Toyota Tundra With A Custom 12″ Lift, 37″ Tires, and KILLER Stereo

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What’s cooler than a custom 12″ lift on an 07′ Tundra Doublecab with the big motor?

Toyota Tundra with a custom 12

WOW. Awesome.

Probably a few things – but we can’t think of any right now. We’re too busy thinking about how cool it would be to cruise this truck. It’s a 2wd with a custom built 12″ front end lift, 10″ rear lift that took 54 days to create! The custom work includes Fox 10″ x 2-1/2″ coil over shocks with Fox 14.0 remote reservoirs, 18″ x 3″ Eibach 700lb Coils, Atlas 2008 Toyota Tundra 8″ over stock rear leaf springs on 2″ lift blocks, a modified drive shaft, 30″ front rebound limit straps, Motorsport tech adaptors 5×150-6×5.5, Total Chaos 07+ Upper “A” arms, and a really sweet looking logo for the shop that built it – Custom Motorsports in Riverside, California.

Custom Toyota Tundra front end suspension.

Custom front end suspension with too much to list.

Custom Motorsports logo built into the truck.

Check out that logo!

The front end of the truck has an N-Fab Prerunner light bar with three 9″ ProComp Quartz Halogens. The wheels are 20″ KMC XD Monsters with 37″ Toyo Open Country MTs. This truck is awesome – looking at it parked on a normal neighborhood street makes it seem almost surreal.

N-Fab prerunner light bar.

Custom lifted Tundra next to normal sized houses.

Who’s neighborhood?! Greg’s neighborhood!

Inside, there’s a Pioneer 7″ touch screen DVD Nav hooked up to a Kicker amp hooked up to three 12″ Pioneer subs in a custom subwoofer cabinet. It’s safe to say this truck bumps too. Here’s a question for Greg (the owner) – because your truck is up so high, can anyone but you hear the stereo? Don’t the sound waves just pass over the roofs of normal vehicles?

Pioneer touch screen. Custom subwoofer box with three 12

Pioneer 7″ touch screen DVD Nav and custom subwoofer box with three Pioneer 12″ subs.

Greg’s no stranger to lifted Tundra’s – check out his “old” truck:

The old lifted Tundra.

More pictures of this awesome rig.

Front end view of custom lifted Tundra. Custom lifted Tundra is too big.

Greg – thanks for sending in the pics. Sorry it took us so long to get it posted!

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  6. TundraNut says:

    Lot of money invested, unfortunately this 2WD truck would just bounce and spin at the bottom of the hill.

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  8. O7 Tundra owner! says:

    Hey there Tundrabutt if you take a closer look you will see it’s not set up for “climbing hills” The money was invested in a long travel suspension and thats what it will be used for dumb A#@!

  9. Mickey says:

    What gives Tundranut? I think the truck looks awesome.

  10. TundraNut says:

    Those that *know* will agree, “looks won’t get you home when the rain starts”.

  11. admin says:

    TundraNut – why you gotta talk smack? Here’s an idea – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. That’s a cool truck and you know it.

  12. O7 Tundra proud owner! says:

    Lets just turn this into a smack off. With a coment like ” looks won’t get you home when the rain starts” just proved to me that this “Tundranut” does not have any idea what he is talking about. All 4x owners know that if your gonna get stuck somewhere you are usually putting yourself in that position on purpose. Yes, maybe if I’m back in some mountainous area where there are no dirt or paved roads I may be in a little trouble “when the rain starts”, but my friend what idiot would put themselves in that situation with a setup like mine. When this Truck is complete it will be running fast offroad and not 4x. Tundranut at the risk of making yourself sound any less credible it maybe a good idea for you to stop posting, anything! Please do some homework before you open your mouth next time bro!

  13. TundraNut says:

    I was intending to let it go, but if you insist!

    I’ve got over 40yrs in 4x4s. Everybody knows a 2WD pickup is light in the rear and the worst traction you’ll find. I can’t count the times when I’ve tried to go places in 2WD only to grind to a stop and have to put it in 4WD. As a testimate to my experience you claim I don’t have, in the old days I’ve crawled across the hood to lock in hubs to avoid walking in deep mud.

    This is the internet, and just like real life you experience positive and negative experiences. Mature adults learn to accept negative criticms along with the praise.

    I could take my FWD car places your truck won’t go, and its not posing as something its not.

  14. O7 Tundra proud owner! says:

    I’ll say this one more time, Its not posing as a 4x, its not set up for 4x, and its not going to attempt 4xing. Your the nucklehead that got yourself in mud deep enough to have to crawl across your hood to lock in. I also go back 30 years in 4x but I’m trying a different style of offroad that doesn’t require 4WD.If I wanted a 4x I most certianly would have bought a 4x. READ WHAT I’VE BEEN WRITING! If you want to keep this up I have no problem. You seem to be very narrow minded so keep it up. P.S, I’m getting tons of personal messages in regards to your single minded 4x bull crap!

  15. Mickey says:

    Hey I got over 35 years in 2wd and I never got stuck either. I just stated it looks awesome. I don’t know doodley squat about 4x. I thought it look pretty good fixed up. I didn’t say he was Dale Earnhardt running the Daytona or Michael Waltrip hitting a wall. Man it’s up to you to take your truck where ever you want. Some people don’t care to do those things.

  16. admin says:

    I have no idea if this anecdote applies exactly to this situation, but it seems appropriate. My favorite CAR was my 2001 Mustang Mach 1. It was orange with a black stripe. It had a CAI, new throttle body, programmer, and about 15k miles when I got my hands on it. It wasn’t the fastest car on the road, and I know that Mustangs aren’t everyone’s “cup of tea”, but it was cool. I remember one time when some guy drove by my car, pointed at me, and laughed. Then he sped away. Initially, I was pissed. Who did that guy think he was! Then, as he drove off, I realized why he was laughing – he didn’t know what else to do. He was driving a ratty and rusted old truck. Instead of being mad at the guy, I just felt sorry for him. How miserable must he be to have to criticize what I have to make himself feel better? Like I said, I don’t know what’s going on here. I’ve been asked to remove all the comments, but I’m not going to – mostly because most of the comments are complimentary. I think TundraNut probably regrets being heavy handed or critical – perhaps he’ll echo that.

  17. O7 Tundra proud owner! says:

    Jason , I think it’s possible that I have made my point here. The fact is I’m very happy with my truck, and I’m very happy with the way I set it up and how it functions. In my opinion it may be a good thing to remove all comments and take it from there. I think is a great site and I appreciate everyones input and support. Thanks again for everything and I’ll keep THQ informed on anything new with the rig. Dez

  18. Mike Garcia says:

    Truck looks great, TOYO MT’s SUCK ass. I have the new BFGoodrich KM2’s on my 6 inch lifted 07 tundra CREWMAX 4×4 TRD SR5. PROCOMP LIFT AND 18″ RIMS. KENWOOD SHALLOW MOUNT 12’s, KENWOOD KAC-x1R digital amp running subs. INFINITI KAPPA PERFECT COMPONENTS FRONT AND REAR with KAC-X4R digital amp running those. TRANSLATION: IF you are going to buy a truck don’t buy the base model, it shows…write for pics of my truck…

  19. Tundra owner says:

    Ya these Toyo’s ain’t that great and the KM2’s have been in my sights now for a while. How many 12″ Kenwoods you got bro? Whats the crack about “Translation” all about? When you buy the base model it cost’s less and there’s always better things to add than the stock ad-ons. Why don’t you go over to and post some pics of your rig bro, we’de all like to see it. There are lots of 07’s with your kind of lift! Good place to see some nice trucks too man!

  20. Michael says:

    WOW I missed a great argument! The truck looks cool but … I don’t get it and have to agree with the Tundra Nut dude … sorry. I agree the truck can go almost anywhere, but without the 4×4 you can not go where I can, no matter how fast you are going. The current trend of lifting the truck as high as possible and putting the biggest tires possible is just not pratical, this set up will raise your center of gravity and increase your unsprung wieght. Look at the guys that race off road they run a 35″ or 37″ tire and long travel suspension set up to keep the vehical as low as possible. Most of the class 1 cars and trophy trucks are 2WD, but they have exotic motors that push out 500++HP. Hey don’t get me wrong I think this truck looks bitchen cool, but I had to chime in on the 4×4 vs. 2wd discussion. I got stuck once in my new truck, then I flipped into 4×4 and got out … if it had been 2wd I’d still be waiting for AAA … this is only one guy’s opinion and everyone is entitled to one.

  21. Jose says:

    Dam bro your truck is sick. It looks pretty cool. Hey man so how expensive was your lift?

  22. Mike Farrell says:

    I have an 07 Tundra and am really looking forward to doing something like this. That Tundra looks awsome!!! I think that anyone who talks sh%$ is likely to be driving a demestic truck that they paid too much for, does not have the power, and is utterly embarrased that they are miles behind an import!!! This is my second 07 Tundra, one standard cab with NOS, and my crew cab. It was the best dat of my life getting rid of my Chevy!!

  23. Ramoine says:

    I like the write up , great truck thanks for sharing it !

  24. JohnBruning says:

    I just bought a 2000 Tundra that looks like your old (green) one. Can youi send me more pics with details about your setup? Absolutely love it, might build mine similar. Thank you.


  25. Tundra Owner says:

    Hope all the info I emailed you about the 2000 Tundra 4×4 was adequite. Let me know if you need any more. Thanks,

  26. Derek says:

    Dude, your truck looks great and as far as 4x goes I have my toyota on 42″ swampers in perfect show condition so it does not see mud ever! All my friends say if your gonna lift a 4x for looks you might as well lift a 2wd either way I dont care as long as it looks great besides 4xing is way too exspensive when you break stuff all the time

  27. ToyotaFan says:

    i think that 07 tundra looks freakin bad.. im sure it kicks a** in the desert.

  28. T B says:

    Dez you are an animal. I recognized your truck almost instantly because you are a heavy poster on the forums im a part of. Listen, to the people saying 4×4 for life, go to you tube and look at how many 4×4’s are stuck in the mud that need to be pulled out. Search for azusa canyon mud and look at the vids. People need to know what their car can/cant handle. Dez’s truck looks fucking sick, but chances are he won’t knowingly drive into 5 feet of deep mud. I have a 4×4 but neither will I. Its all about what you’re going to be doing with your car and if you like how it looks. Its pointless to fight and argue about this, you guys sound like 5 year olds comparing your wieners at recess.

  29. SOn says:

    It is a very nice truck… but if the owner things he invested in long travel he is very very wrong… its a huge as lift.. and im not gonna lie , i love big trucks.. but thats all its gonna be… a pip squeak taquito 4 banger truck linked pulling 15″ + inches of travel would demolish that big truck off roading. my 2 i said.. its a sweet ass truck.. but DEF not long travel.. you cant say you have long travel when you still have a stick A arm on that thing.

  30. My mom always says “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” It IS a sweet truck – nuff’ said.

  31. Anonymous says:

    well im jelous of your truck dude. i had the same tundra as your old one. same color too. And your new truck is sick as hell.dont listen to te negative comments they are just jelous of your rig.

    • IdahoTundraowner says:

      I also have a 2001 toyota tundra trd limited. i want to lift it and also and a new sound system. i just could never figure out how to get the sub to fit under the seat but your set up looks like it would work great in my truck. i am a college kid so i dont have much cash so my truck is my pride and joy and knowing i can make it evenn better is a happy spot in life.

  32. TXTee says:

    I point blank don’t know the usefulness of any of the mods but this guy has customized his truck for his purposes….and last I checked he doesn’t owe me any money so more power to him! I like the fact that it’s unique if nothing else. However, I must say you can’t attack other people for having an opinion and the net is about free speech. Ignore the comments that you feel are negative – it’s not that crucial or a personal attack. Nice mods…As long as your truck makes you happy don’t worry if other people like it or not.

  33. turnandburn says:

    Definetly a sick truck. To bad there is always people who gota say shit. Its realy too bad.

  34. joe says:

    i agree that it is a stupid thing to do with your money

  35. Mickey says:

    He may not think it’s stupid. He rides the dunes. Don’t see a problem with it. He never mention once that it’s a 4×4. He doesn’t have the need for it.

  36. Joe – It’s a waste of your time and everyone else’s to talk trash about this truck – why bother?

  37. sean says:

    i own a 85 4runner setup for rock crawling, 99 4runner for camping/light off roading and 04 tacoma with camburg long travel suspension that i use as a chase truck for the Baja 1000. race truck is IHI Motorsports class 10 buggy.
    all my trucks are 4wd, as i like the versatility. but our race truck and the 96 tacoma we are building to race in class 7S are both 2wd, and there is no reason to make these truck 4wd. its just not needed.
    i think this guy has an awesome looking truck, built the way he wants it, to do what he wants.

  38. Mickey says:

    Well said Sean….

  39. hardbtch4sho says:

    nice truck yea i got it to with a bunch of upgrads i just dont kno if i would invest that much money for a lift into a 2wd truck man..but anyways how much did u pay totaly for ur tv and install



  40. the russian says:

    i got the same truck but i will still du$$$$$$t you ….. with no lift. but a bunch of shit under da hood

  41. Matthew Williams says:

    I like this truck, and I agree with both sides of the why put money into a 2wd argument. But for the hell of it, I will ask this: If you go for long travel, what the heck are you going to do if you are out there and hit a situation needing 4wd? And if you have the money, which you obviously do, why not just get the 4wd over the 2wd? and what the hell kind of off roading is there that doesn’t require 4wd, if you aren’t in a situation NEEDING 4wd, what the hell fun is it?

    all that said, it is a great truck to look at, and if you are happy with it, than hells yeah, whatever i guess!

  42. Mickey says:

    Not all people care to get stuck just to see if I can get out. Like myself I don’t get stuck and no need for a 4×4. I don’t put myself in those situations. I do some trail riding and that’s about it. I’m not a 4×4 fan. Also I do agree with you about if he likes it then it’s his to choose how he goes with it. I seen his 1st gen 4×4 he had. It was sharp. He just wanted to try something different.

  43. Matthew – I’m glad you asked – 2wd is actually quite common on desert racing trucks (many Baja races are navigated by 2wds), and many stadium race trucks are 2wd as well. It’s not at all crazy to make a long-travel race truck on a 2wd platform – in fact, it’s quite common. 2wd race trucks are more reliable than 4wd, and provided you know what you’re doing, there’s not much of a chance you’ll get stuck.

  44. Robert says:

    Well I have read through all the comments…I must say that this is a very nice vehicle. I really like the custom fox shock setup I really like fox products! I have a Custom Fox shock setup on my 03 Polaris Predator 500. Neways back to the truck, its a super great looking truck I would drive it with pride. I had 00 tacoma ext. cab that had a 3″ lift on it and BFGoodrich A/T. Everyone always asked me if it was 4wd and commented how nice of a truck it was and sadly I had to say “no” but even so my truck made it through alot of shit! I got sunk almost to the axles one night just turning around in a field off the road I was startled….I worked myself out of it and all I did was crack a rear u-joint from the last stretch in the field when I slammed it from reverse to forward. Well this is to the poster of the truck…I am going to be buying an 02 toyota tundra prolly this friday and I was wondering if you could send me the specs on the 00 tundra you showed? I would like to have mine setup alot like that one. I like it alot! Thanks and Happy New Years!!!

  45. 86Toyota says:

    If this was already covered I missed it, but what kind of money was put into that kind of set up? Aside frome the cost of the truck off the lot, what are we looking at price wise? Nice Truck!

  46. Ron says:

    Dude, sweet looking truck! I have to agree with you. Who would take a truck like that off roading in the first place. You would have to have more money that brains, who cares if its a 4×4 or not. I have a Denali AWD on 40s and its never seen dirt, thats why its a show truck. I’m gonna put it up for sale and build a tundra now.

  47. don says:

    that thing is bad ass id love to see it go off road

    that kind of brand is one of the best to take off road

  48. Louie Olsen says:

    I love your truck. I want a truck just like it in the future. You did a very good job building up and choosing all your accesories. Awesome truck thanks for posting it and have a nice day…

  49. Mathieu says:

    Hey man awsome truck i really love it gotta love those light on the front bumper 😛 I have a question for you tho im looking to put a lift on my truck as well but im doing lots of highway and i would like to know how much mpg you do with this ? thanks alot

  50. Matt says:

    I think this truck is sick dude and for the idiots that are saying it cant go in the mud and it cant 4×4. well uh no shit but like the guy said thats not what he bought it for so why would he need it. he wouldnt. With all the money that was spent on this truck which i imagine was a lot he could’ve have forked out the extra money to get the 4x. so idiots, just shut up. Nice truck.

  51. Tundra boy says:

    Dude thats a sick truck, but seriously man hearing that its a 2WD just kills me, but its ure choice anyways, i love the setup. u did a good job,by the way how many mpg does it give u and how much did u buy it for

  52. Mickey says:

    Tundraboy you can get DEZ on Stands for International Brotherhood of Tundra Owners Headquarters. Just pm him on there and he will give you the info.

  53. reid says:

    great looking truck! near perfect… but for that type of investment i would never go 2wd… kinda wastes the whole truck purpose…and…what type of terrain could 2wd ever get you into that you need 37’s for..but as far as pavement pounding its perfect…

  54. warrenbeaty2003 says:

    OMG! this thread is awesome. Kudos to Dez for making this beast.

  55. tundra dude says:

    That is one cool ass truck that was shown on the top Ive always wanted to see a lifted tundra like that.

    It would be nice if the tundra head quarters had a truck like that going off road

  56. Mickey says:

    Reid he goes to the desert with that truck.

  57. JOHNNY says:

    Hey i have the same question, how much would a 6 inch lift be and do u still get good MPG? Could some one send the answer to me. thanks

  58. Chuck says:

    I think this truck looks badass! I don’t care what any 4×4 guy says. The truck wasn’t BUILT with the intention of going 4×4! I had a 2wd Chevy silverado lifted with big tires and I got crap from guys who drove 4×4’s all the time. Now I own an 07′ crewmax trd sr5 tundra and as soon as I get the chance I am throwing a lift and big tires on her to and I can careless if it’s a 2wd. BTW, if anyone knows any good websites or suggestions as to where I can go to buy a descent lift or just find aftermarket parts for my tundra I am all ears. Thanks!

  59. Michael says:

    For a true long travel setup for the ’07 Tundra check out Total Chaos new system:

  60. joepinkers says:

    sick truck! i dont care wut people say 2wd, 4wd, it still looks sick as hell

  61. Brant Hines says:

    Hey on your old tundra what lift lift did you use i cant find a lift higher than 5 inches. i would like to be able to clear 37’s like you did so if you could tell me what lift you used or combination you did it would be greatly appreciated Thanks Brant

  62. Goofballtech says:

    Personally i would not lift a truck that isn’t 4×4 but for the type of terain we have and the riding i do it wouldn’t be functional. I have a 96 Tacoma i use to beat the hell out of that will soon be getting a SAS now that i have my Tundra. Personally if i wanted 12″ of lift i would have bought a 2wd truck too, 12″ is a lot of lift if you consider CV angle for an IFS truck. I would not have rolled a brand new truck off the lot and ripped the front end apart to put a solid axle on it. That would involve way to much in steering, transfer cases, drives shaft, gearing, and sooo much more. If he is looking to do desert running and no real mud running or rock climbimg… true long travel or not. He did it right for looks and function.

    Truck looks really good. One question though, the speakers you have under the back seat… what size are they?… doing the math with the one shallow mount JL Audio 13.5 i have there is barely enough air space for it. Would never have been able to put 2 under there with the recomended air space.

  63. Harrison Jones says:

    I, like JohnBruning, just bought a truck like your “old” green one. Could you send me details about the setup you have on it?
    [Editor – Contact DezNutJob on]

  64. Chevy Z71 says:

    this is a sharp looking truck… although im disapointed at the fact that it is not a 4wd it is still a sharp truck.

  65. Jacques says:

    It’s a mall crawler. There’s nothing wrong with a 2wd if it has a long travel on it lol.

  66. Yota30 says:

    This truck is sick looking but doesnt serve much purpose. The custom job is the biggest waste of money. Why would you put all this money into lifting it, tires, etc, when you will get stuck when you leave a road. I mean you might look cool driving around but a stock 4×4 truck would kill you when you get off road. If your going to trick something out for the road get a mustang, you will get looks but get smoked by a camry. And why would you call these guys dumb for geting in some mud, i think your more of a car guy if you dont like slingin mud.

  67. Rob Loa says:

    I think this truck is nice, but why even buy a 2wd tundra? by the looks of it you have money. you should have just bought a 4×4 then it would be game over. i live in hawaii and all the fishing and hunting spots here you need 4×4 to get too. for me this truck is a waste of time and money. for you, it probably works in your cases. but your big 2wd truck, is like a girl that doesnt want to get dirty. youll probably baby it too.
    for anyone else looking to buy a toyota trust me. ive owned a 85 straight axle 10 inch lift, 97 tacoma 6 inch lift, and now a 2007 tacoma with 6 inch lift, all 4wd. i drive 2wd all day but when i need to get down a offroad path or over some dirt and rocks, its no problem. for all of you 2wd experts that say you havent been stuck… bullshit! all my friends that try to bring their 2wd trucks with us offroad, all they do is drive up a hill and slide right back down. its just silly. if you have that much years of experience in 2wd, you just wasted your life playing with useless toys. on that note… if your gonna buy a truck, let it be a truck. if your gonna do something like this to a 2wd, next time buy a sportscar! aloha

  68. Jason says:

    Desert sand racing is all about 2wd, gentleman. Just because it doesn’t have 4wd doesn’t mean that it isn’t technically useful. What’s more, so what? This thing is just cool for the sake of being cool…would you be offended if I turned a Tundra into a boat? It wouldn’t be good enough to take out on the ocean, but it would be unique and interesting in it’s own right.

    I just don’t understand why so many people have to hate on this sick truck…

  69. Mickey says:

    Gentlemen you can go straight to the horses mouth. DEZ can be contacted on He runs it in the desert where there isn’t a need for a 4×4. This is his first 4×2 and he wanted to do something different. I’m not crazy about a 4×4 either but his truck does look nice.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Why lift a 2WD? Why make a 2WD look like a 4WD? In a 4WD there is a way to leave it in 2WD, you do know that right? I bet it looks great parked at the mall!

  71. Jason says:

    Why speak of something that you know nothing about? Follow-up: Where is your kick-ass lifted truck? You going to buy it when you move out of your parent’s house or what?

  72. Anonymous says:

    Real mature! It isn’t about the lift its about the suspension travel in rally and baja racing. How many rally vehicles are lifted? It is a valid question and lifting a truck ruins it, cuts payload and towing! So original question why lift a 2wd! So what if I think its a mall rat and doesn’t matter if I make more than you or have more toys. So what is with the prerunner and 2wd lifted trucks, my son calls them posers! If I want a off road toy other than a Powerwagon I would buy a Raptor. Grow up Jason!

  73. Rob Loa says:

    yeah by the looks of this truck, im pretty sure its not gonna see the desert. but good try trynna make a 2wd sound like its useful for something. this guys a poser and we all know it. all that money, the least you could have done was buy a 4×4.

  74. Jason says:

    People have been racing in the desert for the better part of 6 decades, and the vast majority of those trucks were 2wds. If you don’t know that, then you don’t know your history.

    Why can’t people just acknowledge this thing as interesting or cool and move on? If you don’t like it, build your own. Send us pics and I’ll gladly post them.

  75. Anonymous says:

    2wd is a class, and they are not lifted. So what’s the reason? Lifting =changing its center of gravity resulting in a roll over risk. As was said before its about suspension travel and not who’s taller. Lifting is more for looks than anything else your stump jumping. Your differential pumpkin doesn’t change that much with a lift! You want to impress put 4 wheel independent suspension on it with a long travel A-arms. Its a parking lot curb jumper!

  76. Anonymous says:

    Oh by the way a lot of excuses but no answers.

  77. Mickey says:

    Rob Loa he has a place in the desert. It goes there every weekend. He takes his two motorcross bikes out there. The top picture is his place out there. You’ll find DEZ on or Both go to the same site. Anonymous you do talk alot of crap. What’s it to you whether he has a 4×4 or a 4×2? That’s his choice and he uses it in the desert. More than I can say for you. You come on here to trash everything and anyone you can. You’re nothing but a keyboard a@@hole. How about growing a pair and get a life. Ohh by the way a lot of excuses and you have all the answers. If you want to talk the smack about the truck go to the website I mention and go for it. You already proved you’re a chickensh*t because you can’t even put a dubious name for yourself. My mistake you read what you want to read.

  78. Jason says:

    Anonymous – You’re absolutely right – none of the super-duper million dollar dedicated-to-racing trucks have lift kits. They don’t have factory body panels, frames, or 5 seatbelts either. The only way I know of to gain travel without adding a lift is to completely change the fenders and much of the surrounding bodywork…and often times you’ll need to radically change the factory suspension and frame…but I’m clearly not the expert that you are. So educate me – is there any other way to get the same amount of suspension travel that this truck has without significantly modifying the body and frame? Is it less expensive to do it your way? Have you done it yourself? Can you send us pics?

  79. Rob Loa says:

    wow mickey your lame. does it matter what name i use on here? relax dork. this guy sent pics of his truck to get comments right? so dont tell me i cant comment negatively. baja trucks run in sand, just because this guy has a 2wd doesnt it make it a baja sand truck. i dont care if he lives in the sand. dont tell me about other websites where there is more info about this waste of money.
    honestly, this guys truck is nice and he put alot of time and money into it. but if he, you, or anyone has a problem with negative feedback, then you shouldnt be on the internet, and the owner shouldnt have put it up for comments. heres a funny thought… when the owner bought this truck, the person selling it to him was probably thinking “what the hell is this guy wasting money on a 2wd tundra? what an idiot” its a damn tundra, biggest truck toyota offers, why buy the shittiest model? you should have just left out that it was 2wd. you did this to yourself, and quit trying to come up with excuses. truck is nice, but lame. effort was good, but wasted.

  80. Rob Loa says:

    mickey- sorry bro wasnt paying attention. i thought you were talking about my name, but you were talking about “Anonymous”. aloha

  81. Mickey says:

    It’s okay Rob. If you wanted more info I just stated where you can find DEZ. He’s into motorcross and having fun. This is his first 4×2 so he wanted to do something different. Rob I don’t have a clue when it comes to doing anything in the mud or sand much less a 4×4. My truck was featured just like DEZ’s here. You can see we have nothing in common on our trucks.

  82. P1T says:

    So what’s the point of a lifted 2wd? Will the guy answer the question. Has it ever got air, real air, all 4 at once? Any videos?

    Mickey, go tell someone one of you miraculous MPG stories or how the headliner and tail lights fell off. Rob said it best! Looks like his true feeling came out!

  83. kenny says:

    awesome truck , i hace the same one w bds 7in on 37 toyo. were did you get the cool looking step bars?

  84. Daniel says:

    They’re n-fab double cab step bars.
    You can get them here:
    Call them or go to your local 4 Wheel Parts or local Shop and they could help you get them. Or you tundrastop is having a sale on there rbp products if you email them. 20% off RBP products, do it now before its too late.

  85. dan says:

    Yeah a 4×4 is a nice luxury, but it doesn’t make the man. My father is concrete worker and his whole life has driven 2wd. I guarantee this man has done more physical work than most could dream of. From foundations, roofing, brush clearing to ranch fencing. Through all the years Ive worked with him Ive seen him get stuck a handful of times, was never more than a small bump in the road. Lets not forget the Tundra was designed as a WORKING truck, but these days people think work is getting out of some mud. Try getting out of your truck once in a while and putting your butts to do some real work instead of sounding like a bunch of metrosexuals in shiny toys, and you will see the real limitation is not the 4×4 but the pansy driving the truck.

  86. Jason says:

    P1T – What’s the point in any custom truck? All we really need is a chassis, a steering wheel, and a place to sit, right? The truck looks great – that ought to be enough.

    dan – I hear that. I know of half a dozen miners in Leadville, Colorado that drive 2wd trucks 365 days a year, and Leadville gets a hell of a lot of snow. The simple truth here is that a lot can be done with a 2wd truck.

  87. Tyler says:

    I have a 2001 Tundra, and saw your old truck and was wondering what size lift that was because I’m looking to lift mine too. Awesome ’07 though!

  88. Anonymous says:

    How about a 4 wheel drive Tundra. 2WD ??????????

  89. Anonymous says:

    How about this questions been asked, answered, and debated. Give it a rest!

  90. Lil'Tunder says:

    Hey – any ideas on how I can customized a 2004 Tundra Limited? I’ve been looking all over the net and couldn’t find a decent looking one. I’m thinking about a 6″ lift with 35s..

  91. 94-YOTA.. says:

    hey wats up man, nice truck its freaken badass dude it looks like alot of money, time, pain & tears wer put in to that truck its badass. i have a 94 toyota sr5 im kinda new to all this if you or any 1 wana help with ideas let me knw thanks

  92. Jack says:

    I really like this truck man

  93. Alex says:

    Hey that truck looks badass. Can someonetell me if me if my 2002 toyota tundra is going to look good with a 2.5 leveling kit a 3 inch dody lift and 35 on 20 inch rims

  94. Anonymous says:

    why in the hell would you lift a 2 wheel drive vehicle??

  95. Alex M. says:

    Greg your truck is nice but your poker skills suck!


  96. 10 - TOY says:

    That is an awesome truck regardless it’s a 4x or 2x. I like the set up both in and out. I own a tundra crew max 4x with a 6″ Fabtech lift with Dirt Logic coilovers and 2.5 Dirt Logic rear shocks, 20×10 fuel hostage, wrapped with 34″ Nitto Trail Grapplers. Solid truck, very nice look but 12″ is what in shooting for. Again awesome truck. My inspiration!

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