Tundra Grade Keyless Entry Question

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Keyless Entry For Your Toyota Tundra?We received an email last week from a new owner of a 2008 4.7 DoubleCab “Tundra Grade” Tundra. The new owner is very happy with his truck, but he’s got a problem – no keyless entry.

As I’m sure everyone knows, Toyota began offering the “Tundra Grade” package on the Tundra for the 2008 model year. The package, designed to compete with work truck packages offered by Ford, GM, and Dodge, strips the Tundra of a few standard features in exchange for a discount. Here’s what’s taken off the standard truck when you buy a Tundra Grade:

  • Black grille surround (replaces chrome grille surround)
  • Manual outside mirror (replaces power outside mirror)
  • 2-speed wiper (replaces variable intermittent wiper)
  • Deletes Cruise control, remote keyless entry, and the glove box, door courtesy, and overhead map lamps.

Tundra Grade trucks also qualify for special rebates and incentives that drop the price some more. So, if you don’t need any of that stuff, it’s probably a great deal.

But what if you bought one and you decide you want keyless entry after all? What if you want Toyota’s keyless entry system installed? Well…you can’t. In order for the factory keyless entry system to work, you need to have the factory keyless entry module installed at the factory.

So if you want keyless entry installed on your “Tundra Grade” Tundra, consider visiting your local Circuit City, Car Toys, or similar. Any good car stereo install shop will be able to add a decent after market keyless entry system for as little as $100. For $200-$300, you can also have an alarm and/or a remote starter. You can also ask our dealership if they recommend anyone and if they can get you dealer price – most sales managers are happy to give you this information.

NOTE: When we were initially asked, we made a mistake here at TundraHQ and told this person that he could get keyless installed, provided he had a V8 Tundra. Our apologies.

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  1. Kevin Sheldon says:

    I’m being told that not all Tundras came equipped for “Keyless Entry”. Is this true? Can anyone tell me if my Tundra came with “Keyless Entry” by my VIN (5TBET34196S516485)? It’s an 06 Double Cab V8.


    Kevin S.

  2. Kevin – I can’t tell you by the VIN number, but some Tundras did not come with keyless. As you read in the article, OEM keyless can’t be added. Still, you should be able to get a decent system installed after-market.

  3. Scott says:

    I have the same predicament – 2008 Tundra V6 DBL with electric locks but no keyless entry. I also just want to add keyless entry (not remote start).

    I understand that the module would’ve needed to be installed at the factory. There has to be a way to buy the module and pull the appropriate wires from the bundle under the relay panel and connect right? Basically the things I would need would be the plug for the wiring that snaps into the back of the relay panel and the module right?

    I’m trying to go as factory as possible. If in the end I have to get an aftermarket security system installed I guess I will but I will be frowning the whole time.

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