The Ironman Ivan Stewart – A Toyota Truck Racing Legend

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For off-road race fanatics, Ironman holds a meaning far beyond Stan Lee (creator of the Ironman comic) and Robert Downey, Jr (who portrayed the comic book hero). You could say the nickname was given to Ivan Stewart, whose career is the stuff of legend; but, more accurately, Stewart laid claim to it fair and square.

Ironman Ivan Stewart

The Ironman himself.

Stewart caught the sport

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  1. Tigerbyte says:

    Love the game and still play it to this day. the man is a legend!

  2. nathan says:

    please bring back mteg. that was the best racing ive seen.they need another indoor series like that.i miss do a lot of other you think they will ever bring it back.and where can i get the old races on dvd.i would love to find some.thank is the best.

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