Tug-A-Truck Is For Dumb Fools

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De gustibus non est disputandum is a latin expression that’s survived nearly 2500 years because it’s very, very wise: It means that “there’s no accounting for taste.” Many motor sports are a question of personal taste. While it has a huge number of fans, there are those out there who have no interest in NASCAR due to its relative lack of road courses. Likewise, IndyCar racing is often passed over by race fans thanks to the perception that it is missing the hardcore, door-to-door racing that is largely impossible due to its open-wheel format.

Tug a Truck is the sport of fools.

Tug a Truck is the sport of fools.

There are some types of vehicular competition, however, that would seem to be a universally bad idea – ‘Tug-a-truck’ is a perfect example. The rules of Tug-a-Truck are quiet simple: two pickups are linked together by a tow cable, a line is drawn across the tarmac, and then both drivers put the pedal to the metal. The “goal” of the “sport” is to find enough traction to pull your opponent over the line and thereby demonstrate just how amazingly masculine you are.”Hell yeah! Woo!

If it sounds like I am not entirely enthralled with the concept of ‘Tug-a-Truck,’ then you are quite perceptive. I can honestly think of fewer motor sports that are potentially more damaging to your truck than this one. Here’s what I really hate about Tug-a-Truck:

First, truck frames were never designed to withstand this type of punishment. If two trucks rated at 8,000 lbs of towing capacity are pulling against each other with all their might, that’s at least 16k lbs of stress on the frame. If you say that the tow ratings have a safety factor of 1.5 (which is low), you’re looking at 24k lbs of pulling force. Add in the constant jerking motion that comes with tires fading in and out of traction and it’s a recipe for bending a frame. Bent frames aren’t cool – they result in unsafe and unusable vehicles.

Second, this “sport” is one of the single best ways I have ever seen to completely burn out every single component in a drivetrain. Since the pull continues until someone gives up, the heat buildup is more than enough to cook engines, transmissions, and rear differentials as the wheels spin. If you do manage to suddenly grab significant traction, the jerking force can be enough to snap a drive shaft, shear a suspension component, and cause transfer cases, transmissions, and differentials to explode.

Purposefully destroying your truck isn't a sport.

Purposefully destroying your truck isn't a sport.

Third, there’s little to no skill required to compete. Sure sure they’re some strategy – it might be interesting to explore the best configurations (heavier is definitely better, different tires will help, etc.), and I’m certain that fast reflexes can be helpful. However, unlike just about any other motor sport I can think of, there’s little to no advantage to be gained by having any sort of skill. At the end of the day, the truck with the stronger driveline and the best tires wins.

Some might liken ‘Tug-a-truck’ to the truck and tractor pulls that have long been popular. However, the trailers that are being pulled don’t pull back with anything other than their sheer mass, which means that jerking forwards and backwards is never an issue, which means there’s less chance of destroying something. Tractor pulls aren’t exactly sophisticated, but at least the trucks and tractors are given a fair shake at survival.

Most importantly, what’s the honor in winning at Tug-a-Truck? The “winner” likely has significantly damaged their vehicle…that’s nothing to be proud of.

Comments? Am I missing something?

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  1. TXTee says:

    You feel about Tug-a-Truck how I feel about doing burnouts. It makes no sense to me but for some reason other’s enjoy it.

  2. TerryM says:

    Don’t forget about the aftermath of a tow cable failure. The recoil could not only do serious damage to the rear of the truck, those guys in the yellow shirts wouldn’t know what hit them.

  3. mk says:

    I’d never do it to my truck, but it is fun to watch until something bad happens like someone gets killed by a snapped tow strap. If people are that abusive to their vehicles and don’t care, let them – it is their money being wasted.

  4. TXTee – Agreed. At least with burnouts you’re only destroying tires…at least so long as you give everything time to cool off before repeating said burnout.

  5. TerryM – Great comment – I would hope that these events a) use heavy duty nylon straps and b) use a new strap every time. Of course, considering the care and thought that goes into competing, steel cables with no blanket are definitely possible.

  6. mk – True – but I don’t have to like it! πŸ™‚

  7. TXTee says:

    I wonder what neck of the woods these events take place and just how popular it is…

  8. Michael says:

    What neck of the woods? I would guess the Red Neck of the Woods!

  9. Jeremy The Beast says:

    Red Neck of the Woods…..I think I know him. His real name it T-Claude and he drives a 76 ford with a built 460. He wins. But it is said if you beat him, He has to give you his teeth. He keeps them in the glove box, next to his dip and gun.

    But to be serious, “red necks” are the worlds best automotive mechanical engineers. there isn’t much they haven’t broke which means there isn’t much they haven’t fixed. When you are stranded on the side of the road in your Dodge Ram, there isn’t a better sight than a guy with a rebel flag on the hood of a 82 Ford with a cresent wrench in his pocket. Bubba to the rescue. I am a Cajun, we do that with boats.

  10. LOL – Red Neck of the woods…I’d wager that a feller’ from the country can fix my old pickup faster than a feller’ from the city – provided of course the truck was made before 1994. Otherwise, I’d say whoever has the diagnostic tool wins.

  11. TXTee says:

    Michael knew exactly what I was thinking πŸ™‚ JB should be able to get us front row tickets with his connections.

  12. Jeremy The Beast says:

    Heck, I can get you IN the truck for the pull off.

  13. TXTee says:

    Just as long as it’s not my truck being torn up….LOL…

  14. brian says:

    dude u might be one of the stupidest people ive ever heard .ther is a significant amount of kill involved. now ur right it the guys out ther just floorin it are idioits but there not winnin. it takes a driver to pull a 9500 pounds thats tryin to pull u without spinin and thats what it takes to win.perf.exp: it was porin rain for a entire tug a truck i was at and it takes a driver to win that and it takes a ton of skill.there are a ton of idioits out there.but do some reaserch and dont put all the good drivers in the same class.

  15. Mickey says:

    Jeremy you are right. Being from the bayou’s of St. Bernard Parish had to fix many boats in the day. Cars and trucks were easy also. Now they way they are set up I could care less to look at the engine. Just like today I had to go to the tire store where at the begining of July I had them mount and balance my new tires. I have 65,000 on my 07 Crewmax so I wanted to rotate the tires and It took way too much to get the lugs off. I got the passenger side done but driver’s side only 2 lugs would come off. So I put them oback on and go to the tire store and stated my complaint and the fool tried to tell me they use a torque wrench and put it at specified ft lbs. I told him don’t try to B/S a B/S. That you don’t use a torque and that you use that impact like fools and ram it up all the way and put on the lug nuts. Well the idiot broke my lug lock. It broke in half. He was dumb founded and didn’t know what to say and do. I told him get out of the way and I did the rest myself loosening them and hand tightened them back. He asked how will I get it off. I told him old school something they don’t teach you kids at that tech place to get certified. All you proved to me it just a dang piece of paper on the wall. I used an old fashion chisel and a 5lb mall and cut into it to get a groove started. Then raised the tire off the ground and loosen all other lug nuts and sprayed WD-40 on it. Wipe it down took 5 hits and it came loose and off. Got 2 small scuff marks on the rim. I told the tech now you learned something from an old dude and you can pay for my replacement lock lug and lock.

  16. TXTee says:

    Dude, when you call other people stupid, learn to run spell check, capitalize your sentences, get your punctuation correct, and then come correct. WTH are you trying to say anyway?

  17. brian – Fair enough – not *everyone* belongs in the “dumb fools” category. Still, you’ll have to do more than tell me about a pull in a rainstorm to convince me that a) this isn’t incredibly destructive and b) this takes some sort of “skill.” Racing, by the way, requires the ability to manipulate the throttle to avoid wheelspin…but you do that while you’re STEERING.

  18. Mickey says:

    Brian you just made the fools program special. Calling TXTee a [edited]. You don’t even know her. Anyway why you have to call someone names? No matter how you build a truck for this tow doohickey it’s still destructive. You may want to call it a sport but it doesn’t rate anything. Next time try tie-ing yourself to a tree and see how destructive it is.

  19. anthony says:

    I have been competing in tugatruck events all year and i love it.I have been to atleast 15 events and have never seen strap failure or an injury.I dont appreciate u bashing a SPORT that u know nothing about.It takes alot of skill weight placement lots of brake and throttle play to get ur truck to hook.On top of that u have to know how to build a bulletproof drivetrain.As in any motorsport there is breakage and undo stress on the veichle.There are lots of other things id like to say to u narrow minded people but ill bite my tounge.

  20. Jason says:

    anthony – Motorsports generally have the following components: strategy, skill, endurance, technical know-how, competition, and varying amounts of danger. One could argue that tug-a-truck had all of these things, but in my mind that diminishes motorsports as a whole. It’s hard to build a bulletproof for tug-a-truck? Try building one for the Baja 1000. It takes a lot of skill to manipulate the break and throttle? So does any form of road racing…except when you’re ripping around a corner pulling a G, it’s a lot HARDER. It’s hard to get traction? It’s also hard to get traction in drag racing and off-road.

    There’s also the fact that good tires are probably *the* most important factor in this competition. If you can buy new tires by the boatload, you’re a winner.

    Basically, I’m saying that tug-a-truck is a motorsport that pales in comparison to any other motorsport…which is why I don’t get it. Toss in the fact that I see a lot of perfectly good trucks being destroyed, and it seems foolish. However, to each his own. It’s not for me, but I’m glad that you enjoy it.

  21. Flynbrian says:

    Seeing that this rant is on a Toyota site or is sponsored by a tundra club (where I saw this) I am under the impression that the author is quite jealous that his tundra is totally outgunned in this sport. Tugging is a challenge of driver and truck. Older straight axle trucks are the ones who fare quite well. IFS has no place in tugging competitively.
    I have yet to see a toyota compete. As for the crowd draw, its impressive. More fun than I can think of on a Friday or Saturday night! Also $1000 to win will be enough money for a redneck to just about build another truck or fortify his for next time.
    I currently am putting together a 1/2 ton truck with 1 ton axles and a special clutch, Just for this new sport.

  22. Jason says:

    Flynbrian – It is indeed a rant, but I assure you it’s not a result of jealously. I’m no more jealous of “tug a truck” than I am of heroine addicts or anyone else who engages in needless, destructive behavior.

    Also, if the prize money is only $1k, I highly doubt anyone could afford to ruin a Toyota. Only a very old domestic truck could be trashed for such a small amount of money.

  23. faust fabrications says:

    i myself am a truck tugger as we call it in Kentucky. I say if you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all.you obviously have no idea what it takes to build a truck for such an event or the thrill of winning one.if you do not like truck tugging then simply don’t watch it,or maybe take some time to learn more about it.


  24. Jason says:

    faust – Nice website, bro! Looks *exactly* like I thought it would, LOL.

    Hard for me to take you seriously when you direct me to such a pitiful link. As I have said before, this is purely my own opinion, but this “sport” is just silly.

  25. Shady Acres Tug A Truck says:

    Everyone has a right to there own opinion, that is what is great about our country. I know everyone things were just a bunch of dumb hillbilly’s with nothing better to do, but beat on our trucks. The fact of the matter is we are NOT we are all very skilled at what we do. It takes more then just a truck to come compete in these events. We build them to hold the stress, the weight, and the torque. This means motor work, suspension work, transmission work.

    We have a huge fan base, and i would say they are about the nicest group of people you will ever meet. I see that this is a Tundra site, and i could go on all day about what is wrong with them but i have a little more class then that. I would really like you to come out to one of our events though. I strongly feel that if you seen how our events are ran and the crowd we draw it would change your opinion.


  26. Jason (Admin) says:

    Shady – Is there an event in Denver? I’ll gladly go check one out.

  27. Shady Acres Tug A Truck says:

    Nope only in Indiana!

  28. Jason (Admin) says:

    Well I’ll keep my eyes open for something here in Denver and head on down if I see it.

  29. Lance says:

    well yet another to go bashing on our sport, we do it here on concrete, in Wapakoneta Ohio bring all of your toyotas out and play. since toyota seems to claim that their truck is the toughest… there is far more skill in this sport than what you realize. I pull a super duty in the 9500lb class, yeah you can break I have mainly broke lockouts or stub shafts. its just the price you pay to play. the strap is 8ft long and is rated at 200,000 lbs. the rules are 30″ hitch height,Dot highway approved tires,and three weight classes with scales on site, 5000,6500,9500 classes.

  30. Dan says:

    Well if it’s a sport for dumb fools then there must be some dumb fools making some money. Look at the packed grandstands in the first picture of your article. That happens to be the event held in Wapakoneta, Ohio every year and I’m here to tell you that it’s packed every year. And to answer your question about who attends, well it’s the same people that attend the 4 wheel jamboree’s. The same people that run the tuff truck off road events. It’s offroad motorsport fans. It’s fun and I promise you that there is more to it than mashing the gas once the lights turn green. The events are growing in popularity and will continue to grow. Back in the day Nascar was established when cars weren’t designed to race….well look at Nascar now. Better enjoy it because it’s not going away!!!!!

  31. hill billy says:

    im also from wapakoneta i go to all the pulls in the area and have a blast every time for anyone who talks crap about us hill billys next time your broke down and a hill billy stops to help you y dont you just let him tell him to keep goin and see when some one you think is up to your standards stops. you will be there awhile cause they wont do it. and come on out with your toyotas we would to watch you destroy it on your first pull haha

  32. DirtyLittleHillbillyGirl says:

    So it’s now ok to trash talk something that you have probably never witnessed? There are people around here that work their fingers to the bone to get their trucks ready for these events. They save up the money to fix whatever may break in the process of pulling. Around here, truck and tractor pulls are like a religion. Every Saturday night there’s a big ol’ group of hillbilly hicks getting a concrete slab ready for an even bigger group of hillbilly hicks to come and drink beer and pull some trucks. It’s not all about who has the baddest truck. You could take the meanest lookin truck off the street and put him up against some little beater a couple of rednecks built and 9 times out of 10 the little beater is gonna win cause they know how to pull whereas the guy who thinks his truck is bad just floors it thinking that will be enough. I really feel like if you’re going to trash talk truck pulls, you should go experience it first. Not everyone breaks their trucks.

  33. mikey says:

    i personally know your toyota wont last in a tug a truck…and lance well put buddy…i pull with a 2006 f150 with 125,000 miles on it and it still runs and drives like the day i drove it off the show room floor….you who like to bad mouth our sport need to shut it…if youve never watched or participated in our sport dont knock it till you try it…the adrainalin rush i get from pulling is better than any buzz ive gotten from booz….and as lance put it “you pay to play”!!

  34. Steve says:

    First of all, any motor sport is geared around pushing a well tuned machine to its limits. It’s not mandatory to enter your truck into a tug-a-truck competition. People that want to push the limits of their trucks obviously know the repercussions of such an act. The fact that something could (and probably will) break during tug-a-truck is part of the excitement! You think the people that watch Nascar don’t enjoy a good 10 car pile-up?? It’s part of the entertainment!
    Second of all, why are you so concerned about other people messing up their own vehicles? In your article you wrote (about “regular” truck and tractor pulls), “the trailers that are being pulled don’t pull back with anything other than their sheer mass, which means that jerking forwards and backwards is never an issue.” This makes me wonder if you’ve ever even witnessed (on TV or Live) an actual truck or tractor pull. By the time the sled has reached it’s full load the trucks, and or tractors in question start bouncing and tugging with all their might to get that last extra inch toward a full pull! You don’t think that tears shit up??
    What about the first guys to run an organized Nascar race? They used their Bootleggin’ cars in Daytona to run a race as fast and as hard as they could ON SAND! Do you want me to school you on the affects of sand on the motor/bearings/drive train/ etc.?? These guys wanted to see whose car was built the best, and most durable of all their fellow law breakers. The only motor “sport” I can think of that isn’t geared around pushing your machine to it’s outer-most limits is the old guys in parades that run the synchronized lawnmower “square dance”. (I’m sure someone somewhere calls it a sport anyway.)
    So, all that being said, Jason, as an aspiring columnist, you need to learn and research a little bit more about what you’re intending to write about before your fingers type out the diarrhea that you have written above. Although, I must admit, motor sports aren’t exactly rocket science. People don’t pull, race, mud bog, or even send their vehicles skyward if they are worried about driving the kids to soccer practice the next day in the same vehicle. You, sir, are an avid contributer to the small minority of simple minded pricks that like to flaunt their ignorant opinions to people that you THINK are as uneducated as yourself.

    You probably are against guns, Love little furry animals, don’t eat meat, and voted for Obama didn’t you? Poor thing.

    As for all of my fellow truck pullers who made it to the end of this rather long rant, GIT R’ DOOOOOOOOOONEE!!

  35. Gabe says:

    If you don’t agree with it that’s fine but don’t bad mouth it when you know nothing about it. There is a lot of skill required. I have watched a driver win a pull in his truck best 2 out of 3, then climb out of his truck and switch trucks with the other driver and still win driving the other guys truck. Yeah the truck setup makes a huge difference but the driver experience is key. I hook a daily driver 99 Ford Superduty everyone says is to clean to hook and do great in the pulls. Yeah I break hubs and axle shafts but its the price I pay to have a blast. One more note… about destroying your frame, your driving a Toyota known for shity weak frames I bet it would screw it up lol

  36. Cheryl says:

    I completely disagree with you!!!! Have you ever participated in a tug? I assume by your lack of knowledge that you have not!!! The guys that participate in these events put a lot of thought and money into their trucks so they do withstand the pulls!!! You say that it takes no talent or skill to participate, I would like to see you jump in a truck and beat one of the guys that pull and then tell me there is no skill involved!

  37. motoboy says:

    If you had any idea what you were talkin about when you wrote this artical then you never would’ve wrote it… A 6500lb truck does not exhibit near as much force as you claim it does. 2nd, it takes a lot more skill than you may think it does. I wanna see you try it in somebody’s truck, since you probably don’t even own a truck. 3rd, guys like us put a lot of money in our trucks to prevent the damage that you claim is happening to them… All I gotta say is call us what you want, but in the end, you’re the one looking like a fool…

  38. stompnstang says:

    what this is what we call a desk top racer where i come from. thats someone that knows everything about racing and will sit behind his computer and tall all about it yet never having a single bit of real world time behind the wheel.see something most yota owns dont understand is a REAL truck is built not bought!!!!!!! so since you have no idea what your talking about i would say get in your throw away tin car with a beg and head down and get some real world exp. then you wont just be talking out your azz.

  39. John Mazingo says:

    If you think that is stupid i would love to see the new i force pull. Toyota suppose to be a truck that last and be strong. Well prove it im calling all toyotas out it takes a strong drive train and a good driver.I dont know why im wasting my time on a toyta comment any way may 20-21-2011 wapak tug fest bring it!!!!!!!!

  40. larry jr. says:

    just because you are scared of this sport, because you are missin your nuts, you shouldn’t be discrimiating on a fun sport. theres alot more to this than you think, (most likely because your to pu$$y to give it a shot) you just stay in your prius, or smart car, while the rest of us men do something real. your life must be a total waist of time if all you got to do is gripe on something you surely know nothin about….

  41. Jamie says:

    Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. Although I’m not sure publicizing negative thoughts and opinions is very mature or classy. I would think if you wanted to be a writer of some sort and publish articles then you would find either meaningfull and/or positive subjects. Then again that is just one girls opinion. Besides what business is it of yours what someone else does with their vehicles? It’s not your truck so why do you care so much? It is obvious you are *slightly* uneducated in this category. The only way to truely educate yourself in this ever-growing sport it to truely participate in it. I am a proud fan of tug-a-truck competitions. They are a blast and the people are friendly and fun! I will proudly be attending Wapakoneta Tug Fest in May!!!

  42. Jamie says:

    Just a couple more questions. What exactly was the point in this artical? What is the point in bashing a sport and the people who enjoy it? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Do you now feel accomplished in some way? Can I make a suggestion? Next time try to write about something that has a positive effect, something that makes you look better than this article does or at the very least a subject you’re educated in. Just saying!

  43. JONESFM says:


  44. redneck says:

    hell i be pretty proud of my 1996 dodge ram 1500 with a stock 5.2 for some thats a 318 that has 209,000 mile on it that can pull a sled 195 ft and can go a few rounds in a tug then drive home by the way this is a daily driver its not always about winning its about having fun

  45. chris says:

    you are completely insaine, number people enjoy watching it and number two people enjoy tugging their trucks, including me. Yes it is an expensive hobby but let the driver decide if they want to participate, they are the ones risking their trucks and money to fix the truck if it breaks. I will also say there is alot of skill involved in this as well as prior preparation such as your weight distribution, tires, tire pressure, preventative maintenence. Many drivers have all of these components down to a “T”. If you build your truck correctly, there is a very slim chance that you will break while tugging. It is your personal opinion if you do not like the sport then do not come, we will all enjoy a cold one without you.

  46. Jason says:

    All we have to say is look at the crowd, over 110 to 130 trucks, people stay for 6 to 7 hours to watch every pull. People come all the way up from florida just to put us on their DVD. Best crowd and people in the world, not sure why anyone has to be so negative to good people, and good times when they work so hard to put their time and money into somethin they love.

  47. who cares says:

    Really if you dont like it dont go. Simple as that. If they want to waste their money, let them. At least they’re having fun doing it. But people are making more than enough money doing this to fix their truck and support their families.

  48. Bob Wehadababyitsaboy says:

    … And all this coming from an admin of a Toyota “truck” forum… and everyone wonders why America is going down the shitter…

  49. Stephanie says:

    I just wanted to say……LOVE these events. Good times, great people, cold beer and tough trucks. What more could you want on a Saturday night? NOTE TO PULLERS(including my husband): Keep up the good work !!

  50. CONNIE says:


  51. Powerstroke says:

    this is a terrible article. people com out here to have a good time and hook up some vehicles. its not all about winning its about buildin a truck and havin fun with it. and if all it comes down to is weight and tires why is it that every night a different driver wins? there is skill and its very competitive. and if your truck keeps breakin get ur buddies together during the week and have fun tryin to make it stronger. if you dont like what we do keep it to yourself

  52. Jason (Admin) says:

    Lance – I’m still not understanding the skill involved, but I’ll take your word for it as I’ve never done it.

    By the way, when is a professional race car driver going to join your sport? Are there any schools that specialize in teaching tug-a-truck to aspiring tuggers? Other motorsports events have pro drivers and schools…

    Dan – People watch reality TV too, but that doesn’t make it good.

    hill billy – Being that I drive a Toyota Tundra in your hypothetical scenario, I don’t need help. Don’t break down.

    DirtyLittleHillBillyGirl – If and/or when a tug-a-truck event is held in Denver, I’ll be there. With a camera taking pics.

    mikey – The Toyota won’t last, but your high miles 06′ F150 will? Yet you also say you have to ‘pay to play’ – what does this mean. Have you broken something on your F150? Doesn’t sound very tough.

    Steve – You make a good point about the trailer pull being jerky, but I can’t imagine it’s the same as a tug-a-truck. I’m not sure what Nascar has to do with Tug-A-Truck, because there’s skill involved in circle track racing. As for my love of furry animals and my hatred of guns, you’re wrong on both counts. I like me some steak too, so maybe YOU should take your own advice and flaunt your ignorant opinions more carefully. LOL

    Gabe – Why can’t I bad mouth it? It’s all about traction. It’s called “physics”.

    Cheryl – Fair enough.

    motoboy – I’m OK with that. Also, only one “a” in article.

    stompnstang – I’ve raced countless times, and I have the utmost respect for all forms of racing. Same goes for off-road events (you know, the ones where tricked-out hand built Toyotas are everywhere you look). Tug a truck? Still don’t get it.

    John – I don’t know why you’re wasting your time either. Good luck in the pull! Study hard!! LOL

    Larry Jr. – Dammit you’ve discovered my deep dark secret. I’m scared. Now I can breath again…thanks.

    Jamie – You criticize me for being negative, which is ironic as your criticisms are also negative. I don’t care, btw, if you blow up your truck. I just think it’s dumb if you do. And I’ve said as much.

    JonesFM – First smart comment I’ve read. If it’s just about good old fashioned fun, so be it. Thanks for being the first one to admit it’s not a sport.

    redneck – You should be proud. Most Chrysler products don’t make it 200k rounds. LOL.

    chris – I’m not stopping you from playing. Also, how is buying a new set of tires and changing your oil considered “skill”?

    Jason – I hope that this post doesn’t put a damper on the proceedings.

    who cares – I hear you. If YOU don’t like, don’t comment! πŸ™‚

    Bob – I’m pretty sure that America isn’t going down the shitter, but if it is it’s probably not because of me making fun of tug-a-truck…or is it?

    Stephanie – Cool comment. Thank you – my best to all the participants as well. Despite the tone of my article, I don’t wish anyone any ill will.

    Connie – I agree with you – keep your comments to yourself. LOL

    Powerstroke – Just because a different person wins every time doesn’t automatically mean that there’s skill involved. There’s a difference between a correlation and a causation.

    To all – thanks for commenting!! Loads of fun. I had a few good laughs, and I hope all of you do too. At the end of the day, this is America, and that means we all get to think whatever the hell we want to.

  53. amh22 says:

    whoever wrote this is an idiot and has absolutely no clue as to what goes into truck pulls, we dont just bring our every day drivers out there to the pad just to destroy them as you think we do, we spend our winters building a truck thats built to last that doesnt break or get destroyed im not saying it doesnt happen bc occasionally it does but we expect it our sport is about pushing the limits and pushing our trucks to their breaking point thats what its all about having the toughest truck and since you think theres no skill involved id like to see you get in my truck and try to drive it i gurantee youd get your ass handed to you, you dont just drive out on the pad and hold the pedal to the floor, thats how you lose you actually have to drive your vehicle and im sorry if you dont think its a real sport but for us who spend thousands of dollars every year and who spend our weekends traveling all over ohio state and even out of state to participate in these events it IS a sport and until you’ve witnessed or participated in it you have no idea what your talking about when you call it a hillbilly sport it isnt about a bunch of dumb hillbillies going out and destroying our trucks, we actually have skill, we build our trucks and we drive our trucks to win thats what its all about, so i suggest you try it before you talk trash about a sport you know nothing about.

  54. Jason (Admin) says:

    amh22 – Sounds like you took this very personally. Sorry about that. Still, I stand by it.

  55. cotty says:

    harsh…we have so much time and money invested in our trucks to put on a good show for the fans. these guys are smart we build these trucks so that they dont break.also there is more too it than goin out there and smashing the gas, if u do that your gonna lose every time.get your tundra outta the garage and bring it to the pullin pad i will “let u smash the gas first” and i win everytime. then tell me this is a skill less sport.people have no idea what kind of work goes into these trucks.
    Motorsport or motorsports is the group of sports which primarily involve the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing competition. all im sayin is get out and try it,get educated about it before u bad mouth this motorsport

  56. berle says:

    first off i agree with everyone here that is a truck puller or a fan…..yall say its destructive ok yeah it is thats why u prepare for it just like any other sport.. people could sit here and say alot of sports are destructive….u think ur body is made for all them blows in physical sports like football ufc boxing or any other physical sport no but ur gonna say they train and prepare for it well ur doin the same thing in tug a truck but with a vehical not ur body…and dont get me wrong i played football growin up ive been in my share of boxing matches just like most guys in america and we are still here…tug a truck aint gonna cause no more problems then any any other sport so leave well enough alone if u dont like it its that easy i dont like foriegn vehicals i aint sittin here goin on bout your truck..get a life and do something with it like work more instead of wastin ur time talkin bout something that nobody cares to here u talk about and maybe ud have money to build ya a pullin truck and might like it…who cares if we like to blow are money on buying new parts to fix a truck or to build one up u spend ur money on what u want and we will spend ours…and yall go ahead and make fun of my spellin to why ur at it cuz guess what us “hillbilly” or rednecks” dont care if we can spell aint gonna get us no farther ahead and life and guess what we will get jus as far as u….have a good day bud

  57. fsu motorsports says:

    I just think all the people that talk shit on here just need to get there peace of shit trucks payed for by mommy and daddy out and tug them and all us pullers that work for are own shit will watch them all get there ass kicked then we will see who is running there mouths about tug a truck and the redneck hillbillys that wast there money on stupid stuff like truck parts that get broke tuggin. Cause intill all you dum asses that dont like tug a truck start paying for my bills and shit dont try to tell people like me how to spend are money

  58. Anonymous says:

    your a f**ing idiot

    • It’s “you’re,” not “your.”

      Nothing cracks me up more than an offensive comment from someone that contains a really obvious grammar error. Really helps “qualify” that comment, doesn’t it?

  59. amh22 says:

    FSU- i totally agree!

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