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Jason Lancaster is the editor and founder of He has nearly a decade of experience on the retail side of the auto industry, and another decade of experience of the part and accessory side of the industry.

What to Do If Your Car (or Truck) Catches Fire

Auto fires are rare (unless you drive an F150, but that’s another story). However, despite their relative rarity, we’ve all probably seen at least one vehicle fire on the side of the road. Ford cruise control fires notwithstanding, car fires can occur. The questions is, do you know what do you do when the vehicle you’re driving catches fire?

Burned-out Ford F150

This burned-out F150 is a reminder that car fires can and do happen - are you prepared?

Here are some helpful tips:

Ten Clever Ways To Customize Your Truck

Let’s get one thing straight – there’s no practical reason to customize a perfectly good pickup. The way the factory made it is good enough for almost every use. If you don’t see a reason to install flat-screen TVs and neon lights, then you won’t enjoy this article.

OK – now that that all the fuddy-duddys are gone, here are 10 clever customization tricks we’ve seen:

2012 Ram 1500 Undeniably The Least Reliable Half-Ton Truck On The Road

What I’m about to say might sound like biased drivel, but I can prove it. Here goes:


I know a few of you are hitting the “back” button on your browser right now, but hear me out. The two major quality and reliability authorities have found that Ram trucks have the worst quality and reliability ratings. There’s simply no logical justification for buying a truck made by Chrysler-Fiat (unless you work for the company and have to buy one) – at least if you’re concerned about reliability.

An Amphibious Toyota Tundra With Mattracks and A Float System – For Real

Some of the most interesting custom pickups are often put together by search and rescue organizations, as these groups prize absolute reliability and functionality above almost all else. Search and rescue trucks, like the Amfibia Toyota Tundra, are also typically outfitted with special technology that helps them to adapt to the rough and rugged environments that they are asked to operate in.

It takes more than a little water to slow down the Amfibia Tundra.

Land and Sea

The Amfibia Toyota Tundra was put together by Polish outfitter in partnership with the Gdynia Maritime Academy, AMZ Kutno, the Automotive Industry Institute and SPRINT SA in response to a project request from the National Center for Research and Development. Their mission: to create a ‘mobile command system’ capable of performing surveillance and reconnaissance while also serving as an operational communications center. The catch: the vehicle needs to be able to operate on all foreseeable forms of terrain as well as open water.

Toyota Avalon To Replace Lincoln Towncar?

When Ford stopped building the Lincoln Towncar in August, 2011, a vacumn formed in the livery industry. For decades, limo services and up-scale car services had purchased Lincoln Towncars by the truckload, using them almost exclusively to ferry passengers from point to point. Towncars were the car of choice – so ubiquitous that people didn’t just order a “car” to take them to the airport, they ordered a “Towncar.”


Livery edition Avalon

The new livery edition Toyota Avalon - will it replace the Towncar?

Good or bad (I personally like big RWD sedans), the Towncar is no more. Toyota, seizing an opportunity, is trying to fill that void with a special version of the Avalon.