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Rural Dealerships A Big Sales Advantage for Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat

According to this Automotive News story, GM classifies 1200 of their dealers as “rural.” While the definition of rural is likely a little loose, here’s what we know about GM’s dealership operations:

  1. GM has 4,400 dealerships across the USA
  2. 27% of these dealers are rural
  3. Toyota has about 1200 dealerships across the USA, and a very small portion of them are rural (our sources say less than 10%)

Assuming that each of these 1200 rural GM dealership can sell either Chevy or GMC trucks, and assuming that each of these dealership can sell a measly 5 trucks per month, GM can generate about 70,000 truck sales in rural areas that Toyota can’t hope to match.

In other words, GM has a big sales volume advantage because of their extensive dealership network in rural areas. Ford – and to a lesser degree Chrysler-Fiat – enjoy this sales volume advantage as well. Here’s what it means to Tundra sales figures.

New Platinum Package for 2013 Tundra, But That’s About It

The big news coming out of Toyota for the 2013 Tundra is the addition of the Platinum trim package as a stand-alone option. Sadly, that’s about it on the 2013 model.

New Platinum Package for 2013 Tundra

This the interior of the platinum package for the 2013 Toyota Tundra. Looks nice right?

Need to Tow a Space Shuttle? Toyota Tundra is Your Truck

Toyota recently announced that a stock Toyota Tundra will tow the space shuttle Endeavour during its final journey to the California Science Center on October 13, 2012. Talk about a big tow job!

Toyota Tundra to tow Space Shuttle

A stock Toyota Tundra will tow the space shuttle Endeavour on its final journey to the California Science Center. What a cool project!

2014 Tundra – Are Skinny Tires, a Higher MSRP, and Thin Plastic Panels Our Automotive Future?

Regardless of your political leanings or environmental beliefs, we can all agree that government regulations are often imperfect. The newest CAFE regulations – which mandate a dramatic improvement in new vehicle fuel economy ratings over the next 12 years – are a great example.

Regulators, in an effort to:

  1. reduce national oil consumption (a good thing considering most of our oil comes from foreign countries), and
  2. reduce air pollution (also a good thing, at least if you like to breathe as much as I do)

have created a system that is forcing automakers to use every trick in their bag to try and meet this fuel economy mandate. While some of these tricks are admittedly awesome (direct injection, variable valve lift, stop-start systems), other tricks are less desirable…which brings me to skinny tires, thin plastic panels, and the 2014 Tundra.

New 2013 Toyota Tundra Pricing Available

Toyota has announced the new price for the 2013 Toyota Tundra and for all configurations, the price has gone up approximately $200 or less than 1 percent. This seems to be consistent with rises in inflation and transportation costs.

New 2013 Toyota Tundra Pricing

Pricing for the 2013 Toyota Tundra has been released and the increase is really minor.