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Ford, Chrysler Events Showcase New Cars, Trucks – Toyota Tundra Perceptions

Last week, Ford and Chrysler invited Tim Esterdahl to check out their new products. During this time, he got the chance to talk to several representatives and drive several of their latest truck offerings. Here is what he found out.

Event Alt

This Ram 1500 EcoDiesel was one of many trucks I drove at a recent media event at Chrysler’s proving grounds. It has plenty of low-end torque and sounds like a diesel. With a smooth ride, it is a good competitor in the full-size market. Does it make sense for every customer? Nope. The return on investment is going to be a tough sell.

2015 GMC 2500 All Terrain Unveiled – Not an Off-Road Pickup

GM has unveiled a photos and specs on their new 2500 “all terrain” pickup. Don’t be confused though, this isn’t an off-road pickup. When GM says “all terrain,” they mean pedestrian cruising on the highways with occasional trips to the hardware store.

2015 GMC 2500 All Terrain Unveiled - Not an Off-Road Pickup

This “All Terrain” GMC truck is ready to utilize your technology in style. Off-roading? Not really.

Swimming Pool in Your Truck – Beware

A fun thing for some truck owners is to turn their pickup bed into a swimming pool. This is a bad idea, really bad unless you own a heavy duty truck. Here is a graphic showing the technical aspects of doing this.

What If Gas Prices Have Peaked? What Would That Mean For Truck Buyers?

What if gas prices have peaked?” It’s a question I asked myself a few weeks ago, and it’s become a bit of an obsession for me since then. Partially, I’m curious about national gasoline prices, how they fluctuate relative to oil prices, how consumer usage of gasoline effects pricing, etc. Partially, I’m curious because automakers are working awfully hard to produce vehicles that consumer less fuel.

As far-fetched as it may sound, gasoline prices may have peaked (or may be peaking soon).

GM Recall Lesson, Push-Button Start/Stop Standard – Ignition Keys Dead

While the GM ignition switch fiasco continues to make news, people are wondering what is the likely outcome of recall? A big fine – yep, $35 million. More congressional hearings – yep. How about no more ignition keys?

GM Recall Lesson, Push-Button Start/Stop Standard - Ignition Keys Done

Toyota uses an ignition key for the Tundra. They need to learn from GM and introduce push button start/stop.