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Funny Friday – Camping IN your Prius, What’s Next?

Another installment of our occasional Funny Friday series.

While there are plenty of good reasons to pick a Prius, space for sleeping is not usually one of them. Thanks to a new device that resembles a marshmallow stuck onto the back of the car, outdoor enthusiasts may soon be trekking into the wilderness in Toyota’s eco-friendly sub compact. However, there is no guarantee that a hungry bear will not attempt to eat the puffy white contraption on the back of your car.


Hey look! A sporty camper Prius with a big marshmallow on its back.

Toyota Releases Prius PLUS Performance Package, Rest of the World Asks “Why?”

NOTE: The Prius PLUS package has been out a while now, but this post was forgotten about until just recently. Hopefully you enjoy it even though it’s not as timely as it should be.

The Toyota Prius hybrid has never been synonymous with the word “performance,” unless you are talking about how well the compact hatchback does at the fuel pump. In a seeming effort to get some of that sports car adrenaline flowing amongst those shopping for the Prius, Toyota has announced the availability of the Prius PLUS Performance Package, which can be ordered on any version of the 2011 model.

The Toyota Prius with the PLUS Performance package.

SNL Toyota Acceleration Gag Video

The comedians at SNL did a nice job of lampooning Toyota’s perceived unintended acceleration problems – check it out:

It’s definitely a good laugh, and it speaks to a much larger issue – Toyota’s success and reputation is being co-opted by Ford (at least in the eyes of the public).