2014 Tundra Rumor – No Major Exterior Changes?

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According to a post on TundraSolutions, an employee at an Indianapolis area dealership claimed to have seen some preliminary images of the 2013/2014 Tundra. The employee said that the next-generation Tundra will have only minor exterior changes, with slight modifications to the grille and tail lights.

2014 Tundra Rumor - No Major Exterior Changes?

Will the 2014 Tundra only have minor styling updates or will it be a more substantial change?

It’s certainly possible that Toyota would make only incremental changes to the truck’s appearance, but that’s not what we’ve heard, nor does that jive with some previously published news from the Wall Street Journal that indicated Toyota would be going with “more traditional styling.”

Still, rumors from dealership sources have proven to be accurate in the past, and it stands to reason that some Toyota dealers have seen some early images of the upcoming Tundra (in fact, it’s pretty common for Toyota to give dealers vehicle previews a full year in advance of their launch date). The reasons we’re inclined to think that the next Tundra will have substantial styling changes are:

  • The Tundra’s current design is a bit polarizing, so there’s no harm in changing it
  • The newest fuel economy regulations effectively encourage manufacturers to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and decrease vehicle size, and obviously these changes will impact style
  • We know Toyota has completely turned over design to Toyota USA, and the head of this design team is on record calling for styling changes. “Bold” styling changes, in fact.

The rumor on TundraSolutions also indicated that engine changes would be minor, sort of like the recent Rav4 upgrade. This jives with what we’ve heard – as you can see on our official 2013/2014 Tundra page, we’ve been told that at least one engine in the next-gen Tundra will have direct injection.

Other than styling and engine changes, we anticipate a whole host of different changes driven by consumer requests. For a full list of what we think will be changed, check our 2014 Tundra – What to Expect Post.

What do you think – will the next-gen Tundra be significantly restyled, or will it look a lot like the current model? Also, would keeping the same styling be a bad thing?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wait….. A dealership employee in Indiana???

    I’ll wait for more reliable info from Torrance California.

    Dealership employee????????????

    • allan blake says:

      i would to the cover like the avalanche

    • Bill says:

      Why California? The Tundra’s are built in San Antonio Texas.

    • Boats says:

      Im a previous dealership employee from Socal, that has trained in torrance and irvine. New Tundra: redesign, traditional styling, possible diesel engine (not from hino) direct injection on gassers, and possible new frame, 3/4-1 ton variants possible. Rep was super hush hush though.

  2. KMS says:

    I don’t mind the exterior, it’s the freaking instrument cluster that needs serious work IMO. The tunnel gauges are a PITA.

  3. Mickey says:

    It wouldn’t bother me abit if they did minor changes. All I expect is real guages that show numbers vice C-H or L-H.

  4. mk says:

    What RAV4 engine upgrades?

    I’d like direct injection if it means not decreasing much, if any, hp/torque and also increasing fuel economy 1-2 mph. Tundra needs to uncheapen some interior and exterior items that I have noticed in all of 2 of them I have had since 2007 and still have in 2012. I like the design and function of the truck and engine/tranny, but we are 2-4 mpg behind the Big 3 and expect Toyota to do something about that for sure. Toyota is suppose to lead the industry in fuel economy and the gas guzzling tundra and others with 5.7L engine is hurting their fuel economy standards. I think a freshened dash and better more fuel efficient slightly designed engine will be good enough for me along with a decent tailgate that doesn’t dent. They need to have better paint and rust protection also.

  5. Mickey says:

    According to my sticker I get 20mpg on hwy and 17mpg city. I get 20-22mpg on hwy and I get 17.5mpg in city. I still don’t see the paint issue. I have 132,500 miles on my truck. It’s close to 5 years old and the paint still is fine. The paint is no different than the 06 Chevy I had. I also thought you didn’t want the fancy gizmo’s?

  6. KMS says:

    I can’t complain about as mileage. I got the 5.7L for the hp and towing, not expecting Camry like mileage, LOL. With that said I really can’t complain. On the interstate doing 65-70 I usually get pretty close to 20mpg anyways. It’s the city driving that dogs the mpg. As far as paint goes, I have yet to see anymore issue with a Tundra than any other vehicle I’ve owned. I do agree that the dash, especially the instrument cluster, is in need of a serious revamp. To me that is where Toyota missed the mark the most.

  7. mk says:

    Yah, I don’t want the fancy gizmos, just that the tundra is falling behind the big 3 in terms of fuel economy on all the big 3 by about 2-4 mpg according to the EPA. That should not be that hard to achieve 2-3 more mpg better for 2014 newly redesigned tundras coming late 2013. Paint and rusting were issues more so in 2007 and 2008 tundras and hope it stays in the past. Tundra also needs a true rear locking rear differential and Auto 4wd would be nice also.

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  9. Mickey says:

    Agree with the locking rear diff.

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  13. asd says:

    I just sold my current truck in anticipation for the next tundra model design – also to save a little more. If the shape is not improved or changed significantly, I will buy a GMC.

  14. asd says:

    toyota should put out a luxury truck under Lexus and compete with the escalade- sell them as limited numbers, see if anyone bites. I have a Sierra Denali 6.2 liter and have tested a Ford Rapter 6.2 also. The power off the line of the Tundra 5.7 is a lot more responsive and has more torque it seems – tested from a friends tundra. Competition is great, it makes everyone improve and the consumer gets to pick the best.

  15. erik says:

    This is my take Toyota has already changed certain bit’s on the tundra lineup and a groundbreaking new Tundra is in store for 2014. I doubt Toyota would keep a design this long but times have changed now so It might save them the money.
    This is what I do know Toyota is going to have to pull some weight off the 3 generation Tundra for better Mpg that is changing due to new Caft standards that is a requirement . For these reasons Toyota is going to have to change out the Tundra and Incorporate new features that save Fuel.

  16. Mike S. says:

    If they don’t substantially change the Blundra I’m not interested. I was hoping for 2014 they would redesign the ugliest truck on the road starting from the frame to the horrible dash and rusty bumpers.

    The overblown steroid look is just plain ugly. They also need a 6.5′ bed on the Crewmax. They already have the frame with the Ext. Cab longbed.
    The F150 has so many more features and a 6.5′ bed not to mention it looks 10 times better.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Mike – It’s getting a new look that’s supposedly “more traditional.” Maybe you’ll like it.

      • Jay T says:

        Mike’s opinion on the “ugly” the Tundra looks is his only. Nobody complains about the looks of mine. In fact, it looks a lot better with some modifications than the Ford or Chevy.

    • the man says:

      Mike, Tundra is way better than F150. From the look to the resale value. 10 Times better? Really? The Tundra will outlast a Ford hands down. Rusty Bumpers? Never Seen one on the road with rusty Bumpers. Anyway you are mad because you took a drive in a Tundra are mad at yourself and u suck

    • Anonymous says:

      The f150 is also a pos…Slow gutless and unreliable

  17. ATX89 says:

    Drove Chevy’s for 25 yrs and just bought a 2012 Tundra CrewMax and am loving it. Better mileage than my chevy’s, better interior, and better looking. Test drove new Chevy and GMCs along with Ford. Fords have and will always look like boxes that ride like a beat to crap work truck. Chevy’s ride better, but have updated absolutely nothing since 2007. Their 2014 concept trucks look like…….wait for it…..a Tundra!!!!

  18. Trey says:

    The tundra needs a complete exterior remodel. It must also have a 6.5 ft bed with the crew max. Tow rating needs to be bumped up to 12K and the payload needs to be 1800 pounds. Larger gas tank for those of us that tow. I only get 175 miles range when towing our 31 ft travel trailer. They were so close to meeting the needs of most truck owners with the current tundra, but they just missed the mark. The above items will bring them a huge increase and sales and I will be the first to drop what I have and buy the 2013 Tundra.

  19. jeff says:

    I tell you what, i have a 08 crew, best truck ive owned, i have 357,000 miles on it and no complaints… a little p.m. and just last week i lost my first alternator. i would buy another one for sure.

  20. the man says:

    I think Mike needs more Cranberry Juice and a reality check. He is behind the times when it comes to trucks. I have had chevy and Ford. F150 is only the best selling truck in the nation because of the great discounts Ford gives to companies that need work trucks. Thats all. Tundra is not Boring to drive. The guages are fine. They do what they are supposed to do guage! The tailgate doesnt slam down when you open it either. Cool feature. I have a sunroof and also my back window powers all the way down. Ford? nope slide manually. I love the Tundra and will never ever buy another unless its a tundra. Power is rockin’ and if you want 20-25 more horse power and better fuel economy…spend 250-300 on a ram air intake DUH

  21. G-Man says:

    I spoke to a rep from Torrance when I was working at a dealership, he was very hush hush about it. This was early this year btw, but supposedly Toyota has been looking at several diesel manufacturers for a diesel power plant (sounded like the 4.5l or Hino wasn’t in the plans). It sounded like they were still in the R&D but he said there is going to be a redesign on the new tundra. Exterior and Interior will be changed, it will have a more boxy style to it “traditional” and there were at the time many ideas floating around for the new Gen, but Looks like Diesel is more of a 50/50 by what he said. DFI is definitely going to accompany the engines.

    • G-Man,

      We have heard the same rumors about diesel for a while. Surprising that he didn’t think the Hino wasn’t an option since it looks like a quick adaptation. We have heard about direct injection since many different manufactures are considering the same thing. It will be interesting to see if Toyota ever comes out with a diesel.

      Here is our story on the Hino option:
      Turbo-Diesel Preview for Toyota Tundra?


      • G-Man says:

        It is unlikely that there would be a diesel hybrid Tundra, first is cost of manufacturing, 2nd sales- Toyota and we know that a hybrid diesel will not sell in a huge quantity and to get it developed is going to cost way too much. Outsourcing would be less expensive than Toyota designing a new engine for the Tundra. It sounded like CAT and International were prominent choices for the new Tundra. Let’s hope this new one comes in Diesel and fully boxed frame at the minimum.

        • G-Man,

          I think the rumors of diesels and even hybrid diesels will continue to circulate though. Especially, in the future when we could see a compact turbo diesel pickup.

          While, I agree that a diesel Tundra is far-fetched, I am not ruling it out. Toyota recently disclosed they are reconsidering their future engine lineup. Let’s see where that takes us.

  22. jim p says:

    i have a dark blue tundra truck 2007 (hate the color) make a lighter blue ,like the tacoma blue for 2014. I would trade in a minute.

  23. Ford Man says:

    2011 and newer fords are not gutless. toyotas have a good strong engine (sounds like a diesel), other than that they suck

    • KMS says:

      Sounds like a diesel????? If you say so LOL.

      As far as the “they suck” comment, that’s pretty vague. Toyota definitely missed the boat in a couple of areas, especially the dash with those tunnel gauges. But as trucks go they’re pretty solid.

      I’m just looking forward to seeing the changes for 2014.

  24. MC2 says:

    Family works at Toyota HQ (high level) and the new Tundra change is considered a “major/minor” revision. What it boils down to is a newly designed front end from the windshield forward. The Diesel option is still probably a year or two out.

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