2014 Tundra – What To Expect

Over the next few months and years, we’ll be adding content to this page about the next major Tundra re-design to debut, projected to be a 2014 model available in 2013. What follows below is projected enhancements, categorized as definite, likely, and possible.

» NOTE: Looking for info on the 2013/2014 Tacoma? Check out this post about Direct Injection in the 2013/2014 Tacoma

Please bookmark this post as it will be updated regularly. Last updated March 25,2012.

Definite Enhancements

1. Larger fuel tank. Based on comments from Toyota engineer Mike Sweers (the man currently in charge of designing and developing the next generation Tundra) in this Wall Street Journal article, we know that the new truck will have a larger fuel tank.

2. More traditional styling. From the same article above, we learn that the truck will have a more traditional and aggressive truck like look. Hopefully, we’ll see a glimpse of this new look in the next year or two on a Toyota concept.

3. More aerodynamics and a lower ride height. One of the easiest ways to improve truck fuel economy is to reduce the ride height a little bit as well as flatten the underside the vehicle. The trick is doing these things without impacting ground clearance.

4. New dash. This is almost a foregone conclusion. While we may still see the over-sized knobs, we’ll definitely see better quality materials, new gauges, and a modified layout.

5. Direct injection. A source has confirmed that the 2014 Tundra will be offered with at least one direct injection engine. It’s unknown as to whether this will be the same direct injection V6 that is added to the 2014 Tacoma or direct injection for the 4.6L & 5.7L. Here’s to hoping it’s all three. Direct gasoline injection is a great way to improve fuel economy – it’s estimated that it can improve gas mileage from 5-10%, depending on the engine. (NOTE: We’ve heard from less reliable sources that Toyota will replace the 4.6L V8 with a smaller turbocharged V6…but this is still very much speculation.)

Likely Enhancements

1. Variable valve lift. Variable valve timing (VVT) is commonplace, but variable valve lift is still a newer feature on most vehicles. Toyota, long a fan of VVT, currently has a couple of engines running a variable-valve lift system. This should make it’s way into all Toyota vehicles in by the middle of the decade.

2. Electric steering. Hydraulic steering pumps are less efficient than electric motors. GM and Ford both plan to move this into their full-size trucks soon, and Toyota will likely follow. In fact, this will be a common feature industry wide.

3. Weight reduction. Toyota will definitely be emphasizing a lower curb weight in the next generation Tundra. However, what they will do to reduce weight is to be determined. It could be that we’ll see a composite pickup bed (similar to the Tacoma), increased use of high-strength steel (which is lighter albeit more expensive), and more expensive sound-deadening materials that dampen road noise without adding weight.

4. New frame design. Between the Tundra frame rust fiasco and complaints about harsh ride and bed bounce, the current Tundra’s frame is a weak spot in many consumer’s eyes. While it’s true that Toyota’s frame is similar in design to heavy-duty trucks offered by GM and Ford, the fact of the matter is that the current frame doesn’t have a good reputation. Look for Toyota to come up with something new.

5. Integrated trailer brake controller. If this feature isn’t already an option, it will be by 2014. Here’s to hoping it comes along sooner.

6. Engine stop-start. This system shuts off the engine at stop lights and then quickly restarts when it’s time to go. It’s a pretty good idea, it saves fuel, and the technology has been around for years. Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota executive VP in charge of R&D, has been quoted as saying that stop-start will be added to select products. Considering the amount of fuel used during idle by a big V8 – and considering the special allowance for stop-start systems in the most recent set of CAFE regulations – stop-start seems like a logical addition to the Tundra.

7. A new smaller and more efficient V6. Toyota is bringing out a replacement to the 4.0L V6 in the Tundra and Tacoma – the only question is when.

Possible Enhancements

NOTE: These items are based on informed speculation…but speculation none the less.

1. A diesel version of the half-ton Tundra. Once again, rumors of a diesel half-ton Tundra are picking up steam. While we’re highly skeptical, this is added to the list of “possibles.”

2. A Turbocharged V6 to replace the 4.6L V8. Based on the success of the EcoBoost F150 and comments from a handful of Toyota execs, Toyota seems likely to add a turbo-charged engine to the Tundra line-up at some point. Our best guess is that it will be a turbo-charged version of the new direct injection V6 that debuts in the Tundra and Tacoma. But will it be ready for 2014? Probably not. 2016 seems more likely.

3. More configuration options. We’ve been told that Toyota recognizes the Tundra’s limited configurations hamper sales – especially fleet sales. If Toyota allowed customers to pick and choose options, they could probably gain some sales. Initially, this seemed likely to be addressed in the redesign. However, recent conversations indicate that the next generation Tundra will likely have the same number of limited options that the current generation has.

4. A Hybrid Tundra is guaranteed, but it’s unlikely it will debut prior to 2016.

Unlikely Enhancements

1. HD version. An HD Tundra will not debut in 2014 – the future of the HD truck is still very much unknown, in fact, and may never be built.

2. 6.5′ bed on crew cabs. This option has been desired by a few in the comments section, but our source says it’s off the table.

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  1. TXTee says:

    Sounds good. Can’t wait to see some pics. I almost wonder why it won’t change until late 2013 though. Most change every 5 years but Toyota does 7 when even Lexus does 5.

    • paul says:

      I have a 2013 Tundra. It’s awesome. I put a 6″ pro comp lift on it witg 18″ wheels and 35’s.

    • tom says:

      Unfortunately the Tundra is a truly lightweight product – its frame is a durability disaster with three separate and distinct frame construction styles welded together – it is not fully boxed and is designed in such a way that it will sag with use because the transitions are just under the cab for the three types of the build.Since we’ve already had three iterations of this product we can only conclude that Toyota is unable to build a world class full-sized truck and the new version will be just as underwhelming (and overhyped) as the last one. Toyota best just take Chevrolets and rebadge them – both companies build awful trucks that aren’t even competitive anymore (even considering new models).

      • todd says:

        Really ? I have been in costruction for 35 yrs. and use my trucks for work and play and carry roughly 750 – 1000 lbs in the bed at all times .I am currently on my 11th toyota truck and have lived from Alaska to Florida and all climates in between ,i have never missed a days work because my wasn’t running in 35 yrs. and not a one of them has had a part fail or stop working.

        Build me a domestic that will do that and not turn into a rattle box after 5000 miles and i’ll buy domestic again.

        PS ex chev dodge and ford owner

        • Chuck D says:

          You tell em Todd!! 😉

        • Keith says:

          Right on Todd. I don’t know where this guy is coming from but I am on my second Tundra SR5 and have no complaints. My only regret is that I traded the 2010 for the 2013! Anybody out there with a Tundra less than 3 years old better keep it. The 2013 is the same truck. After I took delivery of the 2013 I found out the 2014 is coming with a new look. Now I am 84 months away from getting me one. Damn!

        • Andrew says:

          So in 35 years you’ve gone through 11 Toyota trucks? And considering that 35 years ago, even 20 years ago, the Toyota’s were absolute junk that no sane person would use in construction as they only had the half size trucks, I’m taking that to mean you’ve gone through that many Toyotas in just the past 20 yrs? So you’re going through trucks every 2 years? Why if they are so great? I’ve got a ’97 manual transmission Ford with 300,000 miles that I’ve never done anything but change the oil on. And I have ridden it hard. I mean hard. At this point I’ve stopped even caring about the body after all the dings and scratches I’ve given it driving through heavy brush. This truck has been on countless hunting excursions, countless construction projects and other labor tasks. Blue Book says my truck is basically worthless at this point, my tires are worth more, but she keeps going strong. I’ll drive her until she dies. I’m keeping my eye out on the upcoming trucks for the day she eventually dies. I refuse to buy Chevy because of the bailouts, so that leaves me with Ford and Toyota. I’d love to be able to realistically consider Toyota, but I have not heard of anybody getting the kind of long-term reliability out of them that is typical with the Fords. And where are the 3/4 and 1 tons? Where is the diesel? To me a company that can’t compete in this market can’t possibly know what they are doing with the half tons either.

          • Anonymous says:


            I agree with everything you said…I love the new look of the 2014/2015 Ford (If they will release it)…Awesome looking front end…and probably with all the bells and whistles…Dodge Ram has a Air Ride and with the New Ford, I’m hope Toyota will up their game…2014 Tundra will be nice…But lacking all the tech and ride the others offer…I love all of bells and whistles…and it would be nice if Toyota had a 3/4 or 1 ton…and yes a diesel…You would think Toyota isn’t Committed to the truck market…They have their foot in the door but aren’t willing to put in/go all out and make a truck(s) that are show stoppers…

            But I do remember the F150’s that caught fire…the years of problems that were not addressed…The Chevy too…Problems with the front end that they said there wasn’t a problem…But then they replaced the whole front end and offered a 100k warranty on the new trucks…

            Your Ford is a keeper I wouldn’t give up that, one in a million, that they happened to get right…But I never had a Toyota that had a problem…I’ve only had two…My 4-runner had 275k before I replaced the clutch…My 2009 Hybrid Camry I have only changed the oil and antifreeze…and I have 134,000 miles on it…Please note my brother works for GM for the last 19 years in the recall dept…I have a direct line of truth to all the BS coming from them…I found out all about the closing of a lot of the dealers/repair shops before it happen…GM cleaned house…I will buy a 2014 Tundra…probably towards the end of the year when they come out with the 2015 and I can get the 2014 with zero percent financing…

            There is something to say about need less repairs…Meaning; When you purchase a vehicle you shouldn’t pay more for owning it…wear and maintenance but not for problems with their product…I was looking into buying a new AMG…160k…I looked it up with consumers report…There S series has so many problems over the years…Its a great car but I don’t want to pay for their design problems…I looked up Lexus LS460…What a awesome car…You can buy that car and figure on not pay for any mistakes…it has a great track record…Repairs…Now it isn’t a Mercedes but sooner or later seeing the AMG in the repair shop is going to kill you…and That goes the same for the Audi’s…Good luck…

          • JEL says:

            I’ve had three tundras including one Gen1 and they have been used but taken care of. They are good trucks based on my experience regardless of what someone might state that has never owned or lived with one.

      • Brenda says:


        We have a 2007 Tundra Crewmax Limited and have loved it from day one. It is not sagging and we have used it to tow our 27′ pull-behind travel trailer with no problem. This truck has 4 wheel drive and came in handy while we were on a job assignment in Colorado for a year. You talk about plentiful leg room in the back seat, it’s more room than the Ford F-Series pickups. We have less than 53,000 miles on it and have since payed it off. Our Tundra still looks showroom new and we get compliments on it all the time. As for performance, she can still outrun, outlast and out perform a Dodge, Ford, Chevy and GM truck any day. So if you think the domestic automakers have a better product, you just keep supporting them. As for me, I’ll stick with the Toyota Tundra Crewmax. Depending on how much they have changed from 2007, we may be purchasing a 2014.

      • Bob says:

        The tundra out performs all the us built pieces of shit produced by ford Chevy and dodge

      • Anonymous says:

        Your knowledge of fame construction is laughable. Since we can easily conclude you are a Ford or Dodge guy since you blasted the others. You would be wise to look at either company and notice when you leave the weak 1500 series trucks (pick your brand of choice) you also do NOT get a fully boxed frame!! So wait the heavier duty trucks that can carry and tow more, don’t fully box their frame?? Uhhh NO!!! it actually just cheaper…
        So when the Tundra pulled the space shuttle weighing in at 292,500 lbs it probably would fell apart if it was such a light weight truck.. It would be nice if peoples own brainwashed biases were left at home and we dealt with actual facts here.

      • Kirk says:

        Tom, from what planet do you come….. I have a 2007 Tundra Crewmax with 265k miles and it still outperforms new trucks from the competition. I have friends with trucks from the competition that are with theirs second and third transmissions. I carry 1800 pounds day after day and haul at least 10k pounds.

        • Kirk,

          Quick question, how does the payload capacity work for you when you are carrying and towing that much? Are you at the max payload and towing?


          • Troy says:

            Tim just to let you know I have an 07 tundra and loaded it with 3018 lbs from 84 lumber and drove it down I-10 at 80 mph with no problems.

      • Scott says:

        You downgraded Toyota. Lets see….I have a 2005 Tundra with 105,841 miles with original rear brakes, only on second set on front. See if you get that out of any American made truck.

      • Sean says:

        Toyota can’t build a world class truck my a$$.

        I have a 2008 Tundra SR5 (5.7/6 speed auto) with 163k miles on it and the only failure I’ve had is a dead water pump. It’s my 5th Toyota truck and second Tundra. I had a thermostat fail on another truck at 83k miles, that’s it in 17 years of driving. I’m a former GM tech and I drive an 07 Tahoe or an 08 Silverado dually with a Duramax for my current job. They’re nice trucks but they have WAY more problems than I’ve known Toyotas to have. I’ve got friends with F150s, Super Duties, and Rams and they all have way more problems than I do.

        I carry a lot of stuff in the bed of my truck and tow a trailer typically weighing 7k pounds and I haven’t had any issues with my frame.

      • Eric says:

        Tom, not to pile on, but I have a 2007 Tundra with 206k and a 2001 Tacoma with 265k. The Tundra regularly pulls our boat and travel trailer. Just replaced the starter on the Tundra. I also have a 2005 Dodge Durango with a 5.7 Hemi and at 145k miles I have replaced the starter (twice), water pump, and am starting to have tranny problems. Same maintenance. Sorry, I grew up in Detroit in a Ford family, but when you compare apples to apples (1/2 ton Tundra and 1/2 ton Chevy/Dodge/Ford) there is no comparison. I have owned them all and the Tundra is just plain tougher. Of course, a Tundra cant match up to the 3/4 and 1 tons, but that is another story, isn’t it. I have a friend with a stock 2010 Ford F150 and I was over at his house with my TACOMA (3.4 v6, 4X4) and he was trying to move a trailer, damned truck was sagging to the ground. We hooked up to the Tacoma just to see and it handled the load better (better springs and suspension I guess) and he was floored.

      • researchmaven says:

        really, because tundra’s frame design is exactly what 3/4 and 1 ton trucks use. nice try though.

      • Jim says:

        I’m on my second tundra and gonna trade in for the 2014 tundra 1794 model , this past winter I pulled out several ford , dodges and chefs from a bit of snow , hate to say this being from an auto town in Ontario , but if u want a real truck bu toyota .
        You’re gonna get what you pay for with Toyota and not a pile of scrap metal with no balls ..
        Domestic auto makers dug their own graves , building junk

      • gerry says:

        Dude you have no clue what your saying

    • Ken in AZ. says:

      Pictures are on the net and have been for a long time.

  2. goofballtech says:

    Looks like a lot of good potential in store. Hopefully the new look is good. Sometimes car companys try for better and just mess up a good thing.

    Toyota took to long for the brake controller. I just had to integrate my own 🙂

  3. mk says:

    #4 and # 6 very good ideas, but not #3. Frame needs to be re-done to ride more like a 1/2 ton truck with not as much chop on the roads when not pulling anything vs. pushing a 3/4 ton truck even if it means sacrificing say 1,000 lb. towing capacity.

    More configuration options are good for me since like Chevy, you can pick and choose pretty much the options I want individually vs. Tundra having stupid overpriced pkgs. that you have to get just so you want only 1 item on the pricey options list. I understand that having less configurations going down the line saves Toyota money, but ticks off the consumer like me thinking all these options you have to get are useless to me in order to just get 1 option I will use and need to drive the tundra.

    AS far as electric steering and getting rid of hydraulic pumps, I hate the idea since my 2009 Corolla has electric steering and it sucks big time. The steering wheel has a very vague/wondering feeling going down the hwy. and is harder to control in a straight line, but you can get used to it although it still sucks and would guess a full size truck would be 3 times worse than steering my small Corolla.

    • BC says:


      I would LOVE to see a turbo diesel as an option in the Tundra- to go head-to-head with the big three and their turbo diesels!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have nothing negative to say about my Tundra. All is good, in fact all is great with it. Can’t wait to see new ones.

  4. texmln says:

    They’ve gotta add a 4×4 system like GM’s Auto4x4. I have it on my Sub and I really miss it on my Tundra.

    The other thing I miss from the Sub is the awesome remote start that keeps it running when I open the door and let’s me put in the key and go. It’s a must here in sweaty Texas.

  5. Jason says:

    TXTee – The delay is due to the dramatic slow down in truck sales in 08′ and 09′. 2014 is just the projected timeline – it could be a 2014 model available very early in 2013.

    goofballtech – I hear you. I like the look of the current truck just fine…but maybe a new aggressive look would sell more trucks or something.

    mk – I understand your concerns about electric steering, but it’s like fighting the wind. It’s coming whether we like it or not.

    texmln – I’ve heard about the automatic 4×4 system many times over the last few years, it’s an interesting idea. To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Automatic 4×4 systems engage the transfer case when the rear wheels lose traction, but we have to ask ourselves why the rear wheels are losing traction. If I’m off-road, I need the transfer case to go…but I can just flip the switch. If I’m on a city street and my rear wheels lose traction, it’s probably not a situation where I need more wheels turning. Stability and traction control are a safer option.

    Still, having said all that, it’s just computer programming. If Toyota created a “auto” switch, they would make consumers feel better about not having to remember to engage 4×4 while also meeting all the safety requirements. Definitely worth considering.

  6. texmln says:

    My Sub also has traction and stability control but the Auto4x4 is nice when the conditions are “in between” like heavy rain or a winter mix where true 4×4 binds on city streets but you hit the occasional icy patch or deep water that can send you sideways. Not having Auto4x4 wasn’t enough to make me buy the Silverado over the Tundra but why not give me ZERO reasons to even consider competing trucks the next time around. Tundra has a rock solid powertrain that I personally believe stomps all competitors. That’s why I bought it. However, to compete for the rest of the truck buying public Tundra will need to win on the little things… some of them admittedly gimmecky.

    • Somethingnuw says:

      I have a Sub in Northern Canada… it’s always clunking in and out… I hate it and it stopped working now in 2 wheel drive it engages… I hate trucks that think for me… when I want it in 4×4 i will put it there… I also hate traction control it’s almost had me killed pulling out onto a hwy multiple times… they need to move the on/off button for that somewhere a lot easier to get at… just saying…

      as for vehicle that turn themselves off and on at intersections would that not just be more wear and tear to save a few pennies in gas?

  7. And besides a better approach and departure angles for a good off road. I locking rear diffs would be nice too. Thanks buddy. God bless all of you.

  8. Jason says:

    texmln – Good point – why not?

    ignacio – It’s a interesting request. With all of the emphasis on aerodynamics (a requirement of the new federal fuel economy regs), I think we’ll probably see angles of approach and departure get worse…but that’s only a guess. Thanks for the comment.

  9. Steve says:


    • Mark Knows says:

      The AFM Active Fuel Management which allows 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders is still a nightmare issue for GM! The better solution is Auto Stop when at a light (Engine shuts down rather than idles) which is currently used in Hybrid vehicles!

  10. Jason says:

    Steve – It’s definitely possible. I haven’t heard anything about that type of engine arrangement, however.

  11. texmln says:

    Don’t forget the maintenance… Either relocate that cartridge filter topside or give us a spin-on. Better yet, topside spin-on!

  12. Jason says:

    texmln – That’s a great suggestion. I’ll be very curious to see if Toyota does anything to address this situation. Not only do owners find it frustrating, but Toyota dealers are upset by the additional time that a Tundra oil change takes. They do their $29/$39 oil change specials, and spending an extra 5-10 minutes on Tundras adds up in the long run.

    If Toyota doesn’t fix this little problem, I think it will indicate that a lot of this talk about “listening” is BS…let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  13. Biff Preston says:

    Electric steering is absolutely awful. Toyota and other manufacturers seem hell bent to stick this awful steering in their cars and trucks. It truly makes the vehicle a chore to drive. Positively dreadful. I wouldnt look forward to anything coming out that has this type of steering. Ruins the whole car or truck.

    • Chris says:

      Biff- I only have one vehicle with electric (rack & pinion)steering – a 2004 Honda S2000. **I can honestly say I’ve never driven a car with better steering than the electric system on the Honda**. It is possible to make a vehicle with electric steering that provides better feedback/feel/performance than un-boosted rack and pinion. I’ve gotta believe its also possible to build a half ton with electric steering that outperforms the status quo (hydraulics)….but possible and likely are two different things. If the business rationale for changing from hydraulics is weight and cost reduction there’s no telling what will be delivered….

  14. Carl says:

    I have to agree with you Biff. I’ve been looking forward to most of these enhancements on the Tundra but the electric steering is where I draw the line. Electric steering allows for no tactile feedback from the road. I have driven a couple of cars with this type of steering and the steering is wobbly and wierd. Loose and disconnected. I dont know how Toyota expects us to drive vehicles like this. If they put elecric steering in the Tundra I will not be buying another one. I hate to say this but I will lok to another brand that does not use electric steering.

  15. Jason says:

    Biff and Carl – Not that I’m arguing, but keep in mind that electric steering will be an industry standard feature in the not-too-distant future. PickupTrucks.com reported on a GM truck prototype with electric steering, and in that story they said that another manufacturer would be using electric steering in the next year or two.


    I think that it can be OK if it’s tuned correctly, but I understand your reservations. I’d like to reserve judgement until I see what happens with other systems in the next couple of years.

    Also, that one is only probable – definitely not confirmed.

  16. Biff says:

    Cheap manufacturing cost and slghtly better fuel efficiency conbined with cheaper installation cost is a killer combination of factors that auto manufacturers cannot resist when it comes to electric steering. I guess it’s a solution to making us not want to drive so much. Make cars with numb electric steering that are unengaging to drive. Rather disgusting.

  17. Jason says:

    Biff – I understand, and agree that the allure of electric steering is too powerful to ignore (especially on big vehicles). I’m hopeful they can overcome the feel issue with the right programming. Fingers crossed.

  18. Biff says:

    I’m not sure how much of it is programming and how much is hardware and how much might be the actual type of electric steering. I do not believe that the variable assist column mounted electric steering thast is used in Corolas has some sort of ability to be infinitely tunable or programmable to behave any sort of way. I think it has serious limitations. I’m sure this is the cheapest type of electric steering and the type that JKtech the Toyota spin off supplier is producing for Toyota cars. Toyota seems to want to stick these cheap column mounted steering systems in all their cars. Hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profits how can they resist. I can certainly resist buying Toyota in the future.

  19. MD says:

    @Carl – I think the electric steering is the way to go. I had an 05 Mazda RX8 with electric steering and that car was very responsive. It is a lot more efficient and safer than a hydraulic.

    • BC says:


      I agree with your comment. There are a lot of negative comments about the electric steering in the Corolla in these posts. I have an ’09 Corolla that I bought in ’08. I have no issues with the steering at all. I have a 60 mile one-way commute to work- one morning (still dark) I had to snap-steer the car to the shoulder at 75mph to keep from hitting a deer that walked out if front of me. No problem!

    • Cliffy says:

      The problem with electric steering is reaction time in a skid. The first indication you get that the car is skidding with hydraulic is the change in the amount of pressure needed to hold the wheel in a curve. Sure making the change will save them cash and probably will make it easier to convert cars to “self driving” (also in the works and in application in some areas already for large semi-trucks) in the future, but it may add more fuel to Toyota’s declining safety record in the mean time.

  20. Jason says:

    Biff – I hear you, but I don’t think it’s cheaper. A dependable reliable old hydraulic pump can’t be any more expensive than a computer controlled electric system, especially if you factor in long-term reliability and warranty claims.

    I’m not saying this as fact, I’m just going off of what I’ve heard and read elsewhere.

    As I understand it, electric steering is about fuel economy. Getting rid of pumps reduces “parasitic losses” and can improve fuel economy as much as 10% (especially on small motors).

    Like all things, there are positives and negatives. In this case, I think we’re stuck, but who knows. Maybe Toyota will find a way to improve fuel economy in the next-gen Tundra without going this route.

    Carl – Interesting – forgot the RX8 had electric steering. Thanks for the comment!

    • larry laroche says:

      Toyota: (2014 model)

      On the crew cab, make the rear seat area the same as the 2005 crew cab. Do not install an electric steering system.
      The frame is fine. The bed on the 2005 crew cab( length )
      is also good. Toyota has a good diesel engine that
      could be installed according to the power needs of the
      buyer. Increse the size of the fuel tank.Fuel economy
      could be increas by increasing the gears in the tranmission.

      I drive a 2002 Tundra extra cab limited and it is the best
      truck I have ever owned,to compare it to a Ford,Dodge or
      Chevrolet,Is wrong. Ford is ,fix or repair daily, Dodge is
      a rust bucket,no re-sale value. Chevrolet is better than
      Ford or Dodge but the Toyota is better in every way. Toyota
      also stands by their products. Ihave 108,000 miles on my
      2002 truck and it runs like it was still new.

      • Chuck D. says:

        I totally disagree with you on the frame. It’s not fine. If you don’t have a newer Tundra or never driven one then you have no idea what the frame is like. It’s too weak where it goes from the double “C” to the single “C” where the cab and bed starts. It flexes right there on hwy grids. All you have to do is look at your back seat bouncing up and down. I have a 2007 and bought it new. I have 80,000+ and been down many roads from Vegas (where I bought it) to MA where I worked the Irene storm as an Ins adjuster.
        I do agree on most of the remainder of your post.

        • Anonymous says:

          Too weak? Thats why it has the biggest tow rating and mosr payload capacity of any “half ton” out there? Sort of a contradiction..

          • Paul says:

            Towing capacity using a standard hitch is great however because the frame is too weak you are told by Toyota to not use a 5th wheel in a crewmax and even the other Tundras have lower 5th wheel ratings than Ford or Chevy. I hope they frame improvement comes true because I would buy a Tundra Crewmax versus a 2500HD if I could…

      • Dave says:

        Love my 2000 Tundra (190K). At one time I totally neglected maintaining the poor thing. ~30k between an oil change (don’t crucify me) but kept it at the proper level. Flushed the engine, changed the oil, timing belt, and all coil packs. Runs like brand new. Can’t say that would happen on too many late model vehicles from other manufacturers.

        Frankly I’m scared to get rid of it. 😉

  21. Willyism says:

    I will be in the market for anew Tundra by then!!! By the way, who wants to hear their vehicle start up after ever stoplight??? That will increase the wear and tear on the starter and the battery plus it will burn more gas!!! Just a thought!!

    • Kevin says:

      Willyism, I have to disagree with you about that. This is a touted feature of my Accord Hybrid (2005, 0-60 in 6.5 sec) and it basically works by having a small 15hp electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the transmission. There is no turning over of the engine; it’s on instantly the moment you start to take your foot off the brake. The electric motor also assists the gas motor and helps the torque curve significantly. The battery it uses to do this charges when you are slowing down, which SIGNIFICANTLY reduces wear and tear on the brakes (as they don’t kick in until you’re nearly stopped, or if you hit the brakes hard) and if the battery is too low to auto-stop the engine, it simply idles like a normal car. Compared to the non-hybrid Accord of the same year it gets roughly double the gas mileage (V6: 18mpg, V6 hybrid: 38ish depending on driving style) and also outperforms it. It also uses the Variable Cylinder Management that turns it into a 3-cyl motor while coasting and during very light acceleration.

  22. Biff says:

    MD says:
    August 27, 2010 at 11:42 am
    @Carl – I think the electric steering is the way to go. I had an 05 Mazda RX8 with electric steering and that car was very responsive. It is a lot more efficient and safer than a hydraulic.

    I disagree. i don’t think cheap column mounted electric steering is the way to go. The Mazda 3 uses an electrically powered hydraulic pump is this what your Mazda RX8 used? Some people confuse electro-hydraulic with variable asssist column mounted electric steering, which is being manufactured because it is cheap to install and gets the CAFE up. The cars with column mounted electric steering don’t even feel like real cars when you drive them. Now the electro-hydraulic seems to handle pretty well. Electro-hydraulic and Variable Assist Column Mounted Electric Steering are two different animals.

  23. Biff says:

    MD says:
    August 27, 2010 at 11:42 am
    @Carl – I think the electric steering is the way to go. I had an 05 Mazda RX8 with electric steering and that car was very responsive. It is a lot more efficient and safer than a hydraulic

    It would appear MD that your RX8 was electro-hydraulic. They do perform nicely as well. It does not perform even remotely similar to column mounted electric steering. Toyota wants to use the column mounted electric steering systems because they are major owners in the company that produces them and they are set up to install them easily, especially from all the practice they’ve had in putting them in the prius’s and they want to get the CAFE up, which in itself is a big scam on the consumer. Was that a run on sentence? Oh well. The road handling in cars that have column mounted electric steering is Godawful. I don’t mean sorta bad. I mean loose wobbly feeling steering. You cannot make sharp turns. Basic maneuvering of the car is severely limited. Don’t believe me, go test drive a Corolla and try tyo make some sharp turns.

  24. Jason says:

    Biff – Good info. I agree with you that the whole CAFE system is a joke, and I wish it was different. If consumers were allowed to choose vehicles based on what they liked instead of buying what the government allows automakers to build, cars would cost about 20% less and last just as long.

  25. Rick says:

    My 2010 Tundra Crewmax is as good as it gets. What would I change? Definitely direct injection: More power with the same displacement and better mileage. Bump displacement a bit to 6 liters. The OHC motor is awesome already. I have no complaints about my frame. All PU’s wiggle when the bed is empty. Fully boxed frames are very very heavy and will jack up the curb weight which will compete with mileage and power gains. Electric steering would help if it has the feel of a mustang. Reduce the turning radius while you’re there! Add a good trailer brake controller and offer this as standard.

    How about a panhard rod? That would locate the rear.

    The transmission is great already. More HP (420) and torque would be good with a change in shift software. The dash is horrible but I live with it b/c the power train is the best out there.

    They should offer heated rear seats and rear passenger adjustable improved heat and a/c. Its too hot and cold back there for my passengers. More interior lighting would help in back. Softer touch materials should be the norm. The hard plastic is 80’s cheap.

    I wouldn’t depart too much from the exterior design. I think it looks good as is.

    Let’s hope TD will keep up with the changes too. It’s tough to wait for them to offer upgrades in time.

  26. Jason (Admin) says:

    UPDATE – Start-stop has been moved from “possible” to “likely.” Turbochargers have been added to possible.

  27. texmln says:

    Turbochargers. When will people learn? Turbos will be dropped by the time the new Tundra hits the streets after the soon-to-be disaster with Ford’s Ecoboost truck.

    Can’t wait for the “new turbos are much better than they used to be” crowd to chime in… THEY AREN’T. Turbos are more expensive to buy and maintain and they NEVER hold up. They run like crap in very short order and never recover.

    No serious truck buyer would ever buy a turbo, as we will soon see with Ford. With all BS that Toyota has endured regarding the Tundra why would they prove their critics right by throwing in a turbo, thereby snatching the title of Wussy Truck of the Century from Ford’s Ecoboost?

    A Tundra with a turbo would tell me that Toyota has given up all hope of winning over domestic truck buyers and will proceed to build the Camry of pickup trucks – yawn.

    If I wanted start-stop I would buy a gas golf cart. I drive a Tundra that gets 13mpg. Do I care to save 5 cents of gas at a stoplight? I don’t.

    Man up, Toyota. If you’re running scared due to CAFE then go balls out and build a BIGGER Tundra that weighs in over 8,500 pounds so it will be exempt from CAFE.

    • BC says:


      I had a ’97 Ford F250 with the turbo diesel. Picked the truck up with 14 miles on it and sold it with 126,000 miles on it. No problem with the turbo at all. Enjoyed the extra power that the turbo provided but otherwise never knew it was there- as far maintenance and replacement costs anyway. Nice to have driving up into the mountains, too.

  28. Jason (Admin) says:

    texmln – I have reservations about turbos myself…I think they’re better than they’ve ever been, but are they good enough? Not sure – no way to know.

    I think you might have said this in another comment previously, but someone mentioned that a turbo-equipped V6 isn’t going to get better gas mileage than a V8 in the real world…and that makes some sense to me as well.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that CAFE rules are the law. All automakers and all vehicles (even over 8500 lbs) are impacted (8500 lbs GVW rules were just changed a month ago). Toyota has to look at every technology.

    I’m not sure that Toyota will go the turbo route if they can avoid it (it’s pretty pricey). I’m guessing we’ll see variable valve lift, direct injection, and some additional transmission enhancements on the next truck. However, if the EcoBoost F150 takes off (not saying it will, just saying if it does) you can bet Toyota, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat will copy them. That’s just how things work.

  29. LennyG says:

    The only thing keeping me from already owning a Tundra is Toyota’s insistance they follow F(ound)O(n)R(oad)D(ead). The designers make the body look like a Ford and now the techs want to make it run like a Ford. That STINKS.
    I only hope the new Tundra looks like a Tundra. Not like any of the others.

  30. Jason (Admin) says:

    LennyG – Your criticism that Toyota follows Ford’s designs is interesting. I think design is inherently tough, and I think that game-changing designs (like Dodge’s Ram debut in 91 or 92?) are once in a decade. Here’s to hoping Toyota pulls that off in late 2013.

  31. Rick says:

    I’ve owned two Toyota trucks (2002 & 2005), both being the doublecab. I was excited when the crewmax came out and was planning on getting it in 2008. They made the new design doublecab actually smaller, at least in back so that was out. And the new crewmax only came with a 5 1/2 foot bed. I ended up getting a 2008 Dodge MegaCab, bigger cab than the Toyota and a 6 1/2 bed.

    I really feel that Toyota needs to give an option for the crewmax for a standard bed and short bed in their new 2014 design. Dodge did change their 1/2 ton crewcab to now a 5 1/2 bed so maybe that’s the trend. I know the MegaCab is available in their HD version. If Toyota doesn’t change their bed sizes, then I am left with no choice and get a ford now, at least you can still get F150 supercrew with a bed larger than 5.5.

    If Toyota does that one thing, then I would be back to buy the Tundra again, in a second.

    • Jeremy the Great says:

      The double cabs for 07 and on are bigger than the CREW cabs from 2006 and before, I owned both. Try again young padawan.

      • Rick says:

        When I sat in a Doublecab back in 2008 on the dealers lot the back seat room was noticeable smaller than the 2005 Doublecab that I had. They never had a crewcab before 2007, that was the first year.

        Jeremy, So try again young padawan.

        Correction: in 2002 I had a Tacoma which was a short bed.

  32. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rick – You aren’t the only one to feel this way, and you’re also correct that Dodge dumped the 6.5′ bed on crew cabs because it didn’t sell well enough to justify the longer wheelbase.

    I think that Toyota is probably the least likely half-ton manufacturer to offer a 6.5′ bed on a crew cab, mostly because they like to build fewer configurations and they don’t sell a large volume. Still, you never know.

    • Adam says:

      I for one, would also buy a Tundra crewmax if I could get a 6.5′ bed. I’m left with the option of a Ford 150, any 3/4 ton (not desirable based on price) or just rolling with the double cab. They already make the super ugly 8′ bed with the double cab. I really don’t understand why there isn’t more demand for a full cab, 6.5′ bed truck that is still a half ton.

  33. Jesse says:

    Texmin – I don’t agree with what you have to say about turbochargers or Toyota. The only thing not beefy enough about the new Tundra is that they DON’T have turbos – turbo diesels. I would buy an Isuzu-sourced or Toyota diesel power plant fitted to the current Tundra setup… in a heartbeat. I’m a construction worker that puts my 5.7 through the wringer nearly everyday and having a solid turbodiesel would make me much more confident in my truck’s longevity – not to mention the efficiency and performance gains.
    Alternately, if you are concerned strictly with petrol turbochargers not proving their worth or durability then you simply haven’t been exposed to enough of the foreign auto market. They have been around for as long as the car itself and are as durable as any component on any vehicle. Period. Examples: audi group, saab group, porsche (now owns audi), toyota, etc. etc.
    Dudes, we’re lucky to have the power and toughness of full-size pickups in this country. Travel the world and you’ll see small trucks with small engines. Electric steering is coming. Sure, you can fall out to one of the Big Three but just know all trucks will now begin to get watered-down as air quality gets worse and oil production slows. The days of large displacement gasoline engines is over. They are and will continue to be replaced (and rightfully so) by efficient diesels. Texmin, don’t bitch about the Tundra being a puss when GM is pushing out gas/electric hybrid systems for their line.
    Now, if the politicians of this country could pull their heads from their ‘holes, stop giving petrol (and their companies) preferential treatment and realize TURBODIESEL engines are what’s next, then we might get to hold on to our 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ton trucks.
    Lastly, automatic 4WD is the dumbest suggestion on here. Any self-respecting truck driver with the slightest bit of testosterone flowing through his cerebral cortex knows there is nothing better than putting it in two-wheel and f****** around in the snow, mud, gravel, or your neighbors lawn. Boo to auto4WD and boo to the guy that used to drive a “Sub”… and I hope that means Subaru and not Suburban.

  34. Jesse says:

    Furthermore, cylinder deactivation is a great idea. Start/Stop is a bad one. Cylinder deactivation works: it keeps your engine, cabin, and fluids warm, it saves fuel (albeit minimal) and there are no wear & tear issues to be concerned about when deactivation alternates between banks of cylinders.

    I don’t think the dash or cabin sucks at all. I can see why people do but to say it’s any worse than Ford, Chevy, or anything but the latest Rams is complete nonsense. Interior of those trucks suck. I have spent decent amounts of time in each and everyone – Tundra is the most comfortable, ergonomic, and thought-out of all three brands, including SD’s and HD’s.

    TOYOTA – If you’re reading: we want small and large displacement diesels attached to an HD chassis in 2013-14.

    I like you, Rick. You have good things to say.

  35. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jesse – I share your passion for diesels and your frustrations with our government for making them essentially illegal. I also like hot-dogging in the snow.

    I think we’ll see stop-start because the new CAFE rules specifically have rules in place to credit manufacturers for using this system…only I’m on board with cylinder deactivation too.

  36. RockClamber says:

    twin-screw or Eaton supercharger, 40G tank, diesel

  37. RockClamber says:

    Longer warranty

  38. RockClamber says:

    No more fords for me – Toyota will be my next truck. Depending on the upcoming redesign either Tacoma or Tundra.

    Is true the future Toyota HD diesel truck named Taiga?

  39. Deric says:

    Should I buy a 2012 Rock Warrior crewmax, or wait till 2014? Will they look and be that much better?

  40. Jason (Admin) says:

    RockClamber – I really like the idea of Toyota going with a longer warranty, and I think the success of Hyundai/Kia might just force them to finally make the plunge.

    Also, I haven’t heard that name in a while. It makes sense (as you know but others may not, Taiga is a ‘biome’ similar to Tundra, which is also a ‘biome’).

    I’ve been told numerous times by numerous people that a diesel Tundra – either light duty or HD – is a long shot. Still, got my fingers crossed.

  41. TO TOYOTA.

  42. Cephus says:

    I just bought a 2011 Tundra Double Cab 5.7l 4WD with standard bed in Barcelona Red. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The only pet peaves are hard plastics inside and unavailable trailer brake option. I’m glad they at least provide the harness to make it easier to install an aftermarket brake controller. Tow Package should include the trailer brake controller. As for the plastics, my 3 year old son ran his fingers on the inside of one of the rear doos and you can see the scratch marks from his finger nails and he wasn’t even pushing hard. Toyota needs to spend $100 extra per truck to fix this. I would willingly pay for it. More options on the next truck would be awesome as well as better mpgs (small turbo diesel would do the trick in a half ton). I currently average 18.5 mpg on the highway with an empty box and think it could be better. Keep up the good work Jason.

  43. Cephus says:

    Forgot to say, I sold my 2007 Tacoma Double Cab longbed 4WD so I could by the Tundra. It was an awesome truck and held its value very well. It actually had better interior quality finish than the Tundra, however the Tundra has a quieter ride, better steering feel and the extra power and payload and tow capacity. I actually paid less for my 2011 Tundra than I paid for the Tacoma 4 years ago.

  44. Cephus says:

    @Jason: Is there a larger aftermarket fuel tank out thare that can replace the Tundra’s tank?

  45. Jason (Admin) says:

    UPDATE – The new, smaller V6 isn’t as likely to be available in 2014 as we originally thought. Sources tell us that the 4.0L is a low priority.

  46. Deric says:

    I bought my rock warrior crew about 2 months ago, I absolutely love it! I’ve had it in 2 foot flood water, and lots of steep rocky roads, it is awesome! I can’t get into and out of a gas station without someone commenting! The only things I would change: The basic radio package really sucks, I’ll get aftermarket, another $1500….and the plastic on the doors seems cheap, other than that….perfect!!!

  47. Asheville NC says:

    Love my 2007 Tundra Crew Max. Have a 47 gallon fuel tank on it from Transfer Flow, makes a big differance when towing a camper. Toyota needs a HD Tundra Crew Max Diesel Long bed for those who need to tow larger campers (5th wheels). If they go Diesel I will be trading mine in.

  48. Cephus says:

    Thanks Jason. I looked at that tank but its a little pricey for me. I was hoping to find something that will give me about 35 gallons. Guess I will have to call them and see how much they will charge for a custom sized 35 gal. tank. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  49. Jason (Admin) says:

    Cephus – You bet!

  50. chuck says:

    toyota needs to put a 7.0L gas engine in the tundra with a turbocharger in their trucks to compete with GM. I hear that’s what their doin in 2013.

  51. Jason (Admin) says:

    chuck – Haven’t heard of a new motor, but I have read that turbos are coming…just not in time for the 3rd gen Tundra’s 2013 debut.

  52. chuck says:


    They also need to get cummins or power stroke to build them a mini turbocharged diesel like Nissan is also doing in 2013. I wouldn’t put an ecoboost in a tundra, it wouldnt make any sense if the they made the 5.7 a 5.2 and also made a new 6.2L engine.

  53. Jason (Admin) says:

    Chuck – Haven’t heard about a new bigger V8 for the Tundra. The GM 6.2L is going HD only in 2014 (at least if the rumors from PickupTrucks.com are correct). As for a diesel, Toyota has one ready to go, but the powers that be aren’t convinced it will be a money maker.

  54. chuck says:


    I heard something about the 6.2 only going HD too. GM also needs to come up with a better v6 or just drop it all together.

  55. Don says:

    After reading your fortune telling it sounds many people are hoping for a big car instead of a truck. Composite bed…give us all a break. As far as the present frame there is nothing wrong with it. It is very strong and I love the C-channel. When I pull a large tractor the Tundra feels heavy and strong back there, I am talking 14000 lb tractor. If you got rust on your frame in areas I suggest one get off his butt and take care of it. I live in the Chicago area and it sits weeks with salt when I am on the road in my rig and I treat the frame with a spray of my choice and I still don’t have any rust on my 2008. Why don’t you talk to people who tow often or have goosenecks and ask them how many times their c-channel bent or broke. I have seen five trucks with bent frames in my million miles plus on the road and they where all boxed frames. I just love the internet you can get such great information for the future. Have a great day and use the truck like it was designed to use and it will pay you back nicely.

  56. chuck says:

    The tundra was not designed to pull huge tracktors or gooseneck trailers. It was designed to pull anything under 11,000 lbs.

  57. Logan says:

    I did the launch of this truck and I have personally driven this work across the united states several times! This is hands down one of the best trucks out there and it’s freaking tough! Still don’t believe me our trucks ran 7 days a week and for usually 8 hours or more a day. The two Crew Max trucks also took turns dragging a 10,000 lb trailer from one side of the US and back. Good luck taking any other 1/2 ton truck up the California Grape Vine with a 10,000 lb trailer and being able to to 60-65 mph with no hesitation. The 5.7 v-8 is a beast and pulls like a raped ape! No need for a bigger motor if you want more TQ or HP install a TRD Super Charger and have 504HP and 481 ft lbs of TQ!!!!
    I have had several farmers come up to me and tell me that this truck will pull 15,000 lbs with no issues.
    The frame is perfect and anyone that says they need a pull boxed frame you sir are an idiot and have no idea what you are talking about. Frames need to flex in certain areas look at race cars and anything else. This frame is perfect and is built on 3/4 ton specs. The triple tech frame with reinforced box on the engine and then reinforced c-channel on the cab and then going to full open c-channel on the bed.
    If you are all bitching about mpg then you need to sell your truck and buy a car. 90% of the truck owners use them as a form of pure transportation and not what the truck was designed to do.
    Is Toyota perfect No! But they are a great company that went way out of their way to find out what real truck owners wanted in a truck.

    Toyota makes an amazing diesel engine that is used around the world and works flawlessly. Toyota would bring it here if the Gov’t would ease up on emission and all the hoops they have to jump through. It’s a joke the entire world runs on Diesel yet the US hates it.

    Im totally excited for the new design of the Tundra hopefully it looks like the new 4Runner.

  58. Logan says:

    I have personally drove this truck across the United States Twice! Including a Toyota Sequoia with a 5.7 and a trailer.

  59. chuck says:


    Totally agree with you about the U.S not liking something that we could not live without. Also agree with you on guys complaining about gas mileage, there freaking full-size trucks with 5.7L v-8s. Screw gas milage.

  60. sink says:

    For me all I want to see them change is the back seats. If they had rear seats that folded up like the F150s I would be driving a Tundra right now not a F150. For my situation we really needed that extra storage area. It works perfect because we can leave the one seat down for the baby seat fold the other 2 up for the dogs, and then put everything else we need in the bed. The double cabs seats fold up like that, but it just wasn’t enough room. Seems like it would be easy for them to do since they already have it in one of their trucks.

  61. chuck says:


    I woundered the same thing. The chevys have it (at least in the 2500), the fords have it. That seems to always happen Toyota won’t have something that ford and chevy have in the interior.

  62. mk says:

    I don’t know about the interior leg room being much more so in the chevy crewcab vs. the tundra double cab. I owned several chevy crew cabs and can honestly state you do not gain over 1 inch of rear seat legroom vs. a tundra DC. 1-2 dogs with the 60 part of the back seat folded up and a child seat in the 40 part down is good design. I also agree 100% with Biff and Rick. Biff saying electric power steering for example in my former 09′ corolla is not very good at all. Very vague feeling and wanders all over the road, not very precise feel and harder to control steering. Agree 110%, but I got used to it and dealt with it for 2 years. At first, I hated it, but learned to deal with it. I sure hope in late 2013, model 2014 tundra, they get it right and somehow pull a rabbit out of their hat and make it feel responsive and not vague feeling because a sloppy monster tundra will be a bear to drive without precise handling/steering – cross your fingers because my guess is they will screw it up like the present corolla. Rick states the need for a crewmax tundra with a full sized 6 1/2′ bed. Couldn’t agree more. I would sell in a heartbeat my 2010 tundra DC for one of these perfect sized trucks that would serve the majority of truck owners needs. It would be the best selling tundra if toyota would ever listen to us customers. I have emailed several times the past few years with suggestions via email to toyota corp. on their website and please, EVERYONE needs to email them this suggestion for it will be the king of the market for sure!!! Get er’ done!

  63. chuck says:

    Mk couldn’t agree more with you about the 61/2 foot box. Toyota had it on the ’00-’06 tundras but when they redasined in 2007 they made the double cab smaller and added a crew max with a 5.5 box. They also totally cut the acces cab wich was the greatest decision ever. I really wish that for the 2014 model they would make the hd vesion crewman with an 8-foot box.

  64. Dave says:

    @ mk

    I have both an 08′ Silverado 1500 crew and an 08′ TRD DC supplied by work and you are correct about not being much difference in rear seat space between the two. The GM crew is not a huge cab. It’s ok but there really is little diffrerence from DC rear seat space.

    General comments; after only buying domestics the Tundra’s as work trucks have proven themselves well beyond my expectations. My 08′ TRD has 170,000km’s of work use and has been flawless. By flawless, I mean NO PARTS have been replaced other than wear items like tires, wipers etc. All we do is follow the service schedule then drive it.

    The earlier comments about long lasting brakes are true in my case. Outside of the first set wearing out from Fort MacMurray oilsands dust (which destroys wear commponents on anything) the truck has about 130,000km’s on the new set. It was moved from that site to another site a couple months after and still have plenty of life left.

    I can write a page of things I don’t like about it but I can do that with my Chevy or any other truck. Bottom line is these trucks are durable and I have first hand proof. I never would’ve bought one and didn’t when I had the chance but there’s no doubt these are tough, reliable trucks.

    Haters will keep hating but who cares? What I used to think was normal maintanence/cost to run my trucks when I was contracting has been trown out the window based on the Tundra. If being made fun by “domestic” owners is the price we pay for extra reliability and actually having some value at resale time, let it be! lol

    It’s not perfect and deffinately needs an interior update but when we have several of Tundras that have never caused problems how can we switch? I’m not a “fanboi” or “koolaid drinker” etc., just an impressed user of these trucks with real world Tundra experience coming from real world domestic experience. I can compare the Tundra to the rest.

    Most critisism is from non-owners and I would classify as that guy before I got my mits on one lol.


  65. chuck says:


    Which engine do tou have in your trd?

  66. Jason (Admin) says:

    Don – Fair enough. Trucks are definitely slowly becoming more car-like, but a lot of the changes have to do with saving weight. The new fuel economy rules are strict, and manufacturers have to reduce total weight to get under the target fuel economy ratings as stipulated by Uncle Sam.

    Also, I stand by my comments about the current frame. I think performance is fine (I’d guess I talk to more Tundra owners than you do, btw). However, the average consumer has heard a lot of scuttlebut about the frame. Toyota will do something to change perceptions.

    Logan – I’m a fan too. I think anyone who judges a frame purely on the basis of C-Channel vs. fully boxed is missing the boat…material, thickness, etc. are all factors. I still believe, however, that Toyota has some frame and chassis issues to address. Our extensive coverage of bed bounce demonstrates that – at the very least – tweaking is in order. Or at least that’s my opinion.

    Chuck – I think a lot of truck owners feel the same way you do. However, it’s the government that’s forcing these changes…not consumers.

    mk – I met with a bunch of Toyota engineers once upon a time (back in my Ford dealership days) and we talked about the 6.5′ bed on a crew…I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. However, I hope I’m wrong.

    Dave – Good comments and agree completely. They’re good pickups, and they’re not the only option in town. Today’s truck – whether from Ford or GM or Toyota or Ram – is excellent in terms of quality and capability. In my opinion, the biggest differences now are in aesthetics, configuration, cost, and safety. The Tundra wins the cost debate with industry-leading resale, and it places at the top of the pack for safety (#1 or #2 if IIHS and NHTSA are to be believed). SO, it really comes down to aesthetics and configuration. If you like the way the Tundra looks and you like the options and features, you’ve found a winner. At least that’s how I look at it.

    Good comment – thank you.

  67. chuck says:


    The only other difference is tow campacitie, ford is at 11,000lbs tops. Dodge is at 8400lbs tops Toyota is at 11,000 tops and GM is at 9500 tops. So it ranges 3,000lbs,which is a big diference to me. As you you can see Toyota and Ford are tied at the top.

  68. trz says:

    Bigger fuel tank? WTF. I’ve read all the complaint about the current Tundra and no one that I know of ever complaint about their fuel tank. It just goes to show that the people Toyota put in charge of the Tundra program does not really want it to succeed. Just look at the current Tundra – 1: with GM and Ford already came out with beautiful dash, the tundra people decided to come with a weird looking one. Knowing that the Tacoma became the #1 small size truck for cause of its soft Camry like ride, the tundra people opted for their frame design that really bumpy on certain model and certain road section…the list just go on and on…

    I wish these tundra people could read and scan the forum here to find out what people really want in the next tundra.

  69. Rick says:

    Well I posted back in January about the 6.5′ bed. I ended up getting rid of the Dodge megacab due to 10mpg and high gas prices and due to Ford being the only one out there making a bigger bed in a crew, I gave in (since Toyota hasn’t done anything) and got a F150 SuperCrew King Ranch with the 6.5′ bed, completely loaded. Would rather have the Tundra but was left no choice….
    Gas mileage is better, got the 5.0L and getting 50%+ better. It will be 2014-2015 before I am looking at replacing this Ford so I am crossing my fingers that Toyota makes changes.

    • Rick says:

      Well I gave up on waiting on Toyota to do anything big. I was debating about getting another Ford with the 6.5′ bed but gave in an ordered a new 2014 Ford with the 5.5′ bed. But I ordered a Ruby Red Special Edition Raptor fully loaded and figured if there was any truck that I would finally give in to the smaller bed, it would be the Raptor. Got it for $50 over invoice which is hard to find considering most dealers ask MSRP and up to $10k over, I feel fortunate. Had to go out of state but worth the savings. Due to allocation the wait is crazy long, 4-6 months I was told. Can’t wait though.

  70. Jason (Admin) says:

    trz – I agree with you that Toyota’s Tundra development team doesn’t seem to be listening. It took them three years to correct the bed bounce problem that we started publicizing in early 07′.

    Rick – Cool truck man – those King Ranch pickups are NICE. Congrats.

  71. chuck says:


    Awesome truck, the interior must be amazing.

  72. chuck says:


    Totatoly agree with you about the desingn team to. The 2014 model has to have some kind of traditional styling to it. It would also be nice if they put more Crome on the sr5 models like GM does with the lt/sle trim levels. The 6.5 bed is the biggest thing to me though.

  73. Rick says:

    Regarding turbos on the new Tundra: I test drove the Ford F-150 with EcoBoost V6. It definitely had lag from a dead start, and slight hesitation when mashing the throttle from a steady cruising speed. It has V8 power for sure when the turbo comes on, but the turbos have that lag. A friend who has this truck told me his mileage is way down due to the fact that he constantly has to get into the throttle to get the turbo spooled. He wishes he had gotten the 5.0L motor from the Mustang or the 6.2L. The Tundra 5.7 makes so much power, as does the Ford 5.0 DOHC. The OHC just breathes and makes power! To satisfy the naysayers, bump displacement (via stroke) to 6.0L & this motor will just scream. Torque is always good on a truck. GM’s 6.0+L cam-in-block motors can’t match power cube for cube. This is why I traded my Chevy & went to the Tundra. I’m cautious about any 6cyl turbos and they need to be discussed! As for styling, don’t change to GM & Ford’s ‘cinderblock’ approach. Ford ruined the F-150 and the F-250 is even worse (overdue for restyle). GM’s are too square. The Tundra is awesome IMO.

  74. chuck says:

    Rick does the 5.0 pull as much as the the ecoboost? I heard the ecoboost can do 11,000lbs.

  75. chuck says:

    Any of tou guys seen the GM 1500 facelift yet?

  76. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rick – Interesting note from your friend with an Ecoboost…I wonder if that rumor will get around.

  77. Craig says:

    I have a 2007 4Runner that I purchased new and I love it! As everyone has said about Toyotas, “Just do the maint and drive it”. I recently purchased a 2011 F150 ecoboost FX4 over the tundra simply because of the wonky asymetrical interior of the tundra. I love the exterior of the Tundra but I just couldn’t stand the interior. I don’t care for the look and shifting the radio and AC and heating controls 4″+ further away just didn’t make sense to me. I do like how the entire rear window goes down on the tundra though.

    With my Ecoboost 4×4 with 3.73 rear end I can pull 11,300 pounds. I regularly pull a trailer with ATVs and such and running 80 mph I get 14.5 mpgs. Off the line there is a slight turbo lag BUT at 1,500 rpms the ecoboost has 90% of it’s torque on tap! No other truck manufacturer does that.

    If Toyota changed the interior to a symetrical design and added either or both a turbo V6 or a diesel, my next truck will be a Tundra.

  78. Bruce says:

    I am interested in buying a newer vehicle, either a Tundra
    or the Silverado 1500. Unfortunately, the other day on the
    news, it was reported that Chevy’s Onstar is reporting info
    about the vehicle driven, back to US Govt, and insurance
    companies, even when the driver elected not to have Onstar
    coverage. They can report that the owner was driving above
    speed limits in certain areas, or just running at a higher
    rate of speed than normal. This settled it for me no new
    GM products. I never drive above speed limits, but don’t
    want the govt or insurance companies knowing my every move.

  79. Rick says:

    Jason: I’ve heard even more negative about the Ford Ecoboost being a gas guzzler in blogs. Real world MPG with its curb weight overwhelms the motor. IF I were to go F-150, it’ll be with a 5.0, then jack it up. Those heads from the new Mustang 5.0 breathe! The V6 Ecoboost would be better suited to the Explorer or Edge.

    MY Tundra’s 5.7 can be had with a stroker kit (regular gas) or from TRD, the supercharger (premium fuel).

    Unrelated complaint regarding my Tundra: I backed into a stanchion (enclosed garage) very slightly on RR, felt a bump, thought nothing of it. Later, my tail gate would not open! Bumper bent back into the rear quarter, significantly buckling it, AND popped the tailgate off it’s mount! I was shocked & angry. Huge amount of damage that looking at it, came from a non, end-supported bumper that collapsed easily on a TRUCK! I was livid. No truck I had prior had a soft, unsupported bumper issue. The cost if I RR the quarter & include a new bumper will be in the thousands. Heard the bumper is lousy on blogs & over 1k to replace. I can see it on a sedan, but the Tundra is not durable.

    Lastly: I replaced my bald original BF Goodrich Rugged Trails (34k miles). Went to Discount Tire Direct for their 20″ wheels and 305 Prada Specs. Absolutely transformed the Tundra. Handles & brakes better. No bone jarring ride, no marsh-mallowing. Truck feels less jiggly. Goodrich’s were comfortable but out of their league. Bill was @$1,500 total, a great deal.

  80. chuck says:


    Didn’t here about that. I new that was bound to happen one day with all this on star. I would have gone with the tundra anyway their both cool trucks.

  81. Jason (Admin) says:

    Craig – I’ve heard more than once that the next Tundra will be a little less revolutionary in the style department. I think you might like it.

    Bruce – I respect your position, but I think it’s inevitable that cars will taddle on their owners…it’s the way things are headed. If we can get cars to report people driving at excessive speeds, people who drive recklessly, drunk drivers, etc. the safety benefits would be enormous. I’d guess that you’ll always be able to disable these taddling features, but you would do so at a hefty penalty. At least that’s my prediction…

    Rick – Thanks for the update. I agree that a minor incident shouldn’t cause that much damage.

  82. sugardaddy 69 says:

    Looks like the turbo chargers are coming., since ford upted there turbo productions.

  83. Rand says:

    I’d like to see a standard cab option half the size of the current double cab, with the shortest bed that is now only available on the full size 4 door model. In other words a shorter more rugged look, sitting tall and wide. Something to make that ford raptor look like a “Girly Truck” Tundra let’s get you “All Pumped up”…

  84. Steve C says:

    I love the mid size pick ups, but they lack power.. I want a strong V 6 in a mid size.. I don’t want or need the full size body of a Tundra or F150..

    I need strong pulling power in a 4×4 that will get 22 mpg on the highway..

    I believe there is a HUGE potential market out there for a quality built Tacoma offering 300+ HP

  85. My request is for Toyota to open up the codes so we can get tuners and use an electric engine fan. It helps with mpg and hp.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Leaveb3sbehind – Second. I’d love to see Toyota open up the engine control unit so the after-market could work their magic…but I don’t think they’ll do it. They like to keep the ECU locked down, because that makes it harder for independent repair shops to work on Toyota products. Makes the dealers (and Toyota’s parts resale division) more money to leave it locked down. And that sucks.

  86. chuck says:

    I’m sorry y’all, but I’ve totally switched to ford. They just have way more to offer than Toyota. They have way more packages and engine choices. In 2014 when Toyota redesigns the tundra maybe I’ll consider going back, but they have to have more engine choices and packages. They will also need to mke their interior and exterior much more durable.

  87. Logan says:

    I would but a truck because I need a truck not because I want one. If I buy a truck I want a strong stump pulling V-8 not some pansy ass V-6 that cant pull anything and actually gets poor mpgs. Most of you truck owners are typical mall crawlers and never use your truck to
    Its actual potential. If you dont like the mileage then buy a smaller truck or car!

    —- Half of you Tundra owners have never used your truck to its actual potential.

    —-Try pulling 10,000 lbs up the California Grape Vine with your Ford Ecoboost!

  88. Logan says:

    HAHA YEAH RIGHT Towing 11,000 lbs with your ecoboost!!! I smell bs
    Also when you ad 4WD your towing goes down buy about 1500 lbs.

    The Tundra produces 85% of its torque at 1500 rpms! And 3.73 rear end ratio is horrible for larger tires and or max tq pulling at slow speeds.

    Good luck on not blowing up that over priced Ford

  89. JAMES says:


  90. chuck says:


    I totally agree with you on the nicer interior and better framing. The reason I moved to ford was exactly because of the c-channel in the tundra and interior and packages.

  91. S.Alford says:

    I have a double cab sr5 trd tundra with the 5.7L V8, and I’ve run with 6.2 Chevys and Escalades and my truck still runs neck and neck with them. However, I’d love to see a 6.2L V8 in the next Tundra…maybe even a diesel!

  92. toyota_mdt_tech® says:

    I am a Toyota dealer tech (MDT) by trade and have been waiting for the diesel truck to show up. Spoke to a factory rep, they said back burner. They kept doing the back burner. I needed a heavy tow rig, so ended up getting me a brand new RAM 2500 with the Cummins diesel, and a 6 spd manual tranny, integrated brake controller. Love the truck, just wish is was a Toyota.

    I might add, its a crew cab, long bed with the 3.42 axle ratio (positraction) and I get 15.4 in rural driving, and 18.2 on the highway empty. This truck is HUGE, great mileage. With me and a full tank of fuel (35 gallon tank), weighs 7,990 lbs.

    I was told they already had their european division certify a diesel in 08ish. You have the Hino diesel engines. How about a diesel hybrid?

    Which brings to mind, 1/2 ton diesels would be perfect and the Yaris with a 3 cylinder diesel hybrid would net one over 60 MPG with ease!

    Integrated brakes

  93. chuck says:


    Wouldn’t it be great to see the Hino 8.0 and the 6.2 both offered as diesels?

  94. Deric says:

    I have a 2011 Rock Warrior Crew Max and I absolutely love it! The issues I have are minimal. I’d like to see better interior offered, I had them put leather in! I’d like better fuel milage with the same power…LOL! The stereo and Bluetooth both suck!! I wish it was offered with another foot on the bed! That’s about it, I love it and maybe when I’m ready to buy again in a few years I have many more options to choose from! But in reality….I could be happy with this baby or 10-15 years probably:)

  95. Jason (Admin) says:

    Deric – Cool. Congrats!

  96. Chas says:

    I would like to see what Toyota comes out with but I am really sold on the current looks of my color-matched RCSB with the TRD charger. I will never get tired of the performance. Other than being new, I doubt any redesign will have me going to the sales lot…at least, not for the first year or so.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Addition of H.I.D headlights, led running lights, and a option to increase truck ground clearance with push of a button for off road road driving.

  98. Jason (Admin) says:

    POST UPDATED – Based on recent conversations with a couple of Toyota sources, we’ve upgraded direct injection to ‘likely’ and included an ‘unlikely’ section too. Check it out

  99. Mike says:

    I am a very happy owner of a 2007 Tundra double cab. I have owned a Ford, a Dodge, several GMC’s and three Chevrolets. The Tundra has hauled a 25′ travel trailer across the country and back 7 times. Currently it has over 100,000 miles on it,and unlike all the other trucks I have owned, I have never had ANY trouble with it. Sure there are things I would like on my next truck that are still unavailable with Toyota, but the 5.7 V8 soldiers on. The gas mileage is 16-20 not towing (much better than any other truck I’ve owned) and the brakes, which were replaced at 20,000 miles and again at 40,000 on the Chevy (mostly because of rust problems) are only worn 20% on the Toyota with over 100,000 miles on it. The biggest error I made in purchasing the Toyota is that I bought the extended warranty, it was a waste of money as nothing went wrong in the first 100,000 miles. I’m planning to buy the next generation Tundra, the current ones look and drive just like the one I have. This truck has surpassed any and all expectations I have had over my 30 year pickup truck ownership, including both half-tons and 3/4 ton trucks. This is the best!

  100. Tracy says:

    Well guy’s thanks for the great blog! I have a 2001 Access Cab 4×4 and love it. It’s getting about time replace it and I am on the fence over the F150 or Tundra.

    One thing is for certain; the Ford has the Tundra hands down on the interior. Please Toyota get rid of the cheap plastic, big knobs, and give me a 10-way passenger seat like my wife’s Land Cruiser.

    My neighbor has a 2008 Crew Max with 80k on it and has zero issues. My 01 has 130k and has been remarkable. I had to replace the rack and pinion under warranty at 20k and nothing since.

    I would like to go with another Toyota and since it’s a family vehicle as well for those long road trips, I’ll have to look very hard at the competition.

  101. Shane says:

    It maybe to late to commet on this but what the heck,I had a explore sport trac with the all-wheel drive and hated it every time it engaged it sounded like the front end was going to come out of it that why I don’t like it…also what about doing something like jeep did where the truck raises and lowers its self on highway and off-road…I think someone already said that…

  102. Shane says:

    And bring back the SR5 what was wrong with it?

  103. Shawn says:

    I wouldn’t change a thing. I say that in jest, because of course I would love to see improvements but damn…this truck is amazing. I love my Tundra and it tows my 9000# toy hauler like a dream. I regularly pass broken down fords, dodges and chevy’s on the highway and it is absolutely unbelievable how smooth the ride is towing my full load. Granted, when driving around town if feels like I am driving a cinderblock on wheels, but I only use it for towing and trips to CA. If I had to tow more than 10k I would get a diesel 1 ton but at this point I wouldn’t swap out my Tundra for anything other than a new Tundra with a diesel or Ecotec style turbo 6. Also, its a tanks…some lady with a death wish blew a red light once and turned right in front of me when I was going 40mph. I sent her car into a 360 through the intersection and nearly took her entire trunk off…the damage to my truck was so minimal it didn’t even break my headlight and it felt like a drove over a speed bump.

  104. ja says:

    to bad Toyota wont consider 6.5’ft bed on crew max only thing keeping me from buying one.hate to but might just have to go to Ford.Can’t keep waiting for Toyota to give customers what they really want.

  105. chuck says:

    Man I was really hoping for an hd vesion of the tundra. No one really cares about the hybrid no one buys it

  106. chuck says:

    They got rid of the sr5

  107. Mike S says:

    If Toyota continues to build the Tundra CrewMax in a soccer mom stlye vehicle and not a real truck( no 6.5′ bed) I’ll definitely be buying a Ford F150.

  108. […] this link on one of Mendonsy's links 2014 Tundra – What To Expect | Tundra Headquarters Who knows how true this stuff is __________________ 2007 Toyota Tundra RCSB 2WD 5.7 V8 TRD […]

  109. Mike P says:

    It would be nice to see a dual clutch transmission. There are less parasitic losses than an automatic transmission so there is would be improvement in mpg and usable power. These transmissions also tend to be more durable, since they are manuals. Toyota should get on it before another company does. I like their current transmissions, but there is always room for improvement.

  110. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mike P – Interesting idea. Haven’t heard anything about it, but it would be nice to see.

  111. vladz says:

    I hope Tundra will have six passenger seating arrangements with all the available option like Dodge and Ford.,for me with wife and four kids it is deal braking dessicion.

  112. Mike P says:

    Also, is there any chance we could see the design within the next couple months?

  113. BlackDynamite says:

    The problem Toyota runs into is economies of scale.

    If they were selling 3-400k units a year, you could have multiple configurations, like the domestics. If it sold like the domestics, they could expand the range like domestics.

    I think the best way for Toyota to separate itself from the field is a LD Diesel. There is a large demand, but no product. This is a major opportunity, and whoever fills the void will take a bigger share in the market…….

  114. Jason (Admin) says:

    Vladz – Don’t they have that now?

    Mike P – I don’t know. If we do, it will by a spy photo.

    BlackDynamite – Agreed on all counts. Especially like to see the LD diesel, but the Toyota/Ford hybrid powertrain development deal would seem to be a strong indicator that Toyota is going the hybrid route rather than the diesel…

    Unless they go with a hybrid diesel! Which would make a ton of sense and help explain Ford’s involvement…

  115. bob says:

    please dont make us wait so long for a bigger gas tank and a hd model. i am in a 2010 tudra sr5 crew max and had a 2007 double cab before this. really need hd also better paint and clear coat- truck scratches way to easy

  116. […] for the ostrich skin seats, $1,000 – $1,100 installation included! Also, just found this info: 2014 Tundra – What To Expect | Tundra Headquarters __________________ 2008 Tundra CrewMax 4×4 Blue Streak Metallic / Black Interior – 3 / 1.5 […]

  117. RIck says:

    Toyota should stay with the basics on ’14. I love my ’10 Tundra’s exterior as it is, it’s a great looking truck too. The huge, reclining rear seats in my CrewMax are second to none, but wish they were heated for my guests who say it’s cold back there!

    Even though the dash is odd, I still put up with it because the truck is so good! I love the ride, it’s firm & compliant, has the big center console for storage & arm comfort, and the console shifter. The radio is lousy & far away, but steering wheel bluetooth helps. It connects to my phone every time and I can hear callers easily. How about a standard leather steering wheel with optional heat?

    I never complained about the ‘C’ channel frame. Trucks bounce a bit, its a given and the Tundra is controlled. If Toyota fully boxes the frame, I hope they curtail or negate the weight gain. My new tires reduced the “shimmy” over bumps.

    Direct injection is a given for improvement. The 5.7 is already the best DOHC engine ahead of the 5.0 FORD, which is a great motor. Bring down the weight a bit and give me a few more MPG’s highway please. My 15 MPG city is tough on $3.50/gal gas going higher. I don’t beat on it. Transmission is good, if not an 8 spd, then upgrade existing 6 spd to lighter, stronger.

    With the Tundra prices going north of $35K, I believe the windows should ALL be one-touch up AND down. My wife’s $23k, ’10 VW Jetta TDI has this! Gimme a break Toyota. I don’t need radar cruise, or glitchy FORD MyTouch with its software issues. I hope Toyota does research and comes to a common sense solution that does include up to date basics like a 30g HD for radio, a modern NAV system with remote & motion override, etc.

    Since Toyota is NON union (hooray!), can they price the truck competitively? If the ’14 is the right mix, I will trade up. However, i’m keeping an eye on competitors who offer a 500lb.ft+. diesel on their non-HD pickups! Toyota would clean up with a diesel as no domestic is there yet.

    Summary: Tundra needs a vastly upgraded interior to match it’s lofty price like the ’09 Ram pickups got. It’s not expensive to add more courtesy lights, and better materials while retaining what buyers were attracted to initially!

  118. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rick – I’m with you on the diesel light duty truck, and I also really like your idea of one touch up/one touch down windows…seems like an easy, obvious improvement.

    I also agree the interior could be nicer. Toyota has been de-contenting to save money over the last few years, and it’s time they reverse that trend.

  119. TRDSmokedU says:

    Don’t rule out an 8 speed transmission. Remember, Toyota was the first to create an 8 speed. The current 6 speed in the Tundra is the same transmission in the LS, minus 2 additional forward gears. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an 8 speed soon. Sources indicate the Akio is not playing games and really wants to get Toyota back on track.

  120. Jason (Admin) says:

    TRDSmokedU – An interesting point.

  121. Rick says:

    An 8spd makes all the sense in the world. Although Toyota was first with a 6 spd in Tundra and would be first again with 8spd, bean counters at Lexus eschewed an 8spd in the new GS350. If that’s any indication & with Tundra sales down, the ’14 might be a slight evolutionary ‘redesign’ that just cleans up some details, like changes to the nose & tail. I can’t see them doing a lot when they are recovering here from the recession & in Japan from the tsunami while gas is predicted to go to $4 by May. I hope they change their mind!

  122. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rick – I’m inclined to agree, but I’m hopeful that Toyota understands the importance of bragging rights in the truck world…having a clear disadvantage won’t help Toyota conquest sales from Ford, Ram, or G.M., regardless of any other features.

  123. Rick says:

    Jason – I agree. The 8spd alone could drop the 4:30 rear to a 3:42 – with no drop in towing cap, gain 2mpg hwy & to your point, renewed bragging rights in its truck segment. It’s a great truck made even better. Come on Toyota!

  124. Andrew says:

    I think leather seats should be an option to the double cab versions that offer the long 8 foot bed. Also I think they should table a Navigation system to the double cab 8 foot bed models. I’ve been holding out on buying a Tundra for the next couple of years to see if those options would be available on the 2013, 2014, 2015 models.

    Just another thought…I think Toyota should make a 3/4 ton truck as well to compete with the F-250 and the 2500.

  125. Doreen says:

    We have a 2000 Tundra and it has been a great truck. Only complaint is paint is starting to fail but then I guess it is 12 years old. We have been waiting for the next generation and hope it is not so Ram like. Also a better quality dash would be great. I agree with alot of the previous coments and can’t wait to see the 2014. One thing nobody seems to care about are the colors. Maybe this is a girl thing but how about a nice silver blue grey color. The blues in the past years have been horrible. Chevy & GM have had a few nice blue colors. It’s not a deal breaker but when your spending that much money it would be nice to have more choices than white, grey, red & black.

  126. disappointed says:

    I’m very disappointed that the long bed is off the table. I think a crew cab with a short bed looks ridiculous. I would buy a Tundra crew cab with a long bed.

    • Anonymous says:

      lfirmly agree no full size truk bed no fullsize truck just whimpy wanna be family cars calling themselves trucks to sound tuff not be tuff

  127. Pete says:

    Hey Jason, I have owened three 2000,2002 and 2005 and I would buy a new one today if they would make the smaller truck again and the Tucoma is too small and has no V8.If I wanted a big truck that won’t fit it parking decks I would have bought a Ram.Any chance of a smaller version of a Tundra?

  128. Kim says:

    I have had my ’07 Crewmax 5.7L/SR5 4×4 since May ’06 and absolutely love this truck (now 75K miles). Power is great, wouldn’t change that. I’ve had no warranty needs, or major service issues, except a radio replaced early on.

    I drove the Eco-Boost Ford and can’t say I would trade. Ford does ride better, but storage is less, door skin really flexes when closing, would hate to miss the “soft down” tailgate feature on the Tundra. Just can’t get used to the 6-cyl sound on a truck!

    A few “get it right the next time” items (minor) w/b 1) Come up w/ a better tailgate latch handle (replaced twice already-too cheaply built), 2)find a way that the rear seat belt buckles don’t have to be stored in the holder manually to avoid the rattle in the back 3) better radio/cd sound 4) a little less low end quality plastic, scratches too easy

  129. Dr. Tom says:

    I have an ’08 Tacoma. I love it, but I drive my .98 Jeep more. I need a full-sixed truck because I farm and I pull trailers. I’d like a ’13 Tundra but if there isn’t a diesel I’m going to a Chevy 2500 HD. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii and here you don’t buy a vehicle – you buy a dealership. The Toyota Dealership – which now has the Chevy franchise is the only place to buy a car.

  130. chuck says:

    @ Pete my dad has an 06′ and says the same thing about the current model. I like the fact that it is egquivelant to the others though. The first gen looks to much like the t 100. It would be nice if they added that to the line up as a new model a little bigger than the mid size with a smaller v8

  131. Rick says:

    To Guy With A Stupid German Name:

    Guess your name goes with your comments, a tad harsh there. I do agree to a point that a 5.5′ bed is worthless but every truck owner is different. For me as I posted earlier, I gave up on Toyota when they made their CrewMax with only a 5.5′ bed. I need the four doors and interior space for my family (when needed) and to have more than 1 client that I may take out to lunch/dinner.

    I ended up switching to a Dodge MegaCab in 2008 because it provided a 6.5′ bed. And now I have a F-150 SuperCrew because they are the only 1/2 ton truck crew that still offers a 6.5′ bed.

    There is no 1/2 ton crew truck that offers an 8′ bed unless you go with a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup truck (I know Ford you can get one). So that doesn’t even compete with Toyota. And those trucks are diesel so they are going to get over 20mpg.

  132. Ron says:

    I have a 2010 Tundra Limited with 31,000 miles and not one single problem. I owned GM for 50 years and thought the problems I had were normal for everyone. Wrong, the Toyota is a better truck. I love the 5.7 motor and the mileage is the same as the 5.3 Chevy but much more power and a very smooth shifting 6 speed transmission.

  133. Todd says:

    Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. I have an 07 Tundra with a 4.7 v8 and use it all the time on my farm pulling a 17 ft enclosed trailer and a 12′ dump box trailer. However its all it can do. Really like the Toyota product, but would like more juice to pull my 18 ft 3 axle trailer that I need to use for work. Will the 5.7 do the job? or do I need to get into a F250 or 2500 HD? The idea of Toyota coming out with a diesel is interesting as well. THX

  134. Dr. Tom says:

    Get the Ford. I have to buy Toyotas and I have a new 5.7 Tundra which pulls my 18′ equipment trailer with no problem – but that’s because when you live on an island you buy the dealership, not the brand.

    If I have a problem, the Toyota dealer handles it. The Ford dealer, not so much.

  135. Viktor says:

    I have 2008 5.7 Limited. Here is my 5 cents.

    1. Engine hood has round edge and reflects the sun from the all front directions. It is very annoying. Can they cover it with rubber or do something about it?
    2. Navigation system should be better!
    3. Steering should be easier (like a RAM 1500 for instance)
    4. Rear view camera would be better.

    Generally it is a great truck! I love it.

  136. Chuck says:


    You actually have to buy the dealer or just thief is only one dealer on the island?

  137. Chuck D. says:

    All that new stuff for 2014 is fine and dandy, but the only real concern I have is GAS MILEAGE! Ave of 15-16 ain’t gonna cut it if gas is $5-6 per gal by then. Let’s hope it’s not at that price. I’m just trying to be real. I would also like to see more than 1 coat of clear on the paint. These paint jobs (not just the Toyota’a) are hella thin.
    My main concern is better gas mileage. At least 23-24 on the hwy with a 5.7

  138. Chuck D. says:

    I will say that my 2007 Tundy w/ the 5.7 pulled my 31′
    5th wheel from Denver to MA r/t with no problems at all last year gettin 8-9 mpg ave. That..I can’t complain about!

  139. John K says:

    The crewmax with a 6.5′ bed, that a great idea,so…why take that off the table? It should be an option. Some guys like myself just need more room for loading longer and larger equipment.

    • Chuck D says:

      Yeah, I don’t know what they are thinking dropping the 6.5′ bed. Your right, it should be an option. Doesn’t the Tacoma have that option?

      Also, GM & Chysler has some of their V-8’s to when your on a straight or flat Hy-way the engine drops to 8-6-4 cyl which save gas. Why couldn’t they have the same type of technology to where they don’t infringe on any trademarks.
      just puzzles my mind.

  140. Chuck D says:

    The Turbo Charged V-6 is a great idea for the normal everyday driver but probably won’t have enough torque to haul heavy equipment or 5th wheels.

  141. Zeke says:

    Am I glad with these fuel prices that I am not driving a Tundra. If these prices keep going up which hopefully they do, there will be a lot of cheap trucks for sale. Maybe then this will separate the people that really need a truck and the people that bought a large 4 door car with a little gay box on the back. It would make the highways a lot better for us car drivers. Hey I am not against pickups, but its all the CITIODS that drive them. Hey when I go north to work in the mines I get to drive big trucks. Like how about a 250 ton Hitachi. I would love to bring it to the city and make onion skins out of all you Citiods who need a truck with a box of air in it, like a hole in your heads.
    Thanks Zeke. Oooh this ought to give some of you’s RABIES!

  142. Deric says:

    Hey Zeke, in four years when get your drivers permit, let me know how fun it is to drive a Prius! Go hug a tree!

  143. Chuck says:

    Buy the way just bought a used ’11 GMC Yukon denali with a 80,000 miles on it.

    • Chuck D says:

      Chuck, if I were to buy anything other than a Tundra it would be a GMC Yukon Denali diesel…that’s only if I had the money to spend on Diesel gas.

  144. Chuck says:

    Secondary to my 07 super duty

  145. Chuck says:

    @chuckd they don’t make a yukon Denali diesel but they make Sierra diesel Denali though

  146. Mike says:

    No crewmax 6.5 ft bed= sorry Toyota, no Tundra!!

  147. Chuck says:

    Gm killin of da avalanche in 2014 prolly the escalade version too.

  148. Chuck says:


    Yeah they’ll prolly keep the escalade version cause rich people actually buy it. For 2013 they’re adding a ” black diomond edition” and making the avalanche cheaper by adding some features that the lt had to the ls and features that the ltz had to the lt.

  149. Chuck says:


    I’m seeing all of these Chevy spy shots and really wondering whether they will make the actual new tundra.i mean we havent even heard any official info have?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Chuck – It’s official, but there aren’t any spy photos yet because Toyota is damn good at keeping secrets. But there are multiple instances of Toyota execs talking about the new Tundra, not to mention what I’m hearing from my contacts.

      • Chuck says:

        Oh good I was really wondering their for a while with the spy shots of the silverodo and unveiling of the 2013 ram

  150. Michael says:

    I have a 2010 Tundra Crewmax Limited…put an ARE “Z” cap on the back which made it more aerodynamic. Fuel burn rate, still not great. Tire wear still not great. However, it is still a very nice rig.
    I wish Toyota would consider a 3/4 ton for heavy towing but they probably do not want to compete with the other three builders.
    On that note, I’m probably going to head over to the F350 or even 450 KingRanch, diesel , big, bad and beautiful.

  151. Chuck says:

    Do the 450 just sounds better but not that much more than the 350. If you really want something big wait until the ram 5500 long hauler comes out soon. It has a 170 gallon fuel compacity. And has the nicest interior you could ever dream about.

  152. RIck says:

    The Ram just fired a shot coupling the new 8spd and new 6cyl. They’re promising to mate the 8spd to the Hemi (but no DI though – not good!) at yrs end. That’s just good common sense marketing. Ram also improved their already nice interior which imo is best out there.

    Toyota needs DI and an 8spd that will bump HP to a reasonable 420 with those good OVC heads. Mpg should improve to 21 hwy and city gains 1-2 mpg. Go with hwy rear gear (3.42 and 3.73 for opt towing – no 4.30!). This improvement alone would return the Tundra as power train segment leader. Bump wrnty to 100k miles.

    The rest of the truck can get by with smart tweaking.


    New Nav (it’s horrible – See Chrysler), 80g HD, new luminescent instrument cluster (same gages – copy Lexus’ clarity), one-touch express up/dn windows, improve plastics, more ports for plug ins, better audio system (see Chrysler), bigger central screen (8″ min), new 4″ info center in mid of gage cluster (see Ford, Audi or VW), Better bolstering on leather seats (especially in back), push start keyless ignition (why not be first?), under seat/floor storage (RAM), better footwell lighting, more interior lights- (especially CrewMax – it’s dark in there), rear seat heating (CrewMax), rear seat audio control, rear climate control (reasonable for a $50k truck), opt. two tone leather with better colors (i’m sick of standard ‘Toyota grey’ or cream – see VW Touareg), bring radio closer to driver.

    Leave console (size) & shifter (position) alone. Leave big sunroof alone but move switches to dash for better access and visibility. Illuminate the side view mirror switches. Bring all switches closer to driver. Freshen up ext design, stay to original theme with chrome (not plastic) bumpers.

    Mechanical: Bigger alternator, opt double battery, auto locking rear diff, integrated trailer brake cntrl, lighter stock rotors (improve fade and glitchy antilock), redesign heavy 16″ TRD rotor – go to two piece slotted (non drilled) with same caliper, improve hood opening lever.


    6.5ft. bed on CrewMax, better rear camera (see BMW X5), LED lighting front & rear, more paint colors, key-activated window up-dn (convenience – had this on my ’98 A4!).

    Numerous small conveniences mean a lot in a big truck and Toyota already has them in other car divisions, so easy to swap it in for segment exclusivity. Let them all follow the Tundra!

  153. Chuck says:

    Sounds like a luxury truck. That’s what Toyota needs. They already have luxury prices all we need now is the actual truck!

  154. Corey says:

    Need a larger fuel tank and a rear locker. This is what has me hung up on the Tundra vs F150 comparo. A-Trac is great but it can’t beat a truely locked diff. Toyota has been putting e-lockers in smaller trucks for years, time to put one in the Tundra. Ford and Nissan have one, dodge has them in the power wagon.

    If the current Tundra could be ordered with a rear elocker and would have a 30+ gallon fuel tank on it I’d have a Limited CrewMax in my driveway now.

  155. Mike says:

    Love my 2008 tundra inside and out. I have a 5.7 with TRD Supercharger, 22 inch E load tires rear sway bar a exhaust. I haul a large 5th wheel. It’s the baddest half tun out there. I work a Toyota dealer and people are buying these things because others don’t stack up. Toyota please don’t screw this up. Work on what you have don’t go backwards.. If you do you will drive people to the other brands. For the people that want a big car go buy a big car.

    • Rick says:

      Who did the install on your supercharger? Have you had any issues yet? Can you run it on 87 oct? I pulled a 5 th wheel with my diesel, wondered how the SC Tundra compares. Not aware of anyone who makes big brakes for the New Tundra besides TRD. They’re rotors are too heavy, & i’m told pads wear easily. Price is ok tho.

  156. noront says:

    I absolutely love my 2008 double cab SR5 trd. I am so looking forward to the release of the 2014 tundra so I can place my order. I was a GM loyal customer until 2008. I have since replaced both my vehicles. Two toyota’s sit in my driveway now. In my opinion Toyota does it right!

  157. Chuck says:

    Yeah my dad just totalled his ’06 tundra yesterday night. He’s devastated that he has to buy a new tundra

  158. Chuck says:

    The other problem is he’s saying that he hates the look of the current tundra and thinks the 2014 will look more like the ’06 but can’t wait a year or two to get one

  159. Keith Foster says:

    They also need to address the intermittant wipers…. it needs more adjustment than just 4 settings.

    you never seem to be able to get the right speed for the level of rain…. causing wiper squeal… very annoying.

  160. 6.5′ bed in crew cab would be nice.last 3 fords have been.only reason haven’t looked at the Toyota’s

  161. Chuck says:

    “i’d never realised how big the tundra is from the inside. It’s like driving tank or a hummer.

  162. chad says:

    Toyota PLEASE just upgrade the interior to the standard of the rest of your line. The interiors on the new 4runners, avalons, and highlanders are fantastic. Simple and solid. The interior on the current tundra is plasticy, cheap and toyish looking. The dash board looks like it’s ten years old…very boring. Hard to sell (especially if you’re looking at a $47,000 limited like i was). I’m hoping the 2014 will change this…cuz i’ll be first in line to buy one if it does.

  163. Mike S. says:

    Unlikely Enhancements
    2. 6.5′ bed on crew cabs. This option has been desired by a few in the comments section, but our source says it’s off the table.

    Only a few? I’ve talked to Toyota care several times and they said the number one requested option is a 6.5′ bed on the CrewMax.

    Tpypa already has the frame length wit hte extra cab and 8′ bed. What’s the big deal? Why not offer a crewmax with a real bed for people who actually use their trucks for truck things………Putting a 4 wheeler or cycle in the bed. How the heck do you sleep in the back when it’s 5′ long?

    In it’s current configuration the Crewmax is a glorified soccer mom grocery getter.

    I’m waiting to see what 2014 brings but if they wont offer the longer bed I’ll be buying the 2014 F150. The Tundra may be more dependable but to me it’s built in a useless configuration I would never own.

    • WDavNinja says:

      I totally agree. If I want a grocery mobile, i’ll get an SUV. I need space to haul my toys and business equipment – in SAFETY. If they don’ agree then I guess a Ford Eco-Boost will be in the works. Shame on them.

  164. Ron says:

    More payload is an absolute necessity. Hitch weight is the major determining factor that limits towing. Tundra can’t tow a travel trailer when most of the payload is used by the family,a cooler and even the gas in the tank. That only leaves 700 lbs for hitch weight. That corresponds to maybe a 5000 lb travel trailer.

    • Chuck D. says:

      Ron, you are totally wrong, wrong, wrong!! Maybe the older Tundra’s can only tow a 5,000lb trailer.
      I have a 7,600lb 5th wheel and towed it from Northern CO to MA last year. I had it loaded with clothes, cookware 2 TV’s and plenty of other stuff. In the back of my truck I have a lowboy toolbox, 5 gals gas can w/gas, back seat full with 2 animals and other stuff. I would say with all the items added came to around another 1,000-1,500lbs not including a full tank of gas. My truck towed like a champ…granted you do know a difference going up hill because the tranny kicks into a higher gear, but what truck doesn’t. Timbrens help a lot to keep the truck level.
      That was over a 5,000 mile trip. I’m an insurance claims adjuster on storms and I travel all over.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ron, what he is saying is that the tongue weight has to be subtracted from the payload, which is correct. If you have 1000 pounds of people and cargo in your tundra you only have 500 pounds left for tongue weight, which is only enough for a 5000 lb tow (assuming 10% tongue weight). Certainly the Tundra is able to carry more, but if you exceed the GVWR when you pull into the weigh station you could end up with a hefty fine. Given the smallish payload it’s easier to exceed the GVWR than GCWR.

  165. Aaron says:

    All these upgrades are great to hear, but this truck has got to have a 6.5 ft. bed on the crew max or I’m not buying one. I currently own a 2009 sequoia, just sold wife’s 4Runner and holding $15K as the down payment for this new Tundra. My wife is even borrowing her parents extra car, so we can buy this redesigned tundra. I heard from a reputable source that all the major body style changes are happening end of 2013 to very early part of 2014. Huge discounts on current Tundras, so they can clear the lots of inventory before they release this news.

  166. Aaron says:

    Correction… I meant to say late 2012 to early part of 2013.

  167. Duc says:

    Do you know of when they’re releasing photos or details of the ’14 model? I’m currently looking to get a new CM, but don’t know if I should wait or hurry up and get it now. People are telling me to wait for the new model, which I do agree, but my plan is to mod this truck with the TRD Supercharger. I’m not sure if the new lineup will have that capability. Also, I know that the gen 2 model didn’t have the platinum package until ’10 or ’11, which is one of my biggest concern with the new gen 3 whether they will have that available right away or wait until later.
    PS. I want to say awesome job on this thread. It has really help in making a lot of decisions about my new truck.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Sorry, we don’t know when they are officially releasing photos. We can tell you that as soon as they do, we will posting lots of photos!


      • Duc says:

        Thanks Tim for the reply. So basically my best bet is to wait for the new model? Lol. I would rather do that than get one now and be bummed out about not getting a new one.
        Is there any real facts that we know about the new Tundra or are all of these info just speculations?

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          We hear lots of “speculation” and “rumors.” I don’t know of anything that is a hard fact. The safe bet is just to be patient. 🙂


        • Jason (Admin) says:

          The “likely enhancements” come directly from reliable sources. However, nothing is set in stone, as our sources aren’t perfect.

  168. AJ says:

    I’m running out of time. Can somebody at least ask a contact at Toyota what the new Tundra payload will be for the 4X4 crew max?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      AJ – Sorry, but it doesn’t really work that way…expect it to be about the same as it is now.

  169. Rick says:

    Got a great deal on a ’12 Platinum. The ride is better than my last TRD-SR5, very controlled. But the Nav system is the worst i’ve seen. It freezes up and won’t allow inputs. But ergonomically it is a disaster. The maps are old and the unit is simply outdated. I have to take it back to the dealer for a look. I may replace it with an aftermarket unit.

    Just read that the Ram is improving an already well laid out interior on their ’13 model. They also lightened the truck by using aluminum in the hood and control arms. The ’14 Tundra is late to the party. Toyota is so far behind now.

    I still like my ride though. The engine is strong and smooth. I want to supercharge it at some point.

    • Rick says:

      Update: Have my ’12 Platinum for a few weeks. Love it, recommend you get one at 0% in lieu of waiting for the ’14, if you can. I added bilsteins and swapped my Platinum wheels out for custom 20×9’s & Yokohama Parada Spec-X. Ride is controlled, smooth, handles great! Nav/radio still bad, but truck is awesome. Next swap is Auburn posi and 2.5″ exhaust. Steering good, still best engine in its class!

  170. mike says:

    I need the 6.5 foot bed on the crew max

    • Aaron says:

      I hear ya and feel exactly the same. Toyota has it listed as low priority so I’m currently selling my 2008 sequoia and going to order a dodge diesel 3500 Laramie in the next week or two. I have been a Toyota fan for years, but they are too late and too little to keep my business. I regret having to purchase something other than Toyota, but it is what it is.

  171. cody says:

    will the lift and wheels from the 12 model fit on the new 2014 model? has anyone heard?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      cody – It’s highly unlikely Toyota will change the lug pattern on the wheels. As for the suspension, I’ve recently read in Automotive News that the suspension and frame will be the same. This is contrary to what I’ve heard…so we’ll see on the suspension. But I’d guess the wheels will fit for sure.

  172. Kaz says:

    Both a turbocharged V6 and engine stop-start are a great idea.
    Downsizing is a one of the recent trend of car world.
    I hope it will become reality…

  173. Chuck says:

    I know all of you want a crewman with a 6 foot bed. I don’t really care either way being the bed is so wide but the new spy photos of the 2014 silverodo on autoblog look like the next gen Chevys will have the crew cab with the 6 foot bed on the 1500 model and the crew cab is bigger now

  174. Mike P says:

    IF Toyota made a crewmax with a 6.5ft bed, I’d buy one tomorrow!! With all the other manufacturers coming out with this setup, it’s silly that they’re not even entertaining the idea. That’s why I’ve been keeping an eye on the f250 superduty. And now the 1/2 ton trucks offer it as well…….but not ‘yota’s!?!

  175. chris atkinson says:

    we need a kubota diesel or kumatsu jap-motor 2014, please build this tundra & diesel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  176. Julio Gonzalez says:

    Need a Larger fuel tank. For long trips and towing

  177. Jeremy The Automotive Demigod says:

    What is the freaking deal with the ” I NEED A 500 GALLON FUEL TANK!!!!!” No, no you don’t. Unless you are transporting fuel. The tank is fine if you stay out the throttle. I was getting 19 and 20 all day on the highway with the 5.7. All a larger tank will do is add to the image that it sucks down fuel at a horrid pace. DIrect injection with a %40 increase in mileage, THAT we need.

    • Chuck D says:

      Jeremy, I towed a 30′ 5th wheel from CO to MA last year at 9 mpg with my 5.7 and believe me..you need a bigger tank. Fill up was every 180 miles or so with about a little under a quarter tank before refills. If I had a 36-40 gal tank I would feel much better about going on long haul trips towing.

  178. Bogdan B says:

    Just give Tundra Diesel engine, and it will solve the gas mileage problem, and it will add more power. Way this simple solution it seems to hard to do. Toyota already have a Diesel engine for it. This is only pure Politics !!!!!!!

  179. Billy says:

    Just wondering if they plan on putting a locking rear differetial in the new model tundras?

  180. Chuck says:

    Does anyone know wich auto show the tundra will most likely be debuting at in late 2013

  181. torre_ryan says:

    Are they going to considered a “flying” Toyota Tundra? I think this is a definite advantage over other trucks… An optional 55 caliber machine is very attractive

  182. Dericb says:

    Ive been told that if I put in ethanol that my flex fuel trucks performance will improve but gas mileage will go down! Like putting in 100 octane?? Can I switch back and forth? What do you recommend folks?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Dericb – Generally speaking, E85 doesn’t improve anything. The only reason to run it is that it can save you money. Make sure you account for a 15-20% decrease in fuel economy when you’re comparing prices. 😉

      • Kevin says:

        E85 has a lower energy content per gallon (BTUs) than gasoline so while it’s cheaper, you’re going to use more of it. Only reason performance would improve is if you increase compression, which is what you would do with 100 octane fuel (as the octane rating is primarily describing the extent to which it can be compressed before combusting prematurely).

  183. saddlesniffer says:


  184. Adkmacman says:

    It’s painful to see the one time larger auto maker in the world, with the resources, know how and the market …. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, rather than get ahead with a diesel 1/2, a diesel HD 3/4 ton, a dualie and even a CrewMax with it all!

    Here is my request for a diesel dualie 3/4 ton CrewMax with a 6.5 ft box, 8 speed trans, the latest Nav tech, completely refreshed interior & exterior and a built in brake controller, roll top desk style “tonneau” cover!

  185. Anonymous says:

    l only want a fullsize bed 100 inches if l am going to pay for afuull size truck also want 400 ft/lbs torque from 1600 rpm up (6.2 l gas motor ) long bed crew cab make sreal fullsize pickup..

  186. Ryan says:

    Jason, any word if Toyota will bring back Blue Streak Metallic for the tundra??

  187. Mike P says:

    The current generation Tundra debuted early 2006. Is it likely that we will see the new one at the Detroit and/or Chicago shows in January/February?

    • Mike,

      It is definitely possible. I’ll be in Detroit for the auto show this year and will have lots of photos if it is released. Toyota is usually very tight lipped about new models and we might have to wait until then to see a new version.


  188. Anonymous says:

    want real fulsize pickup standard size bed (8’3″) regargless of cab choice toyota bed less than. 8′ at top of bed still not full size strile three
    Where the motor upgrade to about 6.2 L

  189. Deric says:

    What do we know about the new Tacoma? Isn’t it coming out really soon? I’d like for it to have the 5.7:)

  190. Anonymous says:

    I hate how everybody says the Toyota tundra sucks just because it a japanese vehicle. I feel more safe in a tundra than any American made truck. I hope they do make a Diesel engine for the new tundra.

    • Just tell them that the Tundra is NOT a Japanese vehicles. It is made in Texas and that Toyota Japan didn’t exactly sign off on it. It is strictly a Toyota America idea.


    • Jeremy says:

      You are right, Tundra does not suck….but it is not Japanese. It is the MOST AMERICAN made 1/2 ton truck on the road, built in San Antonio, Texas

  191. Mac says:

    There is no reason a Truck/Tundra should ride the way it does…Toyota has a mind set of following the the other truck brands…They have better options, ride, handling and price…They even come up with better ideas…I understand toyota takes those ideas and tries to make them better…what kills me is after you/toyota took the Tundra on the highway they were happy with the handling, noise and ride…You will always be behind and never be number one with an, THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH TRADEMARK….
    If you want to jump ahead you’ve to make the Tundra the truck everyone wants to own and ride in…

  192. Anonymous says:

    Toyota needs a Dually

  193. Anthony Shreve says:

    I think Toyota needs a turbo diesel so that we can compete with the other manufacturers out there who already have a vehicle that can take advantage of bio fuels!!!! I think they should give me one when they do for all the sorry 4.7s, I’ve had to replace in my truck 2001 Tundra 4×4 AC cab!!!

  194. saddlesniffer says:

    One more time, DIESEL, DIESEL, DIESEL, DIESEL, Please bring a DIESEL to the American market!!!!!

  195. John Galt says:

    Please, for the love of all that is Holy, give us a remote start that doesn’t turn off the truck when you unlock it to get in and for a $49,000 truck to not have a push button start in this day and age defies logical thought!

  196. pat spencer says:

    i sooo wish toyota would put a premium BOSE audio system in the tundra limited model. my purchase will be mid 2015

  197. Michael M says:

    Ok I work in the oil field and have had ’07 Tundra 2×4 and a ’12 Dodge 3/4 ton 4×4 Diesel and I have had way more issues with the Dodge including fuel injectors (at 1500 miles). In fact I had no issues out of my Tundra. I think that if Toyota would build a 3/4 and 1 ton diesel model that they would dominate the market place on diesel trucks. We need a another player in the diesel truck market here in the U.S. and I think it would be Toyota. Piss on lightening the curb weight and making a softer ride, beef it up make it stronger and make it run on diesel. My Tundra could out pull my Dodge any day of the week. I once hooked up to and pulled a 13,000 lb load with my Tundra my Dodge has HELL getting up a hill with 8,000 lbs behind it and its 4 wheel drive.

    • Michael,

      That’s awesome! We keep hearing that in real-world applications the Tundra is a superior truck to other manufactures and like you we wish for a 3/4 or 1-ton diesel. Trust us, when we hear any rumor about a diesel Tundra, we will update this blog ASAP.


  198. Corey says:

    I’ve posted this before but I’ll post it again.

    If the current Tundra could be ordered with a rear elocker and would have a 30+ gallon fuel tank on it I’d have a Limitedwith Rock warrior package CrewMax in my driveway now.

    If not, I guess I’ll be buying an F150.

  199. Buddy says:

    I have had a 2007 Crewmax and now have a 2011 Crewmax. Plan to get a 2013 or 2014 Crewmax next. I tow a 35 ft travel trailer with no problems in mountains and to the beach. Integrated brake would be nice but very few changes need to be made to this vehicle. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  200. mytundra says:

    I think toyota has a very nice truck. I think the problem is the lack of versions like a 3/4 ton and 1 ton and the diesel engine. We generally use trucks for work weather it be home or business. The problem I have is I can’t rent rental equipment in my half ton toyota they want to see a 1 or a 3/4 ton, and believe it or not I was also told my tundra was to light. to compete with the big three i think these things need to be addressed.

  201. Mark says:

    I would like to see a change to the headlight/grill area and rea of truck. Kinda looks ike an old hag. If they make considerable changes, I will trade my 2008 in for a new one. get rid of the fuglyiness.

  202. Corey says:

    Could we also get a keyless entry keypad like Ford and Nissan offers. For those of us who like to leave our trucks running but need to lock them while we go inside a work site or whatever the case. Its also handy when you go jog in the park or gop to the gym; to be able to stash your keys in your console and be able to lock/unlock the truck from outside. Even if it would be a dealer installed option I would love it.

  203. Doug Ribey says:

    Toyota is nuts not to offer a 6.5 foot bed. They would sell far more with the ability to put an atv comfortably without putting the tires and weight right on the tailgate. some atv’s fit in a 6.5 with the tailgate closed. Also the average snowmobile is around 9.5 to 10 feet long. A 6.5 box keeps the load safer by not shifting too much weight back on the tailgate and raising the front end. As soon as ford f150 made a 6.5ft box on a crewcab with the extra large rear seat legroom. We bought one!!!! Everyone seems to be buying them in the last 3 years in our town.

    Thanks Doug

  204. Jason says:

    6.5 Box is a must with the crewcab! Especially for ATV’s and sleds. Heated seats and steering wheel are so nice. Ram 1500 has them!

    Trucks are big so I would like to BLISS blind spot information available in TRD SR5 and Platnuim pkgs.

    I have heard the Tundra will be more styled like the F-150 and will have Tundra stamped in the rear tailgate.


  205. Jason says:

    Yup Chicago auto show but the launch will be in the early fall. So I hear. 🙂

  206. JDay says:

    When will we see the CrewMax with an 8′ bed?

    • JDay,

      When pigs fly?? 🙂 Not really sure that is even something Toyota is looking into. We are going to the auto show in Detroit and that will be one of my questions.


      • RDFTS says:

        8′ bed, yeah right, don’t even bother asking. They need a 6.5′. I switched to Dodge when they made that decision in 2007 and now have a Ford F-150 King Ranch because Ford is the only one left doing it. The bed size is the ONLY reason why I left Toyota, the only one.

        • RDFTS,

          My overall question for Toyota would be, “Do you really know what you have in the Tundra?” I mean, the truck wins tons of awards, has a great brand behind it and has lots of “fed up” domestic truck owners interested in it. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be evolving to meet this new market (i.e., diesel, larger bed, etc…) I’m just wondering if Toyota will get serious about the full-size truck market or just be happy to have an option in that segment.


  207. Jason says:

    I just “heard the 6.5ft box is not off the table with the crewcab. It’s still being explored. If consumers are willing to pay for it then they are willing to build it.

    Also, brace yourself for a new powertrain coming…. The focus is pure MPG!

  208. Larry says:

    I want a V6 with the 6 SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION, 4WD, standard cab, 8 foot bed.

    A simple work truck. If I don’t get one, I keep my 1994 T100 for another 18 years and 200,000 more miles.

    • Forestgreen4.6 says:

      That’s probably gonna be hard to find considering all I see on the lots when I drive past one is crewmax 5.7s with the new TSS package with the big wheels. Usually the dealer can do a specific search within a 5 state radias.

  209. I am really hoping the 2014 crew max offers a 6.5′ bed that is the one thing that keeps me from buying the 2013 Toyota now. I read it is unlikely they will offer that option, but I hope they reconsider from what I have been herring from salesmen at the dealerships is they get a lot of request for the longer bed on the crew max.

  210. Jason says:

    There is a new dash layout more driver friendly. As mentioned before simliar exterior layout as the F150 (front end)

  211. Rick says:

    The new Tundra is going to be good. The interior changes alone will bring the truck to the forefront.

    Did you see the new Chevy Silverado? Ugly! The 1500 will still only have a 9.5″ ring gear (Tundra is 10.5!). I swapped out my rear to the Aburn and saw how massive the Tundra rear is. Everything underneath is beefy…more like a 3/4 or one ton. I fear though that Toyota will feel obliged to copy the F-150 and Silverado’s boxy styling. Chevy still has the column shifter!

    Btw Jason, I couldn’t wait..I added rear seat heat to my truck and more interior lighting. Big difference but not as big as Auburn posiwas especially when coupled to the TRD supercharger. It’s pretty fast. Loving THAT! Chip is next. I am getting 16.4 mpg combined. The remote start is very convenient too.

    Toyota offers so much to personalize the Tundra under warranty too.

  212. mike says:

    Can you get 4 wheel drive in regular cab?

  213. Drew says:

    I hope the fuel saving is true. I had to get rid of my 08 tundra in June and really want another one but the fuel savings got to be there.

  214. […] we see the refresh. (yes, it's for selfish reasons) I've seen articles like this on several sites: 2014 Tundra – What To Expect Tundra Headquarters Blog | Tundra Headquarters Blog Yeah, the web is certainly full of misinformation, but I really hope to see something at the […]

  215. Daniel Cespedes says:

    I drive a 2012 Platinum Tundra.. Its awesome, but riding in different new trucks, F-150 King Ranch ’10 and Dodge Ram big horn ’12 trucks… I notice how far behind i am with a tundra.. Its an excellent vehicle and i bought it mostly because of reliability.. But gas efficiency is behind, as well as technology wise.. If the improvements arent drastic, i may no longer be loyal to toyota. Fyi, projector HIDs are an outstanding cosmetic change and damn good upgrade… Maybe that should be a definate upgrade.

  216. Sourdough says:

    Do a turbo diesel for the US

    • Jason says:

      Not gonna happen. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations are too steep for diesels and TMC has to much invested into hybrid technology. It does not fit the business plan at this point.

      Hybrid engines are the future and they are here to stay. Get used to it.

  217. Ryan says:

    Don’t be too sure. Nissan is debuting with a diesel in their Titan. Also Akio made clear that Toyota is to embrace other technology including diesel.

    • Jason says:

      Lets just say if I was a betting man, that I wouldn’t put my chips down on diesel. Its currently not in the business plan. I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      On Feb 7th your about to learn why.

      • Ryan says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure. I’ve heard from a good source that a diesel is back in the works. So long as they don’t put a hybrid in it we are good. Have you seen the interior?

        • Jeremy says:

          Ryan, I would love to know your source. I think it would be great to see the diesel but I am leaning toward, not gonna happen in 2014, but here’s hoping. A fuel efficient diesel tundra would be fantastic especially since everyone and their momma says they would buy one on the spot if Toyo had one. Let’s Go Places!

          • Ryan says:

            I have family that is very high up at southeast Toyota. He attended a meeting with Toyota corporate. He was told that a diesel and hybrid diesel were back on the table. Nissan has confirmed a diesel for their Titan. Do you really think Toyota is going to give Nissan sales?

            How likely are we going to get a new frame?

  218. Jeremy says:

    Well, I just saw an official press release from Toyota that it will show the 3rd gen Toyota 2014 model at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7th at 9a.m. (CST). I can not wait. Yes Akio did say that Toyota will embrace other technologies like diesel, but I believe for the near future that will probably mean cars. Tundra does not even own 25% of the 1/2 ton market so I don’t know why they would want to introduce a diesel Tundra until then. But I would be open to that though.

  219. mike says:

    Am now running a 2010 Crew Max w the small V8. Not many built. But I wanted it for MPG. I had a 2005 tundra before this one. I ran it to 305,000 miles. I honestly feel my 2005 rode better and had less problems. But I still Like my Tundra.My wife has a new 2012 Ford F150 w Eco Boost. On Avg I honestly donot feel it gets much better MPG Than my small V8 in my Tundra. The Ford does ride better ; but the Ford Leather seats are very uncomfortable compared to my crew max. Tundra needs the Desiel Engine Option badly for North America. Its just a fact of COST. I need A pickup that does not go below 20 MPG.

  220. Sourdough says:

    Looking forward to the new trucks. I wanted a new Toyota to repalce my 2002 Tacoma. I didn’t like the new Taco or the Tundra. Bought a lighly used ’05 Tundra Limited 4×4 last year. I will buy a new truck if the models are better than the last.

  221. Jason says:

    The spy pic is half way down the page:


  222. Deric says:

    Those photos show that the Tundra is missing what it needs the most, a longer bed

  223. Deric says:

    I realize that, I also realize they haven’t EVER put out a crew max with a long bed…..every other manufacturer has

  224. Hannu Saarenmaa says:

    Toyota USA needs to learn from the rest of the world. That spells SMALL DIESEL. Not for extravagant pulling capacity, but for fuel economy.

  225. saddlesniffer says:

    I sure hope there will be a diesel option when they unveil it this thursday!

  226. saddlesniffer says:

    One more time. For the love of man please let there be a DIESEL option. DIESEL, DIESEL, DIESEL.

  227. red river can-am says:

    There is no way the spy photos I’ve seen (snow) is the new Tundra. Even with the camo, it looks identical to the current crewmax. I’ll be extremely disappointed if its only a minor face lift. I’ve already put it in my mind, I’m buying the 2014, unless it’s butt ugly or virtually unchanged.

  228. red river can-am says:

    In my many efforts to search for updates about the new Tundra, I did see where someone had posted a pic which looked like the tailgate that had “Tundra” stamped into the sheet metal, which looked pretty cool. I’d love to see a direct injection V8, and hopefully they redesigned the interion (dash) to be more modern/luxurious!!!!

  229. Ken in AZ. says:

    I have an 09 Tundra. Nice vehicle!
    I don’t like the idea of this start/stop feature. I want to know my vehicle is running while sitting in traffic.
    Having a battery or starter failure would always be on my mind.
    It might make me buy something else!

  230. Michael says:

    Still no Regular Bed offered with Crew Max?? C’mon Man!

  231. Anonymous says:

    When is the 2014 tundra availabel.

  232. jason brulte says:

    6.5 ft bed on crew max is what i need. Please offer a 4×4 version.

  233. Mark says:

    My 2008 is going on 62000 miles and no problems what so ever! Love the truck!!

  234. Anonymous says:

    until toyota has about 6.2 l v8. crew cab with full size be (8’1″ at top they still have not made a full size truck. theor bed is shorter than 8′ at top cant carry full size sheets and store in campershell .

  235. my wish, build a diesel variable turbo v8…

  236. red river can-am says:

    The new Tundra is starting to grow on me and I really like the new interior. Disappointed about the same engine/trans carry over. Tell you what, Toyota better get in gear. When Nissan unveils the new Titan, they will destroy the Tundra in sales simply because they will have a totally redesigned truck with the latest technology (and possibly a diesel).

  237. tom says:

    Not impressed. Looks bloated. Ford & Ram are a generation ahead….So Toyota didn’t fix the bed wobble problem? I see. What a joke…. Junk!

  238. Duc says:

    Hello All,
    My question is that with the 2014 Platinum and 1794 model, besides the grill and wheel, are there any major difference in interior specs? As far as I understand, the engine is identical. I assume some badging will be different here and there but don’t see more of anything else. Also, which one is more elite than the other and why? Also, will the 1794 model come in different colors or is it the only option. I know alot of people don’t care for start/stop feature but will these model have this function (or at least start the ignition without placing a key into it)? Last question is, since it’s the same engine, will the current TRD supercharger be able to be placed into this engine?

    And for all those haters on Tundra, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Tired of hearing people complain about Tundra didn’t do this or didn’t do that. That’s why you have other options. Don’t sit here and talk bad about it and then end up buying one cause you’re big three weren’t dependable.

  239. Chuck D says:

    2007 DC Tundra with 93,000 miles and going strong. Change oil every 5,000 miles and doesn’t use a drop in between oils changes (better not). lol

  240. Theodor B. says:

    Hi All,
    I want to address a few issues along with a few questions. I had 08 Tundra double cab long bed 5.7 with no good MPG, now I have 08 Reg.cab with V6 that has a slight better MPG-very disappointing. In my opinion Toyota better get rid of V6 and leave small and big V8. Quality of the gasoline is too low, so small engines burn more fuel struggle to do their job. I’m contractor and use my truck not only to ride but to make money with it. What I hate about 07″ and up Tundra is that is too tall and I can’t reach stuff in the truck bed while outside and I’m 6’3″. I think Toyota should consider option for contractors with lower height( something like 2000-2006 models)This will definitely save fuel. One question that Toyota CS can’t give an answer- WHEN if ever we will see CNG option? I stop asking about Diesel(obviously Toyota is too scared to try diesel engine in USA). One more good question( Toyota CS was useless) When WE will see a cargo van made by Toyota in USA????
    WE- the Toyota LOYAL fans are forced to buy cargo vehicles We don’t like just because Toyota does not offer cargo vans in USA?????
    I had junkie MB Sprinter and had to get rid of this overcomputerised van because it was made to rape me every week with astronomic bills from MB dealer shop. Please don’t put us on the passenger seat just because you think that more electronic in the vehicle is cool and we may like it. NO WE HATE IT. I don’t want my car or truck to think instead of me.
    Thanks and Best regards.

    • Theodor,

      In response to CNG and a Cargo Van are the same. Toyota, as of yet, doesn’t see their trucks as true work trucks. What I mean to say is that they build them more with the retail customer in mind.

      Until Toyota wants to compete in the commercial side (i.e., HD, Diesel, CNG fleet options, full-size Cargo Vans), they simply won’t build anything. As of yet, it is anyone’s guess when they will decided to if ever. That side of the truck/van business is dominated by Ford and loyal domestic branded buyers. It is a real tough market for them to try to gain any traction in and thus, doesn’t make a lot of business sense.


  241. Buck Wheat says:

    Two comments as of mid-March, 2013 –

    1. Not having 6 or 8-foot beds on the CrewMax means pulling a fifth-wheel is not practicable. Currently, fifth-wheel hitches are available for the 5.5 bed, but no RV dealer I’ve come across recommends them. When queried, the usual response is something like, “They don’t work very well.”

    That’s a pity. The Toyota design guys missed another chance in the market.

    2. No 3/4-ton available yet? The Calif design boys need to spend some real-world time in the Central Valley, or visit the ‘Big Empty’ between I-15 and I-79.

    Another chance missed.

    • Chuck D says:

      That’s not true…You have to buy the super automatic glider 5th wheel hitch for the shorter beds (5.5). When I bought my regular slider for my 6.5 bed they (RV of America) was selling the super automatic glider hitch. They even ask me if I wanted to buy that one instead of the regular slider. I said no because it was too expensive for me. There are other RV places that carry them…just need to shop around on the net.

  242. red river can-am says:

    I really am ready for a new Tundra. My 2005 double cab is still running strong (140K) but I have some annoying vibration at various speeds and mainly around 68-75mph. Perhaps I shouldn’t expect my truck to still be as smooth as it was when it was brand new. But I just put brand new tires about six months ago and had them rebalanced twice by different shops. Anyway, I sure hope Toyota doesn’t offer a new engine in 2015 if I do buy a 2014. Also waiting to see what Nissan does with the Titan. All indications is that Nissan, by definition will in fact debut a true totally redesigned truck. I never owned a Titan but I did have a 1990 Nissan hardbody mid size that was bullet proof. I cant say anything negative about Nissan.

  243. chuck buus says:

    without the 6.5 box the tundra is off the table for me sorry

  244. Peter says:

    For 3 years, I owned, drove 80k miles, and really enjoyed my 2007 tundra but sold it because my needs changed and I now require a full 3/4 ton trucks towing capabilites. If Toyota made a HD version with full 3/4 ton capabilies (both carrying and towing), I would buy it tomorrow. I am very reluctantly looking at domestic 3/4 tons and can’t find one that really compares to my older Tundra. Sad fact but true.

  245. Doug Ribey says:

    If the 6.5ft crew is off the table toyota will never compete. Gm recognized the advantage ford was getting with this configuration and is playing catchup now. Toyota will be much too late if they don’t understand that the room is important and an atv, wood or snowmobiles don’t fit well in a 5.5 ft box. Most truck sales are going to be used to haul some of the time and that in itself warrants a 6.5ft box

    • Tundracrewmax4.6 says:

      We no problem fitting our big 420 Honda rancher in the back of our crewmax with leaving the tailgait down. We even an icechest behind it.

      • Tim Esterdahl says:

        Sounds like everybody’s experience and need for a longer bed is different.


      • Chuck D says:

        Did they fix the poor tailgate issue? My 2007 tailgate is pretty weak when rolling ATV’s on it. kinda bent the inside of the tailgate a bit.

  246. Alaska Mark says:

    Besides being the most reliable Pickup on the road, the best part about owning a Toyota Tundra is after 10 years, it’s value is double that of any other make of truck on the road.
    So for the investment value, why would you buy anything else…..

  247. red river can-am says:

    I’m 95% sure I’m going to buy the new Tundra in a few months. I love the new interior, but for the life of me, I don’t understand why they weren’t able to offer a new engine or transmission. I will be very upset if they come out with a new engine for the 2015. I’m a loyal toyota customer, but I believe Toyota will get destroyed when Nissan unveils their new Titan. I’m sure they won’t do like toyota and just change a few things; they will have a totally redesigned truck.

  248. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel their current 5.7 is a very reliable and current engine. I just think they could have at least added direct injection and another gear to the trans. That alone surely would have increasd the mpg by a mile or two. Regarding the little things: why didn’t they add HID headlamps? For 2014, I think Toyota will be the only one thad doesn’t have HIDs. There is a big difference in the 2006 and 2007 body style, why only a minimal refresh for the 2014? I think the cab is virtually unchanged for 2014. If I’m not mistaken, the gear shifter in the 2014 looks identical to what’s in the current model. Having said all that, I do think the 2014 looks good, but to call it a redesign……..Toyota has failed in that aspect. If I personally didn’t like the interior of the current tundra, I would go right now and get a super deal on a 2013. I just can’t get past those tunnel gauges.

  249. Rick says:

    I predicted this “redesign” outcome. Toyota may or may not have had the money to thoroughly remodel this truck after the tsunami in Japan and the US RE market and concurrent economic collapse and I stated that prior.

    What would have been helped them in the market would have been to simply refresh the truck in 2012 with a new interior and a number of market popular upgrades like: HID headlights; electronic towing control; optional brake upgrade; comprehensive audio and wifi changes (like Ford and Chrysler) etc.

    The truck is really good as it is and Toyota higher-ups know that as well as we owners do. I would still buy a ’14 truck over any other truck out here despite the knowledge that the Titan is looming in the wings with rumors of all sorts of segment busting upgrades and industry firsts.

    My 2012 CrewMax truck and all of you guys with Tundras will continue to enjoy TRD support and Toyota quality. I can’t wait to drive my truck after a truck or car rental and I’m happy with the upgrades I installed on my ride that make it comfortable. My truck still elicits a positive response everywhere I go. And for good reason!

  250. John Thatcher says:

    Tundra needs a 6.5′ bed with the CrewMax. I love my Tundra but I have to say that I will probably buy a Ford next time becasue they offer a longer bed with their crew cab (more towing, too).

  251. Donn says:

    I too am disappointed with Tundra’s towing capabilities. I was looking at a 5th wheeler w/dry weight of 14000 pounds. Oh well. So, I changed my RV plans to a Class A and have already called the dealer asking when the new Tundra arrives. Got to have my Tundra and I can bring it along with the Class A RV. BTW my current Tundra is 2002 w 183K miles and going strong. My wife has been pestering me for several years to get a new Tundra. Seems she thinks this perfectly good truck looks outdated. She prefers that we travel around the country in my truck. It is more comfortable than her Highlander for long trips. Who knew?! Anyway, while I will get a new 2014 I am disappointed in Toyota for ignoring its loyal customers desires.

  252. red river can-am says:

    I agree. I’m ready to buy a new 2014 Tundra. The only thing that will stop me is if there is accurate info/pics of the 2014 Nissan Titan by the time I’m ready to order the Tundra. Not sure what they’ll come up with (but I hear it’s good), but I guarantee Nissan will live up to the word of “redesign”. Additionally, I am deathly afraid that Toyota announces all new engines for the 2015 model………after I’m the owner of a 2014. But I definitely can’t wait until late 2014 to get a new truck.

  253. Anonymous says:

    6.5 bed with crew can much needed

  254. Jeff says:

    I live in nevada so I am looking for a 2012 with low miles.
    They base registration on year and value.
    So 2014 is out of the question…

  255. Bill A. says:

    I own a 2004 Tundra limited. It has 110,000 miles on it. I have done all the required maintenance and it has never failed to perform. I pull a 7,000lb 5th wheel trailer for the last 5 years. My wife and I took a trip across the states last year and 6500 miles pulling the trailer. Up threw the Grand Tetons And all the way back to Wisconsin. The Tundra never missed a beat. I just wish it had a little more power for pulling grades., but I am not complaining. 10,000 feet no real problem. I get between 7 &9 miles to the gallon but oh well. I love my truck and would love to see the diesel. You don’t know the trailer is behind you expect on the hills, the ride has not changed.

    • Dan says:

      Tundra envy lives in the heart of the domestics. I purchased a 2007 Tundra V8 DBL. It has 150k. The brakes are at 50%. UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus I tow a 9,000lb TT(towed out west over, around and up and down….10k+)Plus a 500lb toolbox in the bed. The Tundra would pick up speed up a 7% grade.It has 4 engine braking gears…that explains the non-existant brake wear. A+ in any ones book!I will without a doubt buy another Tundra!!! Domestics are really a second class auto!

  256. Kris says:

    Keeping the 2005 Tundra until they come out w crew cab w longer bed. A truck should be a truck and still carry 4 people comfortably.

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  258. DAVE says:

    Please come out with a heavy duty diesel truck. I have owned all three American diesel trucks and still find out they cant produce a truck to stay running for any amount of time before they are getting worked on. I know the Japanese take pride in there products and have confidence that people will go with your products because of the reliability of your vehicles.
    I’ve bought new American trucks thinking I won’t need to fix them for a while since they are new. Well, I was wrong and its like buying old garbage.
    I guess will have to suffer until you guys decide to build a real truck cause these sorry ass American trucks really do SUCK!

    Thank you and hope someone sees this and does something!!!

    Sincerely Dave

  259. red river can-am says:

    Some may think this is petty, but perhaps one of the biggest reasons I’m disappointed about purchasing the 2014 Tundra is that I’ve heard (and read) that changing the oil (oil filter to be precise) is a royal PITA!!!! I currently drive a 2005 and love the fact that the filter is located low on the oil cooler. After watching some youtube videos of changing the oil on 2007+ Tundra’s, I can’t fathom why Toyota would engineer an engine with that type of oil filter. Am I making too much of this? Again, from the videos I’ve seen, it appears to be aggravating and messy. I religiously change my oil every 5k.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Red River,

      I actually just spent some time looking into this. The fact is that all the 5.7 engines Toyota uses have an oil filter on the bottom. BUT, not all of these vehicles have a skid plate. If there is no skid plate, it is pretty simple. With a truck that has a skid plate, it is an additional step to remove it.

      So… if your Toyota and want to make that change, you are going to have to redesign all your engines to move the oil filter not just on trucks. Or, you can just make skid plate removal the easiest you can. It is a double-edged issue for sure.

      I also was looking at a Subaru with their company rep and a media event. There oil filter is on top of the engine. This “seems” more convenient until you talk about issues with oil cycling through the engine AND possible oil leaks when changing the filter (see: oil dripping and creating a mess).

      My two cents.

  260. red river can-am says:

    Let me clarify a little bit more; my main point is that the 2007+ Tundras (5.7L) don’t use the conventional spin-on oil filter. It looks like a fuel filter that you remove from the permanently mounted housing. On my 2005 4wd, I have to remove the front skid plate to access the oil filter. Not a PITA, just an additional step. I guess my main gripe/concern is that it appears to be very messy and impossible to change this filter without spilling a lot of oil. I believe you also have to change a rubber gasket with the filter every time. Toyota, there is nothing wrong with the traditional spin-on oil filter. Put it back on your engines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. red river can-am says:

    Does anyone know if the 1794 edition will be offered in silver? After lots of research, the only colors I’ve seen in that model were brown and blue. I really like the brown leather seats in the 1794 edition. Very disappointed to learn only black leather is available in the platinum model. Seems like they expanded the models but limited them at the same time. Had black leather in my wifes car. I’ll never own a truck with black leather.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      I don’t know yet sorry. I’m thinking it will be, BUT I was also surprised to see the Blue 1794.


  262. red river can-am says:

    Is there any info out there regarding the MSRP for the 1794 edition (4wd)?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Not yet that I have seen. A few more days/weeks and we will know. I expect the announcement really soon.


  263. red river can-am says:

    Mid 50’s? Call me crazy, but even with the non-attractive grille, I’d seriously consider buying the 1794 just because of those awesome saddle brown leather seats!!! Can’t see myself buying the platinum if it’s only offered with black interior.

  264. red river can-am says:

    Tim, got a question for you. I’ve been curious about this for some time. I currently own a 2005 DC Tundra 4wd with TRD package. If I’m not mistaken, the TRD package has not been changed from 2005-2013 except for larger wheel/tires in 2007. Toyota states “An optional TRD Off-Road Package combines off-road tuned suspension featuring Bilstein® gas-charged mono-tube shock absorbers, P275/65 R18 BFGoodrich® off-road tires on 18-inch alloy wheels, plus fog lamps, fuel tank skid plates and TRD Off-Road graphics”. My question is: When Toyota mentions offroad tuned suspension featuring Bilstein shocks, am I to believe that the coil and/or leaf springs are different as well? In regards to suspension, I always presumed that the biggest difference in TRD and non TRD trucks were simply the Bilstein shocks.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      I don’t think the coil and/or leaf springs are different. My understanding is that it is just the Bilstein shocks as far as suspension changes.


  265. Jason says:

    “Cough”…. Cummins (Hand over mouth coughing lol “Cummins”s

  266. Bill says:

    I have a 2004 Tundra limited and I love my truck. It has never let me done and I have 115,000 miles on it. I have pulled a Travel trailer with it and then went to a 7,000lb 5th wheel and towed it for 5 years and went on a trip threw the Grand Teton’s and now have a bigger 5th wheel and have no problems with my truck. Yea the diesel’s pull the hills better but I have passed some of them with know problems. I have no problems with the frame and my truck rides the same with or without the trailer. I hope Toyota comes out with the diesel but my look at the V6 Turbo when it comes out.

  267. Rick says:

    Well I gave up on waiting on Toyota to do anything big. I was debating about getting another Ford with the 6.5′ bed but gave in and ordered a new 2014 Ford last month with the 5.5′ bed. But I ordered a Ruby Red Special Edition Raptor fully loaded and figured if there was any truck that I would finally give in to the smaller bed, it would be the Raptor. Got it for $50 over invoice which is hard to find considering most dealers ask MSRP and up to $10k over, I feel fortunate. Had to go out of state but worth the savings. Due to allocation the wait is crazy long, 4-6 months I was told. Can’t wait though.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      That truck sounds sweet, the Raptor is quite the truck. I’m a bit confused by your post though, were you waiting for a 6.5′ foot bed from Toyota or a Rock Warrior competitor?


      • Rick says:

        It’s back in this long thread here but I had two Toyota trucks (2002 Tacoma and 2005 Tundra). I switched over to Dodge since they made a 6.6″ bed in a 1/2 ton crewcab truck at the time (got the megacab actually) and Toyota stopped doing it when they came out with the Crewmax and made the back of the doublecab smaller in the back seat. Still looking to go back to Toyota when replacing the Dodge. Dodge stopped offering 6.5′ so went to Ford. Seems like they are all going the 5.5′ route for a crewcab so I figured if I had to give into the demands of the auto industry and Toyota still wasn’t going to do it, I decided on the Raptor as that would be the only 1/2 ton truck that I would deal with a smaller bed size. If Toyota offered a 6.5′ in the new crewmax, I probably would of gone that route.

        Does that help?


        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          Thanks! You’re right that thread is long. Maybe by the time you are ready to switch again, Toyota will offer a longer bed. Who knows really. 🙂


  268. Donn says:

    It may be time to leave the Tundra behind. I cannot get what I want anytime soon. I want a 2014 Tundra Limited Double Cab 4×4 with the LX and KG options. I want it in Attitude Black (0218) and Sand Beige Leather (LB44). Machs Nichs on the TRD package.

    The dealerships here in Maryland tell me they cannot get the truck because of some cockamamie rule about earning trucks. All they get around here are red, white, blue, and silver. I do not like dealerships. Going there once is one too many times. Yet they keep telling me to come in and make a deal and they will order my truck (months to arrive). No thanks! Call me old fashioned but I want to actually see the truck I am buying already sitting there on the lot. (Kick the tired, so to speak).

    So without many Tundra opportunities here, I am forced to check out the GMC and RAM.

    Oh I learned recently that even if the dealer did have my truck on the lot he could not sell it too me because of some stop sale by Toyota due to seat heaters, I think.

    I currently have a 2002 Tundra DC Limited TRD 4×4 with about 193000 on it. It is strong but I plan to retire in the next year and want to get the a new truck and pay it off before then. I am on a schedule and cannot wait months.

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  271. BillK says:

    I bought a 2014 Tundra 4×4 basic model. It does not have the intermitted window shield wiper switch. The Toyota parts department does not know which of the six listed wiper wipers ill work on the basic model.

    Any help, thanks.

  272. Bill A. says:

    Well I bought the 2014 Tundra Limited. Toyota did not put a lot of things back on that my 2004 had. Such as the back window that both my wife and I loved. They also shortened the back seat area and got rid of the fold down back seat. But the truck is an assume looking truck and I get a lot of comments about it. Mine has the towing package is which is great, but did not come with the towing mirrors although the mirrors are bigger than my other Tundra and they work for towing my 5Th wheel, but think Toyota should put them on if the truck comes with the towing package. This truck has a lot of power and does not skip a beat pulling the 8500 lb trailer even at 7200ft. For the price and comfort up front and the back up camera this truck does what I need, plus. Mileage is good and getting better. Looked at the Dodges, Chevy’s and could not the same price with the same things I got on the Tundra. I di have to put helper spring on only for a better ride with the trailer on.

    • chuck D says:

      Bill A…I bought the 2007 Tundra DC cab new and I believe they all came with the tow pkg. I have the regular mirrors. I towed a 28ft, 8k pound 5th wheel that had no problems with the regular mirrors but did have to put some timbrens on to keep the back end level. Helper springs would of been ideal. I Have 119k on my truck and will look into a 2015 when they come out. I will say that folks that I spoke to were not able to go thru a drive-thru car wash with the tow mirrors.

  273. Donn says:

    I traded my 2002 Tundra Limited w 196k miles for a 2014 Tundra Limited last April. This is my third Toyota truck since 1993. I really like the styling and the ride. I have the tow package and 4×4. The only regret is that I did not get the remote folding mirrors. I had to modify my garage for length to get the truck in there. Also have to pull in my mirror on the driver side. I contacted Toyota about swapping my mirrors for remote folding so I could back into the garage with more clearance on both sides of the truck. I was told that the wiring for those mirrors is installed on the line. There is no modification kit. That did surprise me. I would have thought a Limited would be pre-wired or actually should have the remote folding mirrors as standard. Anyway, does anyone know where or how I can swap my mirrors for remote folding ones? Thanks!

  274. chuck D says:

    They all use to come with the same wiring harness. Just needed to buy what u want and plug it in.

    • Donn says:

      Chuck D.
      I thought that was the case also.Not this time. Here is the response I received from Toyota:

      Subject: remote folding mirrors

      Discussion Thread
      Response Via Email … 12/06/2014 08:37 AM
      Dear Mr. …

      Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

      We apologize; the remote folding mirror option is only available as a factory-installed option at the time of manufacturing. A dealer installation kit is currently not available.

      Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

  275. chuck D says:

    May just be because they don’t have them yet for the dealers. I still think they all have the same harness. I bet at some time they will offer them like everything else imo.

  276. Bill A. says:

    My understanding about the mirrors on the new Tundra’s is the harness is all the same. I asked how much the towing mirrors where when I bought my truck and the dealer told me $740.00 and that was installed. I have heated mirrors and I checked on line threw Amzon and found them for $246.00 and they where remote with further checking I found out I just need to add the switch and harness to the fuss box. I think if you really want to do this more research is needed and not threw Toyota but online. The helper springs I used are Hellwig made in Visalla, Calif.

  277. Donn says:

    Bill A.
    Thanks. I expected there could be something that is after market that might work. I’ll get busy researching it. I do know that I found kits for earlier years but nothing for the 2014…yet.

  278. Bill A. says:

    Well just thought I would post this for information to all. I now have just over 15000 miles on my 2014 Tundra and the wife and I took our 2ft. 5th wheel trailer on a 4700 mile trip. The truck did great, just as I expected it to do.We went from California up threw Oregon and Washington and back home thru Idaho and Utah. Well on the trip the truck felt like it was bottoming out on certain roads so when I got home I checked on the rear shocks as they seemed to be the problem since I added the Hellwig springs before the trip. I found out that the springs on this truck where a soft shock. Toyota does only put a stiff shock on only the TRD 4wheel. I have the towing package on mine. I really think Toyota needs to think about certain things when the truck comes with the towing package. 1. extra spring 2.Towing mirrors and 3.Heavy duty shocks. This truck is a great truck and I love the idea of being able to shift down with the console shift when towing and going down hill.It really makes a difference. I got an average of 10 miles to the gallon towing a 8500lb trailer which I was happy with. I love my truck.

  279. Donn says:

    Thanks for the update. Very timely. I am looking at 1/2 ton 5th wheelers now. Got to say though, I have not found any that are just 2ft. lol
    I now know I will need to add tow mirors (hopefully they are also folding). I was also considering air bags to help level the load. I will check on the springs. Mine is a Limited, 5.7 extended cab just about to roll over 20K miles. My wife and I went to Indiana area outside Chicago a month ago, with stops in Ohio and Pa. We live in Maryland. the truck was a very smooth and comfortable ride. Hope the same can be said when I hook up that 5er. I got 15.5 mpg traveling at a rate of speed w/air that some might say was too fast. 😉
    Thanks again!

  280. Chuck D says:

    You don’t need tow mirrors. I had a 29′ Keystone and never needed them. Towed it from CO to MA and back with no problems. Also stayed in 4 RV parks.
    Search under my name for other post concerning this subject.

  281. Elba says:

    I HAVE A 2012 TUNDRA THAT I just got in Sept 2015 this year. At the time i wanted a Black tundra so i settled for the one i have that is silver. Question how long should i wait to trade it in? The dealer told me i could trade it in dec 31 2015 for a 2015 black and i were to keep the same payments/ How truth is this?


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Really hard for us to say. Lots of factors involved like your credit, down payment and the new price of the black Tundra. I would suggest going to a different dealer and double checking.


  282. Elba says:

    Is a beautiful 2015 Tundra pick up Toyota. I got it because i have always loved trucks i just could not afford them before. They are safer, i carry my 3 grandkids lastly i feel important driving that truck.. 🙂 Any input will be much apreciated.

  283. Bill A. says:

    Hey Donn, I did air bags on my 2004 Tundra and they helped but where a pain as I did not have a compressor installed to keep them inflated so about every third day I was putting air in. I installed Hellwig helper springs and the work great. It did not change the ride but sure helped with the load. I also put on the stiffest set of Bilstien shocks and again the ride seems to be about the same. I do not have the towing mirrors and I have no problem seeing everything I need to see. I did get a set of spot mirrors that are adjustable and they really help out. Again I tow a 28ft. 5th wheel. I am coming up on 17,000 miles.

  284. Donn says:

    Bill A.
    Thanks. My wife and I went to the Hershey RV Show and have narrowed our selections to a certain Class A or a certain 5th wheeler. The problem with the 5th wheeler is it weighs over 13000 lbs. If we go that route, I’ll need a different truck–one that Toyota does not make, unfortunately. If we go with the Class A, I hope to bring the truck along. Or my wife’s Highlander…
    Glad to hear the mirrors are not an issue. I appreciate the advice on the compressor. It never entered my mind in all my research for air bags.
    Thanks again.

  285. William Allender says:

    I do not want to get anymore e-mail m this site. PLEASE take me off your list as a subscriber. Thank you

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Hello William,

      There is a link at the bottom of emails sent that removes you from the list. The list is auto managed by this site and I can not remove or add people manually.


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