Building a Rock Star Tundra – Finishing Touches

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After spending months searching for the perfect 2010 Tundra, installing a comprehensive suite of performance modifications, and then adding a top-notch stereo and chrome, it’s time to wrap this build-out up with a bed liner, BedRug, and a better-than-average SnugTop topper.

2010 Tundra SnugTop Topper

The (almost) final product

Bed Liner or Bed Rug – Or Both?

I’m sure some people will wonder why Chris opted for both a bed liner and a bedrug, but I have a pretty good idea: bedrugs don’t scratch or mar precious cargo the way that a tough spray-in liner can…which means they’re more comfortable for man’s best friend, less likely to damage your great Aunt’s china, and they really muffle the sound of a dead body rolling around in the back (OK, I made that last one up). The point is, why not? I don’t want to hear any bellyaching.

Tundra with BedRug

Note the way the tie-downs surrounded by the bedrug.

Under that nicely installed BedRug (learn more about buying the bedrug) you’ll find a nicely installed ProCote spray-in bed liner.

Stock Toyota Tundra truck bed

The truck bed before the ProCote liner was installed

ProCote bed liner Toyota Tundra

After the ProCote liner was installed

We found some good reviews of the ProCote folks (located in Colorado Springs, Colorado), but we couldn’t find any info about the material they used…so we gave them a call. Here’s what we learned about them:

  • ProCote is an independent company that sources their material from SWD Urethane, a well-known international urethane manufacturer
  • Despite being an independent installer in Colorado Springs, ProCote offers a nationwide lifetime warranty on both materials AND workmanship through other SWD affiliates
  • ProCote prides itself on being a quality installer. A father-son team, ProCote is highly focused on prepping things right the first time. Jay – the owner – says that he’s simply too busy to do anything twice. It’s easier and cheaper in the long run to do every install right the first time.
  • In the time that Jay has owned ProCote, he has not had one warranty claim. Every liner he’s ever done has been trouble free.
  • ProCote doesn’t have a website, but you can call them at (719) 475-8188

SnugTop Topper With All The Trimmings

SnugTop color-matched Topper

Painted to match, this SnugTop Topper is a little fancy

Wiring topper electric locks into factory system

This topper features electric locks that are wired directly into the factory system so that they will unlock using the standard keyless remote. Nice.

Leave it to Chris to find a way to go above and beyond on something as seemingly boring as a simple topper. His topper – made by SnugTop and installed by Timberline Toppers – has a few interesting features:

  • Slider front window that flips – This is cool feature. The front window has a slider (pretty standard), but the entire window also flips down. This is nice for cleaning and a smart add-on.
  • Integrated coat hanger and LED lamp – It’s the little things, no?
  • Electric locks that operate on factory remote – This is the coolest feature of all. When it’s time to unlock the topper, you just press the same button you use to unlock the entire truck. Simple and incredibly easy – and a nice touch.
Topper front window that slides and flips

The front window on this topper has a slider, but it also flips down for cleaning.

Summing it all up…

Chris started with a 2010 5.7L Tundra Crew Limited 4×4 with navigation and the sunroof, and then he added:

  • A TRD supercharger, big brake kit, and sway bar
  • ToyTec 2.5″ leveling kit, Alcoa forged aluminum wheels, and Michelin MS2’s
  • Magnaflow Tundra cat-back exhaust
  • Chrome step bars and bull bar
  • A top-notch sound system with too many components to list and enough sound deadening material to silence a submarine
  • A ProCote spray-in bedliner, bedrug, and SnugTop topper
  • …and an alarm system to keep everybody honest.

Chris took a truck that was already very nice and made something special. It’s faster than most trucks on the road, has one of the best sound systems you’ll ever hear, almost all the accessories a truck owner could want or need, and it doesn’t look too much different than stock. Chris has a couple more mods he’s considering (a clearbra, for example), but right now the truck is just about done .

If someone pulled up next to this truck at a stoplight, they probably won’t know it’s packing 500+ hp…

The Rock Star Tundra

The Rock Star Tundra

Of course, the bright red calipers and the soft whine of a supercharger are a good clue if people are paying attention!

Special thanks to Chris for sharing all these photos and information, and for supporting TundraHeadquarters with such great content.

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  1. Deznutjob says:

    Friggin sweet Tundra but I’m just not sure why they’re calling it a “rock star” Tundra. How does the sonar react with that bull bar?

  2. Jason says:

    Dez – Chris’s goal when he started this project was to build a “rock star” – I’ve been using that name ever since.

  3. TXTee says:

    Nice work!

  4. hlinan says:

    nice truck! so what was the total price after everthing was done?

  5. Pete says:

    Awesome setup.. are those tires P275/60R20?

  6. Pete says:

    Any problems with the combo of rear blocks from the leveling kit and the sway bar? didn’t see the rear blocks in any of the pics are those stock rear leafs?

  7. Chris says:

    I’ve had some ‘puter problems and just got back online so, I apologize for the delay on your questions.

    Deznutjob: ‘Rock Star’ was just my way of describing a real all-around performer in a semi-flippant way. (That’s just my warped sense of humor). As to the sonar; I view sonar as a personal insult (very much like Vertical Stability Control which is far worse) in my ability to quickly learn and then know where my own vehicle is within inches to any other object at all times. I’ll definitely go so far as to say that if anyone can’t learn that basic skill of driving, then they shouldn’t be behind the wheel. (Please don’t take that personally as I certainly didn’t mean it that way and I sincerely thank you for your compliment.)

    Thanks TXTee.

    hlinan: Total for all of it is just shy of $70K which includes taxes and everything else (Which was a fight to keep it down to that price). Would I do it again? In a short hearbeat…And thanks for your compliment.

    Pete: Good eye! The 5 Michelins are 275/55/R20 MS2’s. They are fantastic driving tires but, they could have been better with raised white letters. ;- ) (The untouched Dunlop stock tires with all of 7 miles on them and their 20″ aluminum cast stock rims are up for sale ;- )

    The ToyTec leveling kit I chose only raises the front and dropped the differential to factory specs. So, there are no rear blocks to interfere with the function of the anti-sway bar. I wanted to keep my center of gravity as low as possible without losing clearance. (The TRD anti-sway bar really holds you straight in turns. I highly recommend it!)

    Thanks again everybody!

  8. Deznutjob says:

    Well you have a very nice Tundra to say the least Chris and your attention to detail is some of the best I’ve seen.
    Please don’t mention VSC as I have a 15″ front and 13″ rear lifted Tundra that gave me nothing but problems with the VSC when I first had it set up. 🙁

    Anyway, nice truck, keep up the good work!

    You should join our Tundra Geeks group in the Tundra Network Forum.

  9. Chris says:

    Dez! Tell me, how did you defeat that #&*$%$ VSC?? Rip out a fuse?

    And I’ld like to join your group as I have much to learn and there’s no one better than owners to learn it from.

    Thanks again.

  10. TXTee says:

    Ouch @ $70K. Definitely thanks for sharing your build process. It’s addictive as ever so I hope you’re near done even though I’m not sure that’s ever possible.

  11. TXTee says:

    Oh, and just curious to know what you carry in the bed that needed Pro-Cote, liner, and shell? Yes, that’s nosy of me but just want to understand your purpose. =)

  12. Chris says:

    TXTee: I had to include taxes and registration in that price in ‘everything’ so, that’s a sizable chunk. (And it P’s me off every time I think of how much they stole.)

    I’m still considering the 2″ pocket style fender flares in my dinning room…. We’ll see.

    As for the bed, I have a 95 pound bird dog that would would have slid around like a pinball on just a hard liner and there are several advantages to having both. Think insulation, protection from heavy weight, protection for cargo and if I ever have to sleep back there for being stranded…

  13. Dave says:

    Very Nice, well done!
    Is this truck color Pica? Hard to tell in these pic’s.
    Do you light up the tires with the supercharger or is it fairly sane?

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