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Toyota Drops 4.6L V8 on 2013 Sequoia – Is The End Near?

Rumors that Toyota will cancel the Sequoia have been flying around for a couple of years now, mostly because the Sequoia is a slow seller (Toyota might crack 12k Sequoia sales this year). Selling 12,000 large SUVs isn’t exactly essential to Toyota’s continued success, so the argument goes that canceling the Sequoia would save Toyota some money and allow them to focus on the rest of the line-up.

Toyota Cancels 4.6L V8 Option on 2013 Sequoia

Toyota Cancels 4.6L V8 Option on 2013 Sequoia

Today, we’ve learned that Toyota will not be offering the 4.6L on the 2013 Sequoia, and this news might seem to add some credence to the rumor that Toyota will be canceling the Sequoia next year. However:

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