2016 Toyota Back To The Future Tacoma Photo Gallery

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Want to see more of that 2016 Toyota Back To The Future Tacoma? Check out this photo gallery!

NHassler_BTTFTacoma_01_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_02_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_03_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_04_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_05_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_06_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_07_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_08_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_09_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_10_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_11_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_12_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_13_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_14_550 NHassler_BTTFTacoma_15_550

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  1. DJ says:

    that’s really pretty cool, dig the old school accessories! This is what Toyota pickup’s looked like when so many fell in love with them.

    Reminds me of that comparison of how little these trucks have actually changed in 25 years!

  2. GoBig says:

    My 1985 Toyota Pickup is still my only vehicle. It’s been running strong for thirty years. The 22RE was (and is) an amazing motor.

    • DJ says:

      22RE is one of the most reliable motors ever made!

      they’re under powered especially at altitude but regardless I drove mine hard for 180k with no issues. Dad still has one in his 1986 4Runner he drives daily, never had a major repair on either.

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