2011 Supercharged Rock Warrior – Sand, Dirt Flat Drags Racer

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People say that nobody uses trucks like they should anymore. Who cares when you are having this much fun in the dirt! TundraHeadquarters reader Dean sent us a picture of his truck, his race results and a video. If you haven’t seen mud/dirt/sand flat drag racing, grab the popcorn, it is entertaining!

DBW Rock Warrior

Dean says that his 2011 Rock Warrior has ran the “flat drags at Challenge in the Hills. I ran my truck in this event  last year with the BFG stock tires. You can see why a person would need 4 wheel drive and aggressive tread. The event broke vehicles down into three classes (street 6+ seconds, modified 4-6 seconds and super modified <4 seconds).

The truck was the number one street qualifier with a 6.0 run in 2-4″ of mud. I’ll be running paddle tires next year and fully expect to be in the modified class with blown sand rails.”

How did he get so fast? With modifications of course, (and some addons  that make a lot of sense) like:

  • TRD Supercharger
  • TRD dual exhaust
  • Trifecta folding bed cover
  • Weather tech window visors and floor mats
  • Mobile 1 full synthetic
  • stainless step boards

What is mud flat drag racing? Here is a video that should bring you up to speed.

YouTube Preview Image

Dean says that besides running the mud flat drags, he uses it as a hunting truck.

With his driving habits and the discussions on this site, I asked him about adding an eLocker to his truck. “I have had it in some serious steep off-road country where an ARB Air Locker would be nice.”

What do you think? This kind of drag racing seems pretty fun to us and Dean’s truck looks well equipped for the task!

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  1. Mickey says:

    Has a nice CM. Love the black but not crazy about the RW edition.

  2. mk says:

    I seriously doubt even a supercharged tundra could beat any of these more heavily modded in the video. Now, truck for truck made today, very well could though.

  3. GoBig says:

    Black looks great….in a showroom. I would never own a black vehicle. Anyone who lives near a dirt road knows they are dust magnets. It is impossible to keep them clean.

    I prefer a light colored rig every time so I can go more than a day between car washes. If I lived in L.A. I might see the world differently. In Alaska, you have to be practical.

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