Toyota Drops 4.6L V8 on 2013 Sequoia – Is The End Near?

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Rumors that Toyota will cancel the Sequoia have been flying around for a couple of years now, mostly because the Sequoia is a slow seller (Toyota might crack 12k Sequoia sales this year). Selling 12,000 large SUVs isn’t exactly essential to Toyota’s continued success, so the argument goes that canceling the Sequoia would save Toyota some money and allow them to focus on the rest of the line-up.

Toyota Cancels 4.6L V8 Option on 2013 Sequoia

Toyota Cancels 4.6L V8 Option on 2013 Sequoia

Today, we’ve learned that Toyota will not be offering the 4.6L on the 2013 Sequoia, and this news might seem to add some credence to the rumor that Toyota will be canceling the Sequoia next year. However:

  1. The “take rate” on the 4.6L wasn’t too hot. Most people who buy a Sequoia want the big motor, so Toyota’s decision is just as likely about simplifying as it is anything else.
  2. Some insiders tell us that the next-gen Sequoia will be even more closely related to the Tundra than the current model. If this is true, it means that the 2014 Tundra (released in 2013) is going to have to ride a heck of a lot better. It also means that Toyota will need to do some trickery to fit in a 3rd row seat OR that they would have to make the 2014 Tundra use an independent rear (and that ain’t happening).
  3. Other insiders tell us the next Sequoia will be based on the Land Cruiser platform but built using most of the body and interior parts from the Tundra.

While there are a lot of rumors flying about, our official position is that Toyota will NOT be canceling the Sequoia. We’re also reasonably sure that the next generation Sequoia will be based on the Land Cruiser.

Still, while Toyota has undoubtedly made their decision to either cancel or re-design the Sequoia, we don’t definitively know what that decision is…rest assured you’ll know as soon as we do.

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  1. Kelsey says:

    I think what is more likely is that Toyota may be looking at discontinuing the 4.6L

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Kelsey – Interesting…seems like they would want to keep it as it’s the most fuel efficient motor in the line-up. But it’s certainly possible. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Jason – I’m sure it’s just a regional thing, but here in Alberta it is rare to see anyone opt for the 4.6. Generally fuel economy takes a backseat (maybe even third row of seating) to horsepower, towing capability, and payload capacity. If 4.6 sales are weak and Toyota is considering a hybrid 5.7 for 2014, maybe keeping the 4.6 to keep the CAFE numbers up isn’t making sense anymore? Just some wild speculation on my part!

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Kelsey – A good point. I don’t think we’ll see any hybrid trucks until 2016 (or maybe even 2018) but I hear what you’re saying. The take rate on the 4.6 is low in Colorado too, so perhaps that’s all it is…thanks for commenting!

      • Berna says:

        Jason – Toyota has hybrids in trucks and SUV’s. We just ordered them. It is just a special order. They also have a plug-in in the rear.

  3. mk says:

    Same as on the tundras. 90% of tundras sold around me in the area are 5.7L engines. The 4.6L engines with tundras sit on the lot until someone comes in and gets an awesome deal on one since no one wants the smaller engine.

  4. Gordich says:

    I like the 4.6 on my 2010 Tundra D/C 4X4. Plenty of power. It is a bit lacking in torque, but I am glad to sacrafice that for good mpg. On the highway my worst is 19.89 mpg and my best has been 21.67mpg.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Gordich – I’m with you. The 4.6 is more than adequate, and increasing mileage 10-20% isn’t anything to sniff at…which is why it’s mystifying that Toyota drops the 4.6L in the Sequoia. I think it makes more sense to add VVL and DI to the 4.6, boost the horsepower, and then drop the 5.7L from the Sequoia all together…but maybe Toyota is just going to focus on the 5.7L in the next iteration. Interesting development no matter how you look at it.

  5. AD says:

    I think it’s about the 4.6L as well it may get better FE than the 5.7L but it’s not enough to warrant getting it over the 5.7L in most cases. A direct injected turbocharged V6 with 300-350hp/330-350lb ft with peak torque reached as early as 1800 but no later than 2500rpm can take its place easily and name the big SUV that has an engine like this. They would need to make sure that the new engine gets atleast 17/24 city/hwy. The final thing is price the current gen is priced to high the turbo V6 should start around $33,000 and end around $50,000 the 5.7L should start around $37,000 and end around $55,000 otherwise your starting to get in Land Cruiser territory.

  6. mk says:

    agree with AD, the tundra’s are getting too pricey. Every year, I have researched msrp rising about 1 grand each year, almost out of my price range. 2010 identical DC tundra was 30K and 2012 DC identical tundra cost 32K. My 2007 DC tundra was 27K or was it 28K since was TRD pkg.. Either way, the 1 grand increase every year will NOT be tolerated forever. Pretty soon, the 32K will be 35K out of my price comfort level for any new vehicle so I sure hope the new tundra keeps the price structure reasonable with NO price increase from 2013 to 2014 new designed model.

  7. hr206 says:

    Hopefully they are clearing the 4.6 for a hybrid powertrain that will deliver the performance of the 4.6. (wishful thinking)

  8. April says:

    Instead of dropping it, I hope Toyota improves the outside body of the Sequoia because it is definitely plain on the outside. They lack flare. Infiniti SUV’s are a great example of having a little outside zest!

  9. Mohammed says:

    Thank you very much for the good news.
    I feel sorry for those people who prefer other SUVs over Sequoia.
    Sequoia limited or platinum will give you everything you need to enjoy
    A ride whether you are with family or friend, in road or off road.
    Safety, comfort, utilities, navigation, and even built-in wifi connection.
    It is for sure that nobody will regret such choice.

  10. Faby says:

    Why did they not go with more of the new infiniti QX design than with the present option, I love the sequoia up to the 07′ models. Now I am due for a vehicle change not sure if i would do another sequoia.

  11. noe says:

    You all decided to go with a bigger design. The front part of the sequoia looks terrible. I am pretty sure that sales went down since after the 07 model. I had to buy a nissan armada.

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