Towing 101 – What Not to Do

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Towing a boat is a fairly straightforward operation, right? Not so for these guys. As they drive down the road, they see a familiar site passing them by. The site? The boat they were towing.

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Apparently in these Russians didn’t take the time to double-check their trailer hitch. Watching your boat pass you on the interstate must be quite the experience. We wonder if they thought about trying to speed up to catch it or were too awestruck to do anything.

While the video is quite humourous, it must have been horrific to the guys in the truck. That sinking feeling in your gut wondering if the boat will flip over or cross into coming traffic, is probably just a few of the many thoughts going through their minds.

Let’s all take a moment to remember to check out trailer hitches and not be one of these guys watching their boat pass them by!

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  1. Mickey says:

    Takes 2 minutes to double check your connection and to make sure you cross the chains. Not to mention make sure you have your plug in also. It could become very embarassing to watch your boat fill with water while you are freaking out. I seen it happened and the driver of the truck had to run back and get the truck while the other guy tried bailing out. Had to tell him start the boat and run it open to drain the water out and then come back to the dock and pull it out when the trailer is in the water. He let it get 1/3 full before he responded to what I was telling him. When he did what I stated the water drain pretty fast and he came back and went right up the trialer and pulled the boat out.

  2. mk says:

    Only takes 2 seconds, not 2 minutes to do. Another good thing to do which I never do either is check the lug nuts on the tires to make sure they are tight. You never know when some A-hole comes around and plays a prank and loosens them on you. We use to drain the water in our smaller 14′ open layout fishing boat when we got water in the bottom of the boat from big waves, etc. by running the old 9.9 hp Johnson full throttle with 3 people in the boat going about 15 mph on full plane and then opening up the drain plug to let the water out. Only takes a few minutes of running around the lake and only hard part is steering the tiller motor with one hand and putting the drain plug back in with other hand. Not the smartest thing to do just in case you loose the drain plug while moving, so always carry a spare close by just in case.

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