Tundra Goes Ice Fishing In Russia, Gets Ready For Baja

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Here are a couple of international flavor Tundra videos for you: the first shows a Tundra doing an absurdly deep (and ice covered) mud bog run, the second shows a glimpse of the official Tundra Baja race truck.

Tundra running thru deep water in Russia

In Russia, muddin’ is never warm.

How You Say “Ice-Covered Mud Hole”?

YouTube Preview Image

You know the video is from Russia because:

  1. It looks gloomy
  2. It looks cold as hell
  3. The people seem to be speaking Russian

According to the video’s description on YouTube, this is a Devolro 2013 Tundra. Considering that a) the Tundra isn’t offered in Russia (at least it’s not listed on Toyota.ru) and b) the driver speaks what seems to be fluent Russia, it seems unlikely that this is the same truck we see here:


World-famous DEVOLRO Tundra

Which is known far and wide (at least with Tundra enthusiasts). However, it’s a cool approximation, especially when you consider that it’s driving in a country where you can’t just go buy a Tundra from your local Toyota dealer.

The Tundra’s Baja Dreams

Ivan Stewart is an off-road racing icon. The man is a legend, and (in my mind, at least) Stewart is synonymous with Toyota’s off-road ability and toughness.

Yet for reasons that aren’t clear to me, Toyota never did much to “tap in” to their affiliation with Stewart when promoting the Tundra, nor into Baja racing. There was an Ivan Stewart edition Tundra once upon a time, but to my knowledge the Tundra hasn’t been a featured Baja 1000 race truck.

This week, Toyota is officially going to run the Baja 1000, and they’re going to do it in a factory-prepped Tundra that retains quite a few stock components.

YouTube Preview Image

This video is just a tease, but it shows that Toyota is actually putting resources towards off-road racing, and I think that’s fantastic. Toyota’s truck brand should be about world-class durability and ruggedness, and there’s nothing like off-road racing to demonstrate both characteristics. Svenska casinon på nätet https://videospelautomater.com/svenska-casinon/

What’s more, you don’t have to “win” the Baja 1000 to garner respect. You just have to finish. Here’s to hoping the Toyota team completes the run when the race kicks off later this week.

Just For Fun

This clever little video has nothing to do with the Tundra, but it’s a Toyota ad about Lane Departure that might make you giggle.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. stevj says:

    ” it seems unlikely that this is the same truck we see here:”

    Because the Tundra in the video is a Crewmax, and the DEVOLRO pictured is a Doublecab.


  2. toyrulz says:

    This popped under video one..

    Love it! If it were CrewMax my credit card would have a hole in it.


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