Funny Friday – Camping IN your Prius, What’s Next?

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Another installment of our occasional Funny Friday series.

While there are plenty of good reasons to pick a Prius, space for sleeping is not usually one of them. Thanks to a new device that resembles a marshmallow stuck onto the back of the car, outdoor enthusiasts may soon be trekking into the wilderness in Toyota’s eco-friendly sub compact. However, there is no guarantee that a hungry bear will not attempt to eat the puffy white contraption on the back of your car.


Hey look! A sporty camper Prius with a big marshmallow on its back.

The new camper shell is the product of the Camp-Inn company of Japan at a Tokyo auto show. Drawing on the popular bolt-on camper shells produced for Saab vehicles, the new Prius Relax Cabin fits onto the roof and end of the short car. While it does add some space, it also looks ridiculous. Of course, the people that this device is designed to appeal to already spend plenty of money for the privilege of getting bit by mosquitoes.


A very roomy interior for two "close" friends.

The camper takes advantage of the rear folding seats to create two separate sleeping areas. When folded down, two people who are very good friends can squeeze into the space for sleep while two nap in the sardine can space above the car. A cramped shower cubicle and seating area somehow fit within the 20 inches the unit adds to the back of the Prius.

If you don’t mind turning your Prius into a bloated cloud-shaped car for a weekend, you can save a few gallons of gas while amusing everyone else on the highway.

Of course, you might be just as smart to go and find an old Toyota mini motorhome and do some work to make that as fuel efficient as possible.

Or, even better, just pack all your gear on your bicycle and pedal over to the campsite…anything to help the environment, right?

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  1. Mickey says:

    That would be great if you’re retired and taking a trip across the USA and Canada. No need for hotel rooms but still need to take that saturday bath.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I could buy one of those black plastic camp shower bags, right?

    Follow up: Who takes a bath every Saturday? I do it once a month – I’m saving the Earth in my own little way, LOL.

  3. Will says:

    very funny . Mickey
    Jason amazing! you takes bath once a month? oh my god.

  4. Mike T says:

    What about you will?

    are you saving the earth in the same way as Mr.Jason?

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