It should fix the problems you’re describing.

    • Kenneth Jenkins says:

      We had the the same problem on our 2007 Tundra 5.7l V8. Now our engin light keep popping on and off, we took it to Toyota and they said our engin is blown. We took our truck from there n it broke down on the way home. Since then we got someone else to check it out n they got it started, but we also found there was a crank shaft recall.

  13. Ben says:

    I’ve got the loud lifters too. I took my 4×4 TRD into the dealer because of a loud bang and vibrating. They said not to worry, it’s just my ABS. I’m going to sue if I’m injured as a result of their obvious neglagence. I’m not happy with my purchase. 37,500 wasted.

  14. Cheri says:

    I purchased in July and have had people say to me “I didn’t know Toyota made a diesel” is how loud this truck is. We have taken it back to Toyota and they have told us there is nothing wrong. I own an auto repair shop. You can’t tell me nothing is wrong. All Dealers in the area have the same DPSM and he knows the Vaughn truck and will not look any further. We are crazy. Where do we go? Lawsuit sounds really good.

  15. admin says:

    The “dieseling” noise is a result of the lifter design, and you’re not the first person to report it.

    We’re not sure what Toyota is going to do about it, if they’re going to do anything. However, we suggest you continue to follow-up with your service department and that you formally complain to Toyota.

  16. TR says:

    Just purchased an 07 Tundra 5.7, love the truck but have already experienced the Rumble Strip syndrom with less than 300 mile on the vehicle. Talked to service and they said if it hadn’t set a code (light) they could only check the fluid and tranny temp for correct level and temp. I specifically asked about Transmission shudder and they wouldn’t talk about it.

  17. dave says:

    I purchased my 2007 tundra 5.7 in the spring, I have a few concerns about it. The first is, once in a while travelling down the highway I get a fluttering noise that sounds like a louver vibrating, it only lasts for about 5 seconds and then goes away. Also whenever I start the truck the engine noise is so loud, it is almost deafening, at the beginning and then slowly gets quieter to a natural idle, and the third thing is sometimes when I accelerate from a stop there is quite a surge forward, I don’t know if the gas peddle is just too sensetive or what

  18. Dewayne Dew says:

    I have had people that say my truck (2007 Tundra) sounds like a diesel, It makes a ticking noise while idiling , Toyota Dealership in Columbus, Ga, told me that it is the Fuel injector pulsating. Sorry but it sounds like crap to me for a new truck.

  19. Greg says:

    Transmission on 4.7 replaced at 10,000 .(wait three seconds to go into gear.
    Now 13,000 ht dueler have 4/32 .

  20. Rodolfo Mercado says:

    I purchased my 2007 Tundra 5.7 Double Cab on July 30, 2007. Could this be included in prior production 3/15/07?

  21. Rick Bellia says:

    I purchased my 2007 5.7 V8 six speed auto october 2007, i have the same Diesel sound and my auto shifts weird when cold, but always hunts and peck during slow down.w hats up

  22. Dan G. says:

    I purchased my 2007 5.7 V8 six speed Crewmax in late May 2007 in Houston. Same Diesel sound! Very disappointing and extremely bothersome for a $40k vehicle. Also sticks in 2nd gear followed by an immediate transition through 3rd/4th/5th. Class Action?

  23. Mel says:

    I have an ’06 Tundra and just got it out of the Service Dept today. I was experiencing a ticking noise when I first got it in Oct of ’06 and it graduated to a sqealing noise. They told me there was a bulletin on the tensioner and replaced it under warrantee. BTW, my Tundra’s radio turns itself on, not off, and the Service Dept told me that they have to witness it happening. It is very intermittent, so wish me luck with that one…

  24. steve says:

    my ticking (Diesel) sound is now a knock at warm idle and EXCESSIVE piston slap cold or warm my 5.7l was built 06/2007
    COME ON RECALL THE DAMN THING for your misled customers this truck is not what they said it should be. I wont tow my 28Ft trailer i am scared and toyota dont care. I have Cancelled my thanksgivig plans and now Christmas. TOYOTA PLEASE RECALL IT>

  25. tjw says:

    I purchased my Tundra CrewMax in July of 2007 (my truck also has a build date of July 2007). It has the 5.7 liter engine.

    My truck now has 5500 miles on it and I love many things about the truck, but it has an engine tick noise that I find to be both scary and annoying. The noise is more pronounced when the engine is cold, but it is always there, even when the engine is warm. The noises started at about 1500 miles.

    The Toyota dealer says that the noise is normal and happens a lot on 4-runners, too.

    In 50+ years of buying new vehicles, I have never heard of a ticking, knocking, chattering, dieseling noise that was “normal” in a brand new vehicle.

    Anyway, this is my first Toyota and I’m afraid it will be my last one, since this is apparently a characteristic of Toyota engines (based on several internet searches and the comments I have read on a variety of Toyota vehicles) and I just am not going to spend the next several years worrying about the engine going out when I least expect it. I am used to quiet engines on new vehicles, especially a vehicle that cost well in excess of $35,000.

    P.S. I am also disappointed in the gas mileage, too.

  26. wayne says:

    I bought my 07 2wd tundra the feb. 2 2007 and i a few problems with it like when stoping in the lower gear’s it jolt’s forward like a shifting problem instead of gradualy slowing down.There look’s like my pumkin has gear oil stain’s around where the outer case bolt’s together.

  27. Bill says:


    I purchased my 07 Tundra Limited in Apr of 07. Besides the engine noise, I have another very serious prolem. All of a sudden the vehicle jerks to the left on its own. It has caused one minor accident and send us spinning wildly another time. Toyota says there is nothing wrong, and they will not do anything until they witness it. It happens ramdonly out of the blue with no warning. How can they duplicate it? My wife likes to say it acts like prosac when it does it!

  28. icerunner says:

    “I think I might sue!”
    “$37,500 wasted!”

    A stop acting like a bunch of pissed off “catty” little school girls.,,,
    My god, is that what you are made of? Seriously, are some of you guys just a bunch of spineless sue happy idiots.
    My god, only a small percentage of trucks were affected.
    ACT LIKE MEN for a change (for once in your patethic lives)

  29. icerunner says:

    Ok I’ve had a bad morning and I was a LITTLE harsh a few minutes ago.
    I used to work for a toyota dealer.
    I once witnessed a guy tow his 4 runner into to a dealership with a missing front wheel as it suddenly “fell off” on the highway. (defective ball joint) With 125,000 Miles on his truck….TOYOTA PAID FOR EVERYTHING….
    THis is who toyota is, in my experience, they are not “like” ford or chevy and they do not try to rape and pillige when THEY make a mistake….

    I don’t care if you can stomach this comment…. YET, some of you are to blame for buying right away. Why would anyone buy the 1st year production on a NEW MODEL…..?
    I know its a “toyota” but what the hell were you thinking? Its still a “First run” 2007 !!!!!!!!!!! Why not wait untill 2008 or 2010″ (2010 diesel for me!!)

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope u don’t. Talk to your customer’s. That way. People spend a lot of money on the trucks. I have a 2002 and the litter noise concerns me becouse if it breaks down on the road away. From home on a trip

  30. tjw says:

    #29 is correct. I am still kicking myself for buying a new Tundra with the new 5.7 engine and the new 6-speed transmission. I wish I had bought my Tundra with the proven 4.7 engine and 5-speed transmission. I debated and debated about buying the 5.7 engine but convinced myself that it would be OK because of Toyota’s reputation. Big mistake.

  31. icerunner says:

    Again For #28…The comment was “over the top” A truck is a big purchase and I can feel the dissapointment. Here is the deal, I am confient that this is a VERY rare occurance… even for a new model… Keep in mind the 2007 TUNDRA is Still one “BAS ASS TRUCK” AND ALSO
    2008 Motor trend
    For some of you: Keep that in mind before you Threaten to sue Toyota.

  32. svaughnsrus@aol says:

    to ICERUNNER you must own domestic crap and not know what the QUALITY of Toyota has been in the past

  33. svaughnsrus@aol says:

    To ICE RUNNER again you must own domestic crap. I have worked for dealership also as top mech . What toyota is doing is to try and save face by not recalling 30k trucks. DONT get me wrong this Truck is UP AND ABOVE ANY DOMESTIC GASOLINE TRUCK for the price Bugs are in the past interior trim or squeak and rattle NOT ENGINE KNOCKING TOYOTA needs to fix these trucks or they will loose face in the comunity

  34. icerunner says:

    20 Camshafts out of 30,000 Vehicles SOLD
    quick Math
    30000 X .00065 = 20 (about)
    20 out of 30,000 = 0.00065 %

    FYI LESS THAN 1/15th of a PERCENT had camshaft issues!!!!

    My best guess these owners started their engines and “stepped on the gas” REAL HARD on a engine that was real COLD/not warmed up and not yet “broken in”. also they were likely using conventional oil which is rock hard in cold winter weather.

    BTW: toyota bought each and every one of these owners brand NEW ENGINES and paid to have them crated and shipped over night to the dealers…Also, ALL of the damaged engines were immediatly shipped back to toyota for quick Inspection.

    Now tell me this…
    Do you think that FORD chevy or Dodge would have gone to that Extent or effort??? Would they (ford chevy dodge) have admitted anything at all?


  35. icerunner says:

    To #32 svaughnsrus
    I own a 1999 4 runner (paid off) and have had 145,000 trouble free miles. The truck has been so reliable that I feel guilty every time I look ant the new tundra… I have been eyeing the 2007 tundra like a “dog in heat” and I have to wait 2 to 3 painful years unitil 2009 or 2010 unit the tundra becomes a Diesel…hehe I think I getting “gitty”

    …and even when the diesel arrives in the USA, then I’ll painfully wait another 8 months MINIMUM until I’m sure all of the bugs are worked out of the new diesel powertrain…
    So I’ll save my meger $300.00 per month in hopes of that wonderful day when I can drive my beautiful toyota Tundra diesel truck……
    To my love (2010 diesel tundra)…. one day soon, we will be together…

  36. I bought one of the early 07 toyota tundra’s and about 1500 miles, engine started sounding like a powerstroke diesel. brought it back to dealer at least 5 times, and all they would tell me to drive it and when engine fails they will replace at no charge. how can you drive a truck on a long trip knowing your engine might fail. the dealership went as far as to 20w oil in engine ti quite the noise, but want will happen in the heat of summer with a 400 hp engine running 20w oil in it. the dealer went as far as to tell me they would take truck back and give me a new one, but when i went to dealership to make swap, they informed me my new truck with 2500 miles on it 2 months old was only worth 21500.00, boy was that an insult when they had a 07 tundra not as nice sa mine on lot with 36000.00 miles on it asking $36000.00 for it. so i’m going to arbitration on Jan. 10 and i hope they do the right thing. i’vee owned many toyota’s and it might be my last if they want do the right thing. My wife has just bought a new toyota camry hybrid and i might even sell that.

  37. Rick Bellia says:

    to no#35 icerunner,,don’t wait for the diesel, buy my 07 5.7 6speed, sounds just like a diesel and the fuel costs less. gee maybe i should buy a diesel and it will sound like a regular v8.. heres some history on toyota.
    my 93 4/4 with 78,000 miles engine(v6) siezed on the freeway.(no help from toyota

    my 94 (v6) 5speed tundras tranny went at 48000 miles, some help from toyota

    my 07 5.7 v8 6speed sounds like a diesel and does not shift correctly, no help from toyota

  38. icerunner says:

    I’ll tell you that the issues you had with your previous toyotas are a exception to the rule and not the rule….
    I’m willing to bet that your Tundras electrinically controlled transmission needs a software update… Now you do know that this trans adapts to your driving style so if your are hard on the pedal you are programing your trans to shift later than it normall would AND because you have 6 speeds, your trans will “upshift and downshift” much more often.. Try being “light” on the pedal for a while and see if that helps with the shifting issue you are having.

    As some of the early Camrys had the SAME shifting issues with their ECT’s (Electronically Controlled Transmissions) There was a technically bulliton that solved the issue dead in it tracks for the camry….

    also, Why not try to run synthetic Oil Mobil 1 or AMSoil ect… as SYN flows thinnner (at startup and normal operating temp) than ANY other conventional oil and may help quiet things down a bit…Also with that size engine @ 380 HP and 5.7 litres is going to be loud and that is somewhat normal for toyota engines as they ARE “OVER ENGINEERED”… My 3.4 Litre quad cam V6 can withstand 400 to 500 HP because toyota used oversized engine parts on my engine this is why some many people use super chargers on these engines as they can take it…

    My quess is that the 5.7 L engine takes longer to break in and then they quiet down a bit… take it easy on the gas untill that large engine warms up for 10 to 15 Minutes of light to moderate driving…

    HEY PEOPLE THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE have your freaking oil analized for excessive “wear metals”….WHY?
    IF what you say is True, than “Oil analisis” will uncover a problem!!
    HAVE “Blackstone Labs” analize your oil for you cost about $20 and will tell you IF you really have an issue.

  39. icerunner says:

    There is no doubt that excessive “wear metals”
    Excessive “cam or bearing” wear or piston wear will show up in oil analysis.

    I use “black stone labs” to analize my 4 runner oil every 10 K miles.

  40. Dan G. says:

    Wow. Good point. Just did my second oil change. First change at 4300. Second at 9200. Mobil 1 Synth 5w-20 for both in hot Houston weather. Guzzles 7.5 qts. First-time user of synthetic. Did not expect to see that much of a change in oil color. Went in clear, came out dark ~5k mi. later. Didn’t expect that kind of wear out of a synthetic, but no baseline from which to make that judgement. Will definitely consider getting the next oil analyzed before recycling it.

  41. icerunner says:

    No worries, the dark oil color @ 5K is very common and is not a good indicator of engine wear (at all). Only oil analysis can determine if engine wear/wear metals are excessive.
    With M1 Synthetic you could go 10,000 miles and likely be still be protected. This is a hard FACT that Synthetic oils are lab and race proven to go the distance.
    Yet in my opinion, stay with what toyota recomends for for oil change intervals for the tundra and SAVE YOUR OIL CHANGE RECEIPTS!!! as IF you have engine trouble down the road your receipts are proof of proper maintence incase anything happens…

    After 60k you can extend the O.C.I’s a bit of coarse after the power train warrenty expires.

  42. icerunner says:

    To all you people who SUSPECT that you MAY have “cam shaft issues” or “knocking issues”.
    IF you really do have issues….
    After you change your oil have the oil analized and then also LOOK at your old oil filter and look for VISIBLE metal chunks/ shavings.

    HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE…. like it or not IF you have engine damage like you all describe …THEN YOU WILL HAVE METAL IN YOUR OIL FILTER!


    I think the new tundras use the newer type of filters (no metal canisters??? right?)
    FYI if not, cafeful and try not to confuse the metal from cutting open the metal filter canister with metal from your engine wear..

    over and out

  43. icerunner says:

    to #25 tjw
    you have nothing to worry about, At 145K My toyota “ticks” and will continue to tick for another 100K.

    Also my wife 2008 2.4L (4cyl) camry ticks some and this is notmal for toyota engines. Remember toyota operates a tight tolerances so parts are simply closer together in japaneze engines… AND Still just a VERY thin layer of oil seperating critical engine parts from rubbing together. Run synthetinc oil and your truck will go 250K to 300K with basically no issues.
    Remember, no excessive visible metal in your oil filter means no engine damage.
    I think you’ll be ok…

  44. tjw says:

    I hope #43 is right.

    My truck runs great, but it definitely has some engine noises. The “diesel” sound is most noticeable when the engine is cold and you accelerate at low speed. The noise reminds me a little bit of the piston slap that I had with my Silverado’s 5.3 engine when the temperature was below 40 degrees.

    However, there is also a ticking or clicking sound that is always there and can be easily heard when the engine is idling.

    My new strategy is to mask the engine noises by always leaving my radio turned on and I find that this helps. My truck is a really nice vehicle, but its engine noises are definitely annoying to me.

  45. Stop at the local Walgreen drug store the other night to pick up package around 8.30 that night amd guy in chevy truck ask me to roll my window done and asked me when did toyota come out with diesel truck, i informed him that it was not a diesel and he said i need to bring in truck to dealer because something was about to come apart. it looks like thr more miles a drive truck the more louder noise gets, bur my dealership informs me nothing to worry about. it just seems with all the compaints i’m reading with the same problems toyota should do something or just say something about this engine noise. it’s becoming quite annoying while driving. if i would have wanted diesel sound i would have bought a ford powerstroke. i have two buddies that bought 08 tundras with 5.7 and they already have 4000 and 9000 miles on their trucks and no noise what so ever. i’m going to artribtraion on jan. 10 at my dealer and i just hope thry do the right thing. i love my truck, just can’t stand the noise!

  46. icerunner says:

    Here is the deal toyota may have been able to squeeze out more horse power by letting the engine breath better….
    What does this mean? larger headers, larger exhausts, multiple catilicic converters, larger louder and less restrictive mufferles all this stuff = much more engine noise .

    You bought a Hulking 5.7 litre engine that produces 380 hp right out of the factory and you expect the engine to be quiet?….

    Seriously, you MAY have an issue. Yet you are slamming toyota WITH NO PROOF of anything than a subjective claim that your engine is loud. IF “thing’s are comming apart” excessve METAL will show up in “oil analysis”…
    I’m asking you to put some money where your mouth is and pay $20 to have your oil analized by a lab…Something tells me that you would be real pissed off if the oil analysis did not prove you had an issue.
    I feel you are unfairly attacking toyota
    With NO PROOF other that a subjectivly “loud” engine that happens to produce about 400HP right from the factory…..of coarse it will be loud.. IT PRODUCES 400 freakin HP!!

    IF you are right, Here is what you do pay a Master tech from another dealership do a inspection (while not on company time). it should cost you about 100 to $110.00…. Have him state his credentials in a letter that states that your level of engine noise is abnormal when compaired to other 5.7 Litres engines…..
    My guess is you will continue on and not take any of my advice because in the end you don’t care if you are right, you care about winning your lawsuit/arbitration.
    Good luck in court.

  47. icerunner, dealership has had my truck a least two months in and out, all noise is comming from passgner side, they tell me engine will fail, just drive it till it fails and toyota tells them to put me new engine at no charge. i own a fully authorized fuel injection shop with 3 ads certified mechnics and we all agree noise is comming from passnger side. it’ either a bad cam ot piston slap and dealership even agrees with mu mechanics. as for oil sample, toyota made them put 5w20 oil in engine to make engine less noisey. i agree with you on some things. but this is not my first rodeo with engines making noise.

  48. icerunner says:

    Here Is the deal it is apparent that you know what you are talking about yet aalot of other people simply do not have the technical knowledge to tell between normal engine noise and abnormal noise… After hearing more details of your situation, I’ll stand corrected and humbled then…. as it sounds like not only you know what you are talking about but that you likely truely have an documented issue with your truck. It appears that I jumped to the conculsion that you were likely wrong yet it appears that you are likely right in this case. Run the oil analysis and check your filter for cam metal or piston ring metal.
    Also, if you decide to have your oil analized write a letter to black stone labs along with an oil sample explaining the noiise and symptoms and Black stone lab or another qualified lab will be able to tell you what they think the metal is from and that may be able to help with your case.
    Good luck with your ordeal and I empathize with how pissed I would be if I was in your shoes…
    thank god I’m not.

  49. icerunner says:

    #36 Doug
    Do not sell the camry hybrid that 2.4 Litre engine has been used with great success for toyota for the past 6-7 years…
    That engine IS proven reliable.
    I think the 5.7 litre engine was very new design and toyota tried to use many american part manufacturers (i.e the infamous cam shaft supplier) and the quality controll for the 1st run was not to toyota’s very high standards…
    That god dam cam shaft company is hurting toyotas reputation for quality…AND HEADS MUST BE ROLLING AT TOYOTA OVER THE CAM SHAFT ISSUE on the 5.7 litre engine.
    Like I said, toyota knows hybrid technology and 2.4L Camry Litre engine combined with the hybrid motor is bullet proof…

    p.s GM bought Toyotas 1st gen hybrid technology from toyota.

  50. icerunner says:

    The unfortunate thing is that Toyota is using a lot of American suppliers on the new truck (CWC Textron out of Michigan made the faulty camshafts) so these American companies will likely lose the contract to a Japanese supplier so Toyota can build a decent vehicle.

  51. icerunner says:

    I have nothing against american parts supplier and I highly encourage toyota to continue to do so… (with one exception to US part suppliers)

    To CWC textron: if you are going to build critical engine parts for toyota GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME.
    Where the hell was the quality controll?
    They probaly hired some $8.00 an hour Ex convict to make camshafts for the world most reliable auto maker…I’ll bet it came down to 1 or 2 “half assed” low paid workers NOT doing there jobs right…
    remember this quote:
    “When you pay with peanuts… you attract monkies”

  52. toytech says:

    Hi, I’m a toyota master tech and was at school 2 weeks ago for tundra new model class. We talked about some of your conserns. For the camshaft problem my teacher only knew of 4 cases, and that the problem was there was a burr when they came out of the cast and someone was chunking them a vise and grinding off the burr weaking the cam. The problem was caught early and the man was fired, but I was told it was a plant in Alabama. We also talked about ticking in the 5.7, it is normal,nothing wrong with the engine, toyota knows about it and there is nothing to worry about. One thing that can help is using 5w-20 oil. All 5.7’s come from the factory with 0w20 syn. Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion.

  53. Toytech, what about the noise, it’s getting pretty loud and bothersome. my dealership is already using 5w20 in my truck, and it has not helped. i’m been a cerified diesel tech for twenty years and has never heard a noise like that before comming out of a gas engine.the service msgrs at my dealership both tell me something is not right, but when engine fails toyota will replace at no charge.just this morning at 4.30am engine just sitting there idling, you would swear somthing was about to come apart. i love this truck, i just hate noise. my friends have bought the later 07 and 08 and have no such noise. i think if you should pay that much money for a truck it should perform to the toyota’s i used to. quailty comes first. i’m going to aribtration on wed jan. 10 @ 2.30pm at my dealership and hope ncds does the right thing. i’ve been having my truck since july and have only 3300 miles on it. i’m scared to drive it on long trips with my family. i wish toyota would just replace truck so i can be on my way. i have worked on many engines from caterpillar to cummins and never have heard a noise comming out of an engine like that before unlest you have bent push rods, bad injectors are just worn out parts.

  54. tjw says:

    I found toytech’s comments interesting on several points.

    When I mentioned the ticking and dieseling sounds to the customer representative at my Toyota dealership, they claimed to have never heard of any issues with the 5.7 engine.

    To say the least, I do not like the noises coming from my Tundra with the 5.7 engine.

    Especially the fact that the more miles I put on the truck, the louder the noises become.

    I also notice that the dealership put 5W-20 oil in my truck when they changed the oil at 4850 miles. My belief is that the noises got even louder after they changed the oil.

    One of my main beefs with this whole deal is that, if these noises are normal, then I think Toyota has a responsibility to disclose to the public the fact that the 5.7 engine will have unusual noises. I personally feel mis-led because I would not have bought my truck if I had known about these engine noise issues.

  55. toytech says:

    Doug, your noise my not be normal if it’s that loud, I was just saying that these engines are louder than most.

  56. Rick Bellia says:


  57. Doug Louviere says:

    just got back from arbitration, toyota says they are very much aware of engine noise, toyota rep say noise is do to short skirt on forged piston and when engine is cold there is a slight piston slap till engine warms up and no engine wear taking place. he must think i’m an idiot, what do you think is happening to cyclinder wall when piston is slapping around in there. my noise never goes away and i think toyota knows there is a problem and is trying to wiggle out of doing the right thing. i just hope arbitrator does the right thing when he issues his decesion.

  58. tjw says:

    I’m supposed to meet with Toyota tomorrow about the noise in my 5.7 engine.

    I can tell that they are getting ready to stonewall me, too, since the question we got today was “didn’t you drive the truck before you bought it?”.

    Of course I drove the truck and my truck made no noise until it got several thousand miles on it. Plus, I bought my truck in the summer when it was hot. The noises really began to manifest themselves when it got colder.

    To this day, I don’t think Toyota is informing Tundra purchasers that the dieseling noise is a characteristic of this engine.

    Ever since my truck reached 4,000 miles, the noises coming from the engine have gotten louder and louder.

    I was sitting at a traffic light today and next to me was a Ford diesel pick-up. It sounded exactly like my Tundra with the 5.7 engine.

    Based on Doug’s comments, it sounds like Toyota knows the engines are noisy but they are doing all they can to avoid having to do anything about them. Even GM gave 100,000 mile warranties on their 5.3 engines that had piston slap only in cold weather.

    If Toyota really believes that there is no problem, they should, in my opinion, follow GM’s lead and offer 100,000 mile warranties on the 5.7 engines that have the diesel knocking sounds.

    Anyway, I will report back about what, if anything, that Toyota does about the very noisy 5.7 engine in my Tundra.

    Happily, they are still selling Fords and Chevys and if Toyota doesn’t come up with a fix for the problem with my truck, then my Tundra is going to look good sitting on the used car lot of a Ford or Chevy dealer.

    But before I dispose of my knocking, dieseling mis-represented truck, I may put a big sign on it and drive around for a while to inform the buying public to investigate thoroughly and carefully before buying a Tundra.

  59. svaughnsrus says:

    With all the noise being heard from our TUNDRAS we know it is a quality issue. Has anybody heard about the lady in fremont california NUMMI She was hired by toyota 23 years ago for quality issues she was trained by toyota so when GM and Toyota merged Toyotas Reputation would not be hurt they wanted QUALITY , for awhile she was sending quality defect in cars to upper management to solve problem that was her job identify problems send them up the ladder so it would get taking care of worked well for 22 years then she noticed what she was sending up the ladder was getting dismissed as no problem over and over then she complained and was demotted from her position to a parts packer she has a 45 million dollar law suit going on i had talked with her laywer in San Francisco She said that the lawsuit was only for the NUMMI plant my tundra was made in San Antonio Texas. I believe there is an upper management COVER UP. One 25 Year Tech at a portand area dealership said when he drove my truck 2 BLOCKS THIS IS THIRD GRADE MECHANICS HOW ARE THEY MISSING THIS MAYBE WE NEED TO ALL GET TOGETHER WITH ONE LAWYER I have done all my homework and diagnosing myself I own a Japanese repair shop in Oregon and have specialized in toyota and Honda since 1990 I HAVE A POSITIVE OIL ANALYSIS Ya they are right it is a piston!! A PISTON COMING APART i am waiting to see what the 3rd DSPM has to say I dont want to go to court My wife has had 2 brain surgeries and CANNOT handle the stress But if we need to go to court we will

  60. redlimited says:

    just heard about this site today. shocked at what i’m reading. bought 07 5.7 crewmax limited and no problems with engine noise, etc. I will have my oil checked next time, though.
    I do have an intermittent delay, if you will, on acceleration from slow speed. was told it was the computer and normal. acts like engine revs until it catches up to correct gear. good friend w/service mgr so will prob and post anything I can find.
    going to start mine up right now and listen for engine noises like i’ve read.
    have a great weekend.

    • Stef says:

      The delay you are describing sounds exactly like my 06 Camry Solara, 07 4 Runner 4.0L and my 07 Tundra 5.7L. Havent had any problems but that delay did initially seem like a transmission issue to me – according to dealer nothing wrong. Have 120K on 4 Runner, 60K on Tundra and 90K on Solara.

  61. Rick Bellia says:


  62. svaughnsrus says:


  63. doug louviere says:

    svaughnsrus, during meeting toyota reps, denied having any engine problems and said engine noise was normal. ever since meeting last thursday, noise has been getting loader and engine sounds like something is getting ready to break. i just hope the arbitrator does right thing. i should get results this week in writing.

  64. Anthony V says:

    I just found this site I hope somone replies. 07 Tundra 2500 miles bought in October 07.I have the same loud engine noise on cold start.I have remote start. Its settles down with in seconds to a normal idle.Jerky on acceleration from stop. Seems like the pedal is sticken or too much torque. Real problem came today, I was driving on the highway and an loud bang came from passenger side of the cab. Sounded like a gunshot inside the truck. I checked the truck inside and out top to bottom found nothing. I was partially deafened in my right ear. Noise sounded like and airbag explosion but nothing found.

    Iceman iff you could help. I plan on taking to dealership tomorrow.

  65. Steve P. says:

    Anthony. I can relate to your banging noise. Has happened to me in twice in my 06 Sienna with 22,000 miles. This morning after I backed out of my driveway and started to accelerate. Loud bang like someone threw a brick and hit the side of the van. Couldn’t tell what part of the van though. Scares the beegeebies out of me. Happened last week also while leaving work. Second time it has happened to me. Usually when it’s really cold like under 15 degrees. I’m calling the bastard’s TODAY.

  66. Steve P. says:

    the guy at Toyot told me that moisture gets in between the brake pads and rotors and freezes. After a few revolutions, they pop free and that’s the noise I’m hearing. Sounds like BS to me and I don’t really know what to do about it. Do they make rotor mittens?

  67. Anthony V says:

    I just came back from the dealer…They looked over the truck and couldn’t find anything wrong. They did appear concerned about the loud bag in the cabin of the truck. The noise was heard traveling 90 miles an hour, radio on low, and GPS navigation operating. I thought a gunshot went off inside the truck, thats how loud it was, I was actually defeaf in my right ear. (Just want to give you all the whole story) My service writer advised me the regional engineer would bring up the incident in the next weeks meeting in California. I will keep you all posted..

  68. Shawn D says:

    i purchased my 5.7 double cab in nov. I now have 3350 miles and I feel that my brakes are to spongy and that I need to apply a lot of pressure to come to a quick stop my dealer said that its just the four wheel disk brakes. My last vehicle was a 02 tundra. On another note Im only getting 13 MPG should I tough it out or contact my dealer. Is there any way to change the color of my dash to blue from orange and why do I have a orange dash and a blue clock. Other than that I love the truck.

  69. Doug Louviere says:

    Got notice from arbitratior, he sited with Toyota, saying my truck was running normal.This will be my last toyota, my wife’s brand new camry hybrid now has a for sale sign on it and as soon as i sell that, the tundra is gone. my noise is getting worse by the day! even on warm mornings the noise is bad. i think toyota should post a sign on sticker saying that your brand new toyota tundra will make engine noises due to a piston slap. they say this is a normal noise, so post it and see how many trucks they will sell. my next oil change i will send oil sample and throw that in their face.

  70. icerunner says:

    I’m starting to wonder if SOME of you are 100% full of crap…I think with no verifaction……How do we know that some of you are not just some diehard american truck enthusiasts who are pissed because toyota tundra was the “2008 truck of the year?”
    THAT’s Right…..we don’t know….
    Here is the bottom line, ford and GM have made cheap crap for many many years and it has finially come back to bite them in the ass…serves them right.
    Doug I don’t know you from adam and you MAY have an issue yet I simply have know way of knowing if you are telling the truth…
    Some some of YOU are obvious FAKERS…
    Hey don’t “player hate from the side lines”…

  71. Doug Louviere says:

    icerunner, i guess you forgot that i have 25 years exp in the business. i guess that when i took out the #2 & #4 spark plugs last night and put a scope in cyc and found marks up & down cyc walls with just 3000 miles on engine thats normal. with metal in oil, i just can’t wait till oil sample comes back so i can throw all this back in toyota’s face. i say again if toyota say this diesel noise is normal, with a piston slap, put it on sticker stating that engine will make a knock when running, let’s see how many trucks they will sell.

  72. Anthony V says:

    I had a 99 ford F150, no problems with 100,000 miles, 2005 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi 1500 45000 miles no problems, now I own a 2007 Toyota Tundra 5.7 Sport double cab… only problems are the ones I mention above, loud engine noise on cold start, jerky on acceleration from stop, loud bag in the cabin of the truck. Prior to the trucks I owned all toyotas, 84 supra, 87 Toyota 4×4, 92 Toyota 4X4. The only reason I went to the big trucks was for pulling my 10,000 lbs Camper that toyota boasted to pull 10800 lbs. I went for the toyota because of reliability. At $35,000.00 dollars I expect reliability.


  73. svaughnsrus says:

    anthony v AMEN svaughnsrus

  74. tjw says:

    I am in total agreement with Doug’s comments.

    I would never have purchased my Tundra if I had known that it would have these unusual engine noises that Toyota says are “normal”.

    I drove my 5.3 Silverado for almost eight years and it never had these kinds of engine noises.

    In fact, in over 50 years of buying new vehicles, the only vehicle I ever had that made these kinds of noises was an 81 Datsun Maxima, but it was a diesel so I expected it to make some noise, even though it did turn out to be one of the worst cars that I ever owned.

    I really think that Toyota owes it to the buying public to inform them that the 5.7 engine is going to be exceptionally noisy, but, like Doug says, I don’t think they would sell near as many of them if they did inform the public in advance. Even though I hate class action law suits, I will be frankly amazed if Toyota doesn’t end up with a big lawsuit over these engines, especially if they don’t start informing the buying public up front.

    I’m still trying to decide if I can stand the noise in my Tundra or not.

    Even though my Tundra is only six months old, I may just bite the bullet and take my losses now and get a vehicle that doesn’t make all these strange noises, because, like Doug also says, it is very difficult to believe that these noises can be normal.

    I’m not a mechanic by any means, but I have been closely involved with cars since 1951 and all my experience says that these noises can not be healthy.

  75. icerunner says:

    THEN you knew what the truck sounded like BEFORE YOU BOUGHT IT!!!!

    At the end of the day, Like I said,
    SOME of you are 100% FULL OF CRAP……

  76. Brian D says:

    I own a 2008 Tundra. It seems like the only thing thats different is that i don’t have the engine noise, However I do have the transmission problems . The t/c was replace at 280 miles do to the bad vibration at 30 to 40 mph . The truck has been back to the four or five times since for other transmission related problems. (One) the trans seems to stick in third or fourth gear and when it does shift it go’s thou the next two gears one right after the other. (Two) when pulling a trailer it doesn,t have the power that it should have the first time you go up a grade .It does not down shift like it should it sticks in a higher gear, but seems to pull good the second time. After this i went right to the dealer and had there tech istall the scan tool and went back up the same grade but could not duplicate the promlem. The scan tool read no errors. Just this morning I sat waiting go though a set of lights put my foot on the gas pedel and the truck would not move .I backed off the gas pedel and it lunged into gear,I have not been able to duplicate it .The truck has 2010 miles on it so there are still trans related problems in the 08 Back to the dealer Monday

  77. Doug Louviere says:

    Icerunner, if you know so much, why don’t you buy my Tundra? then you will see who’s full of crap. if you had read all the e-mails you would have noticed that engines did not start making noises till after about 2000 miles. still want to buy my truck?

  78. iceruuner says:

    I never Said YOU were full of crap.
    I simply said that SOME of the people who are jumping on this band waggon are Full of crap….
    As a Matter of fact if your engine got louder after only 2K in my opinion that IS a defect….If it wasent a defect, no distingushible difference would be noted in the sound levels.
    I do smell a rat with some of the posters here…. and Like I said, i’m 100% sure there some Chevy and ford lovers in the Mix having a good old time here…. Like I said I’d buy a “2008” tundra in a newyork minute….No offence, I’d never buy the 1st run of anything no matter what the reputation is for quality…
    2010 diesel tundra for me …. By 2011′ a diesel Hybrid will be on the way….now that’s true efficiency.
    good luck with your issue as I believe there IS something there with your truck…

  79. Rick Bellia says:

    number 78 (icerunner),, Its a good thing the buying public doesnt listen to you, toyota would never have sold any 2007 tundras, that being the case, all of the 2008 tundras would be left over 2007. I did not notice the noise untill about 1400 miles, at 2500 miles it is scary.

  80. Cheri says:

    I think a lot of us out there would love to meet Icerunner. He speaks really well online but how does he speak in person…..

  81. iceruuner says:

    I think some of you have taken offence for no reason….I not trying to rub anyones face in there decision… Also,
    Face to face, I believe I can hold my own….Also, I not calling you folks stupid for buying an 07’… yet some of you are clearly paranoid now for NO REASON….

    Also, I’m just saying I would never buy the very first run….Now, with that Said, I would buy a 07′ that was made 9 to 10 months after the new model came out… Yet the 1st run…?
    hell no…

    Also, Just got word from another 07′ Buyer that ther may be a “head” issue with some of the 07’s….fyi
    Listen folks ..the best you can do is the following:

    1) Go to the dealer and document your “suspected” issue. They may not agree (and you may not even be right), YET it DOSENT MATTER IF THAY AGREE or if you are right…. GET IT DOCUMENTED (cheap insurance)… as if something goes haywire down the road, you have it documneted in writing that you complained about the issue or engine noise or whatever…..GET IT IN WRITING!!! Even after the warrenty expires, toyota may be more willing to fix the issue….also SAVE YOUR OIL CHANGE RECEPITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as you will need those if the engine fails

    2)Oil analysis dosent LIE….people do…
    If you have an issue oil analysis will uncover it… DONT just HOPE ….VERIFY!

    3) good luck with your 07′ and god speed

  82. Dewayne says:

    Can someone tell me where you can get your Oil tested , i have 29,000 miles on My 2007 Tundra and its makes a lot of noise. Also when going down a hill my Tundra gears down , is this normal , my wife’s 2007 Camry does it also and i do not remember any of my other Toyota’s doing this. thanks for any help.

  83. Cheri says:

    Go to the phone book and look for oil testers, they are out there. The noise is not normal. And going down hill and the transmission shifting down is normal. It’s call Grade Logic and the computer knows you are going downhill.

  84. icerunner says:

    Check out “Black stone labs” they are pretty good.

  85. icerunner says:

    #80 cheri…
    Face to face I can hold my own…
    BTW: speak for your self and not for everyone else as i’m sure they are big boys and can speak for themselves…. And If that was a treat, that is just stupid…The 1st run was your choice not mine I was just questioning the logic of buying a 1st run…I’ll admit, I woulden’t expect issues with a Toyota 1st run.
    1) document you issue with the dealer IN WRITING…If something should happen in the future you have documention of your concern and Toyota may be willing to correct the issue
    2) Save ALL of your oil change receipts and don’t mess around with aftermarket stuff that may void your warrenty. If your engine fail you’ll need to show proof of proper maintenance.
    3) Again document you suspected issues with the dealer and get a written copy. for your records, Bottom line: They don’t have to agree for your to have your concerns documented.
    Good luck
    4) Have your oil analized (black stone labs is a good choice) there is no Gray, there is either engine damage or no engine damage…. simple Black and white
    good luck

  86. Catalino says:

    I’ve read all these emails and I also have all these problems you mentioned and went to the dealer to ask about it and the same answer (normal) but I had two problems with my tundra got all my four tire replace because the sidedwall was cracking. mentioned it about it 2 months after i bought it and they said it was normal and went back a month later and realize it was a defect. also, my battery died twice and that was also replaced. I got rid of my ford F150 for a Tundra because I bought a ford lemon and I guess I bought another one again this is my first toyota vehicle and I’m very not happy. Toyota please fix the problem! p.s. also the bed bounce is also horrible! same answer from the dealer that’s normal

  87. Mickey says:

    Ice runner I guess I’m the one you’re looking for…. I bought my 2007 Crewmax Limited on July 14, 2007. I have the 5.7. I have 19,000 miles on my truck which I use for travel as well as a truck. I use synthetic since I bought it. No noise other than when I punch it and the AFE comes to life along with my Borla XRS duals. The only problem I had was at 15,000 miles when my pass mirror wouldn’t close at my convience. 45 Minutes later replaced. No questions asked. 100,000 mile warranty for chevy? I have Lifetime warranty on my truck. Only problem with that is you have to follow the maintenance that’s required or void the warranty. I knew this before going into this. For that saying buying a first vehicle change to me is a myth. SImply put why my 06 Silverado which that style been out for 3 years have 2 recalls and 3 defects? Tell me why would a headliner on their top truck LT3 would come down 8x replacing. Why does your taillights fall off while you’re going down the road? I had both do that at 70mph on I-95 Bugs to work out? ABS had issues 2x to fix and still had vibrations in the rear when applying brakes. So I don’t believe in the curse of the first year. What I do beleive in Icerunner that they are some issues that need to be address by Toyota. Playing Ostrich doesn’t get you nowhere. Like you I went through GM school in 76 and worked at Banner Chevrolet in New Orleans 76-77. After my falling out with GM I will never again own one no matter what it is. You can’t just “B/S” people, intimidate them, or like what was done to me “ACCUSED” of pulling down my headliner. The only thing I did was come very close to being nailed for assualt of a GM rep. Getting an Oil analsys is great to an a certain extent. It’s not the all knowing answer. I will admit and I do love it this has been a good experience for me in this truck since 03. Having failure in the 03 F-150 and the 06 Chevy brought me this way. Trust me If I had the issues that everyone stating I do everything in my power to go after Toyota. Personally I would give up in buying trucks and go back to a 2 car family. Then if I need a truck Home Depot or Lowes rents one. I’ve listen and I’ve read everything you wrote but there is an issue Toyota needs to fix.

  88. Mickey says:

    PS Icerunner by the looks of it you’re sounding like a saleman for Blackstone Labs.

  89. icerunner says:

    The Bottom Line:
    5. 7L DOHC 32V i-FORCE V8 with Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i), Horsepower: 381hp @ 5600 rpm; Torque: 401 lb.-ft @ 3600 rpm, Aluminum block with aluminum heads.

    My $0.02, I think the engine noise in some of these engines posted here is just a VERY powerful and torquey STOCK engine Breathing better (and louder) …I could be wrong yet i don’t think people are used to the power and noise.
    I use to to build custom engines and the new Tundra is like a freakin Muscle car, yet its a STOCK TRUCK…
    one think IS for sure people DO NOT LIKE the noise…. is the Engine comming apart…? In mosts cases here, heck NO!!! as that happens faster than people think (i do think “doug” maybe the exception)
    Run synthetic, do oil analisyis (if you are concerned)

    P.s I don’t work for Black stone labs either I was just trying to offer up a solution to “all the Mystery”
    Actually I think they (blackstone labs) are a bit pricey for the services…about 30 Bucks “for the works” (oil analysis ,TBN, ect)
    i think is should be about $20.00 total with shipping…its not
    Good luck god speed

  90. icerunner says:

    I own a 1999 4 runner (paid off) and have had 150,000 trouble free miles. It my work truck that I drive about 30K a year. The truck has been so reliable that I feel guilty every time I look ant the new tundra

  91. Mickey says:

    The diesel truck does look awesome. The towing power is a killer also. I can tell you upfront I won’t be doing an oil analysis. I don’t have the issue with the noise. If I did I would try it as a reference but not the only way to remedy the fix. Toyota does need to step up to the plate and fix a couple of issues not just the engine noise. I’m personally still out on the engine noise. It’s the other issues you can’t walk away from Tailgate and the rust on the bumper.

  92. Doug Louviere says:

    Icerunner, want to buy my toyota tundra? it only has 4700 miles on it.waiting on my 2nd oil sample to come back, boroscoped the #2 & #4 cyl and found wear marks on walls. will pull out all of spark plugs when my new video stick comes in next week so i can download pics to my laptop so i can so toyota what a piston slap looks like. i know what horsepower sounds like and the new 07 tundra engine sounds like something that wants to fly apart!!!!
    by the way i sound my 07 toyota hybrid camry friday, just because toyota pissed me off. they know they made a mistake with the 07 engines, that’s why they fixed the 08’s. they just need to own up to them.

  93. Phil C. says:


    I own the 2007 5.7L i-Force V8 Crewmax 4×4 Limited Tundra. It’s the most expensive truck I’ve purchased. I purchased the vehicle in January of 2008 and I believe the production date on the vehicle is 9/2007. I traded my 2003 4.7L SR5 4×4 Off-Road ( I loved this truck) for my current model because of a recall situation on the ball joint. Although a recall was issued for my ’03, in actuality there was nothing wrong with my ’03 ball joint. I had the ball joint replaced by Toyota and then the problems started from there. After the replacement, my ball joints were replaced 2wice along with tie-rod ends. I didn’t have any luck with Toyota fixing the issue on their dime b/c their excuse was that they had corrected the problem. I neither had the time nor the patience to bicker back and forth.
    My main point is this….Toyota designs an extremely quality product. Hence my repurchase. (I’ve had my ’06 Mercedes SL500 in the shop 8 times for seriously silly issues. It’s a $96,000 paper weight and I want to sell it.) With 5,000 miles on my current model I have experienced no transmission, no engine issues, no noise issues (‘knock on wood’). No boost lags from hard 0-60mph either. It is a very ‘throaty’ engine b/c its got bigger everything. The only issue was the wheel alignment at purchase which was corrected by Toyota.
    Although your vehicle may be listed under a wider recall, try not to fret as much unless you are specifically experiencing an issue. Piston slapping noises and loud diesel-like ‘gurgling’ are very serious issues and not at all common for this truck and don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise (even the monkeys at the dealership.) You may indeed have cam shaft issues or problems even with camshaft positioning sensor (the Variable Valve Timing) with this slapping. This may also be the culprit for the loud diesel ‘gurgling.’ A faulty sensor or coil I would imagine relay the wrong pulsation frequency from the gears to the ECM where the problem worsens with speed. You’re problem may not be the shaft itself but what controls or monitors it. If you are experiencing transmission slippage even for a new car, have the dealership perform a BMG tranny flush and refill on their dime anyway even if they insist nothing is wrong (that’s what I insisted for my Benz and problem solved.)
    All in all, dooooo what I failed to do and press on against Toyota if they are tryly in the wrong. But your problems may not have anything to do with the recall itself.

  94. BT says:

    My last truck was a ford and liked it, few problems always taken care of at dealer. I test drove the ’07 tundra and decided to give it a try (my first toyota). What got my interest initially is the configuration of the double cab rear doors. They open up normal and I don’t have to open the front first like in the ford/gm extended cabs(didn’t want the crew cab) I liked the 5.7 too. I bought it in april ’07. I had test drove another on the lot in limited trd form; wanted the price of the sr5 trd. They were unloading one off the semi when I was there, bought it on the spot. Said I’ll take that one and keep everybody else out of it! (lol) I got the 7 year extended so not worried about it. I have had no problems at all and like the truck. The engine runs quiet at idol. Even on below zero cold start ups there is no slap or other unusual noises, except the abs check, “runs like a swiss watch” (lol). I had friends that had lemon fords in the past. some had problems with service, some not. Some had to do with their respective dealer as much or more than ford. My point is that All companies have lemons happen. I think it is terrible what some have experienced to this point. The true test is how well the dealer and the company respond. I don’t think anyone would be mad as long as they were given the appropriate care with their problem. A friend had two turbos go bad in the ford powerstroke in two years time; the third has been in for three no problems, the dealer took care of it every time. Another guy with a different dealer had one go bad he was all torqued off, the dealer got all defensive and it became a mess. People will have different experiences for sure. Eyes will be watching on how well the dealer/company responds over time.

  95. steve says:

    i cant wait to prove you unbelievers wrong i have the evidence and laywer is happy with findings. let you know if it doesnt go to court with the pile of evidence we have . It will settle soon. For everybody.

  96. icerunner says:

    In my opinion you sound very “Litigious” Guy (the Love of sueing people) …
    In my opinion, there is no real “pile of evidence” ….
    Just normal “1st run” issues…..
    Just 20 cam shafts according to Toyota.
    Tell you what, to help your arguement, i’ll “give you” up to 50 defective camshafts to be more than fair…
    So thats maybe 50 cam shafts out of 30,000 sold between that time period!!! and thats pretty much it ….
    why don’t you stack up a pile of evidence against Ford and Chevy for making total “CRAP” (in there car lines) for years and sticking the customers with the huge bill $$$ for making and selling defective parts THEY KNEW were cheap and prone to defects….

    Food for thought

  97. Steve says:

    Icerunner i left this site for a reason and it was people like you, I have never sued anybody in my life. Even after my wifes brain surgery the doctor made a mistake and she has permanent damage to her eyes, lawyers lined up to sue the doctors people told me to sue and i looked at them all and said the doctor saved my wifes life she has a problem seeing but she can talk and eat and dress her self. Only the Lord can save people and he spared her for me and i sleep very well at night knowing i am doing the right thing at the right time fighting for the right cause. By all means i understand it is just a truck and there are more important things LIKE LIFE in lifes cycle.

  98. Dewayne says:

    I have 30,000 miles om my 2007 Tundra now , i have the engine noise , i have just recived my kit from Black Stone Lab to have the Oil Analized. Let me mention a few other issues on 2 seperate occassions i have started my truck with Blue smoke coming out of it , also one day i started it and heard a loud noise from the engine , someone was standing outside the truck and said something is wrong . I am no mechanic but something is up with my engine .
    I will be sending Oil off this week and let everyone know what comes out of it. I still love my Toyotas.

  99. Mike says:

    My Friend bought his first (and last) Toyota in July 0f 07. it is an 07 tundra and he has had nothing but problems with it! we travel together alot for work and mostly use his tundra. first of all, im suprised that no one has mentioned that this thing is the worst four wheel drive ever! my 93 f150 4×4 will go places in 2 wheel drive that his tundra couldnt go in 4wd. and thats when it will actually go into 4wd. (by the way my f150 has over 180,000 miles on it and has never had a problem) he once tried his tundra in 4low and couldnt get it to go back into 2wd or even 4wd high. he had to drive it about 35 miles before it would disengage from 4 low. the traction control is a joke since it will not move from away from a curb when only 1 rear tire is on a small piece of ice and the other 3 are on dry concrete. once he was crossing an intersection on snowpack and another vehicle was coming so he stepped on the gas and 98% of the power dissapeared. he almost got hit by the other car! so stability and traction control MY ASS! he took it into the dealership he bought it from (GREELEY COLORADO) and after a test drive around the block, they told him they could find nothing wrong with the drivetrain. since then it has developed the engine knock. I recongnized it as piston slap right away. the dash sqeaks, and the truck bangs and clangs every time it goes over a bump. the truck now has almost 20,000 miles on it. this is not normal!!! he is going to call the dealer back (again) to try to get something done with this $37,000.00 POS. if nothing gets done, he said he will drive it through their showroom window and leave it there! AND HE MEANS IT!!
    and to all the brainwashed toyota idiots out there, what about the 11 people that were KILLED due to the tundra’s steering problems?? any smart remarks there? and Icerunner, you would be smart to just keep your mouth shut!!! unless of course you would be interested in buying my friends Tundra!

  100. Mike says:

    I will also add that he is pissed off with the 13.6 mpg it gets. the foreign trucks and suvs are the worst on fuel mileage. and to give a reply to what icerunner Said in January 5th, 2008 @10:39 am . most of toyota tundra parts are made in mexico. thats why they say “hencho en mexico” on them. these trucks are also mostly assembled in mexico then shipped into the united states for “final assembly” so they can say that they were made in the USA. in other words A Mexican built piece of japaneese shit!!!

  101. Icerunner says:

    you are SO full of it!! The tundra has more USA MADE content than ford OR Chevy that IS A FACT. And FORD builds a heck of alot F150’s in MEXICO. To my Knowledge toyota Has NO factories in mexico.
    Check your sources and stop with your mis-informed and ignorant “BAR TALK”….. BTW all the garbage that you have spewed from your key board is “Hear say” and Bias in my opinion. The ONLY reason why ford or chevy Builds AVERAGE/Below average trucks is because if they didn’t, they would have went out of business long long ago as for a long time 50% of all the vehicles sold were trucks. Fact is that the “Big 3” has built TOTAL CRAP (in there car lines) for a LONG LONG time and got away with it…People want relibility and Toyota steps up to the plate….(Minus a VERY few of the 1st run 2007 5.7 Litre tundras.)
    So go get back in your MEXICAN made F150 and drive to mexico to thank the “hombre” who made it………..hehe

  102. Icerunner says:

    Don’t you dare claim that Ford and Chevy is more American. Have you been brainwashed by all those stupid “like a rock” commercials.
    Just for Profit, Ford and Chevy has bullied and forced MORE USA made part manufacturers to close their US factories and build factories over in Mexico and Communist CHINA more than ANY other car maker Bar NONE… So don’t you dare act like Ford any GM is not racing to the bottom for cheap foreign Labour..because they are racing to the BOTTOM in EVERY WAY, EVERY DAY. Unfortunatly, the idea of a “American Made Truck” is a Joke these days.
    If you want the MOST american made truck ( % of parts and US assembly) you should buy a Toyota Tundra my friend.

    how do you like those apples?

  103. Jim says:

    I am the friend that mike is talking about and there isn’t enough time or paper to write on to tell you how dissapointed I am with this Tundra. I don’t give a flying flip were the truck is built all I care about is I get what I pay for. I had a Dodge Hemi before I bought this Tundra and Was dissapointed with it it had tranmission problems and the engine was noisy. I would have preferred to stay with a so called American made pickup but I was convinced that Toyota had a excellent product so that is why I chose to go with Toyota, BOY WAS I WRONG, They are no better than any of the others in fact I have never owner a new vehicle that I have been more dissapointed with than this Toyota Tundra. I counld go on and on about the problems it has but for the ones out there that have a good one, congrats and all the rest of you I feel for you since I am in the same boat. Needless to say this POS is going to get fixed or go down the road to some other unsucpected sole.

  104. mike says:

    I will agree that there is no such thing as an all american made vehicle in the USA or anywhere else. yes, GM, FORD, CHRYSLER, and many others have been built and/or had parts made from somewhere else. even the Harley Davidson motorcycle that has always prided itself for being all american, hasn’t been “all american” for many years. it doesnt matter what you buy, it may last and it may not. I get very angry when people put down the USA, however I will also admit that it has gone totally to HELL. but so has the rest of the world. as far as the toyota tundra is concerned, I have personally witness and heard of horrible and endless problems with this product. the tundra has also been around for many years so, saying it has a few bugs to work out is sugar coating the story. the fact is, I dont care where any vehicle was built, what make or model it is, it should be reliable! especially for the outragous pricetag. the tundra is not cheaper to buy, gets the worst mileage, and is at this point unreliable. I actually would have bought a tundra until I found out about all the problems that comes along with it. the sale itself is not the end of the agreement. if toyota would do something more than make excuses and say “thats normal” that would go along way. to you people that have one of these, Good Luck. I wouldn’t own one now if it was givin to me!

  105. Icerunner says:

    Lou Dobbs tonight is my favorite show on CNN. Why b/c he supports the American worker…Toyota Employs over 200,000 USA workers and that is a fact…
    I try my best to buy all of my tools that are made in the USA. From my Klein work bags to my mag light flashlights. I do what I can as an American (to buy American).

    Buying a GM or Ford Is NOT buying a vehicle that is ANY more american than buying a toyota. They all use thousands of foreign parts mostly made from Communist China.
    That IS the bottom line, Your ford is NO MORE AMERICAN than my Toyota…
    end of story…

  106. mike says:

    I also like Lou dobbs (something we do agree on) Icerunner, look at what these people are saying in these forums! there are hundreds of these forums with thousands of people that are having problems with their tundras. when you say things that call these people “sisseys, whiny crybabies, and “Sue happy” You then bring it on yourself for problems. you are being part of the problem and not the solution. I dont care who makes the most USA built vehicles as long as they are dependable,reliable, and are worth a damn. so you want a tundra, thats fine who cares! My friend JIM took his tundra back to the dealer for the numerous problems it has. he was told that “everything is good per toyota standards” ( yes, that is an exact quote) although they did order him a new rear bumper to replace the one thats already rusted after only 8 months.
    he is NOT happy with toyota. they did not deny the engine problems, tranny problems, body noise, rusting problems, excessive gas consumption, oil leaks,
    traction control problems, stability control problems, or any of the recalls on these trucks but still say “thats normal for toyota” So smartguy, what would you do in this case? just continue making the payments and hope it doesnt leave you stranded, or go buy something else.
    of all the new vehicles I ever owned, or have known peolpe to own, (and I know alot of people) nobody ever has to take oil samples to see if the engine was going to hell. of course they were fords and chevys. good luck with your diesel tundra, assuming toyota is still in business that is. I hear that the isuzu diesel will be the engine in the north american diesel tundra. so it may actually last.

  107. admin says:

    What is going on here? Mike – are you crazy? I like reading your point of view, but what’s all this about fighting? How is that going to settle anything? It’s one thing to make an idle comment, but to say you’re willing to travel to meet someone so you can fight them…that’s just crazy. Cut it out already. Thank you.

  108. Mickey says:

    Mike before you go any further with your comments read back where you stated they were mostly assembled in Mexico then shipped to usa for final assembly. What’s mostly assembled? Ice runner you seemed to be by yourself with what’s going on. Not everyone is in agreement with Mike and his friend Jim. As for the name calling wasn’t too cool either (Mike). Calling your friends to help you on the internet then you claimed you can use whipped cream on 3 guys at once. Extreme guy. Going in that direction makes your point of view very weak. As far as claiming domestics are better that’s just an opinion. One I will disagree with. I get 22.5 mpg in my truck at 60 mph. 19.5 at 70. These are trips around 350 – 400 miles. AT 80 I got 17.3. Question I got Mike why get the 5.7 if you were worried about mpg? You knew ahead of time it’s a big block? I’m sure you did. You can’t blame the manufacturer for a heavy foot either. You may blame it for the tail gate and rust on the bumpers but not mpg.

  109. icerunner says:

    My favorite Quote:
    “a wise man can admit when he is wrong, and an ignorant man never can”

    Again for some of my earlier comments

  110. Mickey says:

    Mike all I can say you knew you were getting a BIG BLOCK engine. Why would you get good gas mileage. Getting 20mpg is great for that size. I use an AFE as the cold air intake along with Borla XS complete duals. This gave me an extra 2mpg. Plus I do live on flat land florida so this makes it easier to obtain 20-22mpg. You’re not showing alot blaming the manufacturer for poor mpg on a big block. I will agree with the tailgate and rust on the bumpers. I don’t have either of these but seen too many of these problems. As far as being Icerunner’s partner you’re off base there. I agree with some of the things he states and the tests he does. I don’t agree with all of them but that’s just my opinion. SInce you want to leave the site never to return well that’s your call.

  111. Dewayne says:

    They say this is from coolant , that 0.68% of my oil sample was antifreeze , unless Castrol uses sodium as an additive . They seem to think that these is some kind of an additive .They say wear is normal . I checked Coolant level and it is normal . Any input would be helpful, Still have the ticking in motor.

  112. icerunner says:

    Are you in the “salt belt”? Do you think some road salt dust may have leaked past your air filter? I’m not really sure…?
    Personally I do not like the sound of almost 1% of your oil being anitifreeze. IF you have a bad head gasket that Level will surely increase on your next test…?

  113. icerunner says:

    Did they say 100% it was coolant/antifreeze? I never heard of sidium being used as an oil additive (I could be wrong)
    Or is it more likely an additive?

  114. Doreen says:

    my husband and I own a 02 Rav 4, we heard a pinging noise in the engine shortly after we bought it….mostly when the engine started up when cold, after awhile it would go away…..we kept taking it dealer where we purchased it..but of course the engine was warm and they couldn’t hear it….after several attempts of trying to get them to hear the engine ping, they finally did….and guess what…..they ended up putting a new engine in….
    that was over 100,000 kms ago….however…just last week, we had the vehicle in for a maintenance check, oil change…and since then, we’ve been getting blue smoke out of the exhaust when we start the vehicle, after it’s been sitting idle over night….
    Can anyone tell me what would be the cause of this blue smoke?

  115. Dewayne says:

    No I am not in the salt belt , i live in Georgia , I guess i will watch the coolant level with the next oil change , i am not sure if they topped of the colant when i got hte oil changed . My other worry is a couple of times a have seen blue smoke come from the truck when i crank it . Could this in anyway be due to the truck sitting for 3 or 4 days without being cranked. I have never had blue smoke from a vehicle this new .

  116. Mickey says:

    Doreen it sounds like you have oil seepage pass the rubber booties I call it on your valves. If it’s blue smoke only when you start it and for a couple of minutes, then goes away that’s what’s happening. Where the valve comes up the stem there is a rubber boot type that seals to the stem and prevents oil from leaking down into the cylinder. It gets worn or cracks and the oil seeps through when the engine stops and lands on the piston in the cylinder. I hope you understand this. I used to be a mechanic in the 70’s Now I’m just a do it yourself person.

  117. Mickey says:

    Icerunner don’t need to worry about Mike who didn’t own a Tundra just complaining for his friend? Apparently he went to his own room and had a tantrum.

  118. Mickey says:

    Icerunner it sounds like Dewayne has the beginings of a head gasket problem. Eventually he will start having a little more antifreeze in the oil. This isn’t as bad as having water in the oil.

  119. icerunner says:

    On the oil analysis, I never like to hear that anti freeze is mixed with oil (even 0.68 %). Dewayne, Smart move on the oil analysis. Pay close attention to those numbers and If you can, document the results in writing with the dealer and save all the documntation of your oil chances, even if you change it your self.

  120. Doreen says:

    Thanks Mickey, appreciate your getting back to me…
    I haven’t noticed the smoke, myself, but my husband says it’s a little better, so maybe you are right..
    Let’s hope you’re right and it’s not something more serious..*S

  121. Dewayne says:

    Anyone heard about a recent recall on the 2007 Tundras ?

  122. admin says:

    Dewayne – Nothing I know about.

  123. Mickey says:

    Dewayne as of the 15th of this month I haven’t seen no recall on NHTSA or ODI on a Tundra other than the 4×4 propeller shaft.
    Dorren keep track of your oil. Check it once a week to see if you’re losing any.

  124. admin says:

    Please do not comment here unless you have something new to add. Also, I’ve taken time out of my busy schedule to “clean up” some of the comments that were made here. The people who made these comments know who they are – I had hoped that this feud had stopped, but it suddenly resurged. I want everyone to feel welcome to comment, but I’m not going to tolerate anymore name calling or threats. Stick to the issues please. Thank you.

  125. icerunner says:

    I 100% agree with you. Yet, I will not sit there and let someone tell me that they are coming after me over a differance of opinion. Bottom line, if I get threatened again I will not respond in any way.

  126. admin says:

    icerunner – Thank you. I’ll make sure threatening comments are taken care of.

  127. Joe Thompson says:

    I have an 07 5.7 w/14000 mi. The truck was built in Texas in Sept .
    Currently I live in Vermont.
    I have noticed a slight engine noise when starting the truck but it quickly goes away. That isn’t what worries me. I have noticed on several occasions an internal
    Clunk that happens while the rpm’s are around 1500 when Taking my foot off the gas.Sounds like something internal possibly in the tranny. This does not sound normal or good. I have also noticed that there seems to be a little difficultly when engaging the 4×4.
    Has anyone noticed these as well.

  128. Willie Moreno says:

    Are steps on the SR5 2008 Tundra Standard accesories or add-ons?

  129. Willie – Not sure. Believe it or not, the answer depends on where you live. Email me your zip code and I can tell you for sure (admin ‘@’

  130. Mickey says:

    Good response Icerunner. I’m at 35,000 miles only had 3 minor issues on the truck so far. Had pass mirror replaced, it only worked every 5th time at 15,000. Had center console replaced when all I needed was a small adjustment to keep it closed at 25,000. Had two lug bolts snapped at 31,000. Also Toyota replaced my lock set since one of the locks were one that broke off. All I was asked did I used an impact. I showed service rep my 4-way and muscles. He ask where was my lock and the tech looked. I said the unusual space the ash tray.

  131. Joe Thompson says:

    On my 07 tundra 5.7
    I wanted to let everyone know that after 16000 mi. I had to have the front differential replaced as well as the rear shaft.
    I wonder what’s next.

  132. Anonymous says:

    I hate to say it Joe but that’s one major reason why I don’t like 4×4. Just the added problems. Sorry to hear about that. Hopefully it’s fixed and no more problems.

  133. Bigfoot says:

    I am thinking about buying a 08 tundra 5.7 single cab short bed but after reading all these posts im not sure. Ive already did thr credit thing at the dealer and now just need to pick a truck and am waiting till the weekend but now in mot sure

  134. Bigfoot – This is a minor issue that shouldn’t effect your purchase decision – it was limited to a small number of trucks 18 months ago. Don’t let a recall that effected 20 vehicles out of 200,000 keep you from buying a new vehicle. If you were to take a close look at every vehicle’s recall history you’ll find every vehicle that has ever been made has something small like this that could be cause for concern.

  135. T Jones says:

    If only you knew how our American companies treat you-Dodge with the paint and engine problems on the Neons and 2.7 ltr. Intrepids and GM with the electrical issues. They will NOT fix a thing after warranty but Toyota will, trust me. STAY Toyota, do NOT look back and they will take care of you.

  136. pgmtech says:

    I have wrenched on cars for the last few years, after reading this board i have found that my case is not isolated. i also have the diesel/ticking noise. it started about 9500 miles and now the vehicle has 23500 miles on it and still getting worse. ive been a porsche mechanic for a few years and now work for general motors and am pretty sore about whats going on. — i know all the channels i need to go though as ive advised people on them when they have problems with their vehicle but nothing has come of it. ive had my vehicle in 4 times for the same ticking concern and nothing has been done and they state they have nt even been able to duplicate the concern. i also have a case opened with toyota which has led me nowhere and nothing has ever come of it. — i know my noise is abnormal/excessive. the least toyota could do is provide me with an explanation of what exactly the noise is and guarantee it will be covered if it ever breaks(within reason). im not asking for a million mile warranty, im not asking for a new engine, im asking them to make the noise go away… or explain what it is/guarantee me that it will be covered should it ever break. — the “Customer experience center” pissed me off more than the noise coming from my truck!

    07 tundra – 5.7l 23.5k miles/PISSED

  137. Joe Thompson says:

    Since getting the front differential and rear shaft the truck has been running great. Toyota fixed the problem and even gave me a rental while it was being done. No problems there.

  138. Masterblaster says:

    I Read through every comment here and have to make several assesments here. First off I’m a 25+ years master tech certified +L1 tech. Simply put I’m not likin what I’m readin here! #1 If your such a tech Icerunner you should be like a couple guys here and clearly have the bucks to be like several guys here and OWN your OWN TUNDRA 5.7. Now I’m not gonna go down to your level as I have as I stated read every thread in this blog! #2 When a man or women being a family man or a woman going down sometimes a strange highway with family on far away roads maybe away for holidays or even maybe a far away family tragedy these people don’t need another problem! A person doesn’t pay 35K+ to have the time to play the oil game or change to synthetics! I own a 07 Tundra and it has some minor little issues that yes as a tech or “MAN” as you so boldly like to use the highschool antics understand these issues. One dealership found out already quite quickly I’m not to be taken lightly I have a reputation in the area and have many times repaired vehicles that are brought from other dealers even from other states so that I can look into the concern.Many times these vehicles are borderline lemon law and in aticipation of a hopeful outcome I am asked to look into them first. I am not a braggart and am frankly a little angry I even have to state this but from your past writings I anticipate some “childish rebutle”.I am NOT flat rate. I am paid as a troubleshooter so I do have leway and so called “time to do what I need to do”. When I call engineering I CALL DIRECT and if who I need isn’t there they call me at my bay. I personaly have E-mail adresses you could only dream of. My only hope is that God help the many freinds I’ve made as these days things are looking bad for many of my “old” freinds. To anyone in this post: Please understand that many things are “known” cad engineering has many wonderful things in the programing but what it comes down to it sadly is cost. Sometimes it isn’t fully realized an engineering “messup”. I am not making any excuses but engineering many times wants better but the persons in charge of that dept must have a price stop index. I can tell you that Toyota does infact “overbuild” most of its design concepts. Case in point would be the Supra back in the late 80’s that car had several issues with the headgaskets but that was one heck of a mainshaft assembly, crank bearings of a ship I tell ya!! And yes the oil sludge thing killed us too…..ya the V-6 those where some tough years yes they were. Its called experiance and I’ve been there for several car companys. I was there before the Viper was even in any dealer yet. Sitting on a lift 6ft in the air and my buddy says “your gonna hear about this car for years, and wait till we come out with the new Charger” well the charger was much later and was a disapointment as it was not the car I saw that was going to the detroit auto show. Frankly the germans killed the concept car and came out with that thing they call a charger now. I was there when we did the caliper upgrade before the TSB’s on the Grand Cherokee brake issues. The point I’m trying to make is we aren’t perfect. We come into things that weren’t anticipated but when we have an issue it SHOULD be handled perfessionaly and in a timely manner. Toyota doesn’t need the population to skip a year of buying so as to miss the “buggy year” of introduction. Frankly behind the seens data shows the Tundra was on some form of concept and design skeam for several years before built. The brakes were advertised so as to shake the rep that was killing the earlier Tundras and trucks (front end issues / brakes transmissions etc) there where prior history issues the company was trying to “move on” from. The NTSB is up to spped on the bed issue and the brakes warping on the new Tundra too will probably be monitored also. And responses will be watched by the public.We are the techs Icerunner the general public doesn’t care about your or my love of the automobile they buy it, drive the freakin thing and park it! Today BECAUSE of the reputation Toyota,Honda ,Subaru , Scion now have set the bar so hi that any blip is watched closely. And you know yourself that cars can be made very well today so when something happens with moden program models (it came up in testing but how seriuos was it taken from the higher ups?) Were the findings used for correction or were they a calculated into a mileage /”given”.Its like them being computer programers and builders and them yelling and insulting you for not defragging your computer on a regular basis or blowing the dust out of your power supply! What matters to you isn’t there main concern or even interest. They aren’t hidden GM people or Ford people they are the consumer. The numbers don’t lie, the asians have the market share but when a problem exists they will speak up. Wheather you AND me like it or not! Do you think I don’t have to defend the company many times? How can I get what I know across to a person that has no interest to even CARE as to what I know but just that he has an outstanding note still on a car thats 6ft in the air in my bay 2 days before thanksgiving? 35 /40k is a lot of money Ice go spend it and YOU watch it sit in a bay. Better yet buy a 90yr old house and start that adventure! OHH GET THE FEELING!! Its life Ice they have a right to be angry.

  139. icerunner says:

    How much beer did you drink before you posted all of that complete nonsence?

    1) We all dumber after reading that
    2)I dont have a problem with most of the people on this forumn…YET, I DO have a problem with whinny band waggon jumping sue happy people who don’t REALLY know what they are talking about…Just the same as you probably do in your business as a “Tech”..
    3)YOU should know that BRAND NEW 1st run engines will have issues…
    4)delayed gratification is a virtue. I think you’ll admit that an 08′ would have been a better move.
    5)Quit feeling sorry for yourself…

  140. Mickey says:

    Master that’s a good write up. I use to be a tech in the middle 70’s for Chevy. Got out of it when I needed more benefits. I bought an 07 Crewmax Limited which now has 45,500 miles on it. Had a few minor issues which were handled quite well at the dealership. I don’t care about that first time bugs stuff. I had an 06 Silverado which was out 3 years and had issues which caused arbittration and very bad feeling with the dealership and area rep. So that there tells you alot on that factor. Icerunner I still have no issues on my engine. One week ago I did have a check engine light which was a vapor from the gas cap. Dealer replaced gas cap and didn’t charged for diagnostics. Reason why? I take both my truck and my wife’s 07 Prius Hybrid Limited there for every maintenance needed. I know it’s a little more than good ole Jiffy Lube but when something goes wrong they are the only ones who has worked on my vehicles and like what just happened with diagnostics. The service advisor told my wife we are very great customers and they wanted to keep our business. I can’t say that for the Ford or Chevy trucks I owned. It’s nice to know you have a dealer that’s willing to go the distance for you after spending $70,000 for vehicles. This isn’t my first Toyota but it’s my first two brand new Toyota’s. My first was a 74 Corona SR5 with ESP Panel.

  141. icerunner says:

    master blaster,
    I read the post more completely this time around. In my estimation here is the deal some of the people HAVE NO IDEA what they are even mad about…? Some of these People are just scared and have no Freak’in idea what they are talking about and they just want to jump on any “Grumpy and pissed off” bandwaggon that comes around…
    Why not educate all of us on the Nightmare Ford Spark plug issue where the factory plugs on the 5.4’s and some 4.6 are shooting out of the engine costing thousands in repairs…They have such a problem with the plugs breaking off and stripping in the older F150’s that many ford Stealers refuse to perform ANY service on the plugs (at all). Dealer will say…no those plugs are good for 100K Wink wink…knowing full well that those plugs have a high tendency of failure and can likely strip out the second they are removed.

    Now did Ford admit anything with their 5.4 F-150’s? Issue a Recall? OH hell no…(too expensive) Did it piss off A LOT of ford truck owners?
    And even don’t get me started on Chevy… Chevy HAH!! the Sheer crapola they made for years is why they are in the money mess they are now! People don’t trust them any more. As a “tech”, you should know better to watch what houses you throw stones at.

  142. WEBER says:


  143. eric Spreitzer says:

    Iceman, you dont know what your taking about. Dont buy a new tundra, wait for the magic number of 8-9 months or longer? I have two tundras, 07, 08 because my brother is master tech and discount received i was happy to buy. The engines sound like shit. My engine is scheduled for replacement next week. Why, it sounds like a diesel. Im also a master tech for boweing racing. I race my 67 mustang 550 hp on weekends, no noise and sounds right. Why do you constantly compare horsepower with noise. Some of the biggest motors sound the best. These are my work trucks so im not attached like these other owners. I think its great the only one supporting tundra is the only person who doesnt own one!! Here are you answers for your two biggest arguements. 1. Old engine make noise, new ones dont. They fixed problem, so fix ours. proof – they fixed engine with maintaining hp, obliviously a problem.. 2. only 20 cam problems, right. but there is over 11,000 complaint of engine noise alone for 07 tundra, only 450 complaints of any engine problems with 08 tundra. If you want to comment back iceman please email me as i accidently found this sight and wont be back. I love your hostility, reading all your comments made for excellent entertainment!! I love the part of you not owning one, you fit in perfectly with this sight alone posting over 1000 complaints of all owners except you. I love toyota, punish my trucks, yea for iceman the non-owner!!!

  144. eric Spreitzer says:

    Iceman iceman, New scientific proof-old engine noisy, new engine no noise. Same big hp you always talk about!!!!!

  145. eric Spreitzer says:

    Icerunner, iceman whats the difference!! I heard they finally fixed the valve stem covers on the new 4-runners, recalls over, time to trade your 1985 4-runner in, the waiting period is over!!!! Rip me a new one, ya hooo!!!!

  146. icerunner says:

    Haha, ya-hooo is right!!
    1st off, the only noise I hear at this forumn is the sound of some fearful complainers. I think you’ll agree toyotas quality is up there with the best.
    2ndly, It seams toyota at least admits their failures. Unlike “other” manufacturers..It seems when something goes drastically wrong, that Ford, Chevy, and dodge are the ones that learned to be fairly “quiet”..

    Take Ford for example… Now when the BEST Selling truck in the USA started Blowing spark plugs (F-150) out of the 5.4 and 4.6 Tritons engines, and when dealer techs began to stripping out and breaking off sparkplugs in the head due to a faulty instalation practices (at the factory) and poor thread and plug design. Was Ford Quiet? OH Hell Yea.
    It costed and still costs consumers thousands to replace the heads.. and if out of warranty, they stuck it to the consumer FULLY…!

    The issue IS SO BAD that some FORD dealers were are refusing to change the plugs on those engines AT ALL!! Did your Beloved Ford admit to anything?? Nope! They said that it was due to improper maintence, owner abuse, or severe driving conditions. Gee WIZ!! Did ford quietly change the design of their 5.4 and 4.6 tritons in the latest model…HELL YEA!!
    Very quietly…kind of like the “quiet” of a ford engine that just blew a plug and is now sitting on the side of the road with no Manufacturer or dealer support…Or the “quiet” of an empty bank account?
    Eric, was that the “Quiet” you were looking for?

  147. eric Spreitzer says:

    Icerunner, I love this. I had to see if you were listening. Why do you talk bad about ford or any model for that matter. Im getting new engine because theres a problem. Ford, chevy, gmc i dont care. My point is simple, engine noisy, they fix, new engines queit, they sound awsome. Pure hp no chatter or diesel noises. Thats the quiet im talking about, pure engine hp.. My dealership is getting me new engine because they said loudest one they heard that still ran. No hassles with them at all. Just had to wait for two weeks for opening and my schedule. Never once did i talk bad about toyota, only that my tundras sound like shit. There fixing it, so why are you so angry with that. Defend what you want, my toyota dealership admits theres a problem, they just dont know how to fix it. I would just keep calling everybody babies and keep defending a $40,000 truck you dont own. Thanks eric

  148. icerunner says:

    sounds like you have everything under controll then with the toyota dealer and your engine replacement…

    Oh yea there IS just one more thing…. What toyota dealer are you working with? Btw: The Name, and city, State of the dealer will do just fine… Also, what is the name of the service writer who is helping you with your “Tundra engine issue”? I’m sure you wouldent mind If I called him to verify you issue…would you? That of coarse takes in to account that you are not 100% LYING about your 2 tundras…

  149. Mickey says:

    Good try eric…..”Never once did i talk bad about toyota, only that my tundras sound like shit”. What’s written “2. only 20 cam problems, right. but there is over 11,000 complaint of engine noise alone for 07 tundra, only 450 complaints of any engine problems with 08 tundra”. Well if it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. “I would just keep calling everybody babies and keep defending a $40,000 truck”. What else is there to say.

  150. eric Spreitzer says:

    Mickey, check your facts. I said tundra, not toyota. Thanks mickey

  151. eric Spreitzer says:

    Icerunner, there is obviously some type of logic for your writing. Why you state all ford, chevy, gmc, etc. problems in the past and present and defend tundra is amazing. The only thing i do know, you dont own a tundra, defend them like crazy and challenge all mechanics, daily drivers and engineers that they are babies. What your logic and motives are is baffling but good luck in your discussions. eric ps. Can tundra owners expect to get 100-200,000 plus miles off their engine like toyota history is known, noisy engine and all?

  152. eric Spreitzer says:

    Did anybody notice the headline to this forum, toyota thinking of recalling all 5.7’s made before 3/15/07. Notice the word TOYOTA.

  153. cool man luke says:

    Did anybody notice the headline to this forum, toyota thinking of recalling all 5.7’s made before 3/15/07. Notice the word TOYOTA. If toyota recognizes there might be a problem, then obviously they didn’t read ICERUNNERS answers that all is good. An obvious oil test would solved everything!!! Thanks luke

  154. junior says:

    Wow, read a few of these messages, its crazy! Why all this debate, isnt it obvious something is wrong, or sounds wrong. Why so much debate over this. I can you this much, there is alot of unhappy customers just reading this stuff. No denying that j-dog

  155. icerunner says:

    I still think its just about 20 Camshafts…Plain and Simple!!
    Tell me has ANYONE DESCRIBED ANY “check engine” lights coming on with this so called engine “Noise” ? Backfiring, “Dieseling”, pinging would all draw trouble codes…RIght?
    Where is your OIL ANALYSIS RESULTS… to prove engine “damage”?
    Haha just what I thought..

  156. icerunner says:

    Im still waiting for one of these So called “techs” on this forumn to pull apart his tundra engine and SHOW US ALL online the so called engine damage…Gee wiz, over 200,000 tundras sold and Nobody has posted ANY online photos of their Damaged Tundra engine?? Parts? Camshaft? Cylinder walls?
    Gee wiz, MAYBE there was JUST 20 defective camshafts??

  157. icerunner says:

    The new 5.7’s use a the new style oil filters with no metal Can…(just the filter element) Tell me, WHERE THE HELL IS THE ONLINE PICTURES USED FILTERS WITH VISIBLE METAL PIECES IN THEM? Thats right, Becuase there IS NONE.. No metal = NO FREAKING ENGINE DAMAGE..
    WOW, EXCITING STUFF…The investigation is FREAKING OVER (so get over it)

  158. Mickey says:

    Eric I guess we failed here. The last time I looked the Tundra was a Toyota… I maybe wrong but not sure. Nope you’re wrong. Ice don’t worry about eric he doesn’t know a Tundra is a Toyota. All he does is stir the pot. Again eric no recall and again you can dream on. Did I mention my truck was made before March 07? well the cam problem isn’t on mine. No noise either. Not to mention over 49,000 miles. Hey cool man Luke, did Johnny come lately? Notice the date of the forum.

  159. junior says:

    Mickey, no problems with tundra, great. Why are you here on forum. I found this sight because i googled engine noise on tundra, lord and behold massive concern across the board. If you have no problem why make fun of people who do., anyways i think all this negative publicity is crazy, even you guys arguing for toyota sound crazy, its like your mission in life to prove even toyota wrong with possible recall. Im not gettin drawn in with all this negativity, this sight is absolutely a waste of time for all involved in my opinion. I hope toyota didnt sponser this sight, useless unless you want a headache!!! J-dog and out of here for goood!!!!!!

  160. junior says:

    Dont forget to hammer me tooo!!! j-dog

  161. baby man says:

    Babies, Its obvious toyota high reputation or nobody would bought truck. All the costmers may have great truck, just not happy with product, even if it never breaks down. How as toyota diehard are you guys challenging all these costomers, you cant possibly think toyota perfect all the time. In my opinion this sight has either paid consultants or guys who like to argue, period. No help at all.

  162. Mickey says:

    Junior the same as you. You see it as you want. I’m on here because it’s a Tundra forum. I guess I missed that in the name of the site. I’m not making fun of no one just stating the fact that someone else wrote. It seems to trouble some. If someone did their research they would have seen I wrote on here about the four things I had fixed by the dealer. The truck isn’t perfect. Neither are the other manufacturer’s. As far as the recall it’s been well over a year and a half now and if that was going to happened it would have by now. It’s a problem for people who can’t see the story for what it is. If you know anything about NHTSA or ODI you would know what’s going on. Keeping abreast of the situation keeps you ahead. If you read on another thread you would have seen where Toyota didn’t like these sites which I belong to 5 of them using the name and pic of the Tundra. To answer your inquiry Toyota doesn’t sponsor none of these sites. The advertisements you see on here pays for this site. As for your 3 minute time frame to write down what you want and you state wasted time why bother. Okay j-dog.

  163. Mickey says:

    Babies as I stated in last paragraph no manufacturer is perfect. Any man made product will fail at some time. Yes Toyota has a great reputation. I had Ford’s and Chevy’s. Had 2 ford cars and 2 chevy cars along with 1 F-150 and 3 chevy trucks. All had to go to the shop many times except the 98 Silverado went twice in less than 100,000 miles. That truck I owned the longest. I would still be in it if it wasn’t totaled by being rearended and pushed into a city bus. But last two fords had alot of problems both were 03’s Crown Vic and F-150. Got rotten service and with 11x to fix a computer got to be too much. Jumped out of that to a 06 Silverado and back into the fire with 10x replacing a headliner with terrible service. So I had enough of the domestic and went with reliability. Bought 2 07’s the same day. A Prius and my Crewmax. For once no issues at all on the Prius and 4x for the truck all different issues nothing major. Babies you have all people with other manufacturers come on this site just to denounce the Tundra. It’s just like you said no help at all. Jason (Admin) is only one person to try and answer everyone’s concern or as I put it bashing. He puts up threads which concerns the truck and other threads about Toyota and the domestics. He puts it down the way he see’s it. I agree with him most of the times and they have been a few I don’t. From my experience in checking other sites especially chevy sites don’t take a liking to someone with a tundra on theirs and you get booted off. I tried to find out everything I could on my headliner experience. I wouldn’t be this way if I didn’t see it for myself at 3 different Chevy dealers that had at least 3 ext cab trucks with the same issue they were selling on the lots. Known as a defect NHTSA and ODI wouldn’t force Chevy into a recall for it wasn’t a safety issue so they left it alone. With the knowledge I gained by doing the research is why I’m here. I keep track of what’s happening on my two vehicles which I hope everyone does. I put out my knowledge as I know it. I respond in kind also.

  164. Eric Spreitzer – Question: Are you brain dead? 🙂 Do you know that the server tracks the IP of every commenter? Do you know that I can tell that YOU are impersonating all of the following people:
    1. cool man luke
    2. junior
    3. baby man
    ALL THE SAME IP!!! It’s YOU! What on EARTH would make you think that this would work?! LOL 🙂
    I hope you’re taking all your meds man.

  165. icerunner says:

    Ha, funny how truth is always stranger than fiction…

  166. Mickey says:

    Eric man o man. How low can you go. Now we are suppose to believe you have two Tundras with engine sound like doggy doo doo. Now we know what you’re shoveling. Eric I feel bad for you to have to try things like that. It’s sad to see someone who thinks he can manipulate the system and get away with it. Jason my hat’s off to you. Eric all you have to do is speak on this forum and like everyone else have an opinion on what matters here. What really gets me Eric Jason is the only forum that invites other manufacturers to join in the discussion. Try stuff like that on, IBTOHQ, they won’t mess around with you and you’re gone. Instead of helping Domestics you hurt them more. You solidify the reason why alot of them come on and just bash away and then leave. Hope you learned something here which I really doubt you did.

  167. MIkes says:

    I have been told the ticking noise is because of the short stroke in the motor.. my grandfathers lexus does it also and they said cuz of the short strole motor

  168. mk says:

    I picked my truck up in June 2007. I will try to check to see if made March of 2007. I too experience hard knocking and not too smooth of starts from a stop but considered it normal for a 4wd truck. If even after warranty I find out that my truck was built before March 2007 and have the issue mentioned under recall, you can bet toyota will get an earful. Thanks for the update on possible recall.

  169. Omar says:


  170. Omar – There’s no recall for alignment issues that I’m aware of, so I think your mechanic is mistaken. How badly is it pulling?

  171. Omar says:

    Since i had taken it to the dealer for another Alignment last week I’ve heard a realy hard knocking sound from the front driver side, and as for the pulling this past weekend it actually almost drove me into a tree that’s how hard it pulled without me even moving the steering wheel. I really dont know what’s going on but its getting dangerous ….. I’m taking it back to Toyoya and have them check on it again!! What do u think???

  172. Omar – I think you’re BSing me.

  173. Cheri says:

    Jason – You are full of bs. These trucks have huge issues that Toyota does not want to deal with. Please have consideration when responding to people. People stopped going to your spot online becasue you were so nasty with responses. I was one.


  174. Cheri – What are you talking about? Omar said the alignment is so bad he almost ran into a tree…at best that’s an exaggeration, but when you combine it with the rest of his comments it’s hard to believe he’s for real. If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to admit it. As for you, Steve, and your allegations of a top-level conspiracy to ignore your vehicle problems, I think they speak for themselves.

  175. Mickey says:

    Agree Jason on both accounts. Very hard to believe Omar.

  176. icerunner says:

    Cheri, It’s obvious that you have an “Axe to grind” . Why not give respect to the fact they have the Tundra is the “most american truck” on the market..% of US Made parts, built in TX,..etc..

    No no, because that wouldn’t help your “agenda” very much .. Now would it..? The so called “American Truck companies” (Ford, GM, and Dodge..haha) have started making vehicles in Mexico, Canada and China (GM) long ago with the cheapest parts known to man imported from communist China. They all raced to the bottom for cheap foreign labor long ago.. Forced US part manufacturers to close shop in the states and to build factories in china ($$$.. OR ELSE) Bottom line, your fight is a sham, and not at all what you think it is.

  177. TXTee says:

    If anything, this is one of the better Tundra sites that doesn’t jump down your throat for having an opinion. And if you have an issue with an alignment taking you into a tree, then I think that’s an operator issue. If that truck pulls that badly, you should be going on the test drive WITH the tech to prove it. I wouldn’t leave the dealership until they recognized that type of issue. Who the heck would drive a truck for almost two years if it really had an alignment issue? Total BS…..

  178. Mickey says:

    Icerunner you hit it quite hard on the head with your statement. Apparently there is an axe to grind. TXTee another great post. That point you made in your last sentence tells all. I guess you can’t please everyone. TXTee your first sentence also states the truth. I made it to 10,000 posts on TT and told everyone I called it quits on that website. The mods have an issue they need to take care of. I wasn’t the only one who knew this issue. Had one mod on TT was a mod on Tundrageeks (IBTO) also. He was one of the group that can break the rules when no one else can. So I’m leaving the Tundrageeks alone also.

  179. Mickey, TXTee, iceRunner, and others – What can I do to make our forum better?

  180. Mickey says:

    Just keep it going the way you’re doing it. I like reading the reviews on different subjects.

  181. icerunner says:

    Great site, I like the subject matter, interesting choices and reads. Nice to stay in the loop on what’s a head.

    I would like to see a section on “out the door” prices paid for the Tundra’s
    just to see what others have paid and any tip they might have to negotiate a better deal on their purchase. Maybe, have a section on “Dealer Tricks of the trade”.. (wink-wink) ?? OR A TECH authored section by Toyota techs maybe they can do write ups on what to watch out for and their opinions on how to best take care of their/our rigs. e.g
    Maybe a section for oil analysis results for Tundra’s owner’s using different oils (synthetic, conventional etc)..
    Tundra Headquarters can negotiate a rate/ deal (discount off normal pricing) with Blackstone labs or another testing lab so that site members can send their oil analysis results in and post them. Nothing gets people fired up like an “Oil War” .. I just shot from the hip, great site.. keep it up!

  182. Icerunner – Thanks for the ideas.
    Mickey – Will do.
    Thank you both.

  183. Mickey says:

    Jason your website was the first one I ever visited for a Tundra. I’m dedicated to visit this site on a daily basis. You are more than fair about things on here so It makes it intresting for both pro and con’s. You have proven yourself not to be bias although you have been accused of that. I have to say I’m bias in what I have but I do know where I came from and what I had. I still say my 98 Silverado was the best truck I had. Just didn’t have all the goodies with it. It was a baseline truck only with a two-tone paint. Just hated to part with it since it was totalled by an idiot not paying attention and causing a four car collision.

  184. icerunner says:

    Your site is a positive resource for people who enjoy their vehicles. Unfortunately, like moths to a flame it will attract Trolls who will look to put down the best truck and on the planet. They know it, I know it, and you know it. They were hoping Toyota would have done a worse job of making a truck…E.g. Kind of like the 1st generation tundra. The problem is that the 2nd Generation Tundra turned out to be a “ASS KICKING segment Killer” with 381 HP and 400 torque ant a REAL 10,800 pound tow rating…haha .. And if that is not a REAL threat to Ford, Chevy, and Dodge… I have no idea what would be…? lol

  185. icerunner says:

    Hey Ford Lovers,
    Give credit where credit is due…
    So, why not thank Toyota for your new 6 speeds auto Transmission in the new F-150.. As if it wasent for Toyota you would still be driving arounding a crappy 4 speed auto…ha-hah

    Not to mention giving thanks to toyota for your fake 11,000 pound tow rating.. (lol..i love marketing ) Funny same engine…? Yet they now all the sudden beat toyota by exactly 200 pounds…? (hehe)

  186. Mickey says:

    Actually icerunner they put their 6 speed tranny as a guinea pig in their expeditions in 07 to test them for their trucks. Fix the problems they had with them and now their trucks have them. You don’t want to kill your best seller with the new tranny untested. They did the right thing by using them in the Expeditions first. Unlike the Tundra went head first into this with a new 5.7 engine and this 6 speed tranny. I have 71,000 miles on my 07 CM. Still getting over 20mpg also and the best thing I have that towing power at my foot.

  187. Mickey – Cool man – thanks a lot. I had an 89 Chevy that I absolutely loved…but it blew a head gasket (probably because I had my foot in it all the time).
    Icerunner – In fairness to Ford, the 6-speed was on the drawing board before the Tundra came out…but I think Toyota might have induced Ford to move their timetable up. Still, there’s no disputing that Ford is the “big dog” in trucks and they make a helluva product. I like the Tundra better, but if the Tundra didn’t exist, I’d probably be rolling in an F150.

  188. Mickey says:

    Sorry Jason I would be forced to eat crow, blackbird, or what ever bird because as much as I hate to say this I would be driving a Chevy. I still like their style since the late 90’s. I also like the looks of the 05-06 Tundra too.

  189. Mickey – I understand that – to be honest, I don’t really have any bad feelings about any other truck. I’ve had products from Dodge (a Dakota), Ford (an F150), and Chevy (a Silverado 1500), and every one of them was a great truck…except the Dakota. It sort of sucked – but I liked it. The Tundra, however, is awesome, and it deserves a lot of recognition and respect. Hopefully Toyota will honor it with more investment and a renewed commitment.

  190. Eduardo Santacruz says:

    Ok, to all the people complaining about engine noise: That is normal because toyota managed to build a 5.7l engine to put out almost 400 hp, there’s gonna be a lot of extra noises from the removal of engine quieting components that reduce power and efficiency.

    Chevy’s legendary 5.7l engine is good, but it’s not very reliable and it only produces about 230 hp, yeah chevy claims like 275, but thats an exaggerated claim.

    i didn’t hate chevy until it happened to me, i had a 5.7l z28 camaro, it was fast but it had many issues at only 78k miles so i sold it and am never buying a chevy again(spent 5000 trying to fix many engine problems)

    Also my dad bought a 96 chevy blazer(126k miles) and its been having issues, he’s spent 8000 so far on repairs and now it runs, but it does with very little power(0-60 in 1minute 25 seconds) and no one wants to buy it because its this slow and is very loud while running) So i guess he’s just gonna keep it until it dies (probably soon)

    I recently bought a toyota tundra with the 4.7l v8 and its been having an exhaust leak at the manifold since 20k miles(i bought it from my uncle) but now it has 247,000 miles and still runs strong, it has the check engine light on because of the exhaust leak, but other than than, it runs great.

  191. Ken says:

    Another 2008` Toyota Tundra Double Cab Limited here with a tapping engine. I`m afraid to drive it when it`s cold…it`s that bad.I have always used Mobil 1 0w-20 synthetic oil and remote start to let it warm first and it still knocks. It does quiet down once it warms up but still sounds like a diesel at idel. The truck also has a serious brake pulsation and the truck has never stopped anything but its own weight…they`ve never been abused! It`s ashame because i really do like this truck but i will never buy another one if Toyota doesn`t fix this engine problem. KenM

  192. Jason says:

    Ken – It’s called piston slap, and it’s normal. GM trucks are notorious for it, but it’s within the parameters of Toyota’s design.

  193. Ken says:

    Jason-The knock in the engine is not normal. I`ve owned many high performance vehicles(and i still do) putting out well over 500hp with zero piston slap/knocking/tapping/dieseling or whatever you want to call it. Do the new 2010 and 2011 5.7 liter motors sound like this or has Toyota already addressed the problem in a discreet manner? I go out of my way to talk to other 5.7 liter Tundra owners and alot of them have noisy motors and alot of them have very quiet motors. It`s not normal and it`s not acceptable.

  194. Jason says:

    Ken – I’m not intending to argue with you, but that is a normal condition. The reason is that Toyota uses a piston that’s somewhat expansive in the 5.7. The expansiveness is due to the fact the piston material isn’t the normal mix of aluminum and silicone – it contains more aluminum. This means the pistons are less resistant to damage from high pressure and knocking (which is a concern on a supercharged motor).

    In other words, because Toyota designed the 5.7 for a supercharger, the pistons have to be a little tougher in a stock truck. So, because of this stronger alloy, many 5.7 owners experience piston slap.

    Part of the reason that slap isn’t universal is that the pistons can be checked for fit during assembly. Every cylinder and every piston are slightly different sized (just a fact of manufacturing), so matching individual pistons to individual blocks helps to minimize the gap (and therefore minimize the slapping noise). I would assume that some pistons simply fit better than others.

    In terms of danger to the engine, old-timers will argue that piston slap automatically leads to ring wear and cylinder wall scuffing. However, this warning fails to account for the strength and characteristics of the materials involved. Modern alloys are resistant to any potential wear effects. GM trucks, which were notorious for slap during the late 90’s and early part of this decade, have been driven 100k+ miles consistently without any signs of damage. The alloys used today are simply much, much better than alloys used even 20 years ago.

    As for fixing it in 2010 models, etc., I’ve definitely seen fewer complaints since the 07’s came out. My guess is that Toyota has done a better job of matching the pistons to the individual cylinders during the assembly process. Until Toyota stops building the 5.7 to accommodate the supercharger, all 5.7 engines will have the potential to make noise when they’re cold.

  195. Cheri says:


    They have changed that piston. The noise is GONE in the 2008 Tundra. I know. I have a lawsuit.


  196. Ken says:

    Jason, So you`re saying that i have to learn to embrace the excessive internal engine noise coming from my beautiful 2008` Tundra Limited Edition 5.7,lol? I gotta tell ya, i leased this truck with every intention of buying it at the end of the lease term but at this point i`m glad it`s a lease(that i can return)because no fool would buy this truck from me the way it sounds. Amen

  197. Jason says:

    Cheri – I’ve heard complaints from 08′ owners. If you can send me some documentation and/or a little bit more about what you know I would be very grateful.

    Ken – I’m not telling you to do anything. I’m just explaining that it’s a normal sound.

  198. Frank says:

    I own one of the first 2007 Toyota Tundras SR5 5.7L…it has been a great vehicle and I have never experienced the tapping/loud noises…however, recently with the cold spells with had in Florida, I did start to hear like a tapping noise, but only until it warmed up and then went away…My concerns have been with braking on an emergency stop, and I hold down the brake pedal, it seems like it is trying to push the pedal back up and seems like the front brake pads are skipping…is the only way I can describe this…I have done the regular oil changes and iire rotations and with 45K I just put new tires only because the right side was wearing down. I love my 07 Tundra and even considered swapping for a newer one even considered other makes, but my SR5 is fully loaded and could not find anything comparable to what I have for the price..If mine would have had leather seats, it probably would have been a limited…so guess I have a limited version of the Limited! Welcome any comments.

  199. Carl says:

    I own a 2007 Tundra with the 5.7L. Yes, it has the cold ticking noise, which I am certain is piston slap. I am not overly concerned. Most likely it isn’t anymore piston slap than you would find in most any engine with a cast iron block, but the noise is more pronounced in these engines because the engine blocks are aluminum (less dense metal) so the noise isn’t absorbed as well. Pistons on higher performing engines are cam ground and slightly eleiptical in shape. They are built this way because of thermal expansion that takes place within the engine. The perfectly round steel cylinder sleeves are pressed and sealed into the aluminum block. As the pistons heat up they expand to the point that there is the correct amount of clearance between the pistons and the cylinder sleeves. If they didn’t do this the pistons would expand the the point where there are “scraping” the inside of the cylinder bore, and the metal of the pistons would gall onto the wall of the cylinder, scratching it and causing compression loss or eliminating the clearance and causing the piston to seize in the cylinder. So anyway, the shorter the piston skirt, the less weight there is with the piston, the less resistance to going up and down, and the more power obtained along with better fuel economy because less energy is expended overcoming friction between the piston and the cylinder wall. In the racing world they call this a clearanced engine. If the noise does not go away as the engine gets warmer, the clearance is to great, and yes, premature engine wear/failure may occur. I have owned several of these types of engines over the years with no issues of failure, keeping most of these vehicles to the 150K to 200K miles. The manufactures have tried to quiet the noise a few ways over the years, (for example Mazda put a teflon coating on the pistons skirts in their 3.0L V-6 for awhile in the early 90s to absorb the noise) but, I believe that process was mostly abandoned probably because of adhesion issues of the teflon to the piston over the long run. So if you are concerned make a record of it with your dealership and maintain your own records as well. Bag, seal, save your oil filters in a plastic tote for future evidence if you feel it may be needed, clearly marked with the oil change date and mileage, and the receipts verifying the maintenance. And, if you feel the need, have the oil/oil filter tested at a lab. (I am a Journeyman Auto Tech, ASE Master Certified, and an Automotive Instructor. I have many years of dealership experience at multi-line dealers for Jeep, Mazda, Ford, Dodge, and Isuzu.)

  200. Jason says:

    Carl – Awesome comment. I would like to interview you about the whole piston slap issue if you’re up for it – just sent you an email.

  201. Ken says:

    Ok, so we`ve established that most of the 5.7 motors have “piston slap” until they warm up. Is it also piston slap i`m hearing when the truck is already warmed up stopped at a light in drive? Guh,guh,guh,guh,guh. That`s what it does.

  202. Jason says:

    Ken – I think Carl’s comments about the aluminum block may be applicable here. I’ve also heard that some of the early engines weren’t matched up with cylinders too carefully, and as a result they were louder than they were supposed to be.

    Still, I know what you’re talking about. It’s hard to explain to people that this noise is normal.

  203. Carl says:

    I intend to do some more research (or have my automotive students do some research) from my database of Technical Service Bulletins, after school starts back up. I want to look at like concerns from many manufacturers for similar engines (aluminum blocks, steel sleeved, etc.) and see what the factories have reported back to dealerships and their technicians. Since the early 90’s “piston slap” noise has been an issue across the industry. I do want to state that it has been an issue, not necessarily a defect in my opinion, because I would not want to label it as such until I see supporting data that indicate engine failures are eminent. So, be patient for a couple of weeks. When I find the data I will respond with the catalog number of the related TSBs that support my findings. I don’t have the spare time at the moment. School starts next week and I still have a lot to do to prepare for my students, prior to undertaking this additional project. Plus, this will be a great learning research project for my kids to get involved with, and directly related to their instruction. Until then, I will comment as I get the chance if I feel my comments may help the discussion.

  204. Jason says:

    Carl – You are the man! I’m brewing your interview questions up brother…

  205. Ken says:

    I got rid of the last diesel pickup i had to buy this tundra with a 5.7 gas motor thinking it would be quiet but guess what…it`s also a diesel!

  206. ripped off says:

    I have a 2011 rock warrior edition 5.7 tundra excessive piston slap ! dealer states it is normal.BS the vehicle only has 145 miles on it. lucky if i get 50,000 miles out of this engine? is toyota committing suicide or what?

  207. Jason (Admin) says:

    ripped off – Piston slap is normal in many clearance engines, but it’s can be especially noisy in some Tundras. There is no fix because there’s nothing wrong – contrary to popular belief, piston slap isn’t going to damage your engine.

    The reason that slap occurs is that pistons must be able to expand ever so slightly, so when they’re cold there’s a small amount of space between the cylinder wall and the ring. This space causes side-to-side movement during combustion, and that causes noise.

    Most manufacturers (including Toyota) use scuff-proof cylinder walls and special ring alloys to eliminate the possibility of wear. Some earlier trucks were louder than others, and I haven’t heard of too many past 2008 with this problem (only a handful).

    Even though there’s no risk of damage, the extra noise can hurt come resale time. I don’t have a solution, other than to make sure your engine is warmed up before you try and trade it.

  208. 08 tundra 4x4 says:

    I look at this way, Toyota just bought my 1996 tacoma back because of rust issues and paid me way more than it was worth. Toyota has proven to me that they will stand behind there products even after 15 years on the road and 230,000 miles. So all the sounds and conserns all of u have, I am sure that Toyota will recall and repair it if it is a safty hazard.

  209. Troy says:

    I purchased an 07 tundra with the 5.7 litre, not realising it was a first year release, the the truck had about 40,000 miles on it when I bought it about 1.5 years ago. I noticed the piston slap when its cold only. I just start it a few minutes before I drive it, also the tranny shifts just fine once it gets warmed up. The guy who had it before me hauled heavy trailers, came bagged and trailer brake equipped. My only complaint is the gas mileage has dropped from 13.2 down to 12.5 and the only thing I haul is a polaris rzr in the bed? Im sure its something simple like 02 sensor or something. Love this truck otherwise.

  210. joe horton says:

    i bought a 2007 last year it had 62000 miles on it .Last friday on my way home from work th motor blow up parts flew out the bottom and oil went every where.It has only 80242 miles on it now.It is the TDR 5.7 liter 4×4 4 door short bed.Is their anything toyota will do i sill owe on this truck

  211. Paul Jamaica says:

    I have a 2007 Supercharge Tundra and i have to rebuild the engine twice. The pistons melt easily under pressure. I am definitely suffering from this problem.

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