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Our friends over at Tundra Geeks have this amazing video of what is being called the fastest Toyota Tundra on record. Here is the video, the specs and the owner’s story.

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According to the YouTube of, they say the competition: the 2012 Ford Mustang GT 500 isn’t so shabby with “a tune, pulley and cold air intake.” However, Tundra Geeks member Supercharged countered with his modified Tundra that has: TRD Supercharger, Shift Kit, M&H Cheater Slicks, Rear Cat Delete, Ground Force 3″ lowering rear leaf, G-Tek Airbox Mod, Magnaflow 12468 DI/DO with turndowns, Caltrac Traction Bars, 2400 rpm TC, ASP Bigger Crank pulley, ASP water pulley, Trick Performance 2 gallon reservoir, Killer Chiller, AEM wideband, Autometer water (intercooler fluid) temp gauge, Craven Speed Dual Gauge Pod, AIS water/Meth Injection, ASP supercharger pulley, Ultra Gauge.

Supercharged shared his story on Tundra Geeks:

After about a year worth of modifying my truck I was finally able to break into the 11s. Never really thought it could even be that fast and I just expected to run at best a 12.9 when I bought the truck.

I signed up for one of the best drag racing events in south Florida. setup an incredible event with a list of cars to die for.

Got up early and made my usual pit stop at McDonalds for some breakfast and 4 bags of ice. Then made my way north 60miles to the track. Got there by 9am and thirty minutes later had swap to my race wheels.

The weather was heating up so I knew my first run was gonna be my best run of the day. I pulled up to the staging lanes and was lined up to a 2012 Mustang GT500.

Light turned green and my launch felt great. I peeked to the left and the GT500 could not be seen. Saw my 60′ time pop up and I knew I had a chance at 11s.

Pulled up to the time slip house and the guy handed me my time slip. 11.994 @112.85mph I was so stoked I screamed in excitement my whole way back to the pits.

A little racers trick I did try was spray WD-40 on my slicks the night before. I am now confident it works.

Ran without the rear seats, passenger seat and spare tire. Had the tailgate on and up.Looks like there are gonna be a few Tundras running 11s this year, which is awesome.

Really cool! For more information on the drag strip, check out

We are now more convinced than ever that this truck can do everything from towing a Space Shuttle to drag racing!

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  1. MPToy07 says:

    WAS the fastest Tundra on record…BRX passed it up now with an 11.8!!! I’m sure he and Supercharged will go back and forth a bit though 😀

  2. Dez says:

    Nice Tim!

    You forgot to add, “Seen on Tundra Geeks first”. Lol! 🙂

  3. LJC says:

    The icing on the cake here is the internals of the engine are stock! Stock crank, etc.!

  4. Mickey says:

    Congrats Dez and those two Tundras. Nice to watch it go.

  5. Mason says:

    Great job whoever Tundra that is.

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