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Warranty Work Beware – True Story of Unethical Dealer

When Toyota sends out a warranty notice like a technical service bulletin, most owners assume a dealer will simply fix the problem. The thought of being “taken” during these types of repairs is most likely low. Don’t be foolish. Keep your guard up even when getting warranty work done. When it comes to repair work — especially in a field as precise as auto mechanics — there is always someone willing to take advantage of those less knowledgeable.

Warranty Work Beware - True Story of Unethical Dealer

Just because it is warranty work doesn’t mean you should relax your guard when working with your dealership.

Ford EcoBoost Turbo Replacement Cost? About $2250

Every truck guy knows that Ford has the EcoBoost engine and they also know that Ford has been really, really successful selling EcoBoost engines. Ford truck buyers like the power and fuel economy ratings, and most critics have praised Ford for developing the next great thing in pickup truck powertrains.

However, what happens when the EcoBoot turbochargers fail – 1) how much do they cost to fix? 2) Is EcoBoost worth buying in the first place?

The short answers: 1) $2,250 2) Probably not…it takes a long, long time to break even. Read more for the details.

Ford EcoBoost - Costly?

Ford’s EcoBoost system is a best seller – but how much does it cost when the turbochargers fail?

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End of the Manual Era for Full-Size Trucks

The era of the shift-it-yourself full-size pickup seems to have come to an end. There was once a time when trucks of all sizes included a manual transmission option almost by default, with all of the domestic and Japanese manufacturers providing gearboxes ranging from tow-focused units with granny-low first gears all the way up to five-speed overdrive trannies. Try to use an online configurator to build a similar type of half-ton pickup today and you’ll find yourself completely out of luck.

End of Manual Full-Size Trucks Era

This dusty-looking old photo of a manual transmission full-size truck maybe the only reminder that stick shifts used to be commonplace in trucks.

Quick and Easy Toyota Tundra Gun Mount

Do you need to keep a gun in your Tundra within easy reach? For your sake, I hope the answer is “No.”

Gun holster mounted below Tundra steering column

Check it - a standard gun holster mounted below the Tundra's steering column. Click for a larger view.

However, if the answer is “yes”, here’s a quick and easy gun mounting tip for you.

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Towing 101 – What Not to Do

Towing a boat is a fairly straightforward operation, right? Not so for these guys. As they drive down the road, they see a familiar site passing them by. The site? The boat they were towing.

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