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Bedrug Bedliner for the Toyota Tundra – A Review

There are many bedliner brands and approaches on the market, and we decided to try something a little different with our project Toyota Tundra when it came time to install bed protection. We chose Bedrug, which is intended to offer a softer alternative to spray-in and drop-in rigid plastic bedliners.

6 Spray-In Secrets Installers Don’t Want You To Know

Spray-in bed liners are as popular as ever, but┬áthat doesn’t mean that the spray-in industry is fully understood. The fact is, most people who buy spray-in bed liners are blissfully unaware of the following six spray-in bed liner secrets (none of which the spray-in installers of the world want you know know).

Building a Rock Star Tundra – Finishing Touches

After spending months searching for the perfect 2010 Tundra, installing a comprehensive suite of performance modifications, and then adding a top-notch stereo and chrome, it’s time to wrap this build-out up with a bed liner, BedRug, and a better-than-average SnugTop topper.

2010 Tundra SnugTop Topper

The (almost) final product

Bed Liner or Bed Rug – Or Both?

I’m sure some people will wonder why Chris opted for both a bed liner and a bedrug, but I have a pretty good idea: bedrugs don’t scratch or mar precious cargo the way that a tough spray-in liner can…which means they’re more comfortable for man’s best friend, less likely to damage your great Aunt’s china, and they really muffle the sound of a dead body rolling around in the back (OK, I made that last one up).┬áThe point is, why not? I don’t want to hear any bellyaching.