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A Tacoma with an LS6 V8?

Here’s a new one – Tundra Racing is building out a fast-as-hell Toyota Tacoma…with a Corvette motor.

That’s right – they’ve shoehorned a specially tuned 460 horsepower LS6 into an 05′ Tacoma Regular Cab 2wd. Does that sound like a fast truck or what?

2005 Tacoma with a V8 LS6 Corvette motor.

2005 Tacoma with a V8 LS6 Corvette motor.

How about a very fast truck.

Miller’s Mighty 4Runner

Our featured vehicle section is usually reserved for decked-out Toyota Tundras, but every once in a while we come across another Toyota product that deserves some recognition. readers, meet Miller’s Mighty 4Runner.
Photo courtesy of Blake Davenport.

2007 Toyota Tundra Hits 100k Miles member AstralTrekkor has likely become one of the first people in the country to hit 100k miles in his 2007 Toyota Tundra. Congratulations!


2008 Tundra WOW THAT SUCKS Prize

One of our featured vehicles, Mickey’s Traveling Tundra Crew, suffered a little damage a while back. A negligent and uninsured 7 point buck ran out in front of Mickey’s truck while it was going 70 mph. While Mickey managed to slow down to 35 mph (a full-fledged emergency stop), the deer was just too close. You can read the full story on the Deer Strike thread in the TundraNetwork Forums.

Here’s the BEFORE picture:

Here are the AFTER pictures:

One Hot Tundra Girl

Not to sound like a typical automotive mysoginist, but there’s just something special about a woman with a truck. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s willing to own a big, burly, and difficult to manuever vehicle without a high level of sophistication or refinement. After all, men are known for a lot of the same characteristics. Or maybe it’s the fact that this truck is a great example of how to make your Tundra look great on a budget, and the fact that a beautiful woman owns it.

Either way, check it out:

This 2008 Tundra doesn’t have a ton of extras, but the leveling/lift kit combined with the chrome wheels makes for a very sharp look.

Nice chrome wheels.