Bakflip Tonneau on Toyota Tundra Survives Tornado

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Tonneau covers are made to protect your truck bed gear from a variety of things like rain, wind, sun – but what about an EF5 tornado? Not likely. Wrong. A Bakflip Tonneau cover held up to this extreme weather event according to its owner.

Bakflip Tonneau Cover Survives Tornado

The Bakfip Tonneau cover on a 2007 Toyota Tundra after an EF5 tornado.

People say pictures are worth a thousand words, this story is full of amazing photos. The 2007 Tundra took a real beating as one might expect. However, the owner says the Bakflip F1 Tonneau cover held up really well even though part of the garage fell on it. It actually was in such good shape, it was one of the secure places where he was able to store things from potentional thieves.

Bakflip Tonneau covered 2007 Toyota Tundra

Bakflip Tonneau covered 2007 Toyota Tundra side view.

It is worth mentioning that he also says the Tundra did exceptionally well compared to his other neighbors pickups which were blown around even more. While it is debatable if the weather conditions played a role in the varying amounts of damage to the other trucks, it is nice to see the Tundra holding up well in the brutal conditions.

Emerging from Storm Shelter

The house was completely destroyed except for the storm shelter that was literally the difference between life/death for his family. Check out the Tundra in the background. (AP Photo/The Decatur Daily, Gary Cosby Jr.)

This story does have a feel good ending. After replacing his Tundra with a 2008 Tundra Crewmax after insurance reimbursement, he didn’t yet have the ability to add a Bakflip Tonneau cover to it. No worries, the owner of Bakflip saw his story and sent him one. We’re sure he will be a life-long Bakflip customer.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Nice to see backflip send him a new one. Also good to see he went with more room in a CM for the wife and two kids.

  2. will says:

    A Great thing for me to see this , The house was completely destroyed but thanks God for saving their lives.

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