2009 Toyota Tundra vs 2009 Ford F150 – Part One – Mechanicals

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Ford insiders often acknowledge that the F150 is the heart and soul of the company, and for good reason. The F-Series pickup is the best selling vehicle in the USA, and one of the best selling vehicles in the world for the last 30 years or so. The F150 is ubiquitous, as American as apple pie, and it arguably sets the standard in the world of full-size pickups.

In other words, the new 2009 F150 is stiff competition for the Tundra. After a delayed F150 launch and a big Ford advertising blitz, it’s time to put the Tundra and the F150 side by side. This comparison will officially expand on and replace our preliminary comparison of the Tundra and the new 2009 F150 (which was completed back in January 2008). We’ll use the same comparison formula we used back in our 2007 Tundra vs 2007 F150 comparison, and we’ve also reached out to freelancer Dan Murphy to help reduce the perception of bias. Without further delay, let the showdown begin!


2009 will be a tough year to be a Ford guy if your sense of self-worth is placed entirely on horsepower ratings. The new top of the line F-150 is powered by the old 5.4-liter, 24-valve V-8. Ford’s engineers managed to coax 20 more hp out of the 2009 5.4 as well as boost torque about 10%, mostly as a result of engine control system tweaks, a new straight-through exhaust system, and open-valve injection. The other F-150 engine choices are the old 4.6-liter, 2-valve engine mated to a 4-speed transmission (248 hp, 294 lb/ft. of torque) and a new-to-the-F150 4.6-liter, 3-valve with the new 6-speed tranny (292 hp., 320 lb./ft. torque). The best F150 fuel economy (15/21) is available on an F150 with the SFE package that we’ve previously reviewed.

Since most Tundra buyers opt for the 5.7, and since most of Ford’s towing and payload figures are based on a 5.4, we’re going to ignore comparing the Toyota 4.7 and the Ford 4.6 (which are surprisingly similar).

The Tundra 5.7L is a rocket compared to the F150, with power readily available through the power curve. There’s really no getting around it, the Tundra goes. The 5.7-liter V-8 rates 381 hp and 401 lb/ft. of torque and you can feel it even weaving through city traffic. Toyota is a half-step ahead in the performance technology department with a sophisticated variable 32-valve Timing system and Acoustically Controlled Induction, but the “tech gap” between the F150 and the Tundra is narrower than ever. Ford is expected to release a version of their turbocharged direct injection 3.5L “EcoBoost” V6 in the F150 next year, and at that time Ford will likely take the engine technology lead. The new EcoBoost might not be for every truck owner, but with more than 300hp and better than 20mpg, it’s going to be a great option for truck owners that don’t need a lot of power.

In any case, the bottom line here is the Tundra’s tremendous power advantage. Ford fanatics will likely argue about the 5.4L’s usable torque, but the fact remains the Tundra 5.7 outguns the F150 5.4 by a large margin. Fuel economy figures between the two engines are close as well – the Tundra 5.7 4×4 is EPA rated at 13/17, the F150 5.4 4×4 is 14/18.

Winner: Tundra, by a pretty clear margin. This is one of the only areas that the Tundra clearly outperformed the new 2009 F150.


Rather than waste time pondering the slight differences between the Ford and Toyota 6 speed transmissions, we’re going to cut to the chase. Both the six-speed transmissions from Ford and Toyota drive very nicely, shift smoothly and intelligently, and offer many of the same options and features.

Winner: It’s a tie, and by rule ties go to the older design (it’s only fair). Tundra wins.


In our unofficial “butt dyno” tests, we found both the F150 and the Tundra to be solid stopping trucks. The Ford stopped in a straight line, with no grabbing or fading and nice pedal feel. Ditto for the Tundra. Both the Tundra and the F150 feature a 4-wheel disc ABS system, with dual piston calipers, ventilated rotors, and Electronic Brake Force Distribution. Based on feel, it’s too close to call.

The Tundra’s rotors are nearly an inch bigger than Ford’s for better heat dissipation, especially under loads. PickupTrucks.com managed to complete a definitive series of performance tests, including a series of braking tests for the 2009 Tundra and F150. In these tests, the Tundra performed slightly better, stopping in about 10 fewer feet than the F150.

Winner: Realistically, the difference in braking performance between these two trucks is small. The Tundra’s better braking performance in the PickupTrucks.com tests, as well as the larger rotors, gives the Tundra the edge.


While we have absolutely no proof, we can’t help but feel that Toyota made a mis-step in designing the frame on the Tundra. The F150’s fully boxed, hydroformed frame with through-welded cross members seems like the best way to go, and considering the fact that Dodge and GM both use fully boxed frames for their trucks, it’s a mystery as to why Toyota chose to go with a different design.

Winner: F150. A fully boxed frame makes more sense, not to mention the Tundra bed-bounce problem that some Tundra owners experience.


Ford’s marketing team won a victory, of sorts, when they announced that the 2009 F150 can haul as much as 3,030 lbs, which is nearly 1,000 lbs more than the Tundra (and most of the other half-tons on the market). While it seems like a huge advantage, it should be noted that ONLY the regular cab 4×2 with the 5.4 and a special “heavy duty payload” package can haul 3,000lbs. The rest of the F150 line-up has payload ratings that are much closer to the Tundra, with a 2009 Super Cab F150 5.4 4×4 hauling 1,680 lbs and the 2009 Tundra DoubleCab 5.7 4×4 hauling 1,580 lbs. Anyone else think it’s odd that it’s exactly 100 lbs difference? Ford’s marketing team, can you hear us?

Still, credit should be given where credit is due. If you’re looking for a 4×2 reg cab 5.4 with an expensive and rough-riding suspension package that can haul 3000 lbs, than the F150 is the best option available. Otherwise, these payload ratings are a wash.

Winner: Ford, but by the slimmest of margins.


The F-150’s max tow rating tops out at 11,300 lbs, and unlike the payload rating you don’t have to buy a work truck to tow the max load – the F150 SuperCab and SuperCrew 5.4 are rated at the max. Since the Tundra’s top tow ratings on comparable models are about 1,000 lbs less, the F150 has the advantage. The integrated tow brake controller and the new trailer sway control systems are highly regarded as well, building the F150’s towing advantage further.

Still, before we hand this category to the F150, it should be noted that the Tundra was deemed a better overall towing vehicle in the PickupTrucks.com hill climb towing test. If you combine the Tundra’s braking advantage here, you could easily make the case the two trucks are equal in this regard. Like many things, the differences between these two trucks are small.

Winner: Ford by a slight margin, but the integrated brake controller and trailer sway control systems widen that margin somewhat.

Next up, the 2009 Tundra vs 2009 F150 – Part Two – Features and Pricing. Check back soon!

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  1. Justin says:

    Admin (Jason): Transmission: If we are going by length of service that a tranny has been on the market, then the F150 6spd is actually older than the Tundra 6spd. The Ford 6spd has been used in the Expedition since mid 2006 with the release of the ’07 M.Y. Expy. I do understand your point was made based on how long the tranny has been in the F150, but simply wanted to point out the Ford Tranny still has more miles and time of service on it than the Tundras, even if it wasn’t in the F150. So it is a slightly older design. Also a couple quick notes from the pickuptrucks.com article “The Tundra

  2. Mickey says:

    Good review Jason. Looking forward to part II.

  3. Jasen says:

    Great review! As a ‘Bleed Ford Guy’, this was a great unbiased review. I would of added each engine specs vs similar engines for both vehicles because not everyone gets the 5.7L and 5.4L V8.

  4. Ingle says:

    typo error


  5. Ingle – Thank you. It has been corrected.
    Jasen – Thank you. We’re getting better, and if we had more time to compare the smaller motors we would have. This is more time consuming than it looks.
    Mickey – As usual, you are the man.
    Justin – Your point about towing is well taken, but the net result is still a win for the Ford. As for your point about the 6-speed being the older design, I disagree. Even IF the transmission in the Exped were the same, Exped’s aren’t rated to tow 11,300 lbs. The transmission is “new” because it’s never been used in this configuration previously. Besides, I’m 99% that the electronic configuration of the 6speed (as well as some components) in the 09′ F150 are quite a bit different than what Ford developed for the 06′ Exped. Thanks for your compliments now, but I have a feeling you’re going to disagree with the next section…

  6. Mickey says:

    Now Jason you just made the next section a must read. How to keep us here…..

  7. Brandon says:

    Can I give some advice for part 2. Talk about quality, like over looking a bed bounce problem that I guess is not big deal. Definatley compare interiors becuase that goes to FORD hands down over any competitor. FORD doesnt always have to redo everything like toyota did because the have built upon 30 years of a great truck. When the tundra is the best selling truck for 30 years then there might be something to talk about. But because this is a site for tundras it is obvious that the end result will be the tundra.

  8. Brandon says:

    It seems that the only problem that anyone ever has with the F150 is power. Just wait until 2010 when they introduce an industry leading 400hp out of a 5.0L V-8 with the same gas mileage as the 09’s; and the ecoboost V-6 direct turbo injected that also puts out 400hp with 400ft lbs of torque at 23mpg.

  9. Brandon – Good points. I haven’t heard the big numbers on the EcoBoost that you have. My guess is that the SFE package features the 3.5L V6 ecoboost, which should be comparable to the 4.6L 3V in terms or power and performance. I think that this vehicle might stretch to the 23mpg you mentioned. 400hp and 400lb-ft sounds too good to be true, however, for any truck engine getting 23mpg…but we’ll see, won’t we?

  10. Mickey says:

    Brandon you would have the same at a Ford forum.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Heres a funny comment I noticed.
    This may is my trucks birthday and all I can say is thanks. This truck is the best truck of all that are as I am writing this. I know it doesn’t tow like the big boys do, but if I need towing power I can just borrow my sisters Silverado 2500HD or my other sisters Ford F-150 Lariat, although I do not like the Ford at all.
    Acceleration, fit and finish, Toyota’s excellent reputation, passenger room, tows good enough for my needs, response, quiet.
    Did they ever fix the stall issue?? I will remeber to get a F Series when I need to tow! Ford has a funny video where they compare the trucks. It isnt some crazy video showing a truck stop before a cliff. It compares all the trucks. A side by side. Tundra’s has a new feature, its call rubbing alla Toyota. Drive one through very ruff terrain and create your own custom paint job between your cab and front of your bed. Ford has a video to show it to you. After laughing at the Tundra and alot of guys making comments like looks like a fat women wattling down the street, I stood up for the Tundra. Told them that maybe they didnt tighten the chassie mount bolts, easy to forget since every other truck doesnt have to worry about it. One either they use strong enough bolts or torque them to the right torque. Mikey hows that lower ball joint recall?? Keep waxing that chrome to hide the rust, while your waxing the rust away im enjoying my FORD!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Above the winners of each tested event was as follows Ford- 3 , 1- tie, 1 Tundra- Tundra, by a pretty clear margin. This is one of the only areas that the Tundra clearly outperformed the new 2009 F150. And this comment??? Realistically, the difference in braking performance between these two trucks is small. The Tundra

  13. Mickey says:

    This is why you remain anonymous. First of all what I tow don’t need a brake controller thanks for making the ordinary joe have to pay for an option he didn’t want. That’s why you tailor it to your liking Jack. First you have to have common sense to know that but I guess for you it ran thin. By the way why is ford down 40% in sales and in need of a loan from the govt. First of all there’s no recall on the lower ball joint on the 07 and above. At least get your facts straight before you put foot in mouth. Doesn’t it make sense that most trucks sold aren’t used for towing! Now maybe you can have fun with that.

  14. Mickey says:

    Also I’m enjoying your silly butt that has to come to this site constantly for what? Not because you have a ford but you really wish you could own a real truck. That’s why you’re here. No one with common sense would go to a forum he has nothing to do with just to argue with the manufacturer’s product. You’re jealous about a Tundra and you just can’t handle the truth of it all. So quit hiding behind a no name and show your real self… Ohh yeah you’re a FORD owner and you’re afraid people will laugh at you. Others have felt that way too but when you grow up and decide to become a man about things feel free and drop a line.

  15. TXTee says:

    WHOA! I guess someone got told. Mickey – 3 points….Anonymous – none. In fact, I’ve never been to a Ford forum so that does say something. Why show interest in something if you’re content with what you have?

  16. Anonymous – I don’t get it – Mickey’s right, why do you come here and comment?

  17. Rich says:

    Im looking to get the Sequoia, does it have any of the issues with bed bounce and paint like the Tundra??

  18. Mickey says:

    I would think the paint is the same all over. I don’t have an issue with my paint. Use a claybar every 6 months to put a protective coat along with wax. I haven’t heard of a Sequoia having a bed bounce. Harmonic balance on the Tundra is different. Ride should be different also.

  19. Rich says:

    Im having a issue with what vehicle to get I can get a Ford or Chevy alot cheaper than a Toyota. But whats the real difference. As I see it, I will not keep it past 75,000 miles which takes about 4 years to accumulate. I see all the ads and reviews, but one major issue I always see is the creditablity of the review. There are reviews out there that challenge the other manufactures to prove them wrong but no one will. Why not??? If it is not the truth, then bust them out. Horsepower plays a role in the decision but I have more focus on TQ and the powerband of when the power is applied. Where will I ever need to apply 380+ hp?? Why do you need to add 300+ lbs to the bed of a vehicle to correct a manufactures problem?? From my point of view there is a safety issue with having a 300lb weight in the bed. In the event of a accident it becomes a 300 lb headache. Can the bed tiedown rings support that weight at a accident at 35 to 40 mph?? I will not risk my family on a makeshift solution. Wouldn’t filling the spare tire with calcium be a better idea, granted you will not beable to meet the 300lb but will be closer to 200+.. Also in the event of a accident it is under the vehicle and how often do you use your spare. So can someone please produce a video showing what the competion says is false?? They called your buff and showed what they said to be the facts, which looks to be the facts. I looked into the trailer brake controller and it makes sense. If a company says they can tow so much weight, why not supply all the equipment to do so. So who has the better vehicles??

  20. Rich – I think you make some good points. The bed bounce issue is a big deal for some, and a non-issue for just about everyone else. I have to say that the Ford video shows the Tundra taking a beating, but I also would like to point out that Ford designed that test. I saw a nice long version of that test and none of the trucks (Dodge, Chevy, or Toyota) did well on that surface – except the F150 of course. I’d like to point out that the Ford video NEVER shows the interior of any of the trucks. I think if people could see just how rough the ride was inside the truck (even in the F150), they would realize that test is completely ridiculous. Not even Ironman Ivan Stewart would drive that fast on that bad of a surface in a stock pickup – your teeth would fall out in a mile or two (even in the F150). My recommendation is that you test drive the Tundra on your normal commute route and see for yourself. Most people don’t report a problem. As for your comments about the trailer brake, I agree that Toyota should also offer an integrated system (and I hope that they offer it soon), and I think that the F150’s trailer sway control system is genius. Toyota should also match that ASAP. Still, people were pulling trailers without any of that fancy electronic less than 5 years ago, so I don’t think they’re necessary. I would say that I would rather have big brakes on my truck and a big motor, and have to go and buy a brake controller after-market, than the alternative. The one comment that I don’t understand, that I find completely hard to believe, is that you’re able to buy a comparable F150 or Silverado for less than a Tundra. Toyota is offering just as much in rebates as Ford or Chevy, and the MSRP is usually lower on a Tundra than it is on an F150 or Silverado (again, comparably equipped). Perhaps the local dealer isn’t discounting the Tundra? In any case, I would encourage you to consider resale value in your cost calculation. KBB and Edmunds have both said that the Tundra holds value better. Since you’re only looking at keeping this truck for 4 years, re-sale is a critical factor.

  21. Mickey says:

    Jason you hit the nail on the head. Resale. Also Rich it depends on where you live also if your freeways have that lip. I haven’t experienced the bounce so I have no idea other than the video about the willybar. I think that’s right. It places a sheet of metal and his video shows what it was before and after. The metal bolts down to the bed so it doesn’t move. Here in flatland Florida I don’t have the bounce. I’m just 100 miles shy of 50,000 in my 07 Crewmax. I was featured here on Tundraheadquarters also and you can see I do alot of traveling on road time in my truck. Do some more research and like I said some places in California and Colorado have this bounce.

  22. Rich says:

    Resale?? We all know why Toyota has a higher resale. Its simple, If you have 20,000 oranges and 10,000 apples their is a supply and demand. If Ford, Chevy and Dodge reduced production they would be a greater demand for people to locate and purchase due to lack of availiblity. I went to every dealership and looked at every truck. The Toyota rep was a little defensive when I showed him a quote for the same Chevy truck, his statement was your buying quailty so you have to pay more. The way I see it is your paying more for less. I didnt bring up bed bounce, paint, tailgate issues or eng/tranny problems. One thing he did bring up was retorque of the mounting bolts. WHY???? They should NOT work their way loose. He was selling the service dept. and saying no one will do the retorque of the bolts. If the bolts do not hold the correct torque you need stronger bolts of a failsafe device (self-locking nuts, lockwashers, cotterkeys, locktight). That is not right or safe. So I ask wheres the quailty in that, I did not receive a answer from the salesman. Can anyone else answer this???

  23. TXTee says:

    Hey RIch – throwing in my 2 cents for you. I drive cross country from Northern California to Houston, TX a few times each year….and also all over NorCal and into Nevada. The bed bounce is only an issue when I’m closer to Los Angeles and a few spots outside of Oakland. MPG is great for the hauling, mountains, and speeds. I push that truck to its limits and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The price of the Tundra is not that far off from the competitors and I’m sure since you don’t plan on keeping it past 4 years you’ll be able to get a great return vs. competitors. However, nothing beats a review than doing your own test drive. I was sold on the Tundra immediately after returning to the dealership. I don’t care about it’s maximums as much as the true needs/uses for my driving conditions. I’ve driven a few of the F-150s on a regular basis because I borrowed my stepdad’s and a friend’s lifted version. I beat the MPG in both of those trucks and I also know of major issues that occured with both of those trucks too. My rig has never been to the shop for anything besides an oil change in the 13 months I’ve had it and I drive HARD! As for safety, you should see the pics of Mickey’s deer strike and another Tundra HQ member that had an accident in snow…..they both came out of it well and the truck took the licking like it should have. I’m forever skeptical of Ford F-150s from that initial review of frontal impact at only 40 MPH years ago. I’m biased….go for the Tundra, dude!!! I shopped for Ford as well and I thank my lucky stars everyday I didn’t go with the huge rebates and price options over the reliability, comfort, and satisfaction I’ve had with the Tundra. I got a great deal and I’m happy with it. How can we convert you? 😉

  24. Mickey says:

    Tell me this Rich when you rotate your tires do you check them after 100 miles for tightness? That’s all vehicles. Everytime I do an oil change at the dealer they check the torque as a check off. It’s there to tell the DIY people to check everything. You didn’t mention bed bounce? “Why do you need to add 300+ lbs to the bed of a vehicle to correct a manufactures problem?? From my point of view there is a safety issue with having a 300lb weight in the bed. In the event of a accident it becomes a 300 lb headache.” I have no paint problems much less tranny issues, or a tailgate problem. I stand on mine all the time as well as run my riding mower up ramps in the back without an issue. Rich I will answer your question. Move on. You weren’t the least bit intrested in the Tundra to start off with You list all what you can find that some had issues with. Have you listed Ford’s issues? Nope. You haven’t replied to where you live at so the bed bounce thing is moot. You’re just here to troll and that’s it. I suggest you do something more with your time. I already listed all the issues ford has already with their trucks except one. Question will they be there. I did the same thing going to Dodge, Ford, and Chevy and ask the problems plaqueing them and like you the salesman got defensive. Now does that sound familiar? Ford has a simple problem they been having for a couple of years and haven’t fix it yet and it’s the gas tank! Imagine how hard it is to fix a gas tank. I can list them all and already have. Go buy your Ford and at the same time tell us to buy American. That way you fit right in.

  25. Rich – I’m starting to doubt that you’re open to buying a Tundra. As Mickey pointed out, re-torquing bolts is a prudent step on any vehicle. Toyota lists it in their maintenance manual because, unlike most of their competitors, they use a thorough and cautious approach to designing, building, and maintaining vehicles. Rich, I’m going to bottom line if for you: If you don’t want to buy a Toyota, don’t. The F150 is an excellent truck, and the GM and Chrysler products aren’t bad either. You really can’t go wrong. As for the idea that Tundra resale value is only higher because there are less of them, you’re only half-right. Fewer vehicles helps, but only when there’s more demand for them. In other words, a low-volume low demand used car (like a Ford Five Hundred, for example) can have terrible resale value while a low-volume high-demand used truck (like a Tundra) can enjoy industry leading resale value. You, the Ford salesman, and anyone else you speak with can explain away the Tundra’s resale value any way you want to, but the fact is people like the truck and pay more for it than they do any other brand. I wonder why? (sarcasm)

  26. Rich says:

    Didn’t Fred have to buy a Chevy to correct a Tundra issue?? Mickey since WHEN do you remove your cab from chassis like you where stating with rotating tires. You retorque lugnuts because you just removd them. So how does that have anything to do with cab bolts???? This is the ONLY vehicle out of ALL the trucks that have this listed. That explains some of the videos about frame twist, mybe they didnt tighten their chassis bolts, right! So Honda Ridgelines have good resale value better than Toyota, so its a better truck right!! Honda does NOT have a retorque on chassis bolts, so what up with that, they are far better at manufacturing than eveyone else. So whats the excuse. Nice copout about being a troll and not interested, if you dont know the answer just direct me to someone who does!! I feel dumber after talking to you (Jason and Mickey) thanks for the headache!!!

  27. Mickey says:

    Okay Rich here’s the easy way for you. Ohh my god I spilled coffee on my lap and it’s hot. Nothing on the label stating it’s hot. Now does this McDonalds scenario come to mind when they got sued for hot coffee? Cover everything and you’re in good hands. You are what you are Rich, no one made you dumb but you. Acting that way don’t count. No one said cab bolts but you’re not getting the picture because you refuse too. Rich you are lost in a fog because you don’t want an answer. Like I said before you’re not intrested so move on. To come up with such a meanless thing as that and argue with it just shows your intelligence also. Yes thank you for your headache. By the way just let the door hit you on the way out also. I won’t go to your statement about Honda and truck in a same sentence. Look at your 22 TSB’s in the past 2 years and your 9 Recalls also. Take care of your backyard before you speak of someone else’s backyard.

  28. Rich says:

    Mickey, shut up please. What backyard, im the guy looking to buy a truck and have legitmate questions and THOUGHT a Tundra sit could answer them. Resale value was one thing you all said, the Ridgeline comment was telling you if resale means it the best then Ridgeline is better than the Tundra. Im not asking Ford questions here. Everyone keep bouncing around the question, If you dont know the answer dont reply. Are you the same guy I was reading some of his comments on Tundrasolutions or Tundraforum?? Mickey after seeing your previous comments on other sites (if it the same person, I think it is) that you went and bought multipule vehicles following a problem with the first. Tail light, headliner and other issues but you went and bought more. So whos the smart one??? Your comments are eye wash and hold no weight. Like I have read in other listing you are pretty ignorant!!! Oh chassis bolts are Cab bolts!

    Oh of the question I have posted on the Ford site they have answer them with no problems!!! Why is that???

  29. Rich says:

    Oh to set the record straight the schudled maintenance manual states ” Re-torque propeller shaft bolt and Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis”. This to the everyday guy means inorder to re-torque or tighten the bolts has lost torque. Simple question why and whats the torque????

  30. Mickey says:

    Rich I’m not part of Tundra solutions. Don’t care for that forum. I don’t pay for information like you have to there. As for the headliner and tail lights if you can read were on the same truck 06 LT3 Silverado. Third year out and having defects on both. The other Chevy’s I had was a 98 Silverado and 92 GMC Sonoma. The 98 was the best so far that I had. The Tundra is very close but I have to wait for the miles. If you going to state something Rich get it right . Like Jason told you about the torque of the propeller shaft bolts you just won’t read what’s there. Now for your resale again you read what you want KBB has the Tundra Crewmax 2008 for $31,185 and 2007 Crewmax for $26,345. The Honda Ridgeline 2008 $24,080 and 2007 for $21,490. Now I put the same mileage on both for 2008 12,000 miles, and 2007 24,000 miles. Both have 4 full size doors and a 5 ft bed. So now where is that resale? LIke I said Rich get your facts straight before you accuse someone of being ingorant. Then again Rich I was called worse on this site. Toyota covers themselves by those maintenance manual statements. Just like I said about McDonalds coffee. Now the have a statement of hot coffee may burn you so they can’t get sued.

  31. Rich – Drop the charade man – you’re not interested in buying a Tundra, plain and simple. You said “I feel dumber after talking to you” – me too buddy, me too.

  32. Anonymous says:

    How does this work a 2008 4X4 crewmax limited can be bought through Sams Club for $30,770.00 after the $8,000.00 rebate. So thats a great deal and I should jump on it.

  33. Rich says:

    Gentlemen, I extend my sincre gratitude for your assistance in purchasing my next vehicle. There where to many questions I had about a Tundra and a doubtful feeling about the vehicle. After all the videos and responses received I can not hole heartedly say im confident with the Tundra. I purchased a 2008 GMC Denali 403 hp 417tq, for 36k. It was a deal I could not pass up, no bed bounce and has a factory installed brake controller. I asked them if I need to retorque any chassis or drive shaft bolts and they laughed and said “you looked at Tundra’s didn’t you”. I will look for ya in my rear view mirror!

  34. Mickey says:

    Rich we’re happy for you, and your thoughts about the subject. But quit B/S us on your thoughts for the Tundra. We know you had none. Simply put you’re just one of those spoiled kids that didn’t get enough attention when you were young. Have a life and move on. Now don’t cry if you don’t see a Tundra behind you. While you’re looking back there constantly you didn’t see the pass of a lifetime. Yep you better speed up to catch that truck just to see your worst nightmare.

  35. jason says:

    The tundra it’s lost .WE don ‘t need too have an sports car acceleration and the biggest engines .the ford has nice engines not the most powerfulls but you can pull a trailer with cows with the f150 and you can take perfectly 140 km/h
    What else do you need ? ok : fx4 traction (best in world ),sync,ford work solutions , and the best quality of the truck market.America throw their brands and now is buying japanese ones that do the same drink gasoline.
    Think about it and tell me who cares for two seconds of acceleration in a half ton truck.
    Im saying that cause my father has a 05 s10 with 132 hp and works perfectly .
    The ford wont run bad with 200 hp or less .
    ! think about the pollution and tell me why you will buy toyota

  36. Mickey says:

    Jason it’s great you want to get in a debate but you need to learn a little more before you comment. What you state is a personal opinion. Try again.

  37. Rich – Congrats! Sounds like a cool truck.
    Jason – I don’t understand. I don’t *need* break-neck acceleration, but it sure is nice to have. I think what I really need is good power, and the Tundra has lots of that. If you’re concerned about pollution and you’re driving a pickup, you are indeed a rare breed.

  38. Justin says:

    March Truck sales:

    #1: F-Series:32,728 (Down 44.9% for the year)
    #6: Tundra: 5,547 (Down 54.4% for the year)


  39. Justin – Ford wins the sales crown in a month where incentives are higher than ever. Good work.

  40. Fiore Bendotti says:

    Let me start off by saying that I love by new 08 Tundra CrewMax. I just traded my 06 F-150 Lariat SuperCab for my new Toyota and I have zero regrets. The main reason I got the new Tundra CrewMax, was because I needed the extra passenger room. The new 09 F150 Super Crew doesn’t even come close when it comes to cabin size. I have owned this truck for about 2 months and have gotten more compliments than I did with my F-150 in the two years that I owned it. I pull a 31 foot travel trailer 8,000 lbs. loaded. My F-150 used to strain when pulling it. Just pulled the trailer with my Toyota, what an unbelievable difference. Yes, the integrated trailer controller on the new F-150 is a great feature. I wish the toyota had this option. I haven’t had a chance to install my Prodigy P3 bake controller yet in the Toyota, but I was able to tow the trailer and use my truck’s brakes to stop without a problem. I traveled about six miles and the brakes showed no signs of stress. I went and looked at Silverado’s, Ram’s and Titan’s. This one seemed to work for me. If you thinking about the Tundra, just do it….you won’t regret it..

  41. Fiore – Thanks a lot for commenting. A lot of the comments here are focused on proving our comparison wrong – thanks for taking the time to share your own story in a positive way. Really appreciate that.

  42. realistic says:

    wow…i read this, and had to scratch my head…”tundra, by a pretty clear margin”…lol. thats funny. i understand it’s a tundra site, but c’mon!! thats like the nazi’s jumping up after we bombed berlin and say “yea, well…we clearly won this one!!”
    first off, before you bash or flame me (whitch i notice you do when you have no counterpoint) i came here by accident and decided to read the article.

    Notice to individuals that have no clue of what they speak about: FORD DID NOT NEED MONEY FROM GOVERNMENT…toyota did! research! toyota was givin money from japan, (as with, nissan, mazda) much like they have been subsidized FOR YEARS inorder to compete in the american market. difference is…japanease citizens dont whine and they dont parade it all over the world!

    resale value: simple…there’s 20x’s as many f150’s in the world than there is tundra’s. supply and demand…wake up.

    the tundra is an inferior truck plain and simple. i’m man enough to admit, for years past, we ignored the car market and sales sufford for it. we built trucks instead….the best trucks in the world. proven by sales!

    now…can any of you be man enough to admit that i’m right?

  43. Mickey says:

    Wrong realistic….Just becuase you sell more don’t make you the best truck out there. Maybe the cheapest…. Now let’s see that arguement on bailout. Well ford doesn’t want the money but have it on the side just incase we need it. Am I right about that? That’s a close analogy of it. Keep 16 billion on the side and don’t use it for nothing else in case we need it. Now 16 billion can’t be touch to use somewhere else unless you need it. Well enough said. I’m glad one of the 3 made it out. Now just in truck sale you sold alot but what about all that you manufacture? I guess this says the rest of the Ford’s isn’t dooly squat because you didn’t sell any. Great way of thinking.

  44. Mickey says:

    Realistic read edmounds.com truck comparison test. Just give me a minute while I get up off the floor laughing my butt off about your Ford. Hold on I have to go get a towel to wipe my face because I’m in tears from laughing, and you will need the towel next for crying. Bash you, is that the cry they give out when you’re fixing to bash or flame the Tundra or say it’s okay for me but not for you?

  45. Phil Langston says:

    Well guys, It has been truely interesting reading. I am a 35 year Cardiac Hospital employee. I was a ford man until I drove my first Toyota which was
    the special edition of Supra 1981. My previous cars were cobras, pickups, Ltd’s and about all ford models. You boys all need an education and we can start anywhere you like. The beginning of the Japanese influence in our auto amarket. Please tell me the list of electronic dvd’s, stereo’s, plasma tv’s, refrig’s and I can go on. I am 54.

    Looking forward to any anti- toyota product.

  46. Realistic – First of all, if you really read the whole comparison, you would know that we ranked the F150 and the Tundra as a tie. Second of all, the resale value argument doesn’t hold water. If the total number of vehicles really was the reason that resale value is lower, why then do the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord (the two best selling cars in the world) enjoy industry-leading resale value? There are millions of those cars on the road – many more than the F-series – yet they have above average resale and the F150 is below average. Third, your point about the Japanese government extending Toyota a loan is correct. Read more about it here:
    By the way, what’s with the “we?” Do you work for Ford, or have you got a mouse in your pocket?

  47. realistic says:

    jason…12year salesmanager with ford. 18 years total with ford, 2 years with toyota. i will admit, as far as passenger cars go, toyota and honda had pulled ahead of the domestic for a long time. now, you’d even have to admit, ford is closing that gap quick. but, we’re not talking accords or camary’s here, are we? if we were, i’d have to inform you that the f150 has been the #1 selling passenger vehicle in the united states for 23years. 2004,2005,2006 we almost sold a total of 1 million units…PER YEAR. something that toyota has not accomplished on any unit. if you add the total units sold for each over the 23yrs, the f150 clealy out sold the 2 foriegn vehicles in question. having said that, i’m sure now you can see that there is still more f150’s on the road and it does effect the resale value…believe me, i do this for a living!
    also…i read that propaganda bro, but in 1989 i was working at a toyota dealer, and toyota was being kept afloat by japan. even the dealers got incentive checks from toyota from a jampanease program set up to provide incentive for sales. this went on for years and this was after toyota had already been here for years. japan was a very proud nation and toyota was/is a very proud company and even then they never let this get out to the media (wouldnt be able to pull that today, so they put a different spin on it). now, mickey want to talk about 16billion “sitting” for fords use…yea mickey…they set aside 16bil in a suitcase marked “not to use: for ford only”…c’mon. they asked for a line of credit to be opened just in case…no actual money was squirled away anywhere. also mickey, read jdpowers compairison. comparisons are opinions and the opinion of the american people speak in sales numbers…nothing else.
    and, just for the record. i drove the new tundra…very nice truck. VERY NICE! if i was to buy a foriegn vehicle, that would be one in the top 3 of the list! but, i would never replace my f150 with it…no way.
    how many of you members went out and truly drove a f150? c’mon…i’ll take your word for it…how many?

  48. Realistic – I know where you’re coming from – I too was a sales manager at a Ford store (and a Toyota store). 6 with Ford, 2 with Toyota, so while I don’t have your experience, I do have a sense of your perspective. I still don’t believe that resale value is impacted significantly by the number of vehicles produced. If you dive into the F series sales numbers, you see that a significant number of the vehicles are sold to fleets. These trucks never see the resale market – they’re purchased by construction companies and other heavy-duty commercial users and then driven into the ground. I’ve seen f-series fleet sales estimates as high as 30% of volume (excluding rental car sales). SO, my point: I don’t buy it. There are about as many F150’s on the used car market as there are Camrys and Accords, yet Camrys and Accords seem to do better. As a matter of fact, I’ll give you a better example – GM trucks are nearly as popular as the F-series (when you combine both Chevy and GMC) yet they too have higher resale. I hear what you’re saying about sales volumes, but your theory doesn’t match reality.
    I can’t speak to your point about the Japanese government subsidizing Toyota in the late 80’s. I’ll have to take your word for it. As for comparing Toyota Motor Credit’s low interest loan to Ford’s available line of credit, I think it’s important to remember that Ford’s federal line of credit helped them secure a higher credit rating and therefore a lower cost of money going forward. So don’t kid yourself – Ford received benefit from their line of credit despite the fact they never borrowed a dollar.
    Finally, thank you for acknowledging the Tundra is a very nice truck. I agree wholeheartedly. Not only will I agree that the F150 is a nice truck, but I have driven the new 09′ and I think it’s excellent. I also used to own an 05′ F150 and it was very nice – I was quite happy with it. Both of our reviews here on the site complement the F150, but they also both point out that there are areas where the Tundra is better…and areas where it’s not. The good news is that all these trucks are pretty amazing, especially compared to what they were like in 1989, no?

  49. Mickey says:

    Jason very good perspective. Realistic I never drove an 09 anything. Not really planning on it but I can go try it. I will tell you up front I would get a Ford before a Chevy. Now that said I won’t buy either. Customer service killed me on both companies. After being pushed away from Frod I went Chevy and that was jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. I did own an 03 F-150 Sport stepside ext cab. Held on to it for 3 years and I just couldn’t fight no more with the service dept. I do all my maintenance at the dealer I buy from. The reason I bought the 03 F-150 is that I was rear ended in my 98 Silverado and it was totalled. Just 6 months prior I bought an 03 Crown Victoria LX Sport. Great car and we got such a deal for it we went with the same salesman for a truck. Crown Vic started having issues with electronics i.e power windows/locks. The truck decided after 9 months to start having check engine lights 400 code. The first time we were told let it cycle through 8x and if it comes on again come in. Okay less than a week and a half back on. They did I guess diagnostics. Replaced gas cap. Less than a week later back on. This time they changed a sensor and the sensor passed a single test but not the whole test. I was sent out and 3 days later the same thing. They tried running a wire outside the harness to the sensor and this looked very tacky I might say but approved by Ford. The light back on 2 days later. Then they said bad computer. Replaced computer truck missfired in #5 cylinder. Tried another in the lot same results. This went on 10x replacing computer. When they first replaced it they found and blamed Lowjack which was Ford’s aftermarket sales we had installed on both Ford’s. Well they moved the Lowjack without telling Lowjack. I called and my warranty on Lowjack was voided till they seen the paperwork and what was done by Ford. It didn’t matter because the tech that moved it bent the fiber optic and Lowjack didn’t work. SO now I’m very aggrevated. Lowjack came out and fixed problem no charge. In fact they talked highly of Ford and I really expected the opposite. Well after the 7x replacing computer I was ready to file for the Lemon Law and by saying that stirred up the hornets nest. I was being attacked from all angles from all people inside the dealership. I said enough and found my salesman Rusty and we talked and he got with his people and to satisfy me they ordered me a new truck. I was happy with just that. I did come in 3 more times and was told on the tenth time by the service manager, Tech, service advisor that they couldn’t fix my truck. Rusty stated we ordered him a new one so this will just swap out. Rusty stayed in touch twice a week and gave status of where the truck was. When it was in shipment to the dealer I get a call to come in. I did and was told then that a factory rep will be here in 2 days to go over your truck and Rusty stated that the new truck will be in by that time. The next day they wanted me to bring in the truck and leave it. That was fine Realistic but when you go to the car rental and they know you by name and why you were there is embarassing. Rusty called me and stated truck was in so I came in. The rep came out to talk to me and stated he fixed my truck with a new computer and new pins because that was the issue with the computers. I stated with Rusty I was coming in for the new truck. Well the service manager along with the general manager stated no new truck your truck is fixed. Well that caused a big arguement with Rusty myself and the GM. After putting up with all that I told Rusty don’t worry about it. I told the GM he just lost 2 customers for life the car and the truck. The next day I traded it in for an 06 Chevy LT3 ext cab. Which was a nightmare in itself. Kept it only 18 months replaced headliner 11x. Both taillights fell off. Tailgate straps broke from corrosion. ABS twice. I was accused of pulling down headliner by the factory rep. When he finally did what I told him to do the headliner fell after the 4th time opening and closing the drivers door. The electronics acted up again on the Crown Vic and through enough arguing between the wife and me the wife won and traded the Vic in. I told you I liked the Vic. Wasn’t great on gas but great on comfort and driving. Since we wasn’t going back to Ford or Chevy we went to Toyota. We still do maintenance at the dealer and her 07 Prius Package 6 hasn’t had a single issue yet. I have 56,000+ miles on my 07 Crewmax Limited. We bought both of them the same day. I took a big loss on the truck. As much as I liked the truck and the creature comforts it had but all the issues wore me down. After losing in Arbitration I basically gave up. Now you know to me customer service is the deal. Toyota knows that I won’t tolerate 3 losses in a row. So far superb service. That’s why I’m completely satisfied and no worries. This is why I haven’t looked. No need to. peace of mind is priceless.

  50. realistic says:

    jason….it’s a real pleasure to talk to someone that dosnt just blurt out in frustration or emotion, buit instead has a more realistic grip on the situation…as you probobly realize, most in this nation dont. they dont have a clue what their saying and futher yet, they have no clue to how NOT helping to get the domestic manufactures out of this mess, will hurt ALL manufatures and ALL of us down the road.
    #1 vehicle, in unit totals, ran at manheim auto auction’s (ALL REGIONS) is the f150. plain and simple. almost 2-1 over the silverado and 4-1 over any brand passenger car. i guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one jason. i can pick up the phone and within 2-3 hours have you an f150 x-cab 4×4 on my lot for you too buy. i can get 3-4 wholesalers offering that unit! cant say that i can even find a tundra…dont understand how you dont see how that effescts resale, but i’ll move on…

    ford POTENTAILY MAY recieve a bennifit from it jason…but they have tried to barrow money. dont matter on the credit rating if your not using it. fords ALOT stronger than y’all give them credit for.

    i’ll even go a step futher and tell you right now, your gonna see the start of toyota getting takin down a few pegs. jdpower, consumer reports, all the consumer rating company’s ALREADY have toyota’s reliability coming in question. you gotta admit it jason. the bigger they get, the more prob’s they have (sound familiar?). they are starting to stack quarters of loss (7.7 BILLION this last quater…higher than gm!). cash wise…they are strong, but, honestly, in 1998 ford had enough cash reserves to buy out ALL of toyotas stock! not that it would of worked, but numbers wise, they had the CASH to do it! see how fast it can flip?

    your right…the advancements made are amazing! alot of times, it really comes down to brand loyalty. obviosly you have your people that has specific needs, but the average joe could buy a toyota, a ford or a chevy (NOT A RAM, LOL) and it’s all be the same. most lease and all these have a warrenty. and, i’ll admit…if it wasnt for my ultra-patriotic upbringing in this regard, i’d might not be as passionate about it.

    mickey…gotta admit…it pisses me off to no end, when a service dept. in a dealership does that to a customer. obviously you realize that, that’s not the factory and they (the factory) would never let that happen. and, in my dealership, i would of made sure your prob was taking care of!! as you can testify to, it only hurts the manufacture.
    now…i will say, i know toyota service dept’s dont glaze everyones doughnut….an asshole is an asshole and they can work at any dealer! honestly, the service manager from the ford/chevy store, could be the service manager at toyota tomarrow.

  51. Mickey says:

    I agree Realistic and more than likely the way I’m getting treated here at Toyota is that I bought 2 vehicles the same day. Like I said I really liked the Crown Vic but I needed a truck or I would have swapped from the wife and kept the car. Even with it’s issues I would have wanted it. Same would have went for the 06 Silverado but once you get that bad taste and kicked around you just can’t go on with it. That’s really good you can get an F-150 in no time. Toyota likes control and here in Jax, Florida they are at the port control and release when Toyota gives the permission. As far as resale value I have no clue except when the Crown Vic was traded in what hurt it was all those police cars put into the public killed the resale on it. Now when I first got it it was $28,000 but in less than 3 years it dropped below $18,000. On the fourth year it dropped to $12,000. They kept trying to compare it to the police cars when it was an LX Sport. It had all the options in it.

  52. Realistic – Thank you, and likewise. I agree that there are more F150’s running in the lanes than GM trucks, Camrys, and Accords, but I have to be honest I never even considered taking a Camry or an Accord to auction. Whenever we traded for one, we retailed it (even at the little Ford store I worked at). They were easy to sell, especially when you appraised them like a Ford! 🙂 My point is that more F150’s at the auction doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more on the market. But, as you say, we’ll have to agree to disagree. As for Toyota quality slipping, I hate to admit it but yes I think that’s a distinct possibility. The quality concerns with the new Tundra have been disappointing, and the response from Toyota has been unimpressive. I think that Toyota is suffering from some “bloat”, but my guess is that they’ll right the ship quickly enough. Still, it’s a distinct possibility that there quality will come down…it really doesn’t have any other direction it can go. As you say, they’re all pretty damn good. The average buyer really can’t go wrong, and that’s something we should all be happy about.

  53. realistic says:

    not exactly related, but if you have friends and fmily considering G.M. or Chrysler, give them the heads up. after reviewing the last 90days auction reports, chryslers (excluding jeep wrngler v-6’s) have takin a 30% dive at the auction!! i expect G.M will be in the same condition after the 1st of june (when they B/k). i dont wanna see any of my new freinds or there family get hurt…
    remember…buy ford! (or…if in a pinch…i guess a YODA will do ;- )

  54. Mickey says:

    Realistic thanks but I expected that on chrysler and GM. They will learn you can’t treat customers the way they have treated me.

  55. Realistic – Good advice for anyone who’s worried about trading their GM in the next year (or more). Ford is definitely a good choice (but we pick Toyota). 🙂

  56. sidewinder says:

    are all you toyota owners A HOLES OR WHAT!

  57. sidewinder says:


  58. Sidewinder – First comment, my personal answer is yes. As for your second comment, I highly doubt you were in any danger of buying anything, what with your credit and all…

  59. Mickey says:

    Now we know why you’re called sidewinder. Beat around the bush alot huh? When you buy that ford don’t look into the mirror please. I hate to be the one to tell you that you need to read all the comments before you speak. You are making yourself look (in which case I don’t mind) like an idiot babbling at the mouth. There was no cam issue. You act like Ford never had an issue. Glory be if you own a Ford (Rollover) SUV. Back in 65 that’s close to the imfamous Pinto. As for the A hole well I was born and raise as I so it really doesn’t matter to much other than I can stoop to your level and say “Takes one to know one”. Other than that we know what your problem is and you know it too. By the way Ford knows it also that’s why they circled it.

  60. Nate says:

    Interesting review. I work at a construction site where you only find Fords and Dodges. The contractor won’t even touch the rest (GM, Nissan or Toyota). The Dodge’s that are used are only Cummin’s diesel 3500 and 4500’s. Admittedly, most of the Fords are not F-150’s, but diesel Powerstroke F-250’s-F-550’s. However, there are F-150’s out there.

    Ford builds an excellent work truck, designed for handling a great deal of abuse. It is not geared towards simple street driving, so I understand many peoples desire after driving something quicker on the road like a Tundra with a beefed up engine that accelerates well. Out where I work, you can’t drive faster then 20 without ripping your truck up, regardless of what maker it is. The terrain is incredibly rough, sharp rocks and so on. Our biggest obstacle is often loss of tires due to punctures. A great suspension is vital as is a durable frame and so is a well built transmission. Ford does have all these, but only because Ford has been building on a very long lineage of experience with trucks.

    To me your truck choice should depend on what you plan on doing with it. If you are just using it as a daily driver to and from work and every once in a while to haul your boat to the lake, then the Tundra is probably geared more for you. However, if you are out on a construction site like me with some very rough terrain in South Texas, then probably a Ford F-150 or larger is better for you. Ford just builds an overall great package. I can tell you this, I never have any instance that I want to gun the engine and accelerate with a trailer or load behind me. But like I said, I work on a construction site, and I just don’t have the need to floor it with a light-plant or generator behind me on rough terrain.

    Just my opinion based on my experience in the field.

  61. Nate – I really like your comment about people buying the truck that works best for them. Everyone’s truck needs are different, and it’s tough to say that one truck is better than another without considering how they will be used. However, I don’t agree that the Fords are tougher than the Tundra. I think that a new Tundra would perform just fine in your situation. Still, I respect your experience and your opinion. Thanks for commenting.

  62. Fiore Bendotti says:

    Hi Guys,

    Just a follow up post from the prior post back on 5/3.
    I am now going on 2 months with my 08 Tundra Crew Max. This is the first truck that I have ever owned that hasn’t lost it’s lustre within the first month. I just love driving it!!!!! I do not miss my 06, F-150 Lariat at all.

    I do appreciate Nate’s point on buying the truck to suit your needs. As far as 1/2 tons go, the Tundra is my choice. No, I do not work on a construction site, but I do haul an 8,000 lb. trailer and travel with 4 other passengers in my truck. My Tundra Crew Max doesn’t even hesitate at the task. It’s nice to know when merging into traffic you don’t need a 1/2 mile head start so you can do it safely. My truck pulls and accelerates like a beast. My 06 F-150 5.4 Triton didn’t even compare. The stopping power of the Tundra is also fantastic!!

    One last comment: Not that I really care what others think. I have gotten so many compliments from others tah were driving different vehicles. Some of them where Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, Silverado, Chevy Avalanche, GMC Yukon, and Cadillac Escalade owners. I really don’t expect compliments coming from F-350 owners or Dodge Cummings 3500 owners. I was amazed at how many compliments I have gotten thus far.

    So far, Sooooooooo GOOOOOOOD :}

  63. rusty nail says:

    f150 are a piece of crap their parts are made in mexico and canada

  64. Anonymous says:

    Guess what two companies were rated number 1 in customer satisfaction for 2009and the highest in initial quality?It was Ford and VW ,now let that be a lesson to the other 38 manufacturers! Customers love the F150,no company can beat their sales numbers and quality.There are more F150s on the highway with over 250000 miles than any of the other competitors.Tundra and Nissan have tried to copy F150 and Silverado but they are just imitators!

  65. Anonymous says:

    Look at the sales numbers for June 2009 .Ford sold 155,195 vehicles, down 8 per cent from last years sales.Toyota sold 131,654 vehicles,down 33 per cent from last year.A lot of people slam Ford but they are a sales leader and they have supported the US economy since 1903!

  66. Anonymous says:

    There was a recent TV special comparing pickup trucks and Ford had the best truck bed stability rating, after going down an extremely rough road,the truck bed held stable.All other competitors truck bed shook like jello,way to go Ford show those imports and all others a thing or two!

  67. Anonymous says:

    The 2009 Cadillac CTS has the highest projected resale value of any vehicle according to Kelly bluebook,replacing Camry and Accord!Ford,and Chevy have had their turn at best selling vehicles at different times and they competed against two thousand auto companies between 1903 and 1920.Titan and Tundra get to compete here but in their home country of Japan,American and European companies are locked out or compete very little?

  68. Anonymous – The F150 is a great truck – our review said as much.

  69. Mickey says:

    Projected resale????? It hasn’t happened yet and you claiming a winner? Nice stats Anonymous but be bright and leave a name. If you remember correctly your own Ford commercial states that your quality is up to Toyota’s not surpass it. Good try. As far as that bed bounce that is customer specific meaning it was set up for Ford not to shake at a slower speed than the rest. If your Ford so good why you copied Toyota’s tranny? Couldn’t come up with your own eh? Glad you could support something there I thought for awhile there we would have to carry you big 3. Since you’re into GM how you like being govt. own? Can’t do it on your own with out Uncle Sam helping out. That’s really supporting our economy.

  70. Mickey says:

    Also Anonymous have you looked at the article 25 vehicles with less USA content than the Tundra? Oh yeah the F-150 is less than the Tundra…. Really again supporting the economy. How does the leather taste?

  71. Anonymous says:

    Please refer to Consumer Reports,Ford has a higher quality ratings than Honda and Toyota.Ford is an American based company.Tundra takes corporate orders from Tokyo.Ford also has more American workers and has poured more finances into the US economy since 1903.Tundra sends profits to a foreign economy,Ford does not.You may support Tundra, but you are mostly supporting a foreign country because the major components come from Japan and banks, government, and investors in that country receive the profits,oouch!

  72. Mickey says:

    Anonymous apparently you read what you think so you put it out. Your own Ford commercial states it has risen it’s quality up to Honda and Toyota not surpass it. Read a mag all you want. Your commercial puts that out. So what you’re telling me the commercial isn’t factful. So when do I trust a Ford commercial? When it works your way eh, anonymous? I wish you would do your research about your economics my friend. Your past is what it is, the past. Now you farm out your parts like GM. Now whose economy are you paying when you have parts from Mexico and Canada? Sub assembled? Tells me you farmed out your parts and partial building of your beloved vehicle to who? Not Americans my friend. You use to do that but to stay competitive you had to find a place where the parts are made cheaper than the good ole US union worker. Try again if you must. Just like you love your beloved Ford truck the same here. The problem here is you never tried a Tundra where I had an F-150 which I never will go back to them or GM. You still never answered the Tranny question? So why is this that Ford has a quality problem they have to prove to everyone that they shown improvement? Answer is that they been building trucks for 100 years and said to the american public you will take what we give you. Then the Tundra comes out in 7 years time and has a better quality truck. Wow what a thing 100 to 7. I understand your frustration in your company. When was the last time Ford was on top on all vehicle sales? Been a long time I know.

  73. CKELLYB says:

    I will tell each of you that I have always been a Toyota fan. My Dad bought and 81 Toyota Celica Supra. Great car! Then an 84 Cressida. Great car! My dad also used several Toyota trucks back in the 80’s for driving between cities where his demolition sites were at. I honestly thought that the Toyota truck would blow all of the other trucks away. I was truelly NOT IMPRESSED with the new Tundra.
    I have a 2001 F-150 FX4 SuperCrew that has 135,000 miles on it. pulling a trailer I still get 18 mpg and I have taken it off-road without any issues. I have put this truck through it’s paces and it has only had 1 problem (leak in the brake line) that I have had to have fixed. The 09 F-150 is such an improved product from mine that I can’t imagine how solid of a truck it truelly is. I have read MANY articles about each of the trucks before driving them. Each of them have put a little different SPIN on the articles. I think that this article was jaded from the start. of course it is going to be biased for the Tundra. It is a Trundra site. Of course it is going to lean towards the truck it is representing. We have to be realistic. Given that, I was impressed with the fact that on several points you had to admit that the Ford was superior. 5 years ago I wouldn’t even have contemplated buying a Ford car. Times have changed. I have driven a lot of cars in the past couple of years b/c how much I travel and to be honest the Fords have been the best. I do however have to say that the Camry is an AWESOME car; well put together, drives smoothly and I like that good solid thunk when you close the door.
    Sorry for rambling; back to the point: For me though the Tundra I drove didn’t feel as solid as the F-150. When it came down to it I personally prefered the F-150. The bottom line is, that no matter what 1/2 ton truck you buy (under normal use) you will have a very capable, dependable truck.

  74. CKELLYB – There’s nothing wrong with the F150 – it’s a helluva truck. The deal for us is that the Tundra has more power, better brakes, and we really don’t care about some of the F150’s gee-whiz features like a tailgate step or RFID toolbox. Those are cool features, but most people don’t need them. SO, it’s a tough call. I like the feel of the 09′ F150 too and I can definitely understand buying one. I hope you’ll keep visiting our blog – even if we’re biased to the Tundra, we’re always reviewing cool stuff that all truck owners can appreciate.

  75. Mickey says:

    Sorry Jason when someone writes that they have always been a Toyota fan but never owned one, and owned an F-150 from the get go I’m not impressed with anything they have to say. Their personal report will be Bias on what they own. I owned an 03 F-150 and a 1998/2006 Silverado. As far as problem free only the 98 was in that category. I would dtill have it but lost it in a rear end collision which pushed me into a city bus. Customer service was pretty bad by both domestic brands which in turned pushe me into a different manufacturer.

  76. CKELLYB says:

    Mickey, I never said I’ve never owned a Toyota..Did I. I have personally owned several Toyotas. I had an 85 SR-5 Extracab 4X4. I loved it. I have also owned several camry’s. I was setting a precedence with my history of Toyotas. I just wanted to point out that my faily owned Toyotas when most people wouldn’t. I just wanted to give an unbiased report from someone who does like Toyota as a manufacturer. I really did like the Toyota Tundra. It was a very close race between the Tundra and the F-150 for me. Also, I had a 1995 Chevy 1500, never had a problem but never really liked it either. Just because a vehicle is problem free, doesn’t necesarilly mean you will like it. I also had a 97 F150, which had more problems than the Chevy, but I just liked the truck better. So Mickey, maybe you should know more details before you comment. I thought we all learned something last week (Obama stupid Comment) about knowing the facts before you make a disparaging comment.

    Jason, don’t worry, I will be back. BTW I am in the market for a large SUV. My wife currently has a 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Limited. Maybe there will be a Sequoia in the driveway soon.

  77. Mickey says:

    CKELLYB from what you wrote you lead it tobe that you never owned one just your family, and you was just a fan of Toyota. Most people would write what they owned……. Then you can tell what story they are telling…… Since you conviently left that fact out that you owned a Toyota but put in that you owned a Ford you got the results you have. So as far as making a comment not knowing all the facts then the person who is writing the story apparently left out the facts for a reason… You got the response for what was written…. So your Obama comment only goes so far. So as far as I’m concerned you never owned one…..

  78. Erik says:

    Well I am likely to come up as anonymous even though I posted my name as its required. Anyway I think it was a good attempt to not be biased when comparing the trucks, but as expected since it is a tundra site and the article is by a tundra owner, its very biased. At least a good effort was made to prevent that and I am sure the admin thinks they did a very unbiased report. That’s like having a parent compare their kid to their neighbors and thinking its going to be unbiased. Of course its going to be biased. I currently drive a accord, I have had Fords, Toyotas, Acuras, one Honda, one Chevy, and one Dodge. The Crown Vic was an amazing vehicle no it wasn’t super fast, or fuel efficient but it was comfortable, extremely reliable, and fit my family well, My first Toyota was awesome 282,000 miles and was a work horse, my second toyota was a POS V6 camry that blew the engine twice throwing a rod through the engine both times, the Acuras were good but definately over rated, I love my Accord, the Chevy was a POS and there isn’t enough time in the day to explain why, the other Fords I had were good including an old and tired 77 F150 with a straight 6 that truck never had a problem just old and tired. I was actually on this site and several others to gain some info on trucks as a good friend of mine is interested in a Tundra. I figured I could get some good info here and I did and I had to weed out the biased BS which was obvious. So I don’t know which truck he will choose, its not my money, but I am going to be honest and unbiased because I don’t have one and its not my money. On a side note years ago I had a Neon, what a POS, but at the time I thought it was a great car and did all kinds of what I thought were unbiased comparisons, looking back they were biased. So admin give yourself 20 years and look back and then tell yourself if it was truly unbiased. I can only imagine what will be written in response to my post, probably call me a troll, or a Ford person who’s scared of the competition, seams to be the typical responses. Odd how I don’t see to many accusations of Chevy or Dodge trolls. Perhaps I didn’t look enough.

  79. Erik – I don’t think you’re trolling, but I don’t think you can cry ‘bias’ without giving an example of HOW we’re biased. It’s called a ‘circular argument’ – our article is biased because we like the Tundra, yet you offer no proof of our bias other than the fact we like the Tundra. Your advice to me was to wait 20 years and re-read it – fair enough. My advice to you is to read the rest of the comparison. We have a lot of nice things to say about the F150 – are those biased thoughts as well?

  80. Mickey says:

    Ditto… Jason completely agree.

  81. rusty nail says:

    does any body know what part of MEXICO their building FORDS engines in?

  82. rusty nail says:

    that must make you ford guys raelly proud knowing ford out sourced so many americian jobs to mexico

  83. Brian says:

    Chihuahua Engine is where most Mexican built Ford engines are produced, and is also where the new 6.7L Powerstroke will be produced.

  84. Brian and Rusty Nail – Good find. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to build engines in Mexico, but it definitely pokes a hole in the “buy American” argument supporting Ford.

  85. tjk says:

    Read all of Tundra vs F150, articles and comments. One question. If the Tundra is such a better truck, the new prices comparable and the resale so horrible on the F150, why does the F150 continue to outsell the Tundra?? The profe is in the puddin’.

  86. tjk says:

    my bad. Looking at Canadian sales figures. EH

  87. tjk – I think sales figures are a poor indicator of quality, value, and desire-ability. Take the Toyota Camry – top seller in it’s class, but that doesn’t mean it’s significantly better than the Accord, Ford Fusion, or Chevy Malibu. I think a big part of the reason the Camry sells so well (and the F150) is because they have such a long history.
    There’s another reason I don’t put too much stock in sales figures – if we look at units sold to determine relative value, any Porsche, Lambo, Ferrari or Bentley wouldn’t be as good as a Kia Soul. Sales figures are only good for determining one thing – sales.

  88. Dave Michaels says:

    I drove the Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, and Nissan. The American trucks were quiet inside the cab while Nissan and Toyota had a lot more road noise.
    I thought the Dodge had the best ride of all.

  89. Mickey says:

    You are probablt right about the Dodge. As for the rest it becomes opinionated.

  90. Dave – Interesting. I’m almost certain the interior noise levels are similar when they’ve been measured by the testing companies – but that’s not to say that your observation is wrong or something. I agree that the Tundra has some road noise, but it’s pretty darn quiet overall. It’s also important to check tire tread when assessing road noise – more aggressive tread is louder. That could explain the difference.

  91. Tera says:

    Tundra is like a rocket compared to the F-150. Did the accelerator stick on the Tundra again? Who wrote this article? Are they competent enough to drive, what are their credentials? Asking due to the fact that I have seen and drove both as rental vehicles so I put them through the pace! I don’t see the 5.7l all that different, the Titan and New Ram seem more powerful to be honest and they handle better off road!

  92. Tera – Did you seriously just ask if the reviewers (including myself) are competent enough to drive? What kind of an idiot are you?

  93. Mickey says:

    Jason I can’t stop laughing at Tera’s remarks.

  94. Brad says:

    I agree with Tera, I don’t feel the difference. A lot of Tundra owners don’t seem very happy, a lot of talk about going back to domestic. Ford isn’t hurting, what was their 4th quarter profit and year profit? Plus they already fixed their piston issue and the oil is not contaminated. Just like every other attempt of anyone to make a full size truck, the truth is coming out in the wash. But hands down they have tried it three times, but the Ford wins. How’s that work, oh yhea it goes to the older design!

  95. Jason says:

    Brad – You don’t feel a difference between driving a 5.4L Ford and a 5.7L Tundra? You need to see a doctor. The difference is PROFOUND sir, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Any auto review you find will tell you the Tundra is fast. As for your other comments, I agree the F150 is a hell of a truck. You’ll never hear me disagree with that.

  96. Jordan says:

    Just traded my 08 Tundra for an 09 F150. I couldn’t get over my Tundra never getting better than 12 avg mpg and I was frequently at the dealer with drivetrain issues, mainly engine problems. I do feel like the 5.7 was faster, but the 5.4 is never short on torque, which is what I want in a truck. The F150 never sees anything over 3500rpms under normal driving where I was constantly over 4500rpms with the Tundra. The 5.4 is much more of a truck engine IMHO, all the power down low where it is supposed to be. In 8500 miles of mixed driving, my FX4 is averaging 16.1 mpg, needless to say, I am VERY happy with the fuel savings. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved my Tundra, and would not have any issues buying one again in the future, but Toyota needs to bring a new frame into the mix and bring the interior into the 2000’s.

  97. Mickey says:

    New frame on an 08?

  98. Anonymous says:

    New frame, in 08? What?

  99. Jordan says:

    If you are referring to my comment, what I meant was that Toyota needs to design a new frame to be competitive with what the other truck manufacturers have out there. The frame on the Tundra is not on par with its domestic counterparts. Those videos out there of Tundras on the testing grounds are proof enough. The truck looks like a gummy worm with all the frame flex and sheet metal rippling. I bought into the hype thinking Toyota took the best of the domestics but with reliability and resale value. In 3 months of shopping, not one dealer would come even close to giving me what KBB said was the trade-in value of my truck. I ended up eating about 4K, so the truck didn’t hold its value like I was led to believe it would. My truck was also in for repairs 6 times in 11 months. Each visit they kept the truck for over a week. I understand that it is hard to make ground in such a competitive market and I believe that in the next 5 years or so that Toyota will have had enough time to design a truly competitive truck. Hell, you can’t argue with the numbers:
    No. 1: Ford F-Series
    413,625 -19.8% YTD
    December 2009: 48,209
    December 2008: 41,580

    No. 6: Toyota Tundra
    79,385 -42.2% YTD
    December 2009: 8,870
    December 2008: 9,191

  100. Jason says:

    Jordan – Sorry to hear you didn’t like your 08′ – congrats on the F150. That’s a great truck too.

  101. Hunter says:

    Hey guys, stumbled on this post. I’m not surprised that the article is a bit biased. It is a Tundra site. I have to agree with nate, the f-150 is a tougher truck, and I have proof. I live down 3 miles of unmaintained dirt roads and my neighbor bought an 08 tundra crewmax 4×4. The bed mounts already have cracks in the sheet metal, I’m guessing from the weak frame? My other neighbor behind me has an 05 F-150, not a thing has gone wrong.

  102. Mickey says:

    You never drove a Tundra or owned one. Much less a F-150. Your friends have these. You may own a car period. Also you’re guessing at a problem. Leave your troll works at home. 3 miles down a dirt road. My suggestions get a horse.

  103. Hunter says:

    Dude, you need to get out of your arrogant little world and open your eyes, and don’t put words in my mouth. BTW, I owned a 98 f-150 and currently own a 4×4 F-250, both of which are/were lightyears ahead of tundra in durability and quality, AND THAT’S A FACT.

  104. Hunter says:

    When you’re getting bed cracks on a truck thats less than two years old, and thats NOT ABUSED, IDGAF what road you live on, thats BS. Shows what “quality” Toyota builds into its “trucks”.

  105. Jason says:

    Hunter – So, based on three Fords and one Tundra, you’ve determined that Ford is ‘lightyears’ ahead of Toyota in durability and quality. Strange thing is, most of the recognized authorities on durability and quality don’t agree with your assessment. The last JD Power initial quality study, or example, ranked Toyota and Ford together at #1. This was Ford’s first year at #1, by the way.
    Follow-up: Can you send me pics of the cracked bed mounts? I think that would be a great story. admin@tundraheadquarters.com

  106. Hunter says:

    Quite frankly, I couldn’t give a **** what some pencil pushing review site says about vehicles. It all comes down to real world use, not something that’s put on by a company or what some review site thinks. There’s a reason why Fords have been the #1 selling truck for, what, 32, 33 years now? They’re cheap, tough, and reliable and thats what the normal truck driver wants. Knowledgeable truck buyers don’t want trucks that have the tailgate split at the seems when you load an atv, they don’t want trucks with frames that flex so severly that it cracks the bed mounts, or a truck that self accelerates.

    You see, the F-150 has never had any problems like this, and at least when certain ford trucks had problems, the company didn’t try to cover them up at the expense of peoples lives, Ford was right there to fix them.

  107. Hunter says:

    However, older toyota trucks like the T-100 were great. A little underpowered but great. I’m talking about today’s trash from Toyota.

  108. Jason says:

    Hunter – You say that you don’t care what some ‘pencil pushing’ review site says…I think a lot of people would say that about a guy that lives at the end of a dirt road in the middle of nowhere.
    As for your assertion that the F150 has never had any problems like this…people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. You would be wise to look up Ford cruise control fires, Ford ejecting spark plugs, F150 window regulators, and F150 airbags before saying something so blatantly incorrect.
    The point is, of course, that ALL vehicles have problems. Your assertion that Ford trucks are substantially better than Toyota trucks is wrong. At best, Ford’s are better for certain tasks, while Toyota’s are better for others. Can’t we all just get along? 🙂

  109. Hunter says:

    Obviously, if the majority of people listened to jd power or edmunds or consumer digest, more Tundras,or rams would be selling now, but they aren’t. The fact is, people talk, and they keep buying fords for a reason.

    Its kinda lame how you have to go back 15 years to get a semi imporant recall on Ford. I’m talking about what has happened in the last 6 months.
    Even so, would you rather have a spark plug fail or self accelerate to 100 mph uncontrolably. Pretend its your wife driving.

  110. MJB says:

    So it was Ford’s 1st year as #1. Toyota also has set some new standards. Wasn’t it a record for suspending the sale of that many vehicles. Now they have made it on the do not buy list, how many Ford’s are on there? Its a fact the quality of Toyota has slipped, said fact is that it more than likely get worse before it gets better. I can not think of any model year of Ford trucks that need extensive maintenance as the Tundra does within hours of purchase for the VVTI spring.

  111. Jason says:

    Hunter – First of all, none of the Ford issues I mentioned are that old. The ejecting sparkplugs are the oldest issue – I think Ford cleared that up by 2001 or 2002. The cruise control recall was the largest on record before Toyota’s mess, window regulators are a common problem on 04+ F150’s, and spontaneously exploding airbags are under NHTSA investigation right now.
    Again, the point I’m trying to make is that all trucks have quality issues. Your point about the uncontrolled acceleration is out of context I think – if you look at the record, a lot of the people who have filed complaints have very suspect stories, and no one has managed to find a problem with Toyota’s throttle systems beyond the recall. I’m not saying that Toyotas are perfect of course, but they’re not nearly as bad as Ford, GM, or Ram loyalists would have you believe.
    As for sales, I think Ford is the best because they have a great product, they have a long history of having a great product, the trucks are almost always high quality, and they have a very strong presence in both fleet sales and rural markets. Ford’s fleet truck business is second to no one, and it’s hard to go anywhere in the USA without finding a Ford dealer. While rural and fleet buyers aren’t a huge percentage by themselves, they add up to a nice sales advantage over GM.
    One other point and then I’ll shut up. For all that’s been said about the Tundra, consider this: The Nissan Titan is a slow seller. The Honda Ridgeline is a slow seller. The Dodge Ram is slowing down…and the Tundra is bouncing back. It might not be number one in your eyes, but there’s no denying people find the truck desirable, and there’s no arguing that Toyota has done a better job than the other Japanese companies that have tried. I think the Tundra deserves a little more respect – don’t you?

  112. Hunter says:

    No offense, but you’d have to be insane to respect a car company that hides recalls at other peoples expense, especially when people have gotten into serious accidents or have been killed. Try this, type “Toyota Denies” into google. Compare that to “Ford Denies”. You see, Toyota would do anything to keep its so called “quality” reputation, even at the expense of peoples lives. If it wasn’t mandated and investigated by the gov. , it’d probably still be covered up right now. Maybe not back then, but now Ford is making strides to excel quality and has surpassed Toyota. Now do you see why I don’t like toyota, or its “trucks”? I use to, but not now.

  113. MJB says:

    Its true, google it yourself. So is the way Toyota proceeded to handle the situation a reflection of how much they respect their customers? I don’t know why so many defend Toyota when they didn’t care another the family in the vehicle!

  114. Mickey says:

    Hunter don’t be so naive. First you mention you don’t trust any mag’s results and now we must trust google too. Nothing like having your cake and eating it too. Google is far from any reliable source and it can be manipulated for results as much.

  115. Mickey says:

    Jason he won’t send the pics. He get’s pissed off that you proved to him where the Tundra stands right next to his F-150. Hunter you don’t want me to tell you about an 03 F-150. Read the blog and you will know. Ford vehicles I owned had the most recalls and TSB’s. Hunter be my guest and look it up 97 Thunderbird, 03 Crown Victoria, and the 03 F-150. Now that’s quality. Jason didn’t mention your airbag issue you have now. Now you want to prove something that Ford is so great. What does it state for the owners of F-150’s that Ford had to re-issue a recall several years later.

  116. Hunter says:

    Mickey, there you go again putting words in my mouth, where did I say that a own a F-150?, I upgraded to a F250 after I sold my 98 F-150 after 268,000 hard miles, never had a problem. And yeah, i’ll trust google when there’s 30+ pages of the same two meshed words “toyota denies”, and from a multitude of different sources. And it seems you prove you have little man syndrome, “He(I) get’s pissed off that you proved to him where the Tundra stands right next to his F-150.” Oh please, even if I drove a ranger, I could care less. You just don’t get it that this isn’t about your penis truck, its about what toyota does to its customers to have this percieved vision of “quality”. And yes, that pisses me off.

  117. Jason says:

    Hunter and MJB – I’ve been vocal in my criticism of Toyota for putting dollars ahead of safety, but I think you guys have been misinformed. NHTSA suspects that 35-52 unintended acceleration events COULD – emphasis on *could* – be tied to Toyota safety problems. HOWEVER, after nearly 10 years of this so-called “problem” occuring, there isn’t one death that can be tied to a Toyota safety failure.
    Toyota has been tried and convicted in the mass media, but if you read up on it, you’ll find out that there are more questions than answers. If you look at the data, you’ll see that Toyota really isn’t any better or worse (in terms of safety) than anyone else.
    By the way, while Toyota’s decision to place dollars ahead of safety is deplorable, let’s not kid ourselves: this is something every auto manufacturer has done at one point or another. Ford’s Firestone tire situation is a great example – they hesitated to act, waited to replace tires, and a few people probably had accidents they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Truth be told, that fiasco was incredibly overblown…but so it the Toyota unintended acceleration issue. Do you see the parallels?

  118. Anonymous says:

    Are you ware that JD Power said that the mechanical quailty of the F-150 is better than the Tundra. Consumers Guide gave the Tundra 55 points and recommended it while giveing the F-150 62 points with the best buy ranking. There is two quilified unbiased company’s veiws.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Oh don’t forget F-150 was a best bet with cars.com. Tundra was with the rest of the pack.

  120. Jason says:

    Anonymous – Not aware that JD power rated mechanical quality – do you have a link?

  121. Jay says:

    A terribly biased fanboi comparo…

  122. Mickey says:

    Jay no difference than when you watch a Ford commercial in how they are switching people over from what they have. Terribly bias there…..

  123. Jason says:

    Jay – Obviously. That must be why we said we liked the F150 so much.

  124. John says:

    Hey we have this ford F550. It just have 3000 Miles and the engine seized. Needs replacement. How is that for a ford? The main problem was the oil cooler, water pump assembly and overheating engine.

  125. Jason says:

    John – Bummer – sorry to hear that. Did you think you just got a bad one or do you think Ford’s new diesel has some problems?

  126. anonymous barb says:

    Why does Toyota copy all Fords body styles. You have’t been in business long to handle Ford. Ford put us in the automobile and we Americans should honor them by driving one. Go USA. We haven’t forgotten Pearl Harbor and never will.

    • Jason says:

      LOL – Good work Barb. Bringing up Pearl Harbor right after criticizing the body style – master stroke!

      Seriously – do you really see the world through the lens of 1941? If you’re still dwelling on the injustices of 70 years ago, are you also angry with Republicans for trying to block FDR’s new deal? How do you find vacumn tubes that are compatible with your computer? Are you still upset with the modern-day French for invading modern-day England in 1066?


  127. Ryan says:

    This made my day!!! Great comments Jason. Bias or not I owned an 03 F-150 and it got me 140k km with lots of little problems and a blown head gasket at the end. I now have 20k km on my 4 month old 2010 Platinum Tundra and haven’t had one issue (I pull a 6000lbs TT that my F-150 struggled with in the mountains). I am still wondering why all these Ford guys are on a Toyota site………..Just buy one and you will be happier, I am! lol

  128. Jason says:

    Ryan – Thanks. I think that Ford trucks are excellent – I’ve owned one myself and never had a problem. I’ve also owned a Dodge truck and a Chevy too…and I was happy enough with both. I have no issue with people who don’t like the Tundra – I like it a lot, and I think it’s a damn good truck, but it’s not for everyone every time.

    My only problem is with irrational and illogical assessments. If someone doesn’t like the Tundra because it’s Japanese…well, I think you know how I feel.

  129. ShineRunner says:

    I am in need of a rear bumper for a 2008 SR5 Tundra. Anyone got a takeoff for sale?

  130. Jason says:

    ShineRunner – eBay?

  131. Kellu says:

    I would just like to state that me and my best friend just went to the beach, pulling a 8,000 pound travel trailer with his new toyota tundra. first of all the suspension was terrible, the mountainous road over to the coast made the drive pretty scary on some of the more narrow roads. Also while hitting some of the bumps going downhill the suspension was not the only part of the truck struggling to cope. even with only 8,000 pounds the frame was bending so bad that at points it seemed as if the bed would touch the body (which i have seen before in tundras) I am not quite sure how toyota claims the truck can pull 10,000 pounds with a frame so underqualified. I also noticed the engine struggling a little more than I’m used to while towing while going up a steep hill, maybe its a lack of torque? not sure what the specs are on the truck. It seemed like an unfortunate purchase to me, and i was thankful to get back home to my wonderful F250. Which has no problems whatsoever with my 12,000 pound trailer :3

  132. Kellu says:

    Oh and i also forgot to mention, my F250 is also older and 12,000lbs is its max weight if i remember correctly… save your money and buy a used f250, will last you much longer, and pull much more weight, anything the tundra would struggle with, you wouldn’t even notice behind you. Its got plenty of power even when pushed to the brink of being overloaded and is not showing any signs of quitting, and its even at 150,000 miles, 50,000 of which were put on under the current level of abuse. You will get much better fuel economy while loaded, and have thousands of dollars in spare cash. why spring for a tundra, especially if you’re using it for only towing, you will meet the same demise in any truck if you crash with 10,000 pounds behind you.

  133. Ryan says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t a Tacoma??? I pull my 6000lb trailer filled with water and the back of the truck is full including my generator and I can pull through the mountains like nothing. If your F-250 is a diesel then of course it will feel a little different. apples to oranges

  134. ShineRunner says:

    Jason thanks, I did find a pulloff for about half price of new. On the issue of the Toyota vs F-150 I have and ’08 Crewmax 5.7 and I have a friend that has a friend that has a ’07 F-150 with 5.4. He drove the Tundra and agrees even though heavier it is quicker. To me the Tundra is much more comfortable seating making the ride much better on long trips. I pulled a 33′ camper 300 miles in and almost whiteout, strong winds and the Tundra handled it well. I am thinking about putting load levelers on the Tundra because the camper has a front kitchen making it very front heavy. A friend hooked his Chevy PU to it and decided he didn’t want any more of that. The only thing I wished that I had done when I bought my Tundra was to have gotten the Limited.

  135. Jason says:

    Kellu – I won’t argue that an F250 diesel is a better tower than a Toyota Tundra. However, I’m wondering what model year Tundra you were towing with. An 00-06′ would have struggled with that load, but an 07+? This would be the first time someone told me it couldn’t manage 8k.

    ShineRunner – Great to hear! Take-offs are a great deal. I’m with you on the Tundra’s pulling power too – it’s a big-time tower for a half ton, especially with the 5.7L.

  136. josie says:

    Well move over Guys, I drive a 2007 Tundra Crew Max, I haul a 30 foot travel trailer,,, I love my Tundra I just fly up, and Down hill,, I used to have a 05 Limited Tundra, when the new model,came out, with more power I had to have one.. I also have a 18 foot travel trailer.. feels like I’m not hauling a thing.. Love my Tundra,, NEVER have I had anything other than a Toyota… Besides, the Toyota’s will out live any other make of Vehicle.

  137. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe the comparison between Toyota tundra crew max with anything they are simple the BEST…so face it, also For information I myself towed a 10,500 lbs Salem 38ft from Florida to NS with no problem’s and lots of power to spare, I put my Crew MAX to Max.

  138. Chase Howard says:

    I am a fan of both of these trucks, but I have always been a big fan of Chevy trucks because of their reliability and dependability. I have been looking at some Rocky Ridge Chevy Trucks for sale because I believe that they are some of the best trucks on the market right now. I think the fact that they have the four wheel drive, are very safe to drive, and that you can see above anyone else driving on the road, are just some of the advantages of it in my opinion.

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