The History Of TRD

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Following his victory over the Pharnaces in 47 BC, the legend is that Julius Caesar addressed the Roman Senate and announced

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  1. James Reiter says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I just got a bid back from my local tire, brake, suspension specialists for a 6″ lift and 4- 35/1250r-18’s for my 08 crew max. The quote: $4,392.60. This is not pesos we are talking about. My buddy was there with his 2500 Chevy and he had the bill for his from about six months ago from the same dealer chain. His was $1,400 less than mine taking into account he did not pay the 7.9% tax I would have to (different state). They said it was because we had different trucks. That is not enough explaination for me. Why does it seem to cost more for everything that I want to do with my Tundra as compared to Chevy, Ford or Dodge?

  2. James – So I’m guessing that some of the parts you were quoted were from TRD? It is often true that after market parts are more expensive for the Tundra – the Tundra is a lower production volume vehicle. However, the price difference shouldn’t be so dramatic. Try shopping around.

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