Quick Mod – 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Grille

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Looking for quick modifications idea for your Toyota Tundra. How about swapping in the really cool looking TRD PRO Grille? It really changes the look.

Quick Mod - 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Grille

Looking for a quick and easy modification to your Toyota Tundra? Pick up a TRD Pro grille.

When the Toyota Tundra TRD PRO came out, the forums, Facebook groups and other online communities blew up with people wanting to buy the grille. Recently, we came across a post on Facebook with the grille swapped.

Quick Mod - 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Grille

After an unfortunate run in with a turkey, a new grille was needed.

Matt Munksgard didn’t initially plan to swap the grille. Yet, after hitting a turkey, it was time for a new grille. Instead of swapping out for the same Limited grille, he put in a TRD Pro Grille and the results speak for themselves.

Quick Mod - 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO Grille

Swapping out the grille is pretty straightforward. Find the bolts, remove them and swap out the parts.

You can find these grilles online and at Toyota certified dealers. We did some quick research and found prices range from $300-500. FYI – TRDshop.com currently has it on sale for $270.

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  1. Randy says:

    Any word about the turkey?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      LOL Randy.

      I asked Matt. Here is what he said:

      It didn’t make it. It’s in the ditch with the pieces of my grill. No turkey sandwiches for me.

  2. Bob Easterday says:

    Out here where I run, Turkeys are like rats on wings. They’re everywhere and into everything.

  3. Aedgyth says:

    Hi Taco Man..How good to see you!! I don’t think your going to get any insurance less than 150 a month. That soudns really good for a teenager. I am so glad you still have that car and are taking good care of it. My hubby had a old Toyota truck and it lasted 250,000 miles and when he sold it..it was still running. You pray and God will bless you. You probably know how to take that baby apart and put it together again. Keep everything New and it will be good to you. 16 years old Happy Birthday to this age ,where did the years go. God Bless you and keep you safe out there on the road and always look out for the next guy and never go 5 miles over the speed limit and you will never have to use that insurance. Hope your walk with God is still strong and growing. Remember always to put Him first above anything on Earth .He will bless you for this. See you here and there. Love in Christ..missleslie

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