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Toyota Invests In Expanding Tacoma Production In Mexico

Toyota has recently announced its plans to invest $150 million at their Tijuana, Mexico facility to expand production of their top mid-size truck, the Toyota Tacoma. This investment should relieve some of the capacity strain.

Toyota Invests In Expanding Tacoma Production In Mexico

Toyota is planning on investing $150 million into its Tijuana, Mexico facility in hopes of meeting the demand for its trucks.

Toyota/Lexus News for September 2, 2016

Here is your weekly update on Toyota/Lexus news.

Toyota/Lexus News for September 2, 2016Toyota Motor Sales Reports August 2016 Sales

August 2016 Truck Sales – Mid-Size Again Dominates

In the land of full-size trucks, the mid-size market continues to prove critics and diehards wrong. While many wonder why people spend the same money for a smaller truck, the sales results tell the story. Mid-size trucks are simply hot right now.

August 2016 U.S. Truck Sales

Sales slowed for both Toyota truck products in August meaning many trucks like this one from Ashland Toyota Scion sat around in showrooms.

Nikola One – Hydrogen Powered Big Rig Offers Glimpse Into The Future

A new hydrogen powered class 8 truck (aka big rig) from Nikola Motor Company offers a glimpse into the future of all trucks. With excellent power and range, the Nikola One shows how automakers could use hydrogen to power pickup trucks and large SUVs.

Nikola One

The Nikola One is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The drivetrain has more power than anything on the road, 1200 miles of range, and gets up to 20mpg.

What’s Behind Sluggish 2016 Nissan Titan XD Sales? Dealers, Marketers or the Truck Itself?

After nearly a year and a half since its debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, we are finally seeing the market’s reaction to the “tweener” 2016 Nissan Titan XD with actual sales results. Unfortunately for Nissan, the numbers aren’t great. The 2016 sales results for April, May and June are all below the 2015 numbers of the outgoing truck and the July numbers were up over 2015 by less than 20 units. With a hot truck market and a new and improved product, the natural assumption would be sales should be up and the fact they aren’t brings up many questions. Are dealers hurting the sales numbers by holding out for maximum profit? Is Nissan’s lack of dealers in truck heavy areas hurting them? How about the lengthy and drawn-out product introduction process? Or is it as simple as consumers don’t understand this product and the price doesn’t make any sense? It could just be all of the above.

What's Behind Slow Nissan Titan XD Sales?

Early sales results of the new 2016 Nissan Titan XD have been slow. What’s to blame for the slow sales?