A Tundra Lowering Kit That Doesn’t Use Springs – A Review

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Ya – that’s right. We’re reviewing a lowering kit for the 07-and-up Toyota Tundra that doesn’t use new springs to drop your Tundra. TundraRacing.com provided us with a rear leveling kit for a Tundra regular cab, along with the extra parts we needed to take the same Tundra down another 2″ (from level). That works out to about a 5″ drop in the rear, and about a 2″ drop in the front. The best part of this kit? The truck rides better dropped than it did stock!! Amazing!

Tundra lowered 2

The lowering kit from Tundra Racing rides better because it doesn’t really change the stock suspension. The kit simply moves the rear leaf springs below the axle (creating about 5″ of drop in the process) and adds a new spring perch to the front coil assembly that drops the front 2″. Since the stock springs and leafs aren’t modified, the stock ride is maintained, as are the stock payload and tow ratings. Even better, because the front springs aren’t pre-loaded when they’re installed, the front suspension is actually just a touch softer. Additionally, because the lowered truck is also level, the weight is more evenly distributed front and rear. That makes the rear end less “bouncy” and the front less stiff. Add it all up, and the truck rides better with the lowering kit than without it.

Handling with the lowering kit installed is MUCH better than stock. The truck’s center of gravity drops quite a bit when the lowering kit is installed, so there’s a lot less body roll and more lateral stability. It’s not a sports car, but it feels a lot better than a typical Tundra in the corners. Interestingly enough, this is the same kit Toyota installed on three Tundras that were raced around the country featuring TRD parts. Check out this Tundra racing video – the kits on the trucks being driven are the same as the kit we’re reviewing.

YouTube Preview Image

The Tundras in this video were dropped using the TundraRacing kit we’re reviewing.

Onto the installation process. To lower the rear, you’ll need to move the leafs below the axle, attach the new shackle hardware, and install new shocks. This process is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require much in the way of special tools – an air wrench would be nice, but you can get it done with a set of english and metric wrenches and sockets, as well as a good torque wrench. Dropping the rear suspension is the same as installing the Tundra rear-end leveling kit we covered last week, except the mounting points on the new shackles are just a little higher (closer to the bottom of the bed). When you add the new shocks, make sure to attach the bushings provided.

Installing the new spring perch up front begins with pulling the stock coil assembly. You’ll need to remove the front wheels, skid plate (if equipped), then disconnect the sway bar end links and the shock mounting points. It’s up to you how much more of the front suspension you want to unbolt, but the more you take apart the less prying you’ll have to do to get the coil assembly out.

YouTube Preview Image

TundraRacing.com 2″-5″ Lowering Kit Installation Video. Special thanks to Ryan Prue and Tanner Tilton at Stevinson Toyota East in Aurora, Colorado for working with us on this installation.

Once you’ve got the coil assembly out of the truck, you’ll need to take the pre-load out of the springs using a spring compressor. NOTE: Don’t be a dummy. Pre-loaded springs are very dangerous. Take proper precautions and use the correct tools to remove the pre-load. You can always take the compressed assembly to your local shop or auto parts store where they will decompress the spring for you for a nominal fee.

You only need the spring compressor to decompress the springs – they aren’t pre-loaded when they’re re-installed.

Take the shocks out of the springs, remove the dust cover (you may have to cut this piece off, but it’s really not necessary in the first place – most-after market shocks don’t use dust covers because the shock shaft is self-cleaning), and using a rubber mallet, knock the stock spring perch off the shock. Now take the new spring perch sleeve and rest and fit them onto the shock. Epoxy the sleeve to the shock, then epoxy the rest to the sleeve. The epoxy is needed to prevent the spring from rotating as it compresses. Now, when you reassemble the coil assembly, you’ll notice that the front springs are basically loose. There is little or no compression on the springs now, and the lack of pre-load will result in the front end of the truck dropping about 2″ below stock when it settles. Pop the coil assembly back into the truck (always easier said than done), reconnect everything and torque, and you’re all done. Just don’t forget to check and re-torque bolts if necessary after about 100 miles of driving.

Front view of lowered Tundra truck. A Toyota Tundra with a 2

The warranty on this kit is average – 90 days if you install it yourself, 1 year if an ASE certified mechanic installs the kit. As far as price, we think $699 is pretty fair. Compared to TRD’s lowering kit, which costs about $1500 and makes the ride significantly worse, Tundra Racing’s kit is a great deal. The Ground Force lowering kit, which we have not driven, costs about $1000, but that includes new springs and leafs. We’re going to guess that the Tundra Racing kit is at least comparable to anything out their in terms of ride (if not much better), so $699 seems like a good deal if you’re concerned about the truck’s ride. If you get the TundraHeadquarters discount, even better (see below for details). As for handling, we’ll have to hold off on comparing this kit to others. Having said that, you really can’t go wrong with this kit. It’s hard to imagine any lowering kit feeling substantially better handling wise – at least not without significantly reducing ride quality.

Bottom Line: This is a very nice kit. Every part is high quality, the customer service is excellent, and the finished product looks good, rides, and handles great. Toyota has purchased numerous kits from Tundra Racing for use on their demonstration and show vehicles – including the trucks being raced in the first video above. If you’re in the market for a lowering kit that won’t ruin your truck’s ride (not to mention payload and towing ability) look no further than TundraRacing.com. If you want to order the kit, mention this review and TundraHeadquarters.com for a 10% discount and free shipping (for a limited time). We highly recommend this kit.

Check out the full instructions for this kit.

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  1. […] setup, and it doesn’t hurt the ride. Read the summary at the end of this article for a discount: Toyota Tundra Lowering Kit Review | tundraheadquarters.com As for the setup, you move the rear leafs from above the axle to just below, and as Someone said […]

  2. charles says:

    I may have misread your review on the tundra lowering kit but is there a toyota tundra lowering kit and a TRD tundra lowering kit for the 2007 and up Tundras? At one place in the review it reads: Compared to TRD

  3. Charles – The difference between the TRD lowering kit and the Tundra Racing lowering kit is in the springs. The TRD kit provides new, stiffer springs that make the truck ride harder (as well as handle a little tighter) while riding about 3 inches lower. The Tundra Racing kit “flips” the stock springs, essentially re-organizing the geometry of the suspension without using stiffer springs. The result with the Tundra Racking kit is a truck that rides very similar to stock but that’s 3 or 4 inches lower than stock.

  4. charles says:


    Thanks so much. I am thankful I can across your review, if not I would have wasted a lot of money on the TRD kit and regret it as a result of losing the stock ride. The Tundra Racing Kit is for me. I want my truck lowered, but I also want it to maintain the factory ride as well.

  5. charles says:

    Oh Jason, what is the actual part number of kit you reviewed. I went to Tundra Racing site and found two kits it appears. I want to make sure I get the right one. Thanks again.

  6. Charles – I’m not sure. Tom, the owner of Tundra Racing, is a phone call away and he can answer any other questions you have too.

  7. Andrew says:

    I just test drove a 08 tundra regular cab, short bed. It was very bouncy. Will the lowering kit improve the situation? Also, should I consider an air bag system as well for the back? Is there an air bag system that fits into the front coil spring strut assembly?

  8. Andrew – Really short wheelbase trucks that can haul lots tend to bounce like crazy, so your experience is completely normal. At the time we reviewed this kit, there was not a viable airbag solution (short of a custom installed system). Tom at Tundra Racing knows quite a bit about it and he can advise you on how his kit will work with an airbag system.

  9. Chas. says:

    I would like the same look as the truck you used to review tundra racing’s kit, but according to their instructions, the rear can be dropped either 4″, 4.5″, or 5″, how low was the tundra in your review dropped? The review states the kit gives you “about” a 5″ drop in the rear but does not specifically state which option was used…4″, 4.5″, or 5″? Thanks for your help.

  10. Chas – We dropped that one as far as we could. We followed Tom’s advice and didn’t tighten the rear leaf spring bolt completely until the truck was on ground (which gained us a little more than 5″ of drop). We left the rear bolt loose enough that the rear leafs could flex, but not so loose as to be unsafe. Then, once we had the truck on the ground and the spring had been compressed a little, we tightened the rear bolt up and probably gained an extra quarter of an inch in drop.

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  13. Jeremy Diamond says:

    I am putting 22″ rims on my tundra. With that drop kit will they rub or have any other problems?

  14. Jeremy – Provided that the wheels and tires don’t have a different overall diameter, there will be no problem. I doubt that any tire or wheel shop would sell you a set of tires and wheels that were oversized without advising you as much, so my guess is you’re going to be fine. Still, you should direct this question towards the company selling you the wheels and tires to be sure.

  15. Jeremy Diamond says:

    My tundra is a double cab. Is there any difference between double and single on the kit. And overall it doesnt ride bad. To get it completely level with a 2″ drop in the front how much do i need to go in the back.

  16. Jeremy – As far as I know, there’s no difference between kits for the reg. cab and the dbl. cab. However, I’d recommend you talk to Tom at Tundra Racing about it to be sure. If you want to completely level out a dbl cab and also drop the front 2″, I think you need to drop the rear about 4.25 inches. The weight of your truck will impact how much drop you need in the rear to get to “level.” Again, Tom is the guy to talk to.

  17. Luciano says:

    I hav a 08 crew max, i dropped a 2″ and 4″ i put a 305 45 22 rims and tires. i balanced the tires 10 times and i still hav a terrible shake. Its that normal or is there something else that i need to do?

  18. EMERALD says:


  19. john goti says:

    I used the kit on my 2006 double cab tundra .this kit is a great kit but. My back end creaks sometimes ,is this normal.Also the clamps keep slacking up .Why does this happen.

  20. John – I’m not sure why the clamps are slacking up – are you getting them torqued completely in the first place?

  21. dallas says:

    I believe that pictures and kit are for a two wheel drive but i may be mistaken. I have an 08 Tundra 4×4 and would like to lower it, is this the same kit for a 4 wheel drive or is it even possible?

  22. Dallas – I’m going from memory, but I’m pretty sure we dropped a 4×4. I’m 98% on that, so yes you can definitely get the same kit for a 4wd or 2wd.

  23. danny says:

    i’m interested in the tundra racing lowering kit for my 07. i’m wanting to know if there was any alignment issues after the kit was installed or if it still will adjust back to specs. i don’t want the tire wear if it will not.

  24. Danny – Any time you drop your vehicle’s suspension, you change the geometry. Regardless of the kit, an alignment is always needed.

  25. danny says:

    i think my question went out wrong. i’m an ase master tech i understand that the alignment is needed my question was is there enough adjustment on the truck to bring it back to specs with this kit or is it just set it close as you can setting.

  26. Danny – My bad man – didn’t mean to close the door so hard! 🙂 The answer from the tech that aligned our test unit is “it came back into alignment without any problem.” The alignment was easy, and a quick call to Tom at Tundra Racing can confirm that the alignment stays pretty close to factory spec (that’s our recollection).

  27. […] a total of less that 5 hours…spread out for my own convenience. Here’s a link explaining it: Toyota Tundra Lowering Kit Review | Tundra Headquarters I didn’t take a "before series" because I hated the way the truck looked back then…but […]

  28. fred giolli says:

    your kit looks good but i’d like to stiffen the front end so it’ll handle better
    got anything?

  29. Fred – It’s not our kit. If you’re looking for stiffer springs, TRD has a kit as does McGaughy. http://www.mcgaughys.com

  30. Craig says:

    To minimize sifting through all the info out there about lowering the Tundra, is there a kit for a 2003 Tundra? Thanks……….Craig

  31. Craig – Try McGaughy’s and Ground Force.

  32. Hans J. Schneider says:

    I just had my 2009 Tundra CrewMax lowered with a Tundra Racing kit. My mechanic although it was the first time, had no problems with the installation and advised me that all parts were first class. I am certainly happy with the look of the vehicle being level without the original rake that I didn’t like.
    Vancouver Island, Canada

  33. Hans – Cool man – thanks for sharing!

  34. Bob says:

    Just got my 09 crew max. will lowering the rear void my waranty??

  35. Bob – Not at all. If installed correctly, the kit will have no impact on the operation of your truck. The axle is being attached to the top of the leaf springs instead of the bottom – not a significant change as far as the mechanical function is concerned.

  36. Bruce says:

    i got the K&N cold air intake. if i lower the truck would it hurt the K&N intake. on instruction it said it won’t fit if body is lifted. now you said the payload and towing be the same cause it won’t move the suspension. that mean the i be lowering the truck body then.

  37. Bruce – I believe the instructions are referring to a “body lift.” Body lifts are a special kind of lift where the body itself (all the exterior panels) are “lifted” off the frame. Body lifts allow you to put very large tires under a normal suspension. They’re a poor man’s lift kit. Because body lifts actually move the body of the vehicle in relation to the engine, an aftermarket air intake might not work. For any other kind of lift or lowering kit, there’s no issue. This kit flips the rear axle and releases the pre-load tension in the front springs. The basic geometry of the vehicle is unchanged, hence my comment. There are no issues with using this kit alongside any number of aftermarket products. Think of this kit as a stock vehicle.

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  39. Hugo says:

    I like to know from those of you that have lowered your Tundra with this kit, how has the ride been so far. Any squeaks or problems.

  40. Dave Haney says:

    There is one rather significant thing omitted in the report, and while it is said that it won’t effect the payload, a 900lb ATV will almost leave the flipped axle with no travel, bottoming out really quickly on smaller bumps – so if you load the box to capacity, there will be no travel at all.

    That said, a reasonable fix is the airbags (Firestone) they offer at Tundra Racing. Don’t bother with the on-board compressor. All you will need to remember is that each time you load the box, an adjstment will be required. I am quite happy with the set-up after 2 years. Factor the cost in upfront!

  41. Jason says:

    Dave – Thanks for sharing that tip – it’s a very good point that isn’t included in the article (only I’ll add it).

    Good to hear the airbags are an adequate fix too. Feel free to share any other tips or advice you have, and thanks again.

  42. Al says:

    I am going to order a lowering kit for my 07 reg cab trd. I am looking for a reputable place to have the kit installed in the Denver area. Anyone know somewhere?

  43. Jason says:

    Al – We’ve worked with both Mountain States Toyota and Stevinson Toyota in Aurora – both are capable of doing this work, but they aren’t the lowest cost option. There are many independent 4×4 shops in Denver that will do it for much cheaper…but I don’t have any experience with any of them to recommend one over another. Check out Yelp.com for some reviews.

  44. Dink says:

    I’m ordering a 2011 Crewmax 4×4 and would like to get feed back and photos of other Crewmax 4x4s that have been lowered with the kit. Are there any issues with the front cv joints at this lowered position? Does it void the warranty on the front drive parts? Also, what size wheel and tire combinations have you gone with? Thanks

  45. Dave Haney says:

    I have a Crewmax 5.7 Limited 4×4. Handling is better, gas mileage too, ride is the same on good pavement but the reduced travel WILL cause the suspension to bottom sooner on bumps, even with the box empty. I did the Firestone airbag kit they offer and set it at about 16- 20 Lbs pressure when empty. (Canadian roads being what they are)

    Couldn’t be happier. I do have aftermarket rims but with the stock 20 inch tires.

    Warranty is not affected if professionally installed – who cares – process is simple.

    Just do it!


  46. Jason says:

    Dink – Warranty is not effected, CV joints should wear about the same.

  47. real says:

    hey guys i have been reading and just wanted to add i used a aftermarket lowering kit and it was really low in the back i then added bags in the back and have been happy with the ride is that normal to have to add bags

  48. real says:

    my tundra brothers i forgot to mention its a xtra cab 4×4 with 22 inch trd rims thanks

  49. Jason says:

    real – Did you use the TundraRacing kit, or a kit from someone else?

  50. real says:

    i used a belltech lowering kit

  51. Jason says:

    real – Got it. Adding air bags is a normal step on a really aggressive drop, and it’s definitely the way to get the ride back. The cool part about the TundraRacing kit is that it doesn’t require bags yet it rides just like a regular un-modified Tundra. Of course, it probably doesn’t ride as low as your belltech! 🙂

  52. real says:

    jason thanks for the info it gave me peace of mind one more question does anyone have a set of cool led or hid lights that they are happy with i have the factory ones still on and would like to change them blue is my first choice but will go white for the right look thanks

  53. Jason says:

    real – I can’t think of one that I would recommend over another – I’ve been told to watch out for cheap HID kits, however. They use low-quality ballasts that can need replacement every few months.

  54. Dave Haney says:

    Jason, I did change the bulbs but opted for high-end PIAAs. Tons of light after I made the proper adjustments to allow for the lowering kit – I kept getting the high-beams from other drivers. The PIAAs have a long life too, and aren’t very expensive.

  55. Jason says:

    Dave – Thanks for the tip – I know PIAA makes good foglights. Glad to hear you like their headlamps too.

  56. M.M.L. says:

    Jason, I was wondering if I were to lower my 07 Tundra Dlb. cab (2″ front 4″ rear) does it effect the drive shaft in any way?

  57. Jason says:

    MML – If you have the crewcab or longbox doublecab, my recollection is that you need an additional part to correct the angle. Otherwise, the angle change is within tolerances.

  58. Dink says:

    Has anyone had an issue with a vibration at 1250-1500 RPM in first and second gear due to the flat pinion angle that the lowered Tundra has?? My 2011 Crewmax now has this vibration. Has anyone corrected theirs? If so what did you do? I lowered mine at 50 miles (new). I like the looks but the vibration is a bummer.

  59. rick says:

    I have a 07 tundra dbl cab 5.7L, i have been thinking of getting the tundra racing lowering kit but i tow a trailor about 5 days a week with it. Would this kit be a good idea considering how much i tow

  60. Dave Haney says:

    Rick, towing is no issue UNLESS the 5 inches you drop on the rear leaves the trailer out of level. Then you need to adjust the height of the ball. If you have a lot of tongue weight or add weight in the box then again I highly suggest adding the air springs. I aften tow a 28 foot cargo trailer and several other utility trailers as well. NEVER a problem. Dave

  61. Zakura says:

    I got a 2008 tundra 4X4 and I want to get the drop kit 2″ front and 5″ real with some 24″ wheels the ?? Is that is going to affect my towing by dropping the truck ?????

  62. Dave Haney says:

    Mine sure was not affected at all and I tow lots of different stuff. I might even say it seems to track better now. I did 2 and 5 with the airbags.

  63. Jason (Admin) says:

    Zakura – It wouldn’t effect the tow rating at all, but it might impact how the truck handles fully loaded. I’d guess that it’s more stable.

  64. augustine garza says:

    will this kit work for my 2010 regular cab 4 wheel drive tundra? thanks

  65. Jason (Admin) says:

    Augustine – Yes.

  66. M.M.L. says:

    If I have a Corsa exhaust, does the Tundra lowering kit interfere with it?

  67. Jason (Admin) says:

    MML – I don’t know if it will require you to move or bend your exhaust system, but that is a possibility. Call Tom at Tundra Racing and he might know the answer.

  68. Is alignment for the REAR needed with this kit?

    Anyone know of a ” GOOD ” shop near LA/OC in California that does install for this kit? Would be awesome if they do alignment also.


  69. Jason (Admin) says:

    Cantleaveitalone – No – at least we didn’t do one when we installed this kit…and I don’t remember that being listed on the instructions either.

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  71. […] within capabilities, or if it should be installed professionally. There's also a review of the kit here. Steve __________________ AIP Override/Bypass Instructions <– Block-Off Plate Drawings […]

  72. Rodney says:

    Can this kit be installed on a 2006 Tundra double cab.

  73. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rodney – Not sure. Ask them at TundraRacing.com

  74. Cliff Stallings says:

    I have a 2005 Double Cab,Would this kit fit my truck?Is it possible that lowering the truck might help fuel economy?

  75. Jason (Admin) says:

    Cliff – I don’t think this specific kit works on a Gen 1, but I know that TundraRacing.com made 1st Gen kits at one time.

    As for fuel economy, I’m not sure. I doubt it would do much…fundamentally the decrease in drag is probably minor.

  76. trd1 says:

    To Dink,

    You need pinion shims to correct your angle Ive got 2010 supercharged crewmax lowered with TR flip kit had same problem.
    Start with 2.5 degree see if it helps. I did try it it did help but I went with 4 degree and now its perfect. As well flip your Carrier bearing bracket 180 degree it will bring your shuft by about have inch.

    make sure when installing shims thicker part facing front of the vehicle

  77. […] instead of springs and have read good reviews. I appreciate your feedback. Thanx This is why Toyota Tundra Lowering Kit Review | Tundra Headquarters And the feedback from other guys on here (tundra solution) on this […]

  78. Steve says:

    Im looking to lower my 2011 tundra crewmax
    2″ front 4″ back. Whats the best and safest kit out there?

  79. Carlos Santana says:

    Hi I would like to know if by me dropping my 2008 4.7 4×4 tundra will be a problem and on 24″ wheels I do a lot of towing I tow a total of 6,000lb trailer and race car ?? Just want to be sure before I purchase this kit ?

  80. Jason (Admin) says:

    Steve – No way to answer that definitively, but I’d check out belltech and tundraracing kits.

    Carlos – No problems – it’s just an axle flip. Nothing really changes…in fact, it will tow better.

  81. Rembert says:


    I am looking for to lower/lift wireless system to my 2008 Tundra Crewmax 4×4 5.7 L V8. I know that there is already a way to do it for the rear (after mixing some part form different brands) but for the front looks like a like chalenging.
    Could you please provive some assistance?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Rembert – Sorry man, don’t know about any wireless systems. Sounds like a custom air suspension setup to me.

  82. Steve says:

    I have a 2011 Tundra Crewmax SR5 2WD. I want to lower it 2″ in front and 4″ in back I just need to know if the
    TR-2051/Short Tokico Rear Shocks is the best fit for it?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Steve – There are a few lowering shock options, including some from TRD. I would suggest looking for a set of 4 that meet all your requirements. If you’re looking for stiff handling, look for “sport” or “street” sets. If you’re looking for the same ride as your stock Tundra, than you want to go cheap.

  83. Dan says:

    I am buying the 2/4″ lowering kit for my 07 double cab 4×4 …I need to know if the change in camber will be adjusted out with the stock adjustments, or do I have to buy a separate camber adjustment kit, or use different control arms at the front? This kit is coming from Grunion Fabrication, and will have the Bilstein shortened shocks at the rear, FYI, to match the 6100’s up front.

    Thanx in advance


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Dan – Sounds like a question for Grunion Fabrication. I can only speak to the TundraRacing.com kit, and with their kit there’s no special camber kit or new arms required.

      • Anonymous says:

        jason, thanx for the info. I did contact Tundra Racing, who makes the kit and have been assured that no camber kit is necessary.

        Cheers and praise the lowered!


  84. Str8dwn says:

    Did you paint the front grille shell and bumper? Was it originally chrome?

  85. micah boyd says:

    I installed a 2\4 drop on my 2011 crew max with spindles and I’m on my third steering rack at 2000$ for each time and just went out again today. What could be the problem? Please HELP.

  86. Rick says:


    Are you affiliated with Sparks Toyota? Did you figure out the problem with your 2/4 drop kit and subsequent steering rack issue? I was going to order this kit but seeing the severity of your problem, i’m holding off.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Has Sparks stopped installing them? Please comment. Thanks.


  87. AJR says:

    Hi, I just bought a 2009 Tundra TRD Sport., what city is tundra racing in, when i click the link it comes back Error!!! any one have a phone number?

  88. Dan says:

    Tundra Racing 2243 West. 24th St. Panama City, Fl.

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