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Belltech Lowering Kit for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

When it came time to choose a suspension kit for our project Toyota Tundra, we knew that there was only one direction we wanted to go: down. To achieve a more dramatic look for our pickup we decided to install a Belltech Axle Flip Kit in combination with Belltech adjustable front struts and Street Performance shocks out back – a setup that Belltech positions as a complete lowering solution for the full-size Toyota truck.

Lowering Your Tundra With Drop Spindles

There are few ways to make a more striking style statement than to slam your pickup truck right to the ground. Trucks which have been lowered often have a menacing, predatory look that is at odds with the tall stance of most other pickups on the road. A dropped truck really stands out from the crowd.

Lowering your Tundra is a great way to improve handling and looks.

Lowering your Tundra is a great way to improve handling and looks.

When looking to lower your Toyota Tundra, you have no doubt run into suspension kits that make use of drop spindles. Drop spindles are one of several different methods that can be used to safely lower the ride height of your vehicle. These components raise the pin on the body of the spindle, which lowers the spindle body and drops the front end of a pickup truck. Since these pieces are completely bolt-in, they are a very simple way to lower a vehicle’s front end, and it can usually be done in a few hours in your own garage.

A Tundra Lowering Kit That Doesn’t Use Springs – A Review

Ya – that’s right. We’re reviewing a lowering kit for the 07-and-up Toyota Tundra that doesn’t use new springs to drop your Tundra. provided us with a rear leveling kit for a Tundra regular cab, along with the extra parts we needed to take the same Tundra down another 2″ (from level). That works out to about a 5″ drop in the rear, and about a 2″ drop in the front. The best part of this kit? The truck rides better dropped than it did stock!! Amazing!

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