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2016 Toyota Back To The Future Tacoma Photo Gallery

Want to see more of that 2016 Toyota Back To The Future Tacoma? Check out this photo gallery!

Did Toyota Hit the Mark on the 2016 Tacoma?

Now that the hub-bub over the 2016 Toyota Tacoma has died down a bit, we are left wondering if the truck hits the right mark in the midsize truck market. This site, like many journalists, is split on how Toyota did. Site founder┬áJason Lancaster thinks it is “another underwhelming truck from Toyota,” while Editor Tim Esterdahl thinks the truck hits the mark since the midsize customer is different. Let’s have a debate, shall we?

Did Toyota Hit the Mark on the 2016 Tacoma?

Taking a second look at the 2016 Toyota Tacoma, we debate if they hit the mark.

2016 Toyota Tacoma First Drive Live

Just a quick note, our 2016 Toyota Tacoma first drive is live over at Check it out!

2016 Toyota Tacoma First Drive Live

Newsflash: the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is bad ass.

2014 Denver Auto Show Recap – Tundra Frame Changes?

I was recently at the  2014 Denver Auto show for the media days. Between eating and drinking too much, I learned a few things. Here is a recap.

I found this Tundra TRD PRO sitting next to the Tacoma and 4Runner. What’s interesting is this truck is the same one used in the videos and it is the same one which was unveiled in Chicago. Apparently, there really is only one Tundra TRD PRO in the world. I climbed underneath and you could see all the dirt and how much Toyota has beat this truck up testing it. I hear the testing period is over and they are making final adjustments before it goes to production. Look for it in the fall.