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New Dodge Ram Hybrid Announced, Nissan-Built Titan Is Dead | Tundra Headquarters Blog

New Dodge Ram Hybrid Announced, Nissan-Built Titan Is Dead

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UPDATE: This story is no longer correct. When Chrysler filed bankruptcy in 2009, the partnership to develop Nissan pickups was dissolved. Nissan intends to debut their next-gen Titan in 2014, which will likely include an HD version with an available diesel engine.

…original story continued…

The new Nissan Ram!

There’s lots of exciting news that’s come out in the last two days from the Chrysler corporation. First of all, the Dodge Ram 1500 will be offered as a hybrid in 2010. Secondly, Chrysler and Nissan will be collaborating on future products – specifically Chrysler will be making the next Nissan Titan – basing it off the Ram. Check out the poorly photo-shopped picture to the right..

Ram Hybrid Notes:

  • The new Ram Hybrid will use the same battery pack and technology as the hybrid versions of the full size Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen.
  • The new Ram Hybrid will use a large NiMH battery pack in conjunction with the MDS (multi-displacement) 5.7 Hemi. That means it will run in 4-cylinder mode on the highway and in hybrid 8 cylinder mode in the city.
  • Based on that assessment, towing and hauling capacity – a normal limitation of hybrid vehicles – should be solid. Just don’t expect gas mileage to be substantially better while towing and hauling than the current Ram.
  • The hybrid Aspen/Durango is expected to rate at 19mpg city, 18mpg highway. The hybrid Ram should be about the same. Conservatively driven, you might be able to average 20mpg. Not bad for a full-size truck.

New Ram-based Nissan Titan Notes:

  • The new Titan will be based off the Dodge Ram and assembled at a Chrysler plant in Mexico.
  • According to the press release, the next gen Titan will be based off the Ram but will be “Nissan designed.” Considering the Ram’s recent redesign, we find that very hard to believe.
  • The new “Nissan Ram” – cough – Titan, will be released in 2011.
  • The current Nissan Titan plant in Canton, Mississippi will stop building the Titan in and will be re-tasked to build a new line of commercial trucks.

More and more, we’re thinking Toyota dropped the ball when they decided to kill the hybrid Tundra for the immediate future. When they backed off developing the hybrid Tundra for 2010-2011, they handed technological leadership off to their rivals. Perhaps the reasoning was that the new Tundra diesel will get 20mpg, therefore making a hybrid Tundra (assuming similar performance) unnecessary. That would support the theory that the new Tundra diesel will have a medium sized engine – about 4.5L. That would be the only way to get that kind of mileage. Still, if Toyota expects to maintain their lead in technology, they should be first to market.

As for the new Nissan Ram, we’re guessing there are a lot of really mad Nissan owners right now. Nissan has basically abandoned their own design – not a very good endorsement of the product. Titan owners – feel free to chime in.

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  2. Mickey says:

    That says that. problem is I get 22.5 mpg at 60 mph now. That’s a step back for a hybrid. This hybrid is starting to sound like GM hybrid on a Silverado which did nothing for gas mileage but it did have electrical sockets in the bed. Whoopie.

  3. admin says:

    Mickey – good point. That’s probably why Toyota killed the Tundra hybrid – it didn’t help much. Maybe the new diesel will really surprise everyone and get 20+ mpg.

  4. Jason says:

    Did we check the price of diesel lately? Next year it’s heading to $5 + a gal. I don’t think I would consider a diesel Tundra.

  5. Ron says:

    I am a big Chrysler fan — I own a custom PT Cruiser — as well as a Titan. The Titan is far and away superior in every way to the current Ram. Perhaps the 09 Ram will be an improvement, but I bought the Titan to be a “driveable” 3/4 ton truck — e.g. good steering and brakes, but can tow over 9,000 lb.– basically what the Tundra has become. I question going to coil springs in the rear — Chevy had this in the 70s and went back to leafs. Business is business, but jeez, if Chrysler wanted to do it right, they’d use the Titan as the basis for the Ram, not the other way around. As for the Tundra, its a great truck, fantastic marketing campaign. You’ve got the NASCAR crowd buying Toyotas! Congratulations. Two things, though — lose the hole in the top of the grille and ditch that silver dash!

  6. admin says:

    Ron – I’m not personally a fan of the top grille myself. As for the Titan going bye-bye, it’s a real disappointment. Nissan’s truck was class-leading for a few years, and it was (and is) comparable to most other half tons. But, like they say, business is business. Thanks for commenting.

  7. joe says:

    if the titan was any thing to talk about they would not be turning to dodge to build them a truck and if it is any thing to ride home about they might be able to sell one there sell tell it all what a pice of you know what of a truck

  8. Butch says:

    This is sad… Nissan cant even come up with a new design idea, much less new powerplant ideas to run there little Foreign Princesses. I for one am a Dodge Man, and to be honest, i am highly Embarrassed to think that a AMERICAN made engine and an AMERICAN made platform is going into, not only a competitor to Chrysler, but a FOREIGN made truck. It sounds to me like this truck is going to be 99.9% Chrysler and.01% Nissan (Nissan Logos, Badges, etc.) I can understand that this will help Chrysler out financially, but come on, really? Just think, Both the Dodge Brothers and Walter P. Chrysler would all roll over in their graves if they heard this nonsence.

  9. Butch – Good points – it’s a shame fest all the way around. The funniest part is that these thinly-veiled re-badged vehicles are rarely successful. Nissan is one step closer to getting out of the full-size truck business for sure, especially once consumers learn they can go buy a “Nissan Titan” at their local Dodge dealer for a lot less money (as is almost sure to be the case).

    • chuck. d. says:

      Anyone who thinks that the Nissan full size truck will fail is completely retarted!! Nissan trucks are not only more reliable than dodge trucks or any other truck for that matter. The Nissan titan is also a much better looking and more powerful truck compared to any other on the market!!! Get real people!!!

  10. ITRedneck says:

    I am actually a little disappointed in Nissan. I have never been much of a Dodge/Chrysler fan. They have had some gems, but have also had serious quality issues on others. Current financial positions of each company lend credit to the belief that Nissan is throwing a bone to Chrysler. Chrysler is on the edge of Bankruptcy and as part of the deal to farm out the Titan to Dodge, Nissan is going to be building a compact ride for Chrysler to sell both domestically and internationally. I currently own a Nissan Frontier and chose is over every other compact/midsize truck on the market for many reasons. Primary was power to fuel efficiency. I agree with Butch that the Dodge will probably cost less, but that will not stop people from buying the Nissan. GMC trucks are typically more expensive than their Chevy siblings for the “same” model, but you still see lots of GMC trucks on the road. All we can do is wait and see what falls out by 2010.

  11. Mickey says:

    From what I hear from other Titan owners is that they going to get rid of their trucks but at a reduced cost because of Chrysler taking over it. They loss value and none of them want part of Dodge or Chrysler. Like IT said we will have to wait and see.

  12. ITRedneck – Love that name “ITRedneck” – very good. I would like to borrow it sometime! 🙂 The point you make about the GMC vs. Chevy is very good, and to be honest it’s always mystified me. The two trucks are identical, but GMC owners usually say that the “GMC parts are better” – BS. A Chevy is a Chevy. Still, it works out for GM. My guess is that with the Titan’s already dismal sales, the “new” Titan won’t be much better. Not only with the Ram be available for less money (at least that’s my belief), but the typical Nissan customer isn’t interested in owning a Chrysler product. GMC and Chevy owners don’t have a reason to dislike each other, but Nissan (who has been making quality cars and trucks for years) owners aren’t big fans of Chrysler products (who haven’t been making quality vehicles for most of the last 40 years). I don’t think this one is going to fly – and I would suggest people steer clear of the new Titan too. The resale value on that truck is going to stink when Nissan discontinues it in a few years.

  13. charlie says:

    I am absoultey disgusted on the new titan becoming a ram. I think the titan has been the top truck the last couple of years. And now they are getting gay dodge engines and crappy ram features. I will never own the new nissan tiram. Absouluety disgusting nissan has done this. Mayb though no one will like it which im sure will happen and they will go back with the old titan. That would be sweet.

  14. charlie – My guess is that Nissan is out of the full-size truck market. They recently announced they’re going to wait to bring out the Ti-Ram until the market improves…that usually means it’s all over. Long live the Titan.

  15. Gabedaman says:

    Nobody will miss the Titan. It has been a piece of crap all along. Nissan would greatly benifit if the new Titans had a HEMI. Guess you must admit the old addage, “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

  16. mark says:

    I had a dodge diesel. loved the look and the diesel. gobs of power and great mileage. thing is that it broke down too much. small stuff. not that great engine but traveling at odd hours far from home like I did the wife insisted that I sell it before the warrenty was up. So I did. bought a titan and like the look, love the locking rear dif., ride and fit and finish but hate the mileage. I was exited to hear when dodge was going coil sprung and that a half ton was getting a diesel but knew the wife would never let me get another american car. I plan on getting the titan (dodge) diesel when it comes out but wonder how long it will take to start falling apart like all of our american made cars have. she will then know it is not a nissan but another one of our American made pieces of

  17. Muddboggin07 says:

    well, the new ram is nice, and only time will tell how these “new” rams hold up in quality, which i must admit they have been getting their stuff together(marginally) especially when compared to 1991-2001 models and the interior is a little more top notch dare i say, plus if titans come out with the lifetime warranty as well, it may also help out. Keep in mind how this is nissans first shot at a full size truck in the U.S. remember how toyota and dodge started out, a long time ago but no one gets it right the first time. This may help the titan if and only if they use there own TITAN interior and exterior but just the dodge powertrain, and they will have to market it much much more, i rarely see any titan comercials now, so… not to mention they will have to compete pricewise with the big three now…

  18. Muddboggin07 – I have to say that I think the Titan is going away. Dodge and Nissan canceled their deal, and I doubt Nissan has spent any time or money re-designing the truck. Perhaps they continue to make the same design, but I can’t imagine them being competitive without a major reinvestment.

  19. Julio says:

    Ok I’ve had enough of u ppl bad mouthin the dodge ram 09-10 buddy they are the truck of the year best engine in any market ( do the research ppl hemi is top ten best engines in the world) Name me one thing a ford150 is better then a ram or even the Cummings deisal! Most of u ppl should know Chrysler is out of bankrupcy fiat has a deal wit us cause I am an employee of Chrysler I know our shit! In 2012 toyota and Nissan are gonna beg on their knees to Gm and chrysler cause look now ppl Gm is building Toyota tundra Deisal their diesals are dermaax ! Dodge is givin th attritbutes to Nissan Titan! Anyone who chooses a Asian truck or a ford don’t know shit bout trucks! Remember 390 hp and 407 lb of tourqe and tows 11k Not even a Tandra stands a chance against the new dodge! U Guys don’t know nothin just wait and see ppl! Dodge is already ownin the trucking market as we speak! Freakin haters dodge owns!!

  20. Jeremy says:

    My F-150 was the TOTY last year, tows more, and isn’t owned by the Gov’t. The Dodge HD got TOTY this year because it was the only re-designed pickup of the year. Oh, and BTW, I am not loyal to any brand, I shop for what I consider the best. Dodge is nowhere near the top of the list (in fact, overall after looking I ranked it one above last, that spot belonged to the Titan)

  21. Jason says:

    Jeremy – The F150 is definitely top-notch and worth a look for sure.

  22. Mickey says:

    One thing I have to say there Julio, why is it that Dodge was the only negative in sales? That’s the wrong direction in making or claiming ownership of the truck market.

  23. nate says:

    From expericence I can tell you F series are dogs. I’m proud to say I just traded a 09 F_150 after putting 48k on it. At 39K my instument cluster went out for a cheap $1231 that had the be programmed from the factory resulting in waiting a week. I have a 4k boat and I was not impressed. I’m glad the I got rid of it. The Dodge seems to be a better platform and more stable towing that both Toyota or Ford. After the problems with the so called top quailty producing manfacture, I will not buy anther. I think its all a hype and really doesn’t mean anything. Power has never been a issue with a hemi.
    Do we really want to go down the who out saleing who game. I believe only one has halted sales due to a inferior product.

  24. Mickey says:

    Yes and only one has been bailed out twice too.

  25. nate says:

    With your taxes dollars. I sleep fine at night. Why does it always go to the childish comments. I personally didn’t want to take the chance of a truck needing the frame replaced among other issues. I’m very happy with my purchase and I hope you are too. Happy Easter.

  26. Mickey says:

    Nate where does the childish comment come in at? Is it where I state you were bailed out twice or when you state Toyota is inferior or when you stae about the frame? I guess it’s okay for you but no one else? More stable towing? Than Ford or Toyota you are stretching that quite a bit. Yes I sleep fine at night also. I guess you don’t pay taxes by your comment. Now that’s childish. The fact you have to pay for GM too.

  27. Sergeant says:

    I personally like the Titan a lot, it suits my needs just fine. I love the fact that I can fit three car seats in the back without having to drive hugging the steering wheel. There is no question that the hemi is a kickin’ engine, it is the dodge transmission that is usually the problem and has been for a very long time. I don’t want to see the Titan go anywhere and it rubs me the wrong way to see Chrysler selling out again, its just so wrong. But maybe Nissan will put a Japanese quality on the the TiRam and it could actually be a darn good truck with the Hemi engine and anything other than the vexed Chrysler trans, or dare I pray that somebody put a Cummins in a truck that can do it some justice. Again lets just see how it turns out.

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