2014 Toyota Tundra to Debut at Chicago Auto Show?

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There is a rumor circulating that the 2014 Toyota Tundra will make its debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. And it looks like some design changes are in the works.

2014 Toyota Tundra to Debut

What will the all-new 2014 Toyota Tundra be like? It is just a bunch of guesses right now thanks to tight-lipped Toyota.

A post on Autoguide.com says that they have learned from their sources that the all-new Toyota Tundra will be at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. They think this will follow in line with the 2007 model being introduced at that same show years ago.

While this rumor of unveiling is a first, there are several rumors as to what the 2014 model will look and be like. Autoguide.com thinks that the design will be “more angular, emulating what the other players have been doing with their trucks lately.” And that issues like fuel economy and a more “luxurious” interior will be addressed.

Here at Tundraheadquarters.com, we have developed a larger list of things we think will be added.

We think definite enhancements will be:

  • Larger fuel tank
  • More traditional styling
  • More aerodynamics and a lower ride height
  • New dash
  • Direct injection

Check out our post, 2014 Tundra – What To Expect, for a full of list of definite, likely and possible enhancements.

Whether the Tundra makes it debut in Chicago, Detroit or somewhere else, it will definitely grab a lot of media attention. Many auto industry analysts have been highly critical of the truck for what they see as faults like not offering a luxury packages and poor fuel economy. Maybe this new edition will shut them up!

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  1. LJC says:

    Lower ride height? Yuck.
    How ’bout a mechanical limited slip for the rear 🙂

  2. Speedster says:

    There won’t be any changes to the powertrain. Same 5.7L and transmission. I work at a Toyota dealership, our New Vehicle Manager went to the Toyota dealer meeting a couple of months ago, and they had a model there. He says it looks better, more aggressive, and squared off a bit. Same motors though. I was hoping for direct injection and slightly more horsepower and fuel economy too.

    • Agree that the V8’s will likely be the same, but holding out hope that there’s a surprise for us…Toyota doesn’t always tell the dealers what’s going on, and my sources are telling me something is due for an upgrade.

      However, I’m pretty sure that the V6 will get a boost in power via direct injection as well as a new transmission at some point. That will give the Tundra a path to a higher EPA fuel economy rating.

      In another couple years we’re going to see a hybrid powertrain that will be comparable to the smaller V8, and that will be the big difference maker I think.

    • Geo says:

      I worked at a Toyota Dealer and spoke to a rep from torrance about the new tundra, he said traditional styling, they were talking to several diesel companies, new engine technology possibly DI,and was very hush hush about it. I don’t work at Toyota now so I dont care lol

  3. LJC says:

    Thanks Speedster. Any mention of a mechanical limited slip?

  4. Mickey says:

    Looking forward to the veiling of the new Tundra.

  5. Rick says:

    Toyota has to go with DI across their engine lineup. That is the simplest way to make power without cubes or anything else that would cost money. A new dash and some spit and polish on the exterior would suffice in this economy. I wouldn’t expect much else on an already good truck. Regardless, i’m gonna keep my ’12 for a while. It’s that good.

    • Max says:

      Tundra’s so good it’s the fifth rated truck in US News survey of surveys of vehicles (Kind of a 538 blog for vehicles)

      • Max,

        That is a rather surprising top 10. I mean, while we can see the F-150 being high on the list, the Ram 1500 really has no place being that high. I haven’t seen another ranking (KBB, Intellichoice, etc…) that ranks them that high.


      • hemi lol says:

        Max CLEARLY the person that wrote that top ten list for us news is a uaw loyalist or just internally biased towered ford and ram. if you read the review on the tundra he would have you believe that there must not be a platinum model tundra as he describes the tundra as being way behind ford ram and gm for interior options. i can type a list with 20 points on it that list things on the tundra that you cannot get on ANY of those trucks in ANY trim level. The author of that article was clearly a moron

  6. Max says:

    Wait until the 2013 Pentastar Ram hits lots in big numbers, it gets better highway gas mileage than a Tacoma V6 and is tied for overall gas mileage. Canada’s longest lasting truck is looking for marketshare.




  7. Ryan says:

    Guys, do not give Max any attention. He is a Chrysler fanboi who works at Dodge. He posts under several different names on autoblog constantly pushing crapler down everyones throat.

    Yes dodge has progressed but they are still way behind Toyota in terms of reliability.

    A source said toyota is looking at diesels and 8 speed transmissions. I would like to see a nicer interior.

    • Ryan,

      Who’s the source for the diesel and 8 speed transmissions? We have heard some rumblings about it, but haven’t been able to nail down anything. If you don’t want to respond here, try our Contact tab.


  8. Jerry Khan says:

    I m a Toyota Tundra DIEHARD fan and whatever Toyota designs is definately gonna blow competition out the water thats for sure

  9. can am man says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. I just wish they would hurry up and give us a sneak peak of the 2014 Tundra. I love my buletproof 2005 double cab, but I’m ready for a new one.

  10. robbie says:

    Toyota has been out front so long if we do get out run it will not hurt us to run secound place for a year.Just long enought to turn a couple of screws.to be back in front.Then we will come back next year with the big guns and hp.ha!ha!Rt

  11. Guest says:

    My garage doors are 76″ high and that’s a little to tight for the current Tundra. Loved my 1st generation and it fit in my garage! Hope they shave off 2″ for round three.

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