All Known 2010 Toyota Tundra Problems

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Before we get lots of hate mail, we love the Toyota Tundra. However, like any vehicle, it is bound to have problems that surface well after its introduction. Here is a handy resource guide of all known 2010 Toyota Tundra problems.

All Known 2010 Toyota Tundra Problems

The 2010 Toyota Tundra is a great truck. But, like any vehicle, it is bound to have some issues. Here is a handy resource guide.

Air Injection Pump Problems

Many 2007-2010 Toyota Tundra owners have reported problems with either air injection pumps seizing or air injection valves in the intake manifold rusting so that they can’t open or close any longer. While Toyota has come out with a special customer service program to warranty this problem, the warranty expires after 150k miles. Learn more about Tundra air injection problems here.

Paint Issues

Some Toyota Tundra trucks owners feel there is a paint issue with the truck. Specifically, the problem is defined as bubbles, orange peel, contaminants in the paint, discolorations or poor color matches, and plastic painted parts not matching the rest of the vehicle. There has been a petition circulated by upset owners to fix this issue. We haven’t seen anything widespread that would indicate the size of this issue. Hopefully, this was just a weird occurrence.

2010 Toyota Tundra Problems - Check Engine LightCheck Engine Light Issue – TSB 0019-10

Many 2010 Tundra owners complained about check engine lights coming on in their brand-new trucks (setting code P0012 or P0022). The problem is that Toyota used the wrong spring in the VVT-i gear assembly in some 2010 Tundras (both 4.6L and 5.7L). Because the spring in some Tundras is too stiff, the VVT-i system will “stick” in the wrong mode, setting a check engine light. Click here for more information.

Rear Bumper Rust/Corrosion – TSB 0052-12

Several Tundras may exhibit a condition where surface rust or corrosion is present on the leading edge, step plate or wing of the rear chrome bumper. Improvements have been made to the chrome bumpers to resist rust and corrosion. The fix is simple, get a new bumper.

Water Intrusion Into Charcoal Canister Triggers Check Engine Light – TSB 0016-12

According to Toyota; “This condition can be caused by water or debris entry into the evaporative control system through the fresh air inlet. To address this condition, the fuel tank fillerpipe has been revised to help prevent water intrusion. ”

Unable to Remove Key When in Park – TSB 0094-12

Some trucks may have an odd situation where you have a problem removing your key after putting your truck in park and turning off the engine. The problem is limited to 2010-2012 Tundra models with a column shift automatic transmission/transaxle with a column shifter.

2010 Toyota Tundra Problems - Paint Chips

This TSB only applies if you have paint chips in these specific areas.

Paint Chip on Hood Due to Grille Contact – TSB

Toyota has notified dealers of potential paint chipping/rubbing on Tundras with chrome grilles. Toyota will fix the problem by refinishing the paint if it is in a certain area. Check out this post for more.

Truck Bed Floor Rust / Corrosion – TSB 0101-12

This TSB is for “some Tundra vehicles may exhibit localized corrosion or perforation in specific areas on the inside of the bed floor surface. This may be indicated by bubbling or blistering of the paint in those specific areas.” 

Truck Bed Bolt Rust / Corrosion – TSB 0140-12

In the bed, you might see the truck bed attachment bolts and washers have rust on them. Toyota has produced a solution to this problem that requires the replacement of the truck bed bolts with washers.

Radiator and Horn Mounts Cracking – TSB 0032-12

Toyota has seen cracking that develops around the horn and/or radiator mounting brackets. The fix is to add more support brackets around these brackets.

Front Brake Vibration – TSB 0131-12

Owners might have heard about the front brake vibration problem. It was originally a problem with first generation Tundras and mismatched brake calipers. It does affect the 2010 model though. Check out this post for more information.

Power Seat Issue – TSB 0167-12

This issue is related to a power front seat that fails to operate because the 30-amp seat fuse is open. An improperly seated wiring harness has been determined to be the cause and installation of an updated wiring harness protector has been identified as the fix.

Power Train Rear Axle Assembly, Axle Shaft – TSB 0151-10

A TSB was issued for the rear axle assembly on the Toyota Tundra to correct a howling or growling noise from the rear of the vehicle that increases with vehicle speed. Dealers have fixed this issue by making changes to the rear axle bearing. More of an annoyance really.

Interior Panel Serviceability – SB-0397-09 REV1

Toyota released a service bulletin for interior panels/trim to improve serviceability of the floor carpet grommet (floor clamp retainer), a new service part has been developed which allows the floor carpet grommet to be replaced separately from the carpet assembly.

Steering Rack Issues

While Toyota has not released a TSB, there is concern that 2009-2012 steering racks might have a design flaw or quality issue. Some Tundra owners have reported replacing multiple racks under warranty, and many (but not all) of these trucks are lifted.

However, based on our communication with Toyota and our friends at numerous Toyota dealers, this is still very much a mystery at this point…and a small concern as well, as the number of trucks effected seems to be very very small. See Are Lift Kits Causing 2009-2012 Toyota Tundra Steering Rack Failures? for more info.

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  1. mendonsy says:

    And …. of course there’s the AIP problems!

  2. Brian J says:

    Knock on wood, I haven’t had any of these problems on my 2010! I love my Tundra, and should something happen to it I will definitely buy another. I can deal with the above problems as opposed to some of the problems owners of other trucks face.

  3. LJC says:

    The Tundra is the bench mark for 1/2 ton truck quality. So, imagine how it is with the others. This is not bad.
    I know one item that will be on the 2011 list…

  4. LJC says:

    Leaking camshaft towers. It appears that there has been a cluster of cases, my truck being in this cluster. It’s a big job to fix. At first glance, it looks to be just leaking valve covers. But digging a little deeper, the case is an improper seal between mating surfaces for the cam cradle. The dealership, which did a top notch with service–I felt like I was treated like a Lexus owner, had my truck for about 5 days, one of them disrupted by Sandy. It’s important to note that the symptom of this problem will happen before 17000 miles (as soon as 500 and a bit later, as in my case, at 16900).

  5. DAW says:

    Well, it seems my 2010 Tundra has hit the trifecta!
    I’ve now had the privilege of having the accelerator pedal recall fix performed, the stuck key TSB fix performed and today while being in for a “quick” 30K mile service, was advised that I have the cam tower housing oil leak! They will need to keep my truck for several days for the warranty repair. Stay tuned …….


    • Wow that stinks. Yes, keep us informed.


      • DAW says:

        So far so good!

        My Tundra repair was completed yesterday. The truck is running smooth as silk and a close inspection under the hood shows no signs of the work(a good thing), all fastners, cable ties etc. have been returned to factory condition and the oil seepage is gone.

        The dealer, Earl Stewart Toyota, rolled out the red carpet treatment and I’m very pleased with how this issue was handled. The truck was returned washed, detailed, and with four new tires! The dealer has the battery and tires for life program and my tires were not up for replacement for another 5K miles, but they took care of them with this visit. A nice touch of customer care for this inconvience that has not gone unnoticed on my part. A great dealer goes a long way when it comes to the resolution of a manufacturing defect.

        Still love my 2010 Tundra!

  6. adnan says:

    im facing problem with my tundra 2010 i was driving and what happen is the car started to make noise and small shacks then came check engin light and tracshin light and 4lo light and the gear it dosent shift to 6 gear only from 1 to 5 gear i took it for checking and the computer electic problem so still i dont know what the problem is it the same problem above or its something else ?

  7. […] Congrats! You might find this link handy for the 2010 model: All Known 2010 Toyota Tundra Problems | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

  8. Rick says:

    I dropped my 2012 Tundra off at the dealership last night. Just got a call that the cam tower is leaking. 21,000 miles and already having problems. Concerns me…..they said it will be fixed by Monday afternoon

  9. newborne1 says:

    Any chance the next time you or Jason sees Mike Sweers you can ask him about the front differential issue that’s still happening to all models? My 2010 has this problem and I keep reading that folks have this issue fixed and it reoccurs.. it’s in all of the forums if anyone does a search, I just cant believe this problem still exists. Where can I go to have this corrected once the right way? I’d even buy an aftermarket diff if I could find one that would work.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I can ask Sweers questions whenever I want via email. Can you give me more details on the front differential issue? Are you talking about the steering rack?

      I’ve done some research into the steering rack issue and it isn’t as wide spread as the forums lead you to believe. In fact, I have spoken with several dealers and they didn’t know what the heck I was talking about. While, there are some rumors that new models on the lot were having an issue, I couldn’t find any dealer or industry source who would back that up. In the end, it seemed, to me, that it was a lift issue. I have seen a lot of guys switch out the steering rack for older/newer Toyota parts and they seem like they are OK. Yet, like I said, I didn’t delve too much into this issue because I couldn’t find anyone not on a forum that backed it up. There was a Technical Service Advisory released where Toyota was looking into the issue and wanted dealer feedback. Last I heard, the feedback didn’t amount to much and Toyota didn’t release a TSB for it which would have offered a solution.

      When I hear of a definite TSB, I’ll be sure to post it. Until then, yes, I have heard of the steering rack issue, I just can’t get a dealer to acknowledge it is a widespread problem.


  10. newborne1 says:

    This is the TSB, I think there is a rev.2 to include newer models.
    TSB 0121-08 Front diff growl

  11. Newborne1 says:

    Thought this survey was cool, sent you an email as well with what I have found in the past 2 years about the vibration that only occurs when its below freezing for me.
    Thanks for your time…

  12. pete says:

    Some one just posted the tsb, this includes up to 2011
    Did you happen to get my email with the links about the front diff problems everyone is having? I’m bet the 14 will have it as well if nothing has changed please let me know.
    thanks again for your time,

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Hi Pete,

      I don’t see an email from you, I’ll check my SPAM box tomorrow.

      I’m looking into this and will let you know when I have something.


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